BojanMirkovic/Getty Images
September 13, 2019 - 12:42 pm
Does anything about today scare you? Today, is Friday the 13th and a full moon! This doesn’t happen often. In fact, it will not occur again for 30 years. There is a tradition of considering any Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day, and there has always been the belief that a full moon alters human...
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Getty Images - BojanMirkovic
WWL Newsroom
September 13, 2019 - 7:30 am
It's Friday the 13th and a full moon to boot! The last time a full moon appeared on Friday the 13th was in 2000... Friday the 13th, the strange, iconic day of disaster. The day conjures up instances of bad luck, superstitions, obsessive compulsive behavior and fear. But what is the origin of Friday...
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Jim Hanzo
July 13, 2018 - 8:40 am
Be prepared. Today is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious. Many people are, at least about some things. We asked some people downtown if they are superstitious and do they worry about Friday the 13th? "I wasn't, until the last Friday the 13th, and I went into the emergency room that day, so this...
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