November 02, 2018 - 9:49 am
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is announcing the reimposition of all U.S. sanctions on Iran that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal. The sanctions cover Iran's shipping, financial and energy sectors. They're the second batch of penalties reimposed since President Donald Trump...
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September 22, 2018 - 7:19 am
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Gunmen disguised as soldiers attacked an annual Iranian military parade Saturday in the country’s oil-rich southwest, killing at least 24 people and wounding 53 in the bloodiest assault to strike the country in recent years. The attack in Ahvaz saw gunfire sprayed into a crowd...
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May 06, 2018 - 5:31 am
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — From airplanes to oilfields, billions of dollars are on the line for international corporations as President Donald Trump weighs whether to pull America out of Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Regardless of where they are headquartered, virtually all...
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May 02, 2017 - 12:41 pm
We are all aware of the immediate threats posed by North Korea, Russia and ISIS; but there is an additional threat to America and our freedom that is not equally recognized but is equally as dangerous. The other threat to our country and our freedom is coming from the American people who are...
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