Newell Normand

Mon-Fri 10am-1pm

Newell Normand - Wake up people!  That’s Newell Normand’s mantra…and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff turned talk host has lots of “empirical data” to back up every opinion.  He’s no sheep!  Newell’s 40 years in law enforcement and decades in Louisiana politics earned him stripes as a proven leader & change agent.  Unlike national hosts who repeat the same blah, blah, blah…day in and day out, Newell talks about what we care about here at home.   National or local, the Sheriff shares strong opinions, fresh insights - and lively debates with invited guests and listeners.  His intellect, passion & gravitas are unmatched - that’s why “The Newell Normand Show” is a magnet for business & community leaders, and everyday people, who yearn for someone to trust.  Leaders lead.  Newell Normand - live, local - original - like New Orleans.