Hypothermia is a real danger in cold weather

Jim Hanzo
January 03, 2018 - 10:50 am

With this blast of cold air we've had in the deep south, there is always the risk of getting hypothermia.  
Hypothermia is dangerous for anyone spending time outside.  Even dangerous for some indoors without heat.  

"It's something that's not very frequent down here, but there are certain individuals that in this weather are at a higher risk for hypothermia," said Dr. Joe Guarisco System Chair, Emergency Medicine for Ochsner Health System.  "What happens with hypothermia, first you have shivering but then you have decrease in mental status so patients who are evolving into hypothermia are not aware of it all the time so they may not move to a warmer environment."   

Dr. Guarisco says those at risk would be ...
"Young children and the elderly, because they have a difficult time regulating their temperatures," he said. 

Dr. Guarisco suggests checking on those older individuals living alone when the weather is cold to make sure they are okay.  

If you discover someone suffering from hypothermia, it's important to get them in a warm environment even covering them in blankets as soon as possible.  Medical attention may also be needed. 

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