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Students Surprise High School Teacher with New Puppy

Lauren Hoffman
December 07, 2017 - 10:07 am

The students of Clements High School in Limestone Country, Alabama recently came together to gift their teacher with something that would lift his spirits. Mr. Rogers, a history teacher at the school was devastated after his blind Golden Retriever Chip "wandered away" from home.

According to People, Rogers held and "exhaustive search" for Chip, however, they were unable to find the dog. With the help of fellow teachers and Rogers' wife, the students were able to gather enough money to surprise him with an 8-week-old Golden Retriever.

Rogers' wrote to his Facebook page expressing many thanks to students and of course love to his new pup, Clementine. People reported Rogers has been teaching for over 20 years and this marks his most memorable moment of his career thus far.

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