Deke's NFL Top 10 - Week 14

Deke Bellavia
December 07, 2017 - 9:57 am

At home for the Super Bowl?  Another Pats vs. Steelers AFC Title Game?  Are the Eagles about to be grounded?  New Orleans is the King of the South.  And two playoff teams are coming from the AFC South too!  Here goes this week's top 10!


  1. Minnesota Vikings - This is the best team in football.  And yes, I'm saying that right now Minnesota looks like a team that can play the Super Bowl in their very own stadium  How big of an advantage would that be?  Last week beat Atlanta 14-9.  This week, they’re at Carolina.
  2. New England Patriots – The Pats are just steady as usual.  When you've won five Super Bowls, the regular season is kind of boring.  Oh well. their trip to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks may garner NE's attention.  Maybe, I said.  Last week beat Buffalo 23-2.  This week @ Miami
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – Back-to-back wins on late field goals let's me understand the Steelers are a team that can win despite being behind for much of a game.  But the question that all Steelers fans want to know is if this team finally beat the Patriots in a meaningful game.  Better watch out for a red hot Baltimore team this weekend.  Last week beat Cincinnati 23-20.  This week vs. Baltimore.   
  4. Philadelphia Eagles – Philly lost for the first time in two and a half months, and now the Eagles face another cross country road trip against another top-tier foe.  Is this where the Eagles get grounded some?   Last week lost to Seattle 10-24.  This week @ Los Angeles Rams.  
  5.  Los Angeles Rams – The Rams are playing sound ball in all phases of the game right now.  A win this week would put the Rams in line to land in one of those top two spots in the NFC.   Last week beat Arizona 32-16 this week vs Philadelphia.       
  6. New Orleans Saints – The Saints are changing the minds of everyone who keeps up with the NFL.  New Orleans, yes New Orleans, is a physical run team that has a greatly improved defense.  Mmm, let's see a good defense and a good ground game.  That has the makings of a S-per Bo-l team.  You fill in those blanks!  Last week beat Carolina 31-21.  This week @ Atlanta.
  7. Carolina – The Cats were swept away by the Who Dats, and now Carolina faces another huge game with the playoffs on the line.  Will we see Super Cam or just Cam Newton?  There is a difference you know.  A big difference.  Last week lost to New Orleans 21-31.  This week vs Minnesota.   
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags are knee deep in a heated AFC South title chase.  Now they get a huge home game to let the rest of America know that the Jaguars are for real.  Last week beat Indianapolis 30-10.  This week vs. Seattle.
  9. Seattle – No Kam Chancellor, no Richard Sherman, no biggie.  All the Seabirds did was shut down one of the best offensive units in the NFL.  That Seattle home venue is the toughest in pro sports!  Last week beat Philadelphia 24-10.  This week @ Jacksonville. 
  10. Tennessee - The Titans were in good shape a year ago at this time like they are now.  But that 2016 team feel apart down the stretch.  What makes the Titans better this season?  The Titans are a much better team and that's why.  Last week beat Houston 24-13.  This week @ Arizona. 


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