Sen. Bill Cassidy encourages support for tax reform bill to benefit La. families

November 10, 2017 - 3:55 pm


U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, supports the Senate's GOP tax plan which was unveiled on Thursday. Cassidy says the proposed legislation would help families and help businesses grow by cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code. He says a family of four would see a tax cut of over 14-hundred dollars.
"They can make an investment in their family and their children's future, then that in turn will change their family's life for generations to come."
In Louisiana, the plan would retain the 2002 Historic Tax Credit which support 38,000 jobs and two-billion-dollars in development, keep the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and preserve the Intangible Drilling Cost deduction to encourage energy producers to make investments in the Gulf Coast. Cassidy says this bill needs bipartisan support to help all Americans.
"This is not about Republicans, it's not about Democrats.  It's not about anybody in this chamber.  It's about those working families who for the last eight years have not done as well as the American Dream would say they should."

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