Pressure is on the Saints to win but fans are confident

Jim Hanzo
November 10, 2017 - 9:02 am

With each passing week, the confidence in the Who Dat nation is rising.  This week the Saints head to Buffalo to face the Bills.  Do fans believe the Saints will win and make it 7 wins in a row? 

"We're going to knock Buffalo out," said this Saints fan.  "No doubt about it this week."  

"The Saints are on fire right now," one lady told us, who said she was not feeling this at the beginning of the season.  "I was thinking we need a new coach, not sure of what's going to happen this year, and then they turned it around." 

"They've played Buffalo well in the past, apparently, but anything can happen," another man said. 

"If the defense steps up like they have, we'll beat Buffalo," this football fan said.  

One fan believes it could be a tough week for the Saints. 

"The Saints have a great team, but it's in Buffalo," he said. 

"We're going 13 and 3," another fan said.  "We're going to finish the streak off.  We're going to make everybody proud.  I don't know where the Super Bowl is this year but we're bringing the Who Dat nation down there."   

This Sunday's game at Buffalo kicks off at noon and you can hear it on WWL.  

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