Zach Strief Retires

Saints offensive lineman retires and we hear from him during his press conference. Plus, when will Drew Brees sign his deal with the Saints? The clock is ticking...


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What some door once what's up across the gulf south and what's up. CU listening wherever you are whether that's on WW old dot com. Or the WWL radio apps. Well into the show south Dunlap flying solo tonight disintegration was body on sports stocks of three hours was mean to him. Can be a fun show lots to unpack tonight. Well I say we have a packed show I really. Mean at first up we're gonna talk about Drew Brees still without a contract and whether you're out there should be concerns. We'll kick that off. Drew Brees. Hal and team and drew result they have now receive my math is that was at 42 hours ish now forty hours forty hours almost exactly. But they need to get us a deal done or it'll cost the saints' eighteen million dollars against the cap is that contract will. Automatically voided and will be on hook for all that dead money so it is a big issue here. Soft deadline just pass a tell you what softer line I'm talking about and no gets used to be an open first half an hour open lines and and a lot of fans didn't pretty concerned about this. About Drew Brees not have a contract and officially today other teams were able. To contact him and offer him contract it's illegal tampering period in the NFL very extreme we'll start off with that also the other big saints news of the day. Zach Strief the great offensive linemen and right tackle for the New Orleans Saints he retired today in a ceremony out at saints temple have some sound from his retirement ceremony. L talk about what Zach his Mets to this team and you'll be able to weigh in and sent out fund what do you think about actually from what this retirement means for the saint. Then there it's what it's March Madness sincere. It's my favorite time of year the brackets who sets the field was set yesterday on selection Sunday. There were the usual snubs. And the usual surprise teams that got in won't break it all down in our two of the program and talk about my favorites. Possible underdogs in this it'll be our NCAA basketball tournament primer remember first four games. The tip off tomorrow he don't get like the first three days the week like you student fill out brackets are kind of new year. Analysis and in breakdowns and and get everything ready now I got about 24 hours that's got it souls set yup tonight's and you get involved with our bracket challenge over at five our energy racquets dot com. Also tonight we'll talk some pelicans pelicans losers now two straight there reeled off ten straight wins at the Davis gets hurts there without him last Friday they lose. That he's back yesterday first triple double of his career ten blocks involved in that troubled mobile for AD. They lose they get blown out again at home that's back to back home losses. And the pelicans now just a game and a half in the playoffs remember there although it to the fourth seat previously but. Such a compact Western Conference not a lot of room for error. Jake Madison will join us a little bit later in the program and LSU what do you make it be that the slow time for LSU sports not so. LSU baseball they go to one against Hawaii over the weekend their RPI still really lagging melt second worst RPI. In the SEC albeit a 115. Best in the country not good. But it's still early season does this matter at all and we'll talk LSU basketball they make the NIC against. The local team WL Louisiana region K agents able planet is a 36 game the number three seed. LSU yes and number six seed and WL. That will be on March 14 in the NIT rule break all of LSU basketball and baseball down. With chuck Doucet remaining in to get into a little bit of smiles Brennan vs oil Marcy cents. All the football fans want to talk about. And right now I heard so much that on my Twitter. Phone lines are open tonight 5042601875042601. It simply detects line a seat 7870. And are ready Mazda opinion poll tonight Tim can put this up in just a minute. Will Drew Brees have his contract finalized. By the deadline on March 14 log on to WW all dot com. To cast your votes. So that's the topic we're gonna start off with tonight Brees still without a contract and the next two deadlines or wrote about this a couple of weeks ago there was the hard deadline that's still there added march 14. Noon eastern if they don't have a contract then. Some very bad things happen with the saints but the soft deadline has come and gone and that soft deadline was at noon today. Drew Brees and his agent Tom Condon were allowed to speak and take offers from other teams it's called the legal tampering period. In the NFL the real deadline so a couple of days away although they're they're cutting it close right at noon on Wednesday noon eastern on Wednesday breezes old contract will officially void in the saints are on the hook. Then for an eighteen million dollar cap hit that is even if they re sign him after that so look the clock is on there are very few. Very hard deadlines in sports anymore he give you hear the term deadline thrown out all the time doesn't only mean a lot. The sun is a hard them. And the saints and Brees don't get a deal done. By Wednesday at noon I don't like they will get a deal done yet stat critical. So the team needs to get ink on paper sin that's very obvious right. And this just sounds so familiar to me and it should because we have been through this. Merry go around before with Brees and his agent Tom Condon and saints general manager Mickey Loomis they've negotiated up to the eleventh hour before. With contracts multiple contracts previously so there's two questions in my mind right now. That we need to ask today number one. What other reasons that a deal didn't get done before the legal tampering period started. Earlier today. And I have a few. I guess ideas about this and cotton is just up front here. Me I don't have any inside information and nobody right now that I know has any and for inside information on this negotiation process there's nothing that's been leaking. But. From why. Can imagine this happening here number one music just things that could happening in what are the reasons and he'll didn't get done the first. Perhaps they have an agreement in principle diamond just haven't officially sign on the dotted line yet that certainly could happen. Because what else happens to think about this what else happened today out of saints camp. Zach Strief retired in a big ceremony. That old by the way Drew Brees was present that as was Mickey Loomis. Sex three tiered up system SX Richard up true Greece tear up everybody was a little bit Syria had their. Listening to Zach Strief and coach Sean Payton talked about. Streets time here with the black and gold. But if you're Drew Brees and those guys are friends and Streep was talking about a lot during his press coverage just how much number nine meant to him not just his group and also personally. There is no way the Drew Brees no on the man he is would want to step all over his sex street's retirement ceremony right. I think. It is highly plausible. And maybe even probable. That Drew Brees. And make illness in the saints they have an agreement in principle may he be even agreement signed on the dotted line. But they just in wanna announce today would have made no sense Zach Strief. Deserved the spotlight today here in the city and around the region. And Drew Brees there is no way he was going to walk all over that. The other possibility here. Is that it's it's not a sign on the dotted line agreement that they have but perhaps they have a softer agreement a verbal agreement putts both sides I'm talking marble sized the saints. And content. And breeze that they wanted to waits. To talk to other free agents of the Santa talked to other free agents such as Jimmy Graham to figure out how much money. But those players were asking for here it's a note they needed to structure Drew Brees is new deal. A little bit differently to fit everything under the salary cap this year I think that is much less likely we have to obviously have. A tremendous amount of trust on both sides I know these two sides trust each other a lot of the history they have here. But you're talking about all time trust between two parties to something like that were to happen so I think those are the reasons possibly why we don't see a deal done right now. The other question I think we should be ask you today and of course the fans out there are we posted to you on the station all day long. Should fans and be concerns. Abouts. No deal being done unofficially right now. That's what I wanna get into next we're gonna take a break here and how you weigh in on this is well are you concerned here truly concerned almost in panic mode. About Drew Brees not having a deal done yet final four to 601 symphony is the phone number 5042601870. All tell you why I think you shouldn't be concerned when we come back to skin started here on double coverage. Seth Dunlap hang out with our producer Tim Zimmer here in studio. It's double coverage on WW. Well welcome back into the program sets Dunlap with you on double coverage. Does or gals are hot on the tax land. Absolutely lit right now. About this Drew Brees contract situation and get some checks in the mortgage your calls. The first stop your detection the 504. Saying can you explain the Drew Brees cap thing further. Yeah it's it's really simple I know it sounds complicated but it's not. I'll get into the details of the old contract as I could spend five minutes talking about that to basically the old contract. Is automatically voided because language in that contract on March 14. At noon. If the saints don't have a deal done by noon on March 14. Because of the way little contract was structured. The saints would be on the hook for eighteen million dollars in bonus money that is guaranteed there there's no way out of that if they do not have a new contract. Restructure. Done by the fourteenth so that's why it is very critical. But this team gets a deal done by Danny doesn't matter at all this word Drew Brees has more leverage and his agent Tom Tom Tom Condon as well I'm more leverage in the saints on this. Doesn't matter does that give them that deadline. They're gonna get their money regardless now it might matter to them because of the talent to be really does wanna stay here in New Orleans and I believe Mooney says that he wants to accrue more talent here on the roster. It's eighteen million dollars that. They wouldn't have. If he signs before that so all signs point to this deal getting done before and I've said that before I maintain that. But it's just kind of I guess par for the course here but these deals are coming down to the wire that's the question or asking you right now. Shouldn't you be and are you concerns the deal is not done. Me personally my concern meter is gone from a flat zero to maybe elected to the past 24 hours I don't think fans should really be concerned but. Let's be honest here it's undeniable that things got a little bit trickier. Now that teams like the bite teams can come calling and offering truckloads of money to your recent stock where the vikings here for second just put this into perspective. The vikings right now have 44 million dollars in cap space to compete more by restructuring. Cutting other people were right now today 44 million dollars a cap space. So what if earlier today hypothetical here to what if earlier today. As soon as they couldn't legally do it. They called up Tom Condon Drew Brees and offered him one year with forty million fully guarantee. Read that defense with a roster they have some rules and a wide open if they have an elite quarterback on the roster. That completely. Not plausible no I think it is possible rape they do that what the browns offered him something like seventy million guaranteed over two years. Mom and drew wants to go to the browns and he wants one more titles point this year these teams with. Truckloads of cap space. They had to have called Tom confident they would be doing their job if they didn't at least make those calls. So if you're drew and your Tom Condon I think you at least have to listen to those I don't think necessarily it influences your decision much. But you were I would at least listen right if somebody is gonna come calling him pay a space in double what you'd get here in the city hand I think I'd listen right. Also the other aspect of this Drew Brees he was the saints camp today for the Zach Strief retirement. Celebration. And ceremony I told you about he's in the same room is Mickey Loomis. And just my personal feel my personal read of the room in those two guys I got the vibe in feeling and everything's going unit as expected. I didn't feel any extra tension in the room. And just Drew Brees being mayor I know what's his friend street from the saints likely would have allowed him to come back regardless. Of his contract situation. That I think that points to things probably get done here. Here's some more the checks coming in on this situation from the 985. As usual for me one too so it's really Tom and Mickey not drilling Sean. Zach deserves his own stage she yep deal done on time and I agree right it's a sand what I said last segment that. Drew Brees did not want step all over is actress retirement par today with a new contract announcement because that would have been the bitterness. Rather than the retirement of the twelve year seventh round pro let's go to the phone lines at 5042601. I simply don't wanna get your reaction to this Bible for 2601878. Tony in Houston go ahead man your on WW. No concern. At all. I think what you just said about Backstreet retirement and to read not weigh into that state that. Fact is desperate and you let the guy and here which is being you know drew he's just being true to himself threw it was where and when to do with the white being. Well this chatter about the biking and everybody O this is quick break it fund talk about it's it's interesting. All ensure you wanna hear what. Other agents and teams have been saying why wouldn't use it all makes sense that you know. To me at least I completely agree to tell you wouldn't at least beep and I would do this a thousand drew his buddy you know prime. 99%. Germany be back here in New Orleans really hurts to listen to those offers from other teams right I'm I'm not all about flattery so you flatter me with forty million dollars some rapid fire in a month. Politically but that's absolutely true to ease eaten an ego maniacal guy you know humble guy and that's what. As to why he's so universally. You know in in New Orleans and around the country I mean it it's not. Yeah he want to get paid for what war. I think it's a lot bigger than that let these so increase in the local community I mean. You know I'd hit it just makes sense horror you know the banality that happened yet tomorrow. Away from the back is desperate thank you. I completely agree great call Tony I agree with almost a pretty much everything you said there here's a couple of Texan a 7870. The night five Brees will not sign and kill. Cousins that's Kirk cousins science he wants to your contract for sixteen million with sixty million in guaranteed that's not a typo. Well if you have some inside info there that's not something I've heard. I don't know Drew Brees says what there's an ultimatum he's that I need sixty million dollars guaranteed I'm not signing on a map that. It's a funny text. From the 985 hey Seth hours try to think about the cliches we say. And one of them is that I always laugh at sign on the dotted line because I can't remember the last time. A lion was dotted LO cult that seems pretty funny Tim do you remember the last time I actually signed on a dotted line men that that's a spot on okay. I'm all about not being cliche in my talk to try to be very conscious about this economy economic bias. There's no more signing on the dotted line involved it's always gonna be like electronic signature slick protected him typed on the what it blocks were called us thanks. Wade you say you've never signed to check. Well of course who hasn't signed check do you think there's actually people have never signed a check to a OK there's really over 25 present site. C'mon they've rents up our rants you usually need checks now. I guess there are some online portal to Zach Strief earlier today. Very emotional Zach Strief and in a moment of levity their kind of clear the room a little bit but today the saints twelve your offensive lineman retired. He can find that's full press conference we have online at WW all dot com and we streamed live on the WW AM FM FaceBook page and find that video. There are Drew Brees can't quit it's drew recalling what snow is actually calling it quits against twelve years he was this marries a seventh round pick. Things have had some tremendous success with lower round picks maybe none more than Zach Strief returned and one of the most stable forces on the rights at a many offensive line in the league. Pro football focus our member Chris tonight talking about this quite a bit over the years him before the last year and into the showed again. But how he was rated so highly by some of the advanced analytic sites like pro football focus. Who is like everybody uses them as kind of the standard bearer now. With advanced cancer stats across the league but. He was a first team all pro with PF deputy first team all pro so I mean she was the best right tackle the entire league back in 2013. And he was consistently rated is among the four or five best strike tackles during the six years and he was a starter. With the saints. And that's another story line here with Zach Strief remember. He was sitting behind John stench gone for a while he talked about Jon Stinchcomb. In that press conference and how much the stench Mets. Sue him over his career and kind of helping. Groom him for that right side job I think you learn a lot dance one of the reasons why he was so. Instrumental and so good and two Ryan ran check the now second year player for the saints. Masters and take over on the right side of the offensive line that justice is a solid force here I just think that. He he was undervalued and under appreciated. So much during history and even here locally let's become self reflective and and you out there you may not agree with me completely on section I know there are a lot of saints fans who. For some reason didn't like street for thought he was over barrel you'd by the organization the could've brought in somebody better. I completely disagree with bad. I think he was overshadowed by a bigger names that they had on that often supply and future hall of Famer probably in Jahri Evans she had Toronto Armstead Max Unger guys like that. Hello this is a guy is gonna be in the saints hall of fame undoubtedly one day he don't spend twelve years in the league with the same team without being. Really really good. And and he Drew Brees had this connection. Became. Best friends are off the field were so important to each other. From a football standpoint but also from an off the field standpoint in action Zach Strief he talked a lot about Drew Brees today. At his press conference. He got the opportunity and he took full advantage actually told a story. Towards the end of this press conference about the first year an arid training camp. I was over in Mississippi and Sean team's first year that you almost quit you almost quit football so he wasn't really enjoying it was a mentally talked to some. Members of the coaching staff that got him to stick around and there is him and John Reid tennis throne of the walls. And I just completely believe his obviously offensive line is. A non glory position right you're you're not talking about it premiere issue that position our position Gasol headlines in football so. Your offensive linemen and you play the position in high school and college no Iran for. Right you're not gonna be appreciated by the media you're not really going to be appreciated by fans very much and usher hall of fame. Type guy usually a left tackle type to just comes with the territory but. Zach was even more under appreciated. Than the average offensive lineman. I'll say this again and I think if you're say senator football fan out there I really wanted to think about this. You don't see. Offensive lineman played twelve years in the league for the same team and not only just play twelve years. But reach. The elite level of their position and become. The best at their position in football and remember that is what Zacks free for us at least for one year. Back in 2013 and according to pro football focus and I think for two or three years you could say he was the best right tackle in football. That is so valuable that. Consistency. Both on and off the field are incredibly valuable. To NFL franchise is it cannot be overstated. And as you see so much movement now with free agency and it's. It's kind of a new trend now but it's not just three and zero O sometimes. Careers because of everything that's been exposed on the the brain injury sad the CTE side. Some guys are called it quits even earlier than they would have before just because rightfully so they wanna save their health later on in life. I think is gonna be incredibly rarely do you see offensive line and play twelve years. For the same football team and it's especially. No I'm left tackles he's that old left tackles are such a cream your prized position in the league that if franchise's final left tackle milky around you leave for their whole career. I think that's what's gonna happen with Toronto Armstead I don't see him going anywhere but colonel left tackle this is a don't stick around for twelve years with the same franchise. Zach loved the team you of the franchise and he loved this city he married in New Orleans girl. He said in that press conference that he plans on being here for the rest of his life Friday with his brewery and you never know maybe in the media as well. I think. The saints fans are really gonna miss this guy wants also and done they're gonna be remembering man if we just had a stable force like Zach Strief. Libya cannot and look at southern and just ran ran check I think he could be the next act street may be even better the sang don't it's. Not appreciate her please do appreciate what Zach -- meant for this team. In the decade plus that think it's incredible and it very good career in Milan and self in the saints hall of fame. Very sad I'm Seth Dunlap. Let's just say stock for right now anyway so when we come back. Let's talk a little NCAA basketball tournament it's time to get our NCAA basketball tournament primer started March Madness. It's here. Tournament starts tomorrow with first four games the first four games and so on attempt is good it is still the first four okay first four games. Tuesday and Wednesday. And obviously the real actually just started. On Thursday and Friday with the first round let's. Can't get off our NCAA basketball per hour starts next on WW. Welcome back to the program Seth Dunlap with yeah. Tim Zimmer. Here also. Eating rats to to Zach Strief is calling it quits today retired after twelve years is a saint. All the info the story up at WW all dot com and we also have. That press conference streamed in its entire reinstated in video form over on WW old radio FaceBook page. Be sure to check that out. Let's go ahead and and refocus now on the other big story nationally and certainly it should be this time here and it since March Madness. Cheered Tim how long do you think I've been waiting for this day. I'd really like three pattern what. Thirty days ago the sooners exact a loss that NCAA championship games in North Carolina I was I was ready for the next time your. I was gonna have a day after guns I lost Republican fortress which is good news does that hurt the team that comes in second place normally expect them for. Yes that's gonna strengths now that's that's been a trend recently that it just a couple of years yes they did so Villanova has done it before long ovals studded. Previously it is a trends and ideas hopes from my zags talk about then just a little bit but. The tournament said if you want the bracket and my thoughts on the NCAA bracket we smiling come initial quick thoughts on this. You can find added WW all dot com more on my Twitter feed. Those first let's back it up to yesterday let's talk about selection Sunday and all the talk like an annual feast that the media and the heartache Twitter and social media people have whipped. Snobs in surprise entrance and and everything like that from the selection committee just off the top here. My view a selection committee has been ABBA and a no win job here it's a field of 68 now only count the first four games. And would that many. Teams in the tournament you're going to have to leave out teams that think they were worthy of getting in here as gonna happen every year never have a year where. Everybody unanimously thanks the selection committee got it right so I defer to them and you would never. Had this committee at least in the modern Maryland's expanded to 64 now 68 teams. We've lost the lead out a team who had a legitimate chance only time they were not talking about title contenders here we're talking about the fringe teams. No just barely get in maybe if they get lucky get hot when a couple of games to get to the second week and that's about it. But there were some notable snubs here Tim and I wanna know you think about this. So. I don't understand. Why Saint Mary's and USC aren't in this field the these are particularly egregious. And how does not talking about the issue because there are two notable snubs feel that three or four years with precedent this committee is set. Why they're not in the field start with USC I don't understand how they're not and then RPI of 34 yes the committee has said they've gone away from just using RPI. As a strong indicator of how good a team has but let's go to the advanced stats on ten palm. Can palm dot com right he compiles everything. What he's an asset they were number forty on that they also by the way may of their conference tournament title him on the pac twelve somebody somebody something nobody higher. In either of those rankings the RPR ten on. Did who was left out of the tournament. The big head stretcher USC shouldn't be in this tournament. Is there reason why I have these maybe a little feeling though you tune in just a minute but what are your thoughts on US. Why heard USC has the highest RPI of any team not in the tournament which at which is 34 which is about surprising. About a team like Oklahoma should have been in because I think they just got in based Ontario alone I don't think they'll go very far as the grounds a better team. But I'll go to that I think the team like Syracuse got an I don't know if they should have been in but I think Jim Boeheim. Was big reason they got in so I can see why teams got in and Weinstein might USC. Didn't get him because of the star power out. And you like see you mentioned Oklahoma there are talking about damages second as a teen who did Ginn and let's do another West Coast team seems to be a he theme here Saint Mary's 28 wins on the years old fool ourselves here's the resonate for Saint Mary's. They had a ten palm rating of 28. They had an RPI. Of 42. They had 28 wins on the year or second place in their conference in the regular season too by the league and Zack gets a warning to exact his conference that would want another conference I'll probably be in this tournament. If Saint Mary's resume. Was copy pasted. On to North Carolina or Michigan stayed or loop hole. Come baby in this tournament. This is a glaring case to me. Only a mid major snubbing and that happens is most not all but most of the committee members and made up a big school. Power conference alumni athletic directors and the such but also what's good what's the commonality between USC in Saint Mary's here. West Coast that's what Tim said and he's right. It's a little interesting that the two biggest snubs in this tournament. Are out on the West Coast again most of the selection committee made up this year people. In the northeast in the upper midwest right it. Bothers me. We not a great deal but it bothers me a little bit again. I think this is just goes into what is that the old turn East Coast bias right we kind of think going back to cliches the text to restock and I think it's kind of cliche and kind of an excuse for a lot of what. West Coast teams and players but it's very interesting that the top two snubs interment are in California on the West Coast. Where he surprised SEC get eight teams that I don't think this is he's gonna go very far no lasted into final four teams but I was at Florida and south as South Carolina or they had basically been soup. I don't know if I don't have to say this is Hugo far but I know they got eighteen them. Yeah I'd probably Vinnie the SE TC seems to got there I think eighteens have talked about this race eight teams were deserving up dot. Eight teams would give him EB nine if if everything lined up the right way in the copper stern which it did not. Don't have problem and AB SEC teams they got out they were all deserving here's another snub and let's talk about Oklahoma right. Their biggest rivals Oklahoma State the cowboys are going to be sitting at home while the sooners. Who Los eat a bowl final ten games are and that's really hurt for cowboys fans oh. And OS you may actually knocked Oklahoma out in the big twelve tournament if the selection committee ever again. Comes out and says his star power doesn't matter don't believe them pissed him Zimmer you were spot on if Trey young is not on that team and they have the exact same resonate. The sooners do now they are not in this tournament. And nobody is gonna convince me otherwise. I threw this earlier but how beloved would Rhode Island be they be trade young and duke in the same weekend well they can I mean they've been I would ultimately that's really meet. Incredible OK so goes the snobs. We're talking next hour ruckus in the rest they are talking about the NCAA tournament will toxin LSU baseball and basketball gets on the top -- mind. I know a lot of you out there are filling out brackets. Eighty party filled some out. 81 thought some more you can do that with me I'll tell you how in just a little bit but also tip and does some games brackets and teams. Whole lot to do that next and on into the next hour or NCAA basketball tournament primer right here on double coverage on WW. All right here we go it is college basketball tournament time everybody today I know Iowa's fill out some brackets you will be. In the next couple of days and you really wanna get in there get some analysis. And break it down only continue listen to this show Chris relax about 4045 minutes we're gonna dive deep into this tournament and give you some inside info. On who the favorites are who the underdogs and possible some guerrillas could be. And if you have filled out records B haven't I loyalists and if you have a loyalists because. You involved in. Another. New way to fill out brackets you've heard me talk about this on my show quite a bit. And it's really cool it's the five hour energy real time brackets that I'm involved in their not your ordinary brackets because at five hour energy brackets dot com. Your brackets actually a ball. In real time and here's how he can change picks live during the games until there's four minutes left credible plus. You can change your picks but I mean round so this means a couple things first. If the team he actually picks say they're getting blown out. Mid second half only had to do this notified our energy brackets dot com log in on your phone your mobile device and go and switch your pick and your bracket is saved right. And let's say team is playing well they get somebody injured you can actually go in between rounds. And switch your picks that's right no more busted brackets can sign up right now at five our energy brackets dot com now. Also at at that site by virgin records dot com what he would sign a beer involved in our national cool. And it's if you text me or hit me up on social media I will send you a private invite into my personal. College basketball pool to be really cool filling out 100% bracket still going to be hard right beginning back to a 100% is easy just take a five our energy. And visit five hour energy brackets dot com for more madness. Boy welcome back sooner the program. Seth Dunlap socket and a little college hoops with Jim. Just the big boys wanna give some love to the NA I a in some local schools Dillard and Xavier. Both in the N ai eight tournaments a couple of text is one me to pass that along and yeah what congratulations and also. Some schools make in the NIC I know LSU that was a big step for them there in the NIC they're gonna play. Louisiana edu L region agency out to 36 game three seed LSU against the succeed EUL. On Wednesday to get off the NIT tournament. And also southeastern maize seed. There in that turning lots of local college hoops bass will still going on in the other tournaments. Now the one thing and one disappointing thing about all this no Louisiana teams. In the big dance no Louisiana teams in the NCAA basketball tournament that's a shame it's been quite a few years since that happened that. And it's going to be a trend for along with what will wage bill northern LSU and let's be honest all the the talent. Especially coaching wise we have here locally with. Mark Schlesinger over it you know which it allowed near. At southeastern. Barely exceed planes Saint Mary's amenity on and it's going to be a really special time for college basketball fans. And the next few years. Here locally Tim before we go to the top of the hour pray. You got to Texas are to be a tweet today you're talking to somebody about college basketball and somebody clapped backing it's pretty funny what happened. Yes so it's you know obviously when Nancy turner comes at a comes on different channels files like what channel those the NC. Susan let me repeat that I had them do. I was like bullet channels it's your TV come one I mean obviously I don't know what channel it's on entry DTV they tweeting me back and like this guy. College basketball now I think it does ask the question I wouldn't know where true TV is on our. Cable dial by Islamic dial in more I have no idea you could I couldn't tell you what your TV I know in practical jokers of the match. What's next hour. Every big hour forceful continue to free the NCAA basketball tournament ends. We'll talk to Tim Brando. National sports commentator for fox sports he was calling me ACC conference tournament including the championship game up there. We had his insights. On the NCAA tournament and in second half Darryl talks in pelicans losers of two straight now Jake Madison will join us is it time to panic all the sudden for the tells. Panicked thrown around all the time almost cliche word. That's next hour except the last one double coverage and are right now head over to our FaceBook page. For alive FaceBook chat.