Zach Strief hangs up the cleats

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, March 12th

Bobby & Kristian talk with former Saints tackle Zach Strief about his retirement from the NFL.


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Yes indeed welcome and simplify Monday edition of sports talk here on W into LA anathema in dot com along with a cajun cannon. Bobby Engram Christian Derrick Martin and Arnett master control big news today coming out of the National Football League right over here on airline drive. Saints tackle Zach Strief called a career announcing his retirement. After twelve seasons in the National Football League will have Zach on the bottom of this hour and number 64 reporting is eligible for retirement. We'll get to that a few moments but also. The legal. Free agency tampering period is under way as of noon today in saint quarterback Drew Brees and his agent through his agent. Can and have had conversations with other teams the Minnesota Vikings being one of those teams reaching out to Tom Condon. For the New Orleans Saints and their services perhaps he's in the interest of Drew Brees they said they were going to do a diligent search the vikings did on all. Quarterback free agents and no stone McConnell left unturned here are overturned here. And I know Bobby we're gonna feel and hear and see a lot of panic from The Who dat nation. And and the likes well should entitle it should have got until he got until the deal is done but look body. Again I have eighteen million reasons as to why he's not leaving new worlds and as the dead dead money. It just. We didn't go that I like it got to live Sean Payton any humorous as somehow this deal fell through. Eat they would meals state town answers that just wouldn't. Think Indiana man I don't know they did not part of on offense in the room out of town there's any tar and feather men. How it would not be happy about this have a know that avatar Fareed I think they know that. But I I won't okay so what do you feel and a as a teenager breeze through his agent can talk to other teams should. He listened to offers would you listen I'll offers. Well good tourism and lifting anything that's why you got an agent Tom comments listening or he would be doing his job. Known. Lindsay and he's taken all them calls good it's all about use it and as leverage in bargaining. Are in negotiations. In. When you look at it really I said this all along considering. The only negative that drew hasn't going to get them and the reason why is that a negative because he's healthy is as they each. What does that things happen elbow ballpark because. Drew. One assisting you are once he wants to raise this family here on and always had him in school before in San Diego. Now he's not going to deter the charges in LA now. But and on it's a global nationwide situation now Sally got again under train or. Covered wagon to go from point eight devoid B I mean it so you think about it. I don't think Andrew's going to Wear it to me if two if not it was gonna get worked out with the was going to the last minute. And you they like him network conference saint why would I don't think drew would have been. At that press commerce city for Zach Strief. Dow's curious see ouster CP was going to show. Eight I mean you know I know it wasn't there then it's against them yeah I think that he did walk out of the press comes we try to get them talk. He says that there's nothing there's others say is that thing that's. That doesn't mean don't read too much into that put a nation that doesn't mean that oh my customized front to back stormy in the an idea you know go with another team. It's a Smart negotiate that's why you have an agent. To do all the work to do the positive word the dirty work guard and to look out for your best interest to me why would you have an agent that was the case especially would you dealing with that these numbers. A text as year 0017 to Drew Brees be traded or no is this contract expires Wednesday so the answer is no. You know he's technically he's technically. Not on on a contract right now so you can only trade a player that is on the contracts they can't trade him. And have a good neglect of our agreement a 48 hour window that other teams and that I think came about blood. 212 new today. Not to mention his no trade clause a belief. Our approval yes approve it of driven it it's a moot point the man I can't trip. Also what you described your mood right now you're feeling. He and are just nervous panic mode. Are Mickey and Sean you trust 5042601870. Text 87870. In body and an interruption there but no I just. I know I understand it because it's the uncertainty that's going on right now the National Football League. But I think if you look at this where do a little bit common sense common sense typically prevails. And both sides have been motivated said they're motivated to keep Drew Brees here in new worlds an icon I think it is that. Well you could take is that the wooden house taken so long okay good does that thing I'm saying because the parameters. The negotiation. Is set now the number of years who would you look at that it's still. Even though you come on Drew Brees unity year. You still can end of signing and tell long term deal and what I mean about that. Like three or four years beyond two it because to spread the dead money to push that to prolong the contract. What's actually get a count against the Caspian is that once again you have to eventually pay the piper. I mean is that you know the bill's gonna go on view it is not like you know the budget with the government. Whether local or national I'd just push it down the road in. And then all of us and the deficit is like some ridiculous number where you can even off animate so. We're drew said to me. To do things why shouldn't have taken this long okay. As soon as what Jimmy grapple low. Who what when he's getting paid organizers yet and then also what Matthew Stafford. When he got paid during the season. And then Alex and it. We look Alex Smith when he went from the chiefs that are Redskins. Although all starting guys now you might say wait to see which we cousins and I don't think drew is gonna tell what I've accomplished mourning her because I wanna get paid boarding card 'cause I'm a big. That's the case. But to me. He should delta iron this out. As far as the it's things like definitely. On in a day of a long game is they have a thing of all work day. You know this you know look I actually think it's actually hammered out Timmons I've talked to agents and and and even players that say. And in personal exactly the same it doesn't it's not as long and protracted as you might take you might. Who might sit there go man it must be on the phone for hours and hours and hours both sides know about what's gonna take to get a deal that don't play that game until the deadline this year well. They played a game they have no leverage the Drew Brees I know you get a little emotional about this knows how OK Mickey Loomis played his game would Drew Brees. And if Drew Brees all of the best. I mean they'll look at he's done a dozen years and and look let me finish now so quiet and I mean drew can still help the team. But all of a sudden you give some what of hometown discount Elvis not drew that's not planning. Mean like drew wanting more law or just saying hey Al I'm gonna wait till the eleventh hour until. I see how much it's terrorism in this what I think that's driving I don't necessarily being drew once more. But I I think drew one's pretty much. Fair or close the market value. And as the individual hopping you've been against it Kamal we all capitalists. Or we should be living in United States. Outlook I think it Tom Condon is a master and go yeah and so so is Mickey Loomis. Deadline spur action and the National Football League and I might not be that the deadline you have I had my head which is by noon today when when the legal temporary period began. But I'm not worried about this wanna talk to you though. Describe your feeling right now when you're the jewel breeze other teams are trying to reach out to him a you know wash is she nervous panic mode are you feel like hey I trust me yet crush on. I trust drew and their loyalty and their dedication to get the yield on 5042. To sell now makes up a great seats 7870. As big order to break right now with a one thing above in anything you know drew wants to do and I know he wants to do in his saints uniform have a cake needed to. He wants to win that's a good suitable. Think guy who does say they haven't on the fibers these illicit Drew Brees or play great like he did and have another fibers season. What is the look out the American a win that thing gets to global so that's why why even wait to this point more like the vikings did cock could call. Our call Tom Condon and say you know what we are right there to win on the console when he is suitable the saints on the coast of competing and in a seated Gore's global. But that it yet is that what I'm saying. Drew right now. Listen he don't want to go against the wanna go anywhere. But that thing is where can I go to win that second suitable and I'm telling you and has to happen now the saints in the hunt. Next season and possibly this season after that. Crystal beyond two years that's long term but as I mean it might go to the pin health and I'll I'll I'll that are then I'll that can happen unity and you see guys every year happen. Keeping Kenner home where Gonzales and you to a 50426018. Semi. As of today Drew Brees threw his age you can talk to other teams should be listened to other offers 50426018. Semi tech's 8787 in describe your feeling. Not just nervous full panic mode Mickey and Sean. We trust you tell us your sports talk on WB well. Hi techs here 8787 Christian a serious. Panic nauseated Warren who imitate someone. I couldn't care less who he stays or goes we talk about the kid's game played by men. Sour a solid getting out of hand this man didn't find a cure for cancer or something. You don't need a stat machine to win symbols he needed team. How'd you win suited to a miserable before you arrived in New Orleans he had the patriots. Then when or become the 21 entry. Team of almost I think maybe is still love for the debate two decades went out Tom Brady with the one. But I was absolved Bill Belichick and his scheme but it does take your team but you have to have. Not always a franchise quarterback because they have examples trade deal for Brad Johnson that. You have they have won two ovals in the past it is a team games that goal for tennis good. Know that there is a lot of things have a chance this season coming of the season after because. You have Drew Brees the quarterback. Homily this text or I'll get back to the 2333 key thing Kenner what's so lucky you're on W him well. And on what's going on votes in the app I run it past they're pretty good pretty. The NC street Coke but. I've been one apprehensions scorched vote but to reach around now. What we're just a particular child on the way into minute we get to breach of contract. Cheryl regarding outlook and it was taken amoled opposite what it will take. Some that I can offer it to put the deal could already be done today but considering number sixty Ford is retired. Do you want do you think that as is that plausible thing to maybe he didn't wanna they don't want announce anything until Zach Strief has his moment if you will deservedly so. Well Dolly thing and keep an encrypted the only thing with the what do you think you have a deal done you know I've done and it's been filled. You actually sign didn't have been let them in the patriots in the line yet another headline the colts. Yeah that would player was not know about coach I'll just a day job heading Daniel. Right always done UA coach you know Clinton I think amnesty in your life is like be it dog at a deal dozens. Keith and those thing is. It's gone to the eleventh hour or any other contract that he signed. And every time aside from the first one when he. Left San Diego become the new world I was in the first 48 hours of free agency but. Every other one he's gotten since then has been you know has been to the eleventh hour potentially franchise tag and everything else I mean. It's just the way unfortunately these things operating contend that go really really fast are they drag on I think he'll really really fast. Well you got you know. Not that hard headed by is probably not the right word but if you really good that your job. And that being you know you might question Mickey Loomis that as of late. And look what he's done which on pain the last dozen years you have to say. They amongst events. As far as I can show via a number of categories as far as wins and losses home and away and overall wins. And at 32 teams. There a top five or six. Program. So Mickey a mean he's looking at the team as a whole. And it Tom Condon is looking out for Drew Brees messengers there's a reason like Tom Condon. Again it's like all these top quarterbacks and has had problems. He's got 32 teams that got like sixteen starters they're not hiring Tom Connolly is because Allman he's real nice and you talk to the no easy he gets things done. On the players that have been. But that the thing is too when you look at it. And I think some fans appreciate this approach you look at the 49 is what is grapple started seven games he's won five games both won seven games in a row. A couple of the patriots five of the party niners. The foreign donors could use a franchise tag on him. But then what did they do we grapple. You know and have an all it does mineral not even double digits starts. That they gave him 27 and a half million. And in the not a bit about that. 130 this. That are a 137 and have many contract with 49 million. Guaranteed. As the richest and you deal the when he compared even topping the deal of a Matthew Stafford at Tom Condon negotiated. I think it's all about like 500000 but still it's more. They Matthew Stafford and what is the rubble is just the market is just the position of quarterback. And when you have a guide it's a franchise quarterback still playing at a high level don't they can hinder Drew Brees. Chris is the only thing I'm telling you tonight play at the highest level work he's not in the top five top ten the next couple of seasons as what. He gets her injuries now you can maybe get her I don't know in how you respond at 39 year old body when you have there in orbit but. If you go by strike racquet is being on the leeward drew has done as far as answered a bell weekend and week out the twelve seasons. Bobby and Christian Derek you're on sports talk. Seem to tackle retire tackle Zach Strief who joins about fifteen minutes here what your thoughts as well a 504260187. Degrees now through his agent. Can talk to other teams should be listened to all offers final four to 6018 semi tech's 870. Eight senate Friday Mazda people online for you is just that can cast your vote online at. W that we will not come Derek Chris and David sit tight you're up next here on the beat him of LA and often dot com. And adios bush saw Bobby Hebert Kristian garic. Zach Strief number 64. Reporting eligible for retirement about ten minutes here on WWMR press converts LCMR video it's on line for yet. WWL dot com he announced retirement shortly after 12 PM today Derrick in New Orleans what's going on Derek you're on WW well. Hey man maybe as noted you're it's like you in my feet. Alex you're summer market maybe like it's your program back. That's not how it works and I know what did well well. No word you know if you don't want if they don't want. You have through there he is here summer I don't there under the same aren't or Perot if you're picked up somewhere out. Whitbeck leopard. Sosa oh Derek so you're telling me that they they would all like kind of talked to one another. And it drew gives up like one lesson going in and Jimmy Graham gets a million more. Art let's just say that the saints have willing to pay Jimmy Graham eight million. And negative paid Drew Brees. Moon. 27 have Marion. But then they'd say look if you take a million less at 26 and have they will give a gym in nine of the show we gonna get him is that what you say and. Period oh. I'll project that went up there all ordered him. With a group were kidnapped by. Tell you yeah you can possibly pay me now I'm kidding so I was as well yeah I get what you're saying in theory that can happen I mean look at it happens. By and large part by a large and Tom Brady in the new pages but there's some other nefarious things that go on there that I think. Are worth an investigation anyway. If pleases. We should get market value right we would we agree on that. But it's not like I mean and lest they say to Brees take. We are certain we're gonna land Jimmy Graham we need this money would you be willing now to help sell by structuring your deal friendly for us that those kind conversations happened Bobby. You know what else happens the all of the you get. And none since when is enough enough it's never enough depending on your lifestyle. That you could just talk to alike Brett Favre and and anyone who what I mean by that. So let's say you won all softball Ron Tbilisi got all your buddies at all. They go all manner as the on this trip at a private jet to all gonna fly and you have that kind of lifestyle million never happened of millions so. I'm just a depending. Only you see when's enough enough but the older you get the you know comes in the play. That it when you look at all these years and you look at these contracts. What is guaranteed. And could you never know one hit all of a sudden you erratic commission. And what are they willing to guarantee equal light like a grapple you look at our C a 137. Million. The look and look who couldn't play. And I think he being naked team but look who was guaranteed to him to leave the Broncos. Brock got smaller. You know you look at all the contract when he got guaranteed right put this to Jim grab below has started seven games. Well date he does he pans out are not and I think he will pan out with the 49ers. He got 49 doing guaranteed. Not not a bit about that. Good that I take some pressure off the you shoulders about you know it's all about it should be pressure on you the consulate perform understand that. Andrews proven that he doesn't. Take candidate considerations like all. And isn't it nice in that award Dolly Johnathan Sullivan amplified. In light and also on. Yeah yeah yeah I watch who you're guaranteed money too and and how they play at the bank guarantee comes about what kind of security. Where what drives an individual can never measure anyone park. But their comfort for your family. Knowing that okay going forward if I am out of commission. A look what I did on the backhand as far as they guarantee. The cinema family for years to come. And like you mentioned Bobby. Were wearing a capitalist society. I'm never gonna tell. More Menard Bobby there or anybody else what they should make what's enough money for them I don't have their lifestyle I don't I don't know what they want life. And oh by the way if the markets there the money's there. Not walk away from 5000 dollars when I know I'm worth that 5000 dollars and if it is it means the difference between. The 8000000 and seven point five million. I'm trying to get any idea what what what did I should anybody would go without is it not not everybody can understand. And I did it when world blossom our hope for 80000 dollar a year. 100000 dollars a year and and got we're seeing guys make 25 and thirty million dollars a year it's hard to digest that you would also not in the market therein. You can nod good. NFL pro sports game in the regular workforce it's that the team. It was like like I said the embassy this exam before like Frank Sinatra all your old school or Mick Jagger old school. The goal on the stage at an angle and every every concert begin the million dollars. You know they're going to Google like that go get paid a million dollars a couple of hours. You know I mean is just a marketed the team. And now people have to realize that it's a different animal comparator. Regular reports yes teaches I should get paid more money. Pharmacy get more police should get more. But it's it's all with the market's gonna bear. I mean and I don't know like again. If you capitalist and he should be with the mortgage severity and get paid. For instance in the salary cap just go up nine and a half million dollars to have a 7% of money. Collect a barn image you have to shared a money would the players so now's a 177 million look at all the money Cleveland Browns have to spin. They have to got to spend it. So what who who deserves that depending on value produce supply and demand and not enough quarterbacks that try to get paid. Like they get paid who's really word. When you think about it to throw a football on twenty million plus. Couple like not many but but it did that the aim at there's not that many guys that get player that high level. Is actually coming on next also Troy Chris. Chris and David and you to a final four to 601870. Text 8787 as a sports talk on W him well. Welcome back to sports are advocating can embodying I'm Kristian garic. Number 64 reporting is eligible for the show and eligible for. Retirement Zach Strief Howard lament. Yeah. You bet look first off. I know. It's business decision uniting grappled with for. By a couple weeks months perhaps even dessert is going back for to last year. Is there a bit of finality of bit of a weight off your chest having announced that today. Well I mean I think it's. There comes a time when it's just you know I'm gonna turn the page in and people completely comparable but it does not picket the right on. Both from in Florida that same organization and other so much talent leadership. I went there and and Duchardt walking away now. I think that the team has been a great position excited to watch that. With the band and. Zach he's got a little emotional I'm sure them. I think that would happen a little sooner in your speech to did you do you think about that before and like hey how laws that take me two or three minutes before I Forestar real emotional. Yeah you know do before and it just don't cry. Like after the numbers that. I'd come back. They can correctly and only people like command. To India and for a shouldn't that speech got really annoyed. I would search term and so. Obviously and that the relationship that I haven't built inner workers in. You know not work and it's not applaud. This is essentially been my family here for the past year. While I'm not going anywhere I've spoken to here or body. You know these people that I've seen every. For a long time that being around him. If I'm I'm just really collapse and boy got the opportunity to get the day thank you goodbye. The most guys don't get to do. Exact does picketed a pass twelve seasons that's a dozen years over a decade that's eternity and now football. And now when you talk with and gaining knowledge in different teammates are yours. When you talked about Drew Brees and how important it was. The U. To protect drew. And the common that you had in him that Newman every step and if you you had a chance to win and wanting to protect him this something that that's history. A UK take it away and I know you've probably aware of this and you look at least sacks allowed by an NFL team since 2006 is not even close. And now this past season assays are too would overall. The saints are one number one and NFL lease sag teams. And and it's got to be closed the next team that being Eli Manning in the giants. Has been sacked like 36 times more than drew C got to be proud of being part of a number of all of its of lines that protect the quarterback of the highest level. You know I think we've got to agree and so or maybe. Right now and room. What would moniker that a lot of talent and has been a lot of pride in that. The principle is from group. Over year coming from replaces them really emphasized that that will fortunate that we have on the special. That that not everybody. At the end of the acting through Canada. Leadership. There I think he really. He causes you to feel certain way car. At the but that's the responsibility. Because. She put in so much in and I know for me specifically. It's always been. Personal pride in. Certainly wish you a lot of bitter for the picture or so. The other side and let him down and I think I'm not alone and I think atomic guys that got that way and look either either guy that is teammates didn't. Hear about it. You know when you're getting the plate that now for guys. First ballot walk in all the kind of guy. I think after overtime appreciate how special and it there. Good to hear that that experience as. If you Google YouTube and South Korea's Albert I the guys that take account of pride and take care and. Now Zagat ask you this long when the question you answered the second part the first part was like did you ever think. You know you gonna play double digit seeds isn't out of the training camp was. In jazz Jackson Mississippi. But you gonna get as this the number of times who's the toughest guy he ever win against als Michael guide. Blob about a pack a judgment cargo his head down and guide to blame him we get we gotta be like ho that that would not be fun. You know it's funny yet at the purple is done oh we need to better against better players particularly caught in Boca and so. Sometimes you lose two guys that you regret losing Rupert I think there's any question right now. I think on alert about shall out sure that you're gonna beat for quite awhile. Played it twice. The first pilot program here. And the board recorder that he got mated me and I got to get the play and get them last year and held pretty well but. I think that combination. Athletic ability mark and hinted that the patient. Of what's happening naturally the good thing mean and I think his production because that. There was the leader of the comic guy either. Tremendous players. You're always in doubt to me at someone that you just. You lead every game like man he is where he now that a lot of players in the air so the two guys that there really Erica in the. It -- did that help you are going against cams aren't in practice I mean considering fear what he's achieved. We've been. Power period and typical of Patrick air Lockett but there are now you know or whenever the play activity so you know I get aid. The so I appreciate. But there are part orthodoxy electric power Decker yeah at all the U Billick put their beer. Great Britain and I've got. A frenetic is there that. You start payment. Zach Zach who got a really bad connection well like duty push off hold. See market Rican Gordon and willow will we'll try to get better sell here. This is sports would steadily to a break come back with is actually you're on the negro. I welcome back to sports all got Zach Strief back to announce his retirement Zach we get out. 62 tier one and affords you the opportunity. Two I think in that nation and he had a close bond with them in and figure out a map of guys that were review every day you were one of the true professionals and understood our jobs as ones say thank you for for understand and a. I appreciate their creation in. Yeah that the MacBook today that you know there are new to me in twelve years ago. City in the world took in a Yankee you. But I accepted him as orbiter and a cute I feel very strongly that we are the greatest band in the world. It took the reality here that they lava no matter what end up like that everywhere spectral bon. And yeah troop morale. Not only to play here what to call my local local now and then direct my life here nor on lectured on the block and go. Zach Strief vessel RT retirement I'm sure he'll resurface somewhere doing some things into a plea agreement. Thank exactly what was that like to tell you have a face for radio so you know as he always welcome a long and hard squeeze on. Our opry. All right hides hides actually there goes Troy new worlds Chris amend ability to a 50426018. Semi. Text 878. So anybody Christian here on sports talk on W two all time to win some money chance and win some money stick around Deuce McAllister coming up next hour as well.