Zach Strief breaks down preseason game 2

Bobby & Kristian discuss today's practice, and Zach Strief joins Kristian to break down what went right and what went wrong in the Saints' preseason loss to Arizona.

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Anti WWL includes the KG can anybody there I'm Kristian garic phone lines are open at 5042601878. X 87870. The text your seventeenth cynical who starts ops it'll Lattimore. Crawling or. For sure you rob Edger nickel cornerback and played some of the sub packages when it throughout receivers wide receiver sets bodies. I saw him as well yet that's not even questions. Top two our top three and every one to describe it regarding its slot receiver. So no the and that's to get him on the outside. No it's it's skin crawling in and Lattimore and now on the back in who's that fourth fifth quarterback. Don't know yet yeah it. You do is banged up and he has it isn't it it will last week eaten you'd practice all last week didn't practice today that I saw. And I don't think it ought to mull let necessarily help his cause. In the game against the cardinals. They he had picked on a few times in man coverage. I know he got beat Justine loses to place 161110. Yard. When that opening drive and a second half he got exploited. You know in them having. The past the thin that he had four tackles but he played 37 maps. But then there's still a lot of competition. On that back in. So I mean to say. And off the let optimal let we didn't as marketable and well full long term though it'd still living in the duke is the charges and and just a lot of competition there I notice what house indictment. Since I bought nuke on after Nikko Jamison also. So that narrator true when idol. When I just look pass Lattimore crawling in hero. The thing is wide open. Bear Ottawa got I think he could see a veteran added to this. This quarterback room at the roster cut as any known as the media packets are we today look I'm not entirely sure that that PJ Williams. His total lock to make this team anyway there's there's the three guys we talk about Lattimore crawling in Iraq. And then there's everybody else is no not one person even before PG Williams. Got injured there's not one person one player that is exactly standing out on the fourth guy and also with PJ I think they kinda what they have there. And I and would like to maybe upgrade that spot again. Well and and PG. Could be one. That team Jacob by the saints in the in those wells and an in depth have a success you know such as a different environment because of him this one as a reason why they brought in Marcus Williams the other markets. Who's with the jets he's competing. And I cornerback right now you know little. To be iffy keys to what he's Dylan. Special teams and kind of like he's the cornerback version of Chris banjo. And he had a tackle against the cardinals special teams just in RD. Siding just at Harding has that point him. Because especially teens very similar unit to provide depth in the secondary but really comment on. Like Chris Angel and the coverage units special teams so. But the scene NATO Jamison. You know he's really my. Dark horses for the practice squad Linda and Stevens the rookie out of Cincinnati and number forty. In that giving. He's the one he gave of that long way to trick once bit today that on the middle. Looks like they could've been. Fifty yard touchdown type play so that we really don't know but a lot of teams that guarantee if you though. On a number of rosters all around NFL and you getting pats. That there corner. In and out giving everyone the benefit of doubt they think they have in the top three cornerbacks. On the back in they have I don't see a problem with the thinks it in this thing situation. As the saint. You know who's gonna make it he it will lit. You know but he do well enough at safety corner. Provide that then it wouldn't be doing inspections in the have to. Katrina you're playing you're the fourth or fifth guy corner you you you must build attribute. Auspices have to eat it there's no there's no other way to slice it will step away come back. My conversation with the boys the saints actually up next here. On sports talk on W to dwell. Welcome back to sports talk here on state radio the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert crushing are now joined by the voices sings actually been Zach. For talking up at a talk to you about. The second pre season game would you like we'll start there. Well I think the running game looks really good really on both sides of the ball. And you know we'll talk more to talk about this game stats don't tell stories and so you know you look at. You know run the ball for over a 180 yards in this game. That's not necessarily the number that I think is important what I think is important is that happened throughout the game. Which I think shows good depth both the running back position in the offensive line positions so. It's not like we broke a bunch early with one group and then went. You know bad at the end it was really consistent. Every got to carry the football had a Lisa carried fifteen yards. Bill lowest average of four point six among all the backs like carries in that game so you know even if you take out taste and scramble. It's an excellent game running the ball we Europe's sixty yards rushing defensively week after giving up 72 yards rushing to to the general are so. You know I think that shows again shows depth we chose death amongst along the front and and both of those are positioned where going into the pre season where war will question in where's the depth that who's going to be before the end who's going to be worth the tackle. And I think it shows there's a lot of options there as there is on the offensive line and three indexes. Jason Hill rough night for him chomping described four turnovers two interceptions two fumbles. Now some are. I know of a point after some of the fans were saying kind of give up the case and hill experiment and it's way too early to do that for based on one game to access the thing. There were some positives in his play. Yeah listen it's not going to be easy for anybody to pull positives out of Texans game and take some notes that you know. You know you look at the two interceptions one of them is a well thrown ball. Right on the money that you know okay America's name and handle bounces up there it's intercepted hard to necessarily put that appeasement well thrown ball. You sexually takes a shot down the sideline the balls place really where you wanted to be. You know maybe a little bit overthrown but it was hackable play I've been quicker in and sometimes you got to tip your cap and say I was it was a good play you know fumbles can happen and especially the way that they happen and I think. Sometimes for young players the game unnecessarily speeds up in their head when the lights come on and you know we're takes more after or overtime is. They asked to be the same speed in practice so when you get into the game it feels exactly the same and it's hard as a young player you want everything to be better in game. Than it is in practice and you look at a guy like Drew Brees and what a good role model for real quarterback to see. The practices the same as it is in the game and so. Listening fumbles a ball twice on affected by anybody doesn't it wasn't a bad snap it wasn't. Heating catcher running back you kind of drop back and threw the ball away. And so obviously those are bad situations. I started stepped up and deliver the ball well a couple of times he has it he has a great arm and you saw that obviously the long scramble. On a play where. It's not like he felt pressure and just took off running he kept his eyes on the field. Didn't seniority go with it took off ramp pass to defensive backs so there is an impressive side of Asem and you know he knows that he's gonna have to play better. But the same time. You know Drew Brees is second game of his second year in the NFL. He was six of eleven for 42 yards so it's not exactly gonna inspire you a fan to say this guy could be the next coming. And I'm not saying Cason is but I am saying to pre season and and you have to attest to bill. We surprised that Shaun king called out Ted Ginn junior vote in particular at the end it in a press conference absolutely not. Coach Payton is is never been shot and caught a guy. By name. You know and especially if you know it's hard to tell obviously from the boos when someone's running in the wrong route I don't know what the the play callers but. Listening guy running the wrong route is absolutely going to affect the quarterback especially in game where you haven't prepared time. And you don't have a really great idea where you wanna go with the ball before comes out. It's just the nature pre season games so having a primary receiver on the wrong route can really affect you as a quarterback and you know me you. Everything factors in for those guys it just doesn't. Again I'm not necessarily say I'm not saying case and had a good game and everybody arrested a form. But it takes more than one and the criticism won't go to the quarterback. More than anxious and and all the praise will go to him more than mentions well. That's something always says. To nuclear vice hands are dirty and situations like this look ahead to. Next week counting goes out to Los Angeles so practice is to charges of revival. Snaps and plays that you're a part of that last year in Chile boasts and Melvin Ingram Brian intricate Toronto aren't I gonna have their hands full next week. Yes they will. Those are two very good pass rushers that are different pass rushers. I actually think. In terms of matching up that's a good matchup how I would if I wanted to lay him out I would say dialogue boasts on ran track and I want. Melvin on on two run which will gap which is good. I think both. Ryan and Toronto had fantastic training camps they've also seen maybe more so Ryan but. Let's join votes is no better than Khamis they're different but he's no better so the competition just continues for Ryan. Our biggest benefit is for Ron LA and it's going to be eighty degrees and the humidity can track a little bit and there are gonna feel like Superman because they're not dragging from the humidity so. It's always good to see some new bodies and certainly get away and change the routine a little bit because it's an honest at this point can't. Today it can't Marshall out of our plan is best dead two interceptions and there was this notion out there that maybe mark marks a lot of wars of you know gamer. Eighty believe Ambien gamer you think that happens guys just maybe now they'll practice of getting good habits they're not gonna turn on until light them. I do think there are guys that are gamers I don't think that Marchand has had a bad camp I think marshall's pretty upfront in saying there's things I'm working on. That would make me a better player and a that there is I'm trying to use my instincts last in my technique more and what it shows is that. Ton of maturity. Because that's usually something you learn like your sixth that it's okay to lose in practice. If you're working on something you know I can I can get beat on this past that because I'm working as one particular thing and I'm gonna have to get beat a few times to get good at it and I think. Marchand just talked about that really early in camp he's trying to get away from just being an instinctual player using this technique in his eyes and his help all those things and no I have I did Marshal on more as a heck of football player and I think you saw him both of those plays today. You know the law on February's reverend Ted Ginn where children go out on the sidelines. Flips his hips catches up to Ted and what looks easily. Finds the ball adjusts and me just everything is textbook how you would wanna see it and you know he's an excellent player and an I have no issues with him he says so far. I'd like had been his point last week from Duluth has little little differ years you'll far Tehran it is pretty high in the in the radio Booth for sure. I went down and and saw the guys in the TV Booth and I was a little bit jealous there. There's this much bigger and it was much lower so yes the radio Booth at the dumbest guy. And it was a little bit different and got to learn to call out of binoculars and all those things at the challenge is very different to do that. And I'd like to used to monitor more next week I think in the next summer and there to see if that's an easier it. Listen for me right now anything is new and different you know like we're gonna play in a soccer stadium this week in the Booth is in the corner that's the first time however called. Football game from the corner of the stadium so every week's a learning experience right now on but it was good to be back in the dome and it was certainly good Caribbean home. I say this is a joke but bring your wallet next week is parking out there at the stadium that that Carson where I'm relaxed sure I was going through Robert Carroll and now. Who's a 150 dollars to park. We really I was lonely by. Well I have to use my power of persuasion during the week to find a parking pass amongst the LA charges that they don't get it back from about Baylor they're did you bouts now. I think and I were to the stadium long before do that so what do you what do you look at for as you look Delhi next week and you're gonna watch that won't deuce and Steve we what do you hope to see. Well. You know on the way to practice I just wanna see guys compete especially young players that. You know it's it's a really good chance to see it really up close to see young players have an opportunity to really. You know compete up close sometimes hard to see any game and it's a little bit different policy that and practices. More so in the game to first time we're going to see drew. Private first army to cam. And the thing that I think people miss so much in one of the reasons why it looked slow and sloppy increased he's in this. The Tampa changes. Just came in and out of the huddle. The time spent getting the plane and getting up to the line all of those things that are so important in this offense wanna see. The Tampa on both sides of the ball pick up to the level that it needs to for that period of time. That that belongs Earl and then and listen is a very good football team that this is a good litmus test for us to see route. And you know I wanna see you wanna see those first group perform and I know as a player you feel pressure in this third game to. To play well to move the ball just get stuff on their dad you feel more preference third. I'll I want for John spot a little bit but let's go O line. And Noah you know everybody tonight a year ago when you talk about this this player's player but what are you seeing from some of the younger players along the offensive line in particular Javon push -- as well he's better. He's not a younger player on the offensive line two month old. But so I think look first of all I think it's a deep group and I think any of those guys that are that are older guys. Hadn't been around the league know this is a very deep group of offensive linemen which discrete. Maybe now as a player because it's a tough battle and there's going to be good players that don't make this football team. At several positions but a bunch at the office of lies about so I think to monitor an excellent camp obviously versatile guy can play tackle and guard. As pro Baghdad that you could plan either side just you know this has been around long enough and I think he's had a good camp is still moving well all those things are looking for. I think we'll class has an excellent camp and he's been talked about a lot obviously because he's a local kid LSU and companies had a great camp I think he's he's tough and Smart and battles and finds ways to block people I think that's. Important in this league conspiracies in young players developing just that your going to go out and to battle even when behavior as good as somebody that you play against. You know I think Michael the guy that nobody said anything about that. I know as a lineman and we can stand in the back it's like that guy that we find that guy like I watch other teams play. And I see linemen that night though he's better. Sigh it's always weird to me we. I don't know we scout lemon well war if maybe I'm just seen through rose colored glasses but he's good football player I think can make this team better. Obviously recliner and you know maybe got some negative press last week and that's not bad as a young player tend to have some people calling out and out of Russia are not want to hold this time Aaron. You know. Rick's gonna have to develop and they knew that when that directory he's played offensive line for two years and you know that's a big job. In and of itself and and to go from college to pros it's tough. Is all fiscal traits and worldly needs to be successful we've got to learn the position and to do that he's gonna have to work his tail off. You know when you start talking numbers and who's gonna stick around who's in this day. It's really hard I mean it really is you know I mean. Guys against tiller who has skills that it has has translated to the NFL's play at a high level. You know honestly forum probably you know Joshua rivas and I'll Barkley both guy and dressing room is excellent for. Oh player. I Barclays been around for a long time start a lot of games played a lot of football these are all guys to have the capability of playing. In this league and so that whole deal is probably will not in it they will now be in this roster and what were becomes hard is you know more goes into it I mean I don't know if an incubator nine. You know I don't. I don't know that we've ever kept ten before there's ten guys that are that are worthy. Of sticking around I don't think that there are gonna keep ten because. We've got logjam at the receiver position you've got you know we're gonna wanna carry some extra guys now a defensive linemen to injury to Alex and markets come along. You know little bit slower so. There's going to be roster spots that are hard and you know we sat down before and tried to figure out who critical step possible to so it's very very difficult so. It's a good group though and I think that's what's great I think the starting five has as an opportunity in should be you know lead offensive line. I think the depth behind it dispute is we've had. So he's off tomorrow they travel to LA on Tuesday on joint practices with the chargers Wednesday and Thursday and of course a walk through on Friday in the game on Saturday Zach. The voices into the same sex Streeter enjoy LA men and look at 43 game come back with a tan. But yeah I'm looking forward to it and that's certainly liked it went out there it's like summer is easier after its extreme the voice of the saint as a sports. Look here on state radio W could well. Sent out the voice of the saints actually early if you missed two free to check out. David Miller com. Also coming back after our CBS news update the gay Canon body fairway and I think on pretty good insight there from Zach on Marshall Lattimore but also. More of Payson tilts it back up quarterback had a rough night. The other night Friday night against the Arizona Cardinals four turnovers. Two fumbles two interceptions sports bar rules on here on W to go well. Bobby Christian here on sports talk body bears the cajun cannon. Celebrate his birthday today happy birthday Bobby. Yeah out of them really had a good birdies. In a little time of it because it's football game. You know celebrated last night evidence still it's not like we have an offseason weakened and may be. 4448 hours of celebration but I guess we asked them completely. And really enjoy avail at the in the early 80s8384. Will be played whispering in the summer and August hopefully offseason. You know coming back units have fell but. Animal was thought it was more of these fees. That's for equal if she's 36 today tell that story is status of your college yet. Hours yeah featuring collagen no less than the and alliance told the it was deputies for. Like nothing happened in the VOK. All excited. And it gratuities social false alarm. On the first point you know when that happens anyway. So next time around. I guess who's about 11 o'clock at night. And I'll start a bank Waco you had to cities and build the film. Think she could feel like man I really think I'm having a baby so she waited all the way till 1 AM farmers was killed the baby is coming. Where my jumped out of you know one. It is let's go we got to her area tonight showering. Missiles. So we run at a hospital. Leo Paul Neitzel. Ryan all the autos aren't. At 7:30 in the morning so two days of the coach's team is that. I guess as the round 1130 rug for news and hoping in the coming. The scene the in you know the baby you know Latin. So they came down regulate Zelnick and stuff and now. Well we need your practice this afternoon. Because you run like two minute offense anomaly. That indicating to pick like Indy off. Leah sighting and has had the morning practice often adrenaline you know you. That your retirement you know all excited and everything so. So that was great my daughter B barn all the birth of the great birthday present Providence that probably was the best present ever. But. I could even joyful full day. In you know use in two days in. On a school and then before you know it. In the USFL live in Michigan that that spring in the next summer. Yes I'll really have never been ones to truly celebrate. A birthday because it's always been. You know duke football duties and when I played even you do what you teammates. Or whatever. It is voted Oprah excellent. Like what time ice jock strap to yeah that you know that particular market news and immensely you'd. Stayed in the morning and it's you know Mark Anderson and I have the same birth they will soliciting me. His mom told me figure out the time change you know boy even born in Denmark he's like six hours. Well organized. So you know we we have. Celebrated different times. I've given them over the age it is you know because that being a unique situation. You never allowed to teammates and oh that's special occasion. But that doesn't look at the media guide Ali Anthony's birthday. It. You know dismissed that you'll locker writes that if you look at this on the is that there aren't the work that I haven't that it probably who has. Skype case. Lol yeah. That style and a yet analysts. Using. In the bathroom. And not noble one so it solves and you're sitting now that he had in. You know the call lies book. How can you relax in that half ago as well liked in the and so that's violence never won. They have a everybody's numbers look nobody should walk out today it's open around a football team not the right. You've been. Those kind of like becomes an Eagles in yet subtleties yeah that's that well yet it is that while. Yes the we were all. That you celebrated there. Are probably salaries. Often nice meal whatever you do. Even a weekly week Hurley who would never like doing West Virginia. In volume of trading counsel would you give up their salary. Not that I think when I came back home address celebrated at something out of him no we are we have leaders. Happy merry league. But you know you gave back nobody yet but you get all these texts or create your show me a video of a bit out of your daughter or your college years apart they would view adult and no candy services. World is that the shares my. Second grant dollars that the bombers Alice. Right now Cammie has Maggie Maggie Miller. Those things so Ryan. Ryan Ryan and yet she's sent shares of these. Happy Britney. Can sing and Aggie in Mac yet Scioscia to currency they call you right now they call you pop pop the Bay Area. Like yeah. There is big is that there right now. But against Seoul. Oh yet they'll they'll detect like. You know I don't quite get offended you know sometimes I get around that it's thanks in its takes a couple of days yes. I'm Tony I got like twenty some tanks like you can appreciate you know there have regrets in all I don't want to feel open and like them. They ignored him but it's early as you know I don't ever even really I want. That they can loses all a couple of days you know it would bother me no right right right words to be out would be any different. While most colonials and that's what all like like yes that hill with the outlook all Christians say it tanks in a load. And yet these flights cigars here. That's Ali in the NFL Chris habit he enjoyed those cigars in that wild. Animal life and everything. But if I would have that you techs immediately Unita and now. Okay both are so I know you fail to do you well and know that you'll get around to. It typically what you would do respond it's going to be short like OK with 45 actually a few points. That's all impact yet that you love actually two points here texts that matter what it is it's OK okay. Okay yet a lot like I got you like I'm a priority Christians. You know not too proud days until the days ago. Well but but but any any start out good they and he had a good week of practice that eight ball well yet that he's had. Good days where. I just need a little bit. I don't think luck because you could make feel lucky that I have. The breaks go your way but. When you wanna see that kind of guy sixty. I mean. Christian I don't know if you take some milk and but I mean yeah if you don't like Jason Hill immediately as a unity if not it. For sure he seems like Ike hockey's very humble so you'd almost want them to work well. Like it and and they're the reason why I say that he'd been mills and the respect he shows true. And that's when he said one of the goals he cynically connecting we're talking to him. Was improve the temple. One thing if you look at all the other products like watchman who went off its two even practiced faster beat temple global global mean in and out of the huddle. Bring in oh. Live from that even suggest that he made to us. Well as the pace said. You know it is a knuckle and it. The cardinals game and you know out of Tutsis whose drive for sure that the price is the charges and because the opportunity against. Of the charges this Saturday. And he said one of the goals Poland into the gain in going forward. He said was approved the temple which is an aspect. Of debris of Drew Brees has gained that he admires. When the saints are going right he said they are using. At bats and a formation and personnel groups and it's like bull you never legal to do tonight nine about it. Eleven that night and I eleven though and it. Every electric machines. You know a fine tuned machine in. He says it is one of the things we do really well that makes this tough to defend what you get the pits on their heels. And in each fire reacting keep pace that you so right now I think we're getting a feel for playing one another and yet a lot of new players. It he said. In when he looks at the temple and how things go. At times you might feel like okay what we did the tooth replays that you might have a low. Can you get them back where he do it throttle hold drive in that helps the confidence. And he says this often it is heavily predicated on getting in and out oh getting lined up right. And that's on the from day one you collect abilities mini camp. So you have the right separation between routes so anything like this when you alignment. NC TAR coach Greenberg would ever know we will achieve here. Whether it be like two yards out the hatch. We don't want you on the hash you know. Because that route concepts at Heidi trying to attack a defense. That all makes it different how precise thought of these okay. Opposition today Bobby I don't know if you heard of it. Taken you got it corrected about how species of those details landmarks again today after Sean Pate said don't fight night pace he ran a wrong route twice. Today I saw him pull tellem verbally. Ten I want to further political closer or tighter tighter right. No end and I think each week it hit it. By now yes and it's going to second season assistant and he's not just won his political vertical stretch the defense though they expect it to run all the whole route tree. Where when you running a corner route an out route bar drag. Whatever it might be it it does matter of timing yellow line. And and it all starts that you break the huddle. And now like guessing though that I think that's where obstacles trying to build breakout early spring Iran single line of exactly got to be. That you can be that fast paced offense. That I look through what to do negated defense on their heels the. If you can about me there are crushing dark more sports talk continues here on W did well enough on the dot com. Bobby bare feverishly working the text of people on his birthday Hampshire. Trying to respond with think units that are in a lot of birthday wishes happy birthday wishes to the Kate again about it Grassley feverishly go to an event. It's even adjusted nicely you assimilated nicely to that. Technology to of the new the new iPhone eat he got a couple months back. Well as though there's limiting these horror. It is. It's it's easier but I you know went you don't edit read if you wanna be Smart you got to re sure you know this ceased only like. I go lottery I don't profess to be terribly Smart but my point is that you do a lot of Reading on paper. My mind digital help well the whole paper called the thing is. He didn't. Like when you're driving like when along like. You know old books old tapes letter. You know those type of things but still to get. The feel of booking your hand and in the region. That bad if you go up read a lot. Al is always the reader. But I still. Probably I didn't. Kind of did the shark and into the cliff notes at times. To do good in the tenth that's you know tightening but. Again I appreciate it or build the it. Fare against more from a historical perspective that you keep your price to an ivy that believe you me. The pace actually almost out of earlier. I thought of pretty good it's like really good insight on Marshall out of order we've talked a lot about having cancer it. Hayes can be a couple times that look like he's the best practice player may be easier you know have a soft war quote unquote sophomore slump. And it has sacked probably around with his explanation of it look he's if he's basically now not playing. I'm practicing with just his instincts last year's rookie just had is these days go by now is work on certain techniques that he understands by mastering those techniques. I'm going to get beaten practice while trying to work and it. An attempt to to improve my technique that that leads to maybe some of the things that will we saw a state sometimes he gets beat over the top so when it's beaten covered because these. Trying to hone in on technique and Bobby. That's scary when you consider he had five interceptions last year as a rookie. Playing on instincts alone not even play technique. Yeah you being picky technique down. Is he would do film study on news and the good receivers are gonna pick up. How can they can beat you now. The one thing bill that's a disagree with that but at times. It was just he was taken it chants. And not really worried about his technique in double doubles together. So you'd have to have instincts on that win the ticket chants still won that. Now you got to be sound technique. But it funerals. Plays the eve of the price is oh with a double moves it is because. And he gets role. And now you can get when you techniques. Amongst the best. That. And not the short throwing it direction. Because that you're going to be hard to beat. That that's what made Lou this guy's name is is forbidden down here and rightfully so but. That's what made there are sharper so effective in the latter stages of his career. Here in New Orleans because he understood route concepts fundamentals. In this technique was spot on that's why he was able to get the balls the most a lot of safeties couldn't because he he just understood this technique you relied on a technique. More and obviously the experience played at the department. Well yes and you know angles is never misstate you know cornerback obviously but. Knowing that down it is that the situation is studying the quarterback you're playing. And how you could beat him as far as. Really have this in cut covered even though. I am too deep. You know I have I happen to feel that I know like it. Scream out. On that income that they grow because that's what they like to run and you could see just in the receiver all those little things we six demo or. Like the angle of Florence whether you know he's Timmons like an outsider skinny polls. Tuesday angle of the Ralph and that the signal that will when he does this. Is what used because it breaks it down. RT always does this worry you might wanna have that same stem as a receiver. Within 245 different things of that stint ended the that the banking chi. And in any as to beat this let's. That's like Larry FitzGerald. Like I'm sure. His route tree. That'd be try to pick up on what he's fluent even though maybe he's getting older and he's not as fast it's still hard to cover. Because you can't say well when he does this he's gonna do this though he might do for five different things and that just comes. When obvious he's skills that is an experience is experience but. I'm outward about Latimer was living Lattimore is a competitor. And he likes to competing he likes to win. And you might the ball on all the players like to win hello. Or wired a little bit different yes and then he he. That swagger would you like it cornerback. The holding Beckett never sent him back. Is that he's like like toll like a race car like. Like a Ferrari Lamborghini tightening. In east news in the pistons open where he's not hurt. As I think at times that's what we would miss his comments a little bit. If he be couldn't run like he won Iran the bill to me please who would you say is the MVP of camp so far for the saints. MVP. Like the whole team most of press via. Aside from the race not name. Marcus Williams you know as a big Drew Brees to reason hasn't been. I would say. More wins yet I'd say Marcus Williams. And at times has been Michael Thomas when at this say. Overall more useful it was but I mean when he wants to camps are in the picture play cleric can. But but to save one. The piccolo player like tree once it. Probably made more plays than Michael Thomas he's embedded Michael Thomas overall. Just four's big pleasure. I think Alec to matters because since that time Arnold that's of one player. Answer as far as I'd say. Marcus Williams. Definitely affected animals. As far as you know who would negative plays and then on cruise port. But. Is it hard for me to put like one players like those visas and unbelievable. The cajun cannon Bobby bare the birthday boy up Kristian garic this is sports talk here on. WWL IMF and dot com. The cajun cannon Bobby bare. I'm Kristian garic along side. 50426018. Semi tech's 878 semi Patrick going to be this brings you guys. Sit tight you'll leadoff next are gonna textured 87870. Body explain what route tree is is it run XYZ positions. No a rout tree is where the in this slot. And outside. Are tied in everyone has the route tree it from whatever angle. Well the roaring like a quick slant or you're running a hitch Lucy that short. Occur over ultra book that can be twelve hours. An out route. Twelve. 121516. Yards depending on the damp. And you could draw it like a piece of paper. Like take off a flyer Rao. Which is like cults right literally draw the actress yeah active branches and yet that's exactly Christie did. And like polls skinny polls. Since you beat two different branches of corner. And you can run in a pylon depending did the tangle. Or that words it's our corner route that you peek at the polls you learn a corner but deceit he's really over to topsy got to throw it flat. So it turns out or not to be a really. Deep out route are like a short corner yeah so there's there's so many different things depending what the pits and you got a picture. That okay you got the two outside. Like split and the lakers. Every collects YTX's split in. He's the flight allies that tied him. In eagle on with four wideout would be to W David terminology for different teams but being you have around tree. From all the receivers. That he slot Ari on the outside are tied in the and you also have a route tree for the running backs. Out of the back feel like a video we oracle real route equally flattened out and you cutesy like. Like we call like the running back off like a rabbit Ralph would you cutting in around the pinning the leverage of its own. You hook it up so there's a lot of different. That that's it's so amazing went through could anticipate. That what did you do in the receiver has to be where a lot tighter by the way they held the quarterbacks throw him. Know a lot of times especially look like a quarterback like drew top rated Aaron Rodgers spots if it looks like that. Where's he's thrown a ball I would say the receiver messed up now a young guy keep the that the is that no query was thrown it that that I haven't all the time. Patrick could be the spring you lead off next hour this is sports talk here on state radio WWL.