Youth Football and CTE

Is youth football and CTE a concern and would you let your child play? We discuss the possible bans some states are trying to put on youth football.


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Often on an hour to play that come your way this hour. Doctor David Chao. Petrol football doc will join us also Scott Alexander. Follow college hoops and youthful ball which will get into this hour. Later neo program well she baseball preview James Moran asked mores Moran and also associate editor tire right dot com couple these I wanna. Jump off here on these football as we know it kind of being attacked by an alarming rates we're seeing lawmakers Seth around the country introduced legislation. That would ban youth football together. War putting age cap on it or force a child. To wait until we don't interest high school. If there's no medical research that supports that waiting until a certain age puts them any more or less at risk. Here's a thought if there's a fear they think the evidence was that the scientific evidence will eventually get there. And that that it puts at risk but no medical leak as of yet the idea to be any football ID so a little bit hypocritical on so many levels that coached youth football. On or off for the better part forty years. And I can honestly say no that again I'm not a doctor so maybe I'm not qualified as silly to definitively say this but I Gaza San never seen. A kid with a discussion with over 200 games in countless practices and never witnessed an eyewitness a guy a kid didn't didn't. Hit pretty hard yes absolutely I'll get to double those things. A little later on but. Here's the thing that somebody would always consider. They're not as big as those NFL players to not fast around a strong. It to I don't know the date the silly. Hit hard enough to two calls one there wearing just as good of equipment these days Seth when you play and I played I'm sure that in me was did at the Helm of padding. Would sort of felt like concrete was in your helmet. So the Indian and advances they've made. Are just as good as the players they idolize that and a play on Sunday and how to think about this. You football league's. Have heightened weeks Sanders. If you all match. If you don't if you're not a 150 to a 120011. Year old feet higher than that you can't play. Or you can't play at a certain position along the offense or defense of lines there's all kinds of churches that it's the only sport though that requires height and weight standards to play. Com. In your own age group baseball undo the past Wheldon required the ball to contact sports collisions are encouraged and required. Baseball basketball soccer that context forced to work collisions are not encouraged or required but still happen incidentally inadvertently. They've been advised to take more safety precautions. To those collisions have been ignored. Doesn't that advice has been ignored for medical it's for experts. And the other part of it I wanna get into as well as we hear. So often about how tackle football is Satan in the safer or alternative is flag football not necessarily. I get it you not have a repeated blows to lead puts you do. Run the risk of a skull fracture. You have those that's happened this indicates an emergency rooms around the country playing you five football because of skull fracture now. I it overall it probably is safer in the grand scheme of things like football but don't tell me it's the safe for absolutely the 100%. The L play flag football that's the new that's the new brand of football it's not even football. Some medical expert politicians and anti football haters have waged war on tackle football simply because they don't like the sport. Not because they're trying to prevent concussions and that they're true motive if so what their true interest of protecting kids from concussions while they introduced. Why would they introduced legislation to ban other activities that cause them. Like skateboarding soccer gymnastics. Others cheerleading baseball basketball hockey. It's too hard. Those are sports they like. Somehow football's become Satan and the at any anti football crowd. As colds get rid of discussions. I guess any given all of the activities right all the activities that. That needed to that can cause concussions the general agreement among neuroscientist. Is there or not. A proven cause and effect of concussions. Wait to see ECT. You'll hear that from David shall come up in other words it's suspicion not directly. Now look I got three boys. Set two of which are at the age to play you football. You tackle football. I'm fine with the risk until I see a link it causes CT then. I'm Willem perhaps re study by a rethink my. My thoughts on Mike is laughable at that point it's my decision as a parent not that the legislature. Philly needed champion themselves as saints because who look out for my children that's my job I do well. And I think that ultimately you allow you should allow parents and those youth football programs to govern as well. To educate coaches on how to structure practices. To where they're not constantly beaten their players up when I was go to set. Honestly in LA times we tackle live in a in a practice pre season Alina Cho first game and certainly don't regular season. Maybe three minutes in general the entire twenty practices the gals allowed before. The first game. I think that that's more or less what we should be focused on and look the reason what people are going after the NFL football in general is his. Does hockey make the revenue that that the the NFL does now. They don't NFL makes a ton of money so they're going after that that's a part of it is well but I just think the idea of Danny youth. Football. Without the proper. Medical science to back it up that it links to CT. Is foolish and a little bit silly. Okay rely. To Parse through here. Number one asset it was a rookie move before obviously veteran moves you here because you've picked up this big piece of red meat for sports fans are dangled in front of them. And it's going to be really hard for anybody not to our Christine you go get him. So where where did this come from as of this one legislators to Obama's one in New Jersey heavily wanna cal. Morning us three there's one of Chicago as one in California. And there's one and in New Jersey as well and this thing about that I have issue that I have with the is that they site these two Boston studies yes okay. That have been shot down by a medical neurologist in experts at at pretty substantial rates and they're trying to spin that out as fact. And and and tell me this is what you football does well that's not the case OK so if you're gonna make the case for argument that you football should be banned. Then show me the correct numbers in the correct information. Here's what I really don't like about this conversation. First of all I think anybody who says ban youth football outrage I don't agree with that at all I think that's a step too far. I think regulation is good I think. Abolition. For most things is pretty ridiculous firm again I say promotes things and most things I would include football on us. Let me say this Christian very is a mountain of evidence out there. And we've just spoiler here on prerecorded this interviewed doctor calendar gonna hear me pressed him on this because I wanted to get a straight answer on this and I think I got it. There's a mountain of evidence out there. That suggests repeated blows to the head greatly increased risk for CTE and that's especially true with kids. And I don't want to get into a wordsmith being game here that we confuse. People. Saying it's not quote scientifically proven. To say it is evidentiary really leaks because to have scientific proof you have to go to a rigorous process. With lots of a huge pool of testing rates trying to break it down here in layman's terms. You don't have that right now this research is just a few years all on this the two new studies the use out of their from Boston University. Ali anybody ripping apart the studies I think they're ripping apart this legislature. Later. In California for using Nat to ban football which I agree with I don't Texas a link there commit because been it's been refuted that not to studies the studies have not been refuted the studies the two that I saw and I really really went into this first one was in October I believe last year remember last year said there was increased risk. A behavior regulation apathy and clinical depression for kids who are repeatedly exposed to blows to the head the second one in February. Found out that 20% of football players who have never experienced concussion. Had never is race discussion still have CT issues once they're done. From what I saw all is getting ripped apart was the legislature. Terrors in California and New Jersey on the last I guess is launched tiger's dominance well. There are using those studies though aside those Illinois out or using those studies to. Basically back there. Call for a ballot bowl what I think is silly. On the back governments real quick in those Boston University studies talked about repeated their much for greater risk of error for repeated blows to the head. My my entire my biggest issue is a leave this up to me is that as a parent but beat. If you're against concussions. I sent it around when I opened. There's other sports and also cause concussions as well so where are we just are seeing legislators. Which I don't like legislators tell me what to do my kids' day for the record. But why are they why aren't they focusing on other sports like soccer like like other hockey it's at that cause they're they're blows of the head and in those two sports. And they have repeated well here's what I've had not going at a with the vigor that they are football. I would I really believe is a lot has to do with them ultimately just not liking this for David do it mode. For example in in youth soccer which did have a anger about. So the US study by the institute of medicine and National Academy of Sciences and twenties welders and they found concussion rates in various sports football is the highest. Eleven point two cases out of 101000. We'll cross was next girl soccer rules basketball and then boys soccer was right there as well. For example soccer saying nothing's ever being done in soccer that's just not true they have outlawed almost nationally Heather's now in soccer at the youth level they don't allow anymore because it was a repeat and I look about adding that not televised grilling I'm not talking about banning either. This is why I just go back first of all do I agree with your premise that it's ridiculous that. Legislators in those three states are calling for a ban on the entire sport yes I think that is ridiculous. But I don't want to throw out all of this the mountain of evidence the rehab. Bet that says. Repeated blows the head are causing some very serious issues for people when they get older like I don't want my business and I got I don't think you are but. If I'm being honest I think you can come across that way that you are and I know you personally and I know you don't we talked about the soft the air I'm saying I think that. Maybe I agree with your bigger on this that it it's dumb. Because legislators ring this up a there obviously pandering to some base that they think they have in the states so that silly but. Just because that's silly I don't think that. Us is they society. And us is sports guys who talked about this for a living taking steps to help protect our youth. From some serious harm that can come here you know to me like that's. Let's ram I don't know yet again. I'm a sound repetitive. It's my job to protect my kids if it's it's it's a risk of its decision I have the vice foursome me too much hidden the ball. I I make a decision based on information that I'm aware of it and I way that weigh the risk OK okay five and look to be awesome in my kid. And we had a pretty athletic kid. But by no means do I think he's gonna play college football in the NFL so let him enjoy his youth right now the country to the replete repeated blows. Eight I wanted to make it ain't going to make its high school team in the hot let's say is the odds of that happening are not are not very hot piano I get it but here's where I wouldn't. Differ look your very educated about the subject obviously you'd be more than qualified to make a decision on your kids and what you feel is safe. For your kids especially horrible sports are football. Not every parent is educated as you rant and I think that's one of the real reasons I am for some regular not a band but some regulation. Of this whatever that is that we don't say. What the rest of our society or we're not saying what parents decide everything for their kids let's have no loss for their kids on what they can watch. What they can eats what they can driver can't drive blue kind of weapons that they can only we're all okay as a society for limiting things for our kids because we don't feel like. Every parent is is educated is your act. Ray we we protect our kids from the uneducated parents that my. I understand that but I also think that. If you truly about concussions let's make sure where we're worried if you're going to introduce legislation. It's a silly is being a sport. Then he he better be who died in ride in on. Other sports that. Cause concussions as well doctor David chow next here on double covered on W to a our zags down by two. College basketball on this one of our. Civic reporter. Again sag a bulldogs. San Diego 5251 right on the ball game going on the conversation going on as well and set that you know I think it is pretty clear. We're word agree that you can't. Bandages out start gaining sports youth sports pick is eventually get erode all. And everywhere agreement that. Ultimately you know we do need to study the data make sure we understand it. It but I also think that again goes back to for me. Let me make that decision. And I I know some people aren't as educated on certain topics and but as a parent I think you are then they won the reason I became educated honest I was I wouldn't. Talk about a foot like it started playing with and in return to pay attention to the research etc. as it was coming out. I just I just think it's my decision I make in that looks to me the optics to me. Our it looks like people are just taking football as Satan and let's just ban it because we don't like it. And if we elect people like the ball that's how I. Ultimately. The oppression idea when I see some of these legislators in particular try to sell this to constituent yeah annually through. I agree with you that it's silly to try to ban youth sport I think that's just nonsense and again I think they're pandering. I just don't want to completes that silliness with the real issue that has been brought to life. Would bring drama with CT can I do think that is saved. Severe issues that needs further study obviously they're studying it yeah it hasn't quote unquote been scientifically proven yet because that have been enough time. Well we talked Javed shall you hear me ask you about that a couple of times and he. Has pretty pretty elegant answer for it how to say this again for anybody who's listening. In theory I guess I'm kind of a libertarian I would agree on what parents decide what you said what's right for their kids. But your arm very educated on the subject you'd be more than qualified to make the correct decision for your kids when it comes to what sports they play. And especially football but. We don't make. Speed limits for dale earnhardt's or Richard Petty we make speed limits for the uneducated or bad drivers right there's going to be many uneducated in. He'd say the bad parents out there who don't care about their kids health don't know what they're doing and make an ill informed decision so. Do I think there needs to be regulation. As far as age restrictions on how young. Or you can beat a play football or what kind of equipment you need to where as in what they've done a soccer no hitters anymore in most states yeah I think there's some common sense regulation. But again I think he's been banned no I think that's nonsense and I think these legislators are just you know pandering. You know my thoughts on soccer and I'm gonna sit here and trying to turn at bat says Puerto. And he more than priority do and that might attack and it either that be hypocritical loser I am saying people who light sport or are going after. We will hear from David chow coming up next also Scott Alexander host a prime time sports tool. Join us shortly as well phone lines over the final four to 601878 text 870. Eight semi double coverage southern Christian here on the read into LA announcement dot com. Double covered said the Christian double a fan I think. Also known as Scott Alexander join us at. WLE. TV and Cox sports television what's going on Scotty. All of its belief that you heard bulletin that means oh yeah. People baseball has yet to begun for the majors and got its product. Well you know I don't you know I can get off the hook was in football conversation about the bad opposite why did you hear us talk about. You football generally does it just to recap before you basically. Legislators that tremendous rates are coming out trying to Danube football. In in is set and I both agree on that premise that that's just flat out silly because of the concerns of CT. You will weigh in on this. Don't wanna. Talk well it. Probably in that this that you four children com. They all did play football op play football at that age. So I'm kind of quiet for a book that does but I think it's the greatest team game there's not for basketball much so those that are that court. But I applicable only do they merging your eyes school it's the greatest teams workers mean Siemens. Not just on the field a team building in electoral think you'll earn. So I'm not the right person and I'll say I am kids Danny football. Do you think this should definitely rules in place to limit advocates and banquet that nature but. Little did I know certain people want to weigh in elderly college you went. Try to put in at least wait a junior high very high school. But the bottom line businesses it is a big topic right now and it's. It's getting bigger parents they. Yeah July this year or listening to is that you just echoed pretty much and I says well liked a little nuance there but I like OK let's talk about it. I have Mets are in these Liz whole weeks I'll Clarkson College hoops for the other start with this man. So we have a couple of people tonight national guys on Twitter saying Burnett with what's happening on the West Coast with everybody beaten up on each other. Washington waxes Stanford that all of the sudden LSU. Is in the thick of the bubble here. Racing for an NCAA tournament berth are we actually believing that Scott I say I'm you know as you make a surprise run at a bid. Come. This week we are we on the you know she is in. The ability group of teams in the do you have that. Wonderful quieter one ranking where they wanna beliefs and mental game because I want it's odd because it was ninety that they couldn't happen in your these are yeah. Al Gore a brand dealers usual believe expect Gottlieb who generally talks negative. Ellis Hewitt teams of that sort put. First they said LSU. And to implement what speakers. Doesn't that's an impressive things he says that. You know the certain record on those epic four they won those two games this week and addictive five year legal experts there. Squander or on record. Seven when it was time. It is probably good to get in the term and if they went there there are at that point they had went spot some bacon that's. Likely that can happen well now they've won two. And now what they want to read more and these two to. Wrote teams that are they think there's been a few more. And they don't seem that public except revenue would play in this state on BC's chip Georgia coming up the village you should've won that first came and watched it. That was the one game keep thinking man they skewed the island packet they let the entirely lost the last second shot. And then I was together go to South Carolina who was in the last year but it is not doing so well this year. Except for the fact that they panel the three went against partly team so if you can win note story. And then may be in the army you're an oh lead but you have to do yet the way at least the next four inch. Yeah I think that's I I almost agree with you there I I think that if LSU finishes with the positive record over 500. In the regular season and then wins a couple of games in the conference turn them I keep mouse idea well and liberals aren't you. Say a couple of games Arafat under. He released in a positive record in the SEC race. Yes ray. And yes we are correct that's finish ten and that's when I'm single I guess I guess where we're on the same page. Yeah but that this a political experts at it if they're ten and in the SEC. And they when you were to the comforts are Madison and a CIT mass I'll wanna play a little doubles. Probably a little devil's advocate here with the SEC OK and maybe not in W advocate I believe some of what Imus and not all of it. But we're hearing now this barrage of talk talk from the government's audience like the guy you mentioned Doug Gottlieb and others. Saying that the SEC is inflating their quadrant one and two records because they're playing each other and beating up on each other an anti dive deeper into their schedules. That most of these teams haven't beaten anybody in the top 25 outside the conference and I would looked at LSU actually is a couple of top 45 when they're one of the few. But if you look at Alabama or Auburn teams like that they actually don't so what's your overall thoughts on the SEC here they inflating their records been beaten up on each other. Because they don't seem like there's a real light a real title contender here as a. Well these same people that believe in the conspiracies of the crisis actors. Positive files around the law in this district it. I mean look beyond me. None of these teams have just like great record against Greek team that but at the FTC is full. Well really good teams that probably. Deserve a spot in the term more so than maybe some of the pot a little about koppers there's no national kidney community that you see. Like you know on fourteen analysts Kentucky you'll liberals. You know young guys note that possibility corporate would be the only treatment would they get Nazi as that but they do. I'd be very strong conference there's a you know the species had to plan participants lately. As an overall conferences about not seeing quite awhile now if you're probably chip patent their record. You look at whatever it is that they are really beating appointees. And cart are one. Point five victories two very different things. Yet you know you can have many properly by Victor could collector or increase your outfit the amount stake in the seems like there were in range. So. You know yet maybe aren't as the people say it. The apple does so they want to make that election out that's all pretty much every night as evident. In ninety torn away. Oh Lisa you're watching Inzaghi San Diego man better game. If you let the a. I just sat on the Portland network. But the bottom. This is that you think the SEC is worth the and I would on the wanted to commute go fourteen stops three maybe. And that the field they should get seven and and the Toshiba has the ball within that. Then you know so be it. Scott Alexander at Scott RID Scott Allen is in our tour host of primetime sports from the pro earlier on double coverage. You check it out on WL AE TV and Cox sports television. We are the times and their dates that senator of his next show but Scott give me a team that is likely to be say at twelve or thirteen seed. That can make some noise in the tournament. Sorry I must say that may be its recently by that they could you deal wouldn't expect the question and Hillary Imus say you're you're now a convicted last year. Earlier than they did. Too little bit better than people thought there on the team knows and they don't call player in the 114 to get put in the state that went a does that say that beaten. Are yet and advances eleven seats almost what this area grant. They've absolutely so my point is well liked and feel alive so addicted for oracle. Or Gulf Coast college when he eternally sweet sixteen and it beat Georgia and the only two people of the later groups particularly the first newspaper. On idiot he'll think coach. And in the agencies and from the audience they have senior art. He just went into the fifth or six places are all like tennis. They just have pieces tickets the tournament out. You know if there is that your unity is great this year they hero seem to be you know banquet Butler used to be able for the record that used to be. You know the mid tier CNET. People suck up all people year after year. Op apartment. I don't know lead that there are deeply Arizona State. Not on anybody radio for the seasonal or apply and now they've lost the watch now back at the gene that. They do it and they have a couple of cards that the topic can really score. And there if you're looking out for team like that. Can always put the senior guard that that that can put the ball in the morning currently detained. Those detecting don't work to do your dancing. Four sleepers go. Our eyes got final questioner who wouldn't think anybody that knows Scott here he's not just a big conference because vast Boehner. He loves all the local groups so the Southland mentally it's far and this year you have three. Teams in the area. In the top five in that conference all he had to win that conference tournament to make to make the NCAA tournament be got Nichols yes southeastern and you got UN Olmedo last year. Who's your pick in that conference and you think maybe they can win again. I meant that it that it had. You know me it is the truck and never expected to talk about Nichols so these are. Sports nearly as much as Obama on the TV show and it's been but they have force the issue on pounding Nichols. In southeastern and you know of course the partner by last year but those kids seem. Pat is pretty much every sport have really made some waves and say this or basketball. If you put nick on in my head right now missing Nichols here fly a lot to like remote qualities that plate 220 point reader know anything about them. I'm like who are these guys it was in the gamely got Cole. But does start to Margarito animals we talked a little worried about it not knowingly was really close friends rich Arctic coach. And I must say this they have that transfer. Righty appears to come up the debt but he averages like 98 game and he's a great war leader he played it merrily played itself Florida. He's given them some leadership they got another stretcher viewed Greensboro that team could put a couple of points. On the on the on the board now here's the other. You know you know they play defense in defense travels. Often that not all these trials that you know. Will be in every game they play I mean they rarely if apple were slightly when teams that are. Kind of equal or will the now. So that. It sets up these category they can is dynamite mobile which yet you want to you right now with all while. Two Nickels at this point. Alexander at. WL AE TV and Cox sports television what's coming up next were to be able. Check Gaza the show meant. Well man we restart a couple airing actually. Not regulate your shipment or Israel it is simple and equipment the only catch what a lame job will be. They're owning Gary Smith gonna talk about all the college so we just bought out. Next week the only thing I have confirmed or shortly for a ticket to try to get beaten ringer count and amount obviously. Check the Dallas showed miniatures and distrust make sure he can pull that out so. Were trying to is that it's the best and all of sports local thank you wanna watch the excuse that your next news show at 7 o'clock and yet he had a clock on that the only. Thank you bet Scott will catch of the instrument. Dario Scott Alexander front of the program are favorites also helps out on Friday night pro football coverage under the state Jim Jim weekend as well. Seven cruising a double coverage coming up next hour James Moran and two middle this is W two well.