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Yeah good morning good morning happy Saturday to use so glad and honored that you're listening to the public couldn't show. Your undivided seventy that you know if we do every Saturday between now and 12 o'clock. We talk about home repairs. Comfort. In Egypt is to see any project to maybe do it around your house your place of business could be a Condo apartment. Can't fishing camp doesn't matter we talked about all the all the prices free between now and 12 o'clock. And we urge you to help you not as a sales pitch if you need to loosen it shows you learn real quick I don't do sales pitches I'm here. You information. So you can make informed decision about who were particular project. And that would like it is sort of give you the whole story YouTube all the information. So you can make an informed decision was worked best for you and your family in your project. At this time of year a lot was or palms. Or thinking about and I'm a pain type built utility companies and arms deal not culpable mark hole. Well you know there's problems that are associated with that because we're running our technicians so much our monthly bills with very high. But with that in your not culpable but does kind of hurt a little bit so if you wanna call and ask me this but I am experiencing I'll keep some suggestions on things you can look at. And that number is 50426. So what it's certainly a bigger have an abortion problem maybe like comfort. Maybe in your household and output here technician ranchers are preparing or you bet from exhaustion stripping orange growing old. That though there's solutions relative so I'll be happy to talk about all the things so it all open for discussion. Again the good numbers are 042601. A seventy or you can exit 87870. Advocates see as many questions. If taxes possibly ten. I'm entered don't wait to be in the the hour into the show that they can never could ever want to do that I'm being purchased by calling in mail. There are some some room filled with what you in the queue right now also would call an actual question allow minority in Nantucket Sound to do that. Again at numbers 2601870. And what you get on hold. Which is tricky read you don't listen to the show love when you put your phone. I promise you not in this anything you hear everything initial lists but listing and you don't turn you radio failed seeking here will be prompted to quote all it. So I can answer questions about something else to it in the U where have we are waiting for barely into two at a press conference you heard dining in the early news session that. We are waiting to win Olympic Committee gives them an update on what's happening. And if we make you cough abruptly as the case against your on the phone with me. Stay on hold we'll get back to you as quickly as promptly as we can. You won't miss a thing actually you. Our it was a good good so quick commercial break and come back. We'll start talking in the entrance of your questions again that number's up 0426. So. 1870. We can send me text that he says it certainly I would love to hear all but two questions will be right back with more on prudential rhetoric that. Welcome back to the whole approved until almost feel like we do is start over again we didn't quite get a good. Start decided because of the of the mayor would head a press conference and that was quite informative and and let the haven't heard encouraged about you listened to podcasts also speak to me. For a local news but unease and we'll keep you updates about that. That if mentioned as well so. Again welcome to the home proved Cho. Which we view every cent between now and all the clock. We you've had some homes and businesses flood in and packed house on the air earlier in the week. The atomic soccer talk about with things you can do in reference to a re mediating trying. Sanitize your your your home what you place of business as well as to prevent any organic growth so you have any questions. Related to flooding of Euro all of what you business. We certainly keep you first priority unions so. We encourage you you have those questions call in at Bob 042601870. And tell emperor in steel producer that eight. Mark miles political purposes for the it will try to use as quickly and promptly as we can. Well also attacks you can send text that he said he seventy and even went to questions of our economy you know could have those that a few moments. But could occur if you don't don't we begin the call in which your question you can also call will be your your home proved to question your repairs. But it's an insult repair outside project doesn't matter what it's a comfort issue all the things we normally talk about but here on the home improvements those stupid users. However I was gonna keep the folks. Our party and how to kind of comment on first. Trying to keep in the information they needed me it's some floodwaters. In there in the cold weather is so again that number is 26 so wanted seventy. I'm gonna encourage you to what she did in the cute term and radio was too shall laugh when when your phone you'll miss anything. All right so couple of tax. Like you go with chains to couldn't call him. Cut your taxes says the sprinkle good to install all of that 25 years old and it'd be sprayed only you know portion war at the root. In the events is that there's advantages in this scenario. So let me say this that. Not every building in which is true whether it's commercial and cultural war residential. Not every building as a candidate for sprinkle. Sprinkle with of a normal product. However not every hole in the winter deal. Besides the doll that type of equipment. He you know the amount of acceptability. It is not and it papers write poems so there are some homes at all. And let me sort of keep some cried it would be any instant. You shouldn't it. All the inspiration or over portions of replied if you try to create the invented semi condition attic space the only way to make it successful. And our call salt on it used to be able to gain access to every square inch of your roots. From the the topic here are some balls all the way to the peak of the route and backside there on the other side all six sides of that box. And so you've got to make up some certain that you're able to gain access entire area. But your replies so that means if you they. The story they have what you got some good feeling combinations of quipped walls in the upper floors and you can keep their proposal recline you want to choices he. You're not that you spray it on even make improvements with. Conventional methods or you can remove that section is she rocking give the spray foam applicator. Full access in order for them to. You know you're the good continuous air buried in nets to attract that dislike doesn't work is because when you to do pieces parts of route. Or piece parts of an area house is not a continuous. On interrupted air barrier in several parties and that's what we do. Trouble as was eleven more surprised that that the bad that your thoughts rifle is spray pump installed properly but actually you're not any problems with the performance with moisture. With indoor air quality. You'll get some energy savings there are some events is that as well. You know when you or sizing your air condition systems yeah actual we will sizes. For a smaller unit is less heat in keeping that attic space so that they're different advantages. In this event is disgraceful. Another house that would they would not be chemical spray foam is if you has really pay interest spaceship termites. We Nestor puts right on the head termites. Because there's a higher likelihood. That which which problem he can do it you yours exterminators not like it because you into the conceal. Certain errors for annual inspections. Some opening into question if you have another question you look at it you can and the attacks that the 7870. Or actually indeed in the phone Cubans call an actual questions allowed here at hobbled or. She's sick so whites seventy we'd go to commercial group and come back I think Colleen is on hold coming you'll be first. We'll come back right after this break don't go anywhere. A lot more on crucial left because you're the biggest. Welcome back to the conference showed you heard the numbers you have a home improvement question. Or if you have a question about flood waters that got into your home or business. Please keep it gives a little make you first priority help you with the information that number is Bob Cyril war. She's 60187. Let's go straight to Poland as speaker calling it Colleen good morning walked into the show. I hate. That I mean. I'm sure he get Internet because you're just talked about street campaign. And I do you recommend an open now or close out. You have a conference straw that and in the often recommend armed breakdown over just regular. In Malaysia. Okay great questions we are we keep peace reigns this very moment and on the outrage howls from the floor and walls or roof on the but the difference when you when you compare it opens outlook also makes a difference. Okay Eric in 1960 branch count as an at and term. At a at every line. So at the Blue Line I look use an open cells where you're thankful. Yes you can use it close a product I think. There are some complexities to that. But to do with the rain stopped as most of re installed as a boat for truth and it is hard to get to certain spot. I know and so product you know works better in reference to getting the continuous. Uninterrupted air sealed and double barrier. There are a lot of companies are you close helpful. So from a human signs that point. You know there really is a little difference and let me explain it to you in them give you my personal opinion. That she knew that it is being open opens a product of the clothes so product. You as the open so product is paper open in your paper our people let's water vapor travels through it. He closed cell phone is not when it's breezy too which is the core sector it is not a open it's actually close the paper clothes or people barrier those a law that water vapor travels through. The other differences between an open so close so product is an open so product is very soft and elastic. It doesn't add any. Or bird flu has sent to a project but a close so product is denser. And it isn't as horror in it does at some pencils trying to. So you mean there are some advantages and disadvantages of but it replied I'm marked preference is to use an open cell product. Some of it is because we know that some of these homes are still gonna move. When there's a straight loss on the storms or hurricanes. And that opens a parked very elastic and it gives him who's very well what. Also keep it from our point to get a obviously the idea that when you get roughly. That Warner bought by diffusion little portable water can calm. Through that opens cellphone minutes it through close cellphone so therefore you realize you have ruefully he unit repaired. When the home dries the now if it's a great house Colleen underneath the force you have to spray a close so spiteful. The occasion want that water vapor protection and the euros. And opened so part does not. Provide that protection. You wouldn't want to have on the Euphrates. Cold sore race for house. Well because what they just call them. And have a great day right if you have a question nailed a great time to polish requested to six so point 7%. At exit 870 it's seventy. We go to number commercial break and come back we'll struck anxious what you questions the attacks will be right back up that well. Back to the public for so let's take a look at it see your tax. The is there and wait cleaned after he has spot in there this expenses. When war has come under the war but you don't have looked out of it it would have afforded whether hollow corporate world would. However you your first on the as the that would have afford is to draw it into the drive and it's probably matter. So. Again it it does sound very big it's only six inches on the sure if it's the entire width of the war. What you wanna get some some. Dry air moving on top of that space. So maybe a box and ought Iceland and bring in an area if it's caught it. You know pulled a cooperative panning back and allow withdrawing in prison space between the padding in the lab. In the adding pop it in some air moving in this but it. If you have any portable he's been a far well that what your friends. And neighbors they all that you've been afar. Put it near that space. And you know have that human body are certainly here that are there help. Like this as quickly. As promptly as possible. It was is slowing more of the came Monday that the war in it that the big if you know we're both advertising that space. But it it was. You know ground water surface war with floodwaters. That need to be concerned about Beckham though that war was conditions for waters they hit you know different stuff that was in it from. You know put the chemicals all of the gasoline that that was in the street and in the perhaps. Your neighbor was fertilizing chemicals it is a technical center also. Yet where the advertising and also repeated small grove. We can talk more about this when they'll come back into question of floodwaters as a great time to call in. Indeed in the Q and where if you quest to be answered that number is six so. 1870 when you have it exit 87070. We'll be right back after this is break don't go to where a lot more than on prudential would have to go here for the big except.