Yeah baby Saints win!

Monday, October 16th

Are you excited the Saints won or are more you concerned it could have all slipped away at the end? 


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Hell yeah. Well yeah. Yeah. And so ask don't leave and they don't yesterday. Kelly yeah. Sure felt good also let's enter the conversation. The on the protests continue around the league in the player that started all Colin Capra nick has filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming the NFL owners. Colluded to keep him out of the leak. That means they all got together to keep him out of the lake. And I'm Kim for not having any firsthand information I was got the impression that these were decision stand the individual teams were making. About what they don't they wanted him on the team and didn't Colin captain Nick Cave to offers. Did they have an offer to go to were team but he wanted more money. There wasn't enough money. So he he turned down an offer to go to an NFL team. I mean that would make this lawsuits. Null and void in my opinion. And then. Didn't he have an opportunity go to another team but he wasn't going to be the starting quarterback. Some hearty how do you claim if you had offers to to play how do you claim that there was this collusion. Against shipped off of Slidell Larry here on WWL. I. School that is one thank you for example does report backs and that fear often see your personal. Personal life or whatever. Thank you radius you probably able to such. Number of people get them all well. It's what this is our guy out of the way out CEO. Just the fact. Appreciate that. Well Larry I appreciate the under the comment I guess he's some alluding to the fact that I never talk about who are gonna vote for. I guess that's what he sees toward America's and again I I don't I'm I mean I have my personal favorites and I know who like our new poll I'd vote for. But to society that doesn't I announced it has been my policy really don't throughout my career to cut from shell Matt Howard welcome to WWL. You. Did so on should thank you. Well. And the Oakland game. And running back and beat this thing a light on it on so bottom. There's on the need to come on that and it option that would make of that kind of what that term unemployment game and not our guys came down with the football on the and that was down. And Denmark where and on the ground. And it really haven't changed the complexity of the kid and that's when Nam. He dropped 10 what is now in the Rodham backdrop of football when he received the an in camera zoom. Ingram well like you know and it just like con game and then. We're content and so freak out mode when that happened three intruding itself in any undone and he just can't seem to have kids. And so what he means that I'm omelet. His own war began and has achieved is to offer them. Well he's he's he's human and they're going to be at different moments in different game recently wrote a while but it. Let's look at how many times we swatted down the passes from Matthew Stafford won't end up on third down and stop it well you know sometimes you and look I'm I'm not defending breeze but in conspiracy to breeze on sometimes you don't know whether or not I'll Brees says to a bad pass where the receiver was not in the right place. One view of and that. He threw ball on the right hand side because the role of a lot of material for now but it's just the bed this them look real. Tom Ford one on and it. I don't know I don't. I don't I'm getting a lot not. I don't get the feeling that. Just. In Rhode and so option. I doubt on the ground guy is on between them well one on the ground. And then were put out. A look if you on ground and you thought you. Yeah. There were there were definitely. You. Parent I appreciate the call I'm never had never thought to Drew Brees. Freaks out. I've you have ups and downs within gangster I've never seen him. If freak out penalty was freaking out to yesterday. On as excited as I was with the win. When you when you to get a text a moment ago and if I protections for said. And I guess this is just part of this always attack. Always find a reason to criticize. Torricelli deceased I'd never had a 35 point lead. I guess they never had a 35 or leave when it was 45 to ten. In the third quarter so they never really had a 45 35 point lead. Hello. I mean seriously. Joy to people sit around and just look for reasons you. Wasted a lot of estimates are out. I get the feeling that it would it be is lately which turn complaining into a spectator sport recreational sport. Place that they can take a leave early you should see some of the sex of Kenny can share with you but really this whole business about Colin cavern excellent NFL that is bogus. Chris Tucker we Mark Geragos is the attorney who was Michael Jackson's journey he's been the attorney for one high profile. A celebrity so you know maybe he's doing it for the pro Bono policy I don't know. Five I just. I just entered the societies is bogus I mean he would have to prove it to mean that would have to be a paper trail between all the teams. But it seems to me that the teams have collectively decided to make this decision that they don't want collar Catholic but then he was offered I thought two positions and turn one down because it was going to be the starter and one because of who want. I'm scoot we'll be back.