Would you confront your child's bully?

Thursday, May 10th
Bob talks to Walden University Professor of Counselling Dr. Kimberly Mason about how parents can handle bullies at their child's school

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Would you ever confront. Your child's bully. Not apparent. The child the mother from Pennsylvania's fighting to regain privileges at her son's school after she was banned by the district for confronting. Her child's alleged bully. All of the old school bus she you. Said can I get on the bus. Both drivers are sure to come on and if you start yelling at the kid. Indeed the back of the bus so rarely taking your phone calls this afternoon on bullying. Would you is it okay to confront the kid. Four is the proper thing to do confront the parent we will welcome in the Charlotte now doctor Kimberly Mays and doctor Mays and we thank you so much for for being on the show York professor of counseling the Walden University. An expert. On bullying also he wrote a book called the bullying no more correct. About everything right. OK so what what do you day and you heard the story about the mom before. I have I have heard this story and you know my thing act act you do it back and then a month for taking action now though it might not have gotten the best result. Which is. Great conversation piece for us it started as a parent myself. I had a childhood being on the receiving end I know that passion sometimes can get about that I. And bad that repression. They'll wait them on he and Clinton might not need it that way to resolve the issues. I know when I was growing up that would have been normal and ending any parent and they had dulled to talk to you and and and correct cute. And and you better listen but times have changed. Yes they definitely have then. And yet think that let them others that that a parent had to take him before taking this action. And ought to give back Abbott he for a it think that that conversation is what it. Way advocates for your child going to account is being on the receiving end believe. I liked what she said she says she got on the school bus. And then she said the mommy and sodomy took over and you start yelling at the tip I'm his mom I will not have you bully my five year old son. You know what you did I imagine frighten them you know what off the did. Absolutely and in them away. It at this sent to intimidate and mom presented to this child which I am aiming it and other young scout and know her I was five years old and again being protective. Mother you know pay taking care act is it. I know more reaction and at the same time she intimidated. And other child which is really forma Arlene is now. I mean that's right that's something I would not have let me start here and Q. They're great harass intimidate another child. In front of every kid again I think that was different step that the mom could again. Well I know now a lot of the bully in his there's online and how fast how soon should apparent react one day. Let's find out their child's been bullied and anyway at all. Immediately and I think back and then a month had stated she had contacted at school we cut her child and creek school without Obi believe so. And that has been on O line. Are quite some time mom and child and I think that's important to remember. That bullying is that repeated act and being able to take action immediately contacting the school immediately. That school can initiate an investigation and then and here and you know we at that we do have. A school accountability lies that state and and it's cool it irresponsible are investigating this behavior and there are. Time line in there are several that that the school might take in order to investigate incidents of bullying that as soon as a parent immediately aware. I would definitely contact the school. And trying to get this issue at all. Well I know nowadays a lot of it goes on through FaceBook then. Parents up sometime the last to know so since I would dollars and an out some most children not gonna go to their parents and say. Ma may Alice wrote something really nasty about me on FaceBook so how does a parent monitor those type of things. You know that number one thing I say no you're out well because you're absolutely correct children believe that they can handle this situation on their own. And parents that dealing with so much they don't act apparent weight. So be aware you're child behaviors change you know they are really important to initiate conversation. And I think back. Important for as parents. You bring. That issued to the corporate and asking. You know has got wind make you feel comfortable at bottom line. Heart wrap a bully you in bringing up that and I noted you know at some changes in U. And that being a parent say. If you Wear them as changes I. I'm not out yet was struck some kids can become more aggressive. And when there are so poorly and because. You know depression in children but very different and depression and and adults. And they could begin to act out more rapid and withdrawing. Great can flip. That they may not dissipate and activities that made me teach him more. Risk taking behaviors. Need to really get good signs to look at with your child because to witness. That a parent and out you know. Got something maybe. Doctor Mason I have a caller who would like to ask you a question okay. All right John in memory you have a question for doctor nation go right ahead. Yeah John John. I'm so far I have a court shouldn't. I don't but the doctor but it. But how Germany liberal and children slot. In my day at the doctors and saying all coming and you children deal with this not on your overall. And (%expletive) he's. Equal law. John John let me make go one point here I'm I'm quite. Confident the doctor will back this up and and in your day and in Monday when you. What the schoolyard after hours to fight it out he used fist now. They'll bring knives and guns is that about right doctor Mason. That'd here at an unfortunate consequence we and you know get that really are trying to use in all this money on and sometimes. I'm mark take aggressive means in order to protect themselves. But yet think something died I use is alluding to is they know added. You know work on her archery Cali again. He used the word is C minute not quite true way contact with men in in making children. Not any idea why hasn't clarification attack in back yet Jerry York question. What he's he's gone so. I don't Jesse's talking about what. Up. I guess that's expected from boys to flight maybe I can do that yeah. Let app and I was getting from him is that you know to protect yourself. But I think I'm being aggressive is not I'll leave it back in there and beam and implement this scene behaviors. I'll read really teaching how it went on each act like children to stand up for them out. But sometimes in retaliating that they that they retaliate more. Violent means. Again I ethnic lacks courage. Yeah I only tell my kids let them are bullying is that you're at the IR. Yet doctor nation I'm gonna have to build or regular or don't tell me about your ball expert on bully author. Tom bullying no more. Britain and the harm that being a parent. And and being a parent of a child to. Wind was bullied and had a child to lagged it one step up for children who had a pocket that bullying and there are some really great strategy out there are parents. To use but more importantly again coming up and opening up that line communication. In using get every high make have a vacant sitting in there or make TV and you bring not say. Have you seen it you know. I've noticed and indeed behavior going on at school and youth and our any of these behaviors and they're well I bought that and it outline. Yeah many many different strategy that parent dictate. With chuck and verbal strategy behavior strategies. Plot strategy in which ways that we can. He can be at the quarter children and you know the most important thing I did you agent. Listing and being in control of the emotion. As we with the Miami she was not very much in control our emotion. That you like to make comment though. We want to know that we get interstate late for our children that we don't overreact either though. My book outlines many different strategies that parent as well as their children can take it back. How then navigate in this world both be urgent. No it means more and more every day. Doctor Mason thank you for the information this afternoon. I laughed in my.