Would you accept a promotion without a raise?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, July 11th
Tommy talks with Chris Fields, an HR consultant and expert resume writer, about getting offered a promotion without a raise, resume tips, and more.

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72%. Of men 55% of women say they would in fact. Take a promotion at work in new job title and I guess along with a more responsibilities. Even if more pay didn't go along with that. Chris who would you Chris Fields that are human resources consultant and expert Reza may writer friend joins us right now. Morning Chris how you meant. I'm well thanks taking time with us so how common is this. In today's business world that people would be offered a promotion without an accompanying Marreese. Yeah a product promotion and well we told. That is the title title which union leader you know you'd oh no benefit and an increase. Just a different title bout are important as we don't know about it and really be beneficial to your career you know that they put in a coordinators and then and a general hurt them Quantico port of titles to be very important but what the the most and only some pleasure to be crippled because. They will add more responsibility to your click. And you get less money and he may think to yourself well what do you. But the opportunity to move forward or. Told him what I can do and so you eat like is about them it's not just of the way to make you feel it is about in the final. But really when bullet down enough Muster up. Let's talk about terms of news as it relates to Reza Maine this interest me because you just said. There was a difference tween a wasn't coordinator and assistant. Yeah coordinator of the and then you know. Plot Frontline managers meeting management. But it only took almost title manipulate global network and any topic and that you make on the board. You know they may consider an the day a manager right. Well when you go under the are there any type of manager their all. And it makes a difference. With the page and what are populism. Subordinated. And visibility parliamentary. Lee you know so. It is very important but and yet you really think about it into two and be triple a especially when it comes to the title promotion. In terms of bad can it be sometimes without. Calm to money in other words say Letterman I'm gonna make you the international grand coup by in charge. He'll make the same money. But that way out I have to pay any more money is that part of the philosophy of the corporation perhaps of the business. Well you know major companies don't really do they take care equal but. It's old companies that are like you know kind of Mahler and may not have a whole lot of money you operate it or just. Our great cheap. And so they've been in the league and they can feel like he may be easy estimated that you right now is like there office. As an important initiative that an element and build a day. I wanted to but you have to executive that and that doesn't I would pay raise you to now be negative it that then and you going to be panel looking more mark Lilly. Well some people be enamored by the end of great. But they wanted to that agent and relax at any you know there's not only benefit Indy. And hand them out the annual Egypt and on what you detect it out of movement. And move on and maybe you can and maybe can't because. The climate change and our people our people do. Title even though like it to an important component development out of the pinnacle of that really mean what did you really cute. And they can't just the title union because. A thing of the office Chris with the assistant regional manager or assistant to the regional manager into why great. Armed when it comes to the job market today and I presume things are better now the economy. And you don't know. So those numbers are great right unemployment rate I think it just went up to look at what just pure outstanding. But when you really doubt it and and got elected waited their bag and it takes longer to find an age if you debate about. Sixty days in doubt about going toward ninety and we're not sure what the reasons for that. What is happening. There are opportunities with the more ecology opportunities than all the time opportunity to benefit. And my salary and embrace it that people are looking for though there is for me signal moment oh number. But they dig your brain about resonate as her people are listening right now might be considering going for another job. Hum it would what is the the biggest thing the biggest mistake that people often make when it comes there Reza Mazen martyrs some of the the do's and don'ts. Bit and they are people on the right now relies too heavily on. Job duties in the economy. Just being what they do every day. You know and not in the work they do. There are a lot of people go to work and actually make an impact it might not think they do immediately actually. You make of this and make them work they. Do things may work more efficient. But they don't think about that would come and resonate but it has put down basically what the requirements on the job description. And most of always work out job description. So we are talking about. What I bring what you bring to the position that someone else doesn't it might not bring that. Are you simply just do when the tech couldn't front have you already trying to make were better. And I think that's one of these things that people don't. How I don't know resonate. Did I not read somewhere that did there is a computer program that scans Reza maize for words that automatically. Rejects them though or am I making it up Chris. Our economic and other programs that inspecting them and that. Are we welcome you to rent today it is. And for keywords and phrases and they had met that and bill in the UK match local court orders Britney doesn't match. Well not move or that is very true thing and that's what's important to pay attention to. The warning of job description and then do research on jobs and other companies. What the same type of thing that you wanna do and that position and make season the most common phrases words when your resume. It would you actually do don't it is. Well word just to be even vote or people have done it people polian could every word for the industry and Babylon anyone even. Light like give me some examples of buzzwords. The president on different. Under on the Korean company compared to what they are Butler. Oh and when you're trying to. But it accurately or are like our employee relations. Crane and development talent management. But businesses. Think like the work that you believe my mother. Maybe you don't even really work. More human and it in the bank. There's there's lot of Burt but word. Per entry you know every. That and your radio and they're down worse where they're equally in that industry unilaterally and worse the people don't know eight speed limit somebody at work. Put it on moderate and I'm not sure what treaties and it for a lot of. About the only buzz words we have that I know of would be dear lord please only get fired the day. Bomb on telly a load. It if you were to turn down. Promotion was out or raise. Here is this. Usually something that a company does because they sense you wanted to. Or because they're trying to maybe give you additional duties without paying units that's the case. How do you say no without slitting your own throat metaphorically of course. Via. So this mop in it meant companies operate at a motion in most cases is to make any employee. Feel better about the situation and what really at all. In some cases the employer may operate at a most accomplished and what it really may be. Dispute and the quality you know Vietnamese official. You know but that does. But you're not connected to which I'd. Be you evaluate it is gonna come to a rave at any point or a real promotion. At any point over the jet. Another way to make mis state here for a little while longer. Now wanting Heatley. Yep made you decide to turn it down. Neither you know basically let them know Alan you know being nice about it I appreciate that. I don't what I'm doing right now and what mind you know current situation and I'm not. Interest it. On the Indians did just that nicely though you don't have that they would like you got to manipulate meet Obama all the law. I wouldn't say that. We need to do a marinas story in Forbes CR about people asking friends again they give me a job where you are can you give me on where you are. On the is that something you should never attempt to do if you are gainfully employed and has anybody ever done it or have they just kind of sit no issue are absolutely I'll ask. People certainly should do. 8% of our view of our Earl. Referral in the best way to look of this and that. If you look brilliantly. In. Different rated well usually now and we put an end and that people and it. They have written it confidently he referred to it's been noted there might make in the and I. May never criminal but it never friendly note artwork. Well you. Got the job you've field my job you can actually is to an informal. Relationship. Cellular or the almighty no money no money. That's abducted opened up at bat its and lie and a model and is your. That's why it though important are jeeps blocked because they understand. It and degrees partly. But networking is the peace parks unit note audio equipment gonna be the next Bil gates opened it just they go. This debate about a hundred where it would be. You know you're going to be there and it just days of non B class B so that's what war. You know you are still building something and be an contact other than that work with you though. That when all of that only about being enabled in user network and get a referral to a great company that is that what you want. I graduated with people. In mass communications that dog they were gonna go home and some money was gonna come knock on their door and say would you anchor the news forming pleased. And it never did work and it was a shame because they don't realize that you gotta get out there and shown what he can do right. What you you know and they want about anyone they done pain that you shouldn't put in you know what equity situation. And liberal pearl but you wanna put to open in the best position so. Working hard getting out meeting people creating opportunities both things are always agree. But in addition to that you never know someone on the eight. I've seen what you've done now where you'll for a you know we went to school together or we work together and I want to come and work on this new project. That happens quite a bit but absolutely sweat equity is not being there's nothing to be you know nothing in. You shouldn't put in your own work ethic and your career. Thank you Chris I appreciate you time will be a good day. UT Chris Fields human resource consultant and expert resonate. Right.