World Cup and NBA free agency talk

Bobby & Deuce break down the World Cup with author Jim McCreath, then discuss NBA free agency with Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports.

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Deuce McAllister here and come and go straight to the phone lines Patrick won't from Metairie wants to talk a little SEC football Patrick I you don't. Dude I got. I'll love you. Say hey yeah it's about yeah. I. On a wet there I don't think there's any doubt did you look at all the division. You know attack and get better they have a national Egypt when it now digital picture. You know are ought to get better I think chat boards. Or you got Alabama got got offered a loaded back art you know. Patrick I always look at which team has a returning quarterback. Which team has a returning quarterback that has some scheme ends in the SEC. It. Yeah that tree and I mean when we got. Alabama or are. They have you. I mean they have few guys. Boot they feel comfortable. It didn't back at a very much. You know and it. Is. It ain't. Alec. Like Jordan on. Or. She played very well stretched. And Mississippi State epic beat Gerald back though. I think. Think the debate now. I think the evidence spot hole. Still. It and don't which which team is seven a five. He had no hey Patrick do you look at and obviously I am thinking and I'm just speculating. You're an LSU fans who you say seven and five. In and you win a bowl game in 85. I think that be enough. I don't know what's your take on this. India and to be maybe optimistic goal are part of this the pin high you win or lose. But going forward in considering your recruiting class that whether Iran. Put in 2019. Seasons at do you take that approach like it's like. Kind of stepping stones are building block for the future. Beyond 2008 keynote what did you take on that. Of course I think early and out of out you know there is now closed law. And I've Beckett go away. I think but understandable. What. Or a few particular. You don't see. They get out in Georgia at all. You know what does he game somehow I think. There Ellis caught up. We're talking about out in Georgia all year but I think that out on. Eat it in the yet at any bot you know not yet why start bar. Our guys. The question the question I have for you though what happens when they spread throughout. Because both of those like you said both those quarterbacks we know controlled football so what happens when it's richer now. It. But. Or you expect Asian. Arm you know I think. If they get eight or not need it if that law closed. Edit. I think you'd be outs then you write. Considering expectations. In college is nine entering. Considering that people have and overdone at seven games. It there in 93 do's and that you somehow you can get to double digit wage he went a long and at the end because Timmy kind of wind down hill. And as far as you being discouraged. And it doesn't matter how you win or lose how shall issue laws the bull gain there fighting ours. Other laws that aren't in it. You get the ball that the dairies guys and we keep in. You go through Google's would you should make. And you should have a kicker. That whether it's a glorified X report and you should be obligated pointless so it's I think that was a thorn in the side. Well she holiday laws that bowl game to our name no doubt Padua Jessica for the whole four minutes ago. Yeah not yet but he. Brought up. I think art earlier. In Asia and not I think legitimately. Been. You know urinal. It's here. It your and I need and I think a lot to edit it. Your spot. Here. They'll be. Very. Beckett that could be at eight on CNN. So actually before we let you go. Joseph girl oh what is your take on the quarterback situation miles ruining. Joseph borrow because. What I've heard behind the scenes. Is that Joseph Berle and could be a Peyton Manning type player. That he's like a coach on the field. Don't go to our I about it no disaster heard I'm just telling me OK I'm just felony. He is at that level where all of a sudden. He can make a difference in two or three more wins. Because do Jacques critical that is all of a sudden you could be a 75 team in maybe you wing winning nine or ten. Because they're quarterback in his decision make it. Yeah. Very. I think. They eat out YE. That they art. Our. They're very high. Have to. Get on the ball. I. Mean he. Found. Out. He looks like double a basketball player to me he looks like it Jerry golf's little brother has that same look. Our dining. It. They act out. I for sure. And you know then. It out. And out. I. All. You saw all of and it. Appreciated Patrick. Are. They effective. We got Jim McCrery coming up in in a few minutes we'll take a quick break and we'll have right back. Deuce McAllister Bobby gave air joining us now is Jim accretive. Other author of the new novel were novel. Until World Cup soccer terrorism and love he can be found at James S McCree. James how you don't want armed crime dumber or your dorm pretty good to a pretty good and against the big the biggest topic right now or. When you think about the fifa World Cup is Germany. Yeah not making out agreeable now having Jim. Well you know of this. You've got to blame it on the coach I think America and I had an article which is never on the team that he had some young players he left off that team and that they were needed desperately. He went with the tried and true guys and they just stated there I was worried about that from the beginning there's a a great young Fella called lead and literally seen is that it plays in England he's supposed to be depressed dirt burns our current. He didn't even come through Russia so normal and I know what the players on the field that. Edit their group arrogance perhaps you know overconfidence. I was shocked and yet it wasn't because. You know the Koreans that they had nothing to lose sociology and expect anticipate that the circuitry and did nothing to lose at all and they they played like event. Yet I think what it comes down to in close games like they're as the keeper. The candidates standing knuckles he played sensational game and shut the door and and that's where soccer is doctor you know that's it it's. It's that that's what happened that day Dave Dave Randi Edgar they're shooting they were going wider arc or the net. So it's I would want to be in Germany and I don't. Jim in your new book that you highlighted talk about just a passion for soccer and the World Cup. Just give us it if you can gives us a little preview overview and then also tell us where we can find your book. Lastly as yet okay so basically if you would imagine. Washington DC as being run by the generals in the Pentagon. And the National Guard being on the streets of Washington and arresting people and and it taking no way to jail and sometimes having them not letting them vote. And the mothers of those people mothers of those people marching in front of the White House in the meantime Washington is holding the super Opel. And that's exactly what was going on and Argentina won in 1978 when record book is sex. And the book is about two Brothers. They looser farther when they're very young in the sock who are at Dover England. And one of the Brothers is Asarco prodigy Ronaldo who's been focused named after who happens to be my Italian uncle he's not regard from Portugal. It's spelled RE mailed the all sorts there about it boat. So you know Chris Jenner are now. Know are no I wish I was I think he's hot he. It's strictly. Probably the best player in the world I honest to goodness refer athletic town. So anyway one Brothers and soccer starter at the older Brothers angry and restless he gets seduced prize and it's Kirstie tutorial professor and becoming a terrorist. So the two Brothers lives go straight down in the past and then they'd get a purge. In this scene like Washington Buenos Aires is basically Washington run by the military government. Terrorism in the streets. Murders assassinations. They almost didn't get toppled the World Cup. That they did and they win it. And meanwhile the Brothers follow up with two very strong women Ronaldo false sense but in love with video of rock star and of course about Franco the other brands fall in love with his. Tutorial professor when they're being terror also. There's lots going on there's room answers doctored there's terrorism there's all kinds of things and so you can imagine. The setting and it does so born and in in Washington DC it's Argentina is the most Americans while the south American countries they just happened to the in the World Cup. I think can get in on Amazon and it's available in paperback and all all of the under Kindle reader on your phone. In its spoke aria nailed Leo. Speak you would Jim increased at James S McCree and Bobby has won one question yet now. Jim when you look at we follow America's global. NFL and that's. Without a word about any hooligans. I mean I'm like god forbid if England ever please Russia. There because it would be be checking passports Aminu who's going to be a lot in this stadium if it is if that was gonna curb it. The major is that passion. Of the countries and how the whole country shut down look Argentina. And it's like may be the have collided in an eternal. Because they are moving on. But. This is it just did to me. That when you look at England playing Belgium and where England that right now. Bigoted trying in boarded what five decades of disappointment since winning its only major title. On the whole soil what in 1966. Yeah I mean lookalike. Football or soccer was invented in England and they've really been irrelevant to the deliberate merely. Is unbelievable as far as the World Cup. England has been a major is his appointment. What is your take a where they're at right now and you make your Argentina also would messy and begin actually. Not only achieve greatness we Barcelona. But to do some actually first country. Right well you know I had are that the great. American football and I used to be Fuzzy Thurston of the Green Bay Packers are my favorite in what the other did you have Taylor Paul Harding I want be fussy eaters to sort. And I appreciate you gentlemen be informers saints and that of the saints' Drew Brees and everything you did mr. McAllister you've got. A lot of records going mr. Baer you've you've certainly here in the policy in my adult for the saints and and the norm and so. Progressed the huge concern on your careers there American term future of football tackle. I'm closest to buffalo bills' Soria or I expect orders are bills games that. They have been around for a while in the Super Bowl that that. I I haven't heard cheering him annie's. Sport in the long time that we the Argentine fans that cheered when they scored that second goal and won the game and went through yesterday and the that was chest. Amazing to hear fans cheer like that it because they are stated goal from from you know tragedy is in a. He eliminated tell us we move on. Zach Lee exactly and and and an N in the opposite effect that's of what happened to Germany today you know they'd be over Eric and they went Oden and death. You know and it was it was terrible. I AM I was in England in 1966 I was eighteen euros gold medalist tour through you know that's that's were I got hooked on soccer. Because terrorism night. In 1966 where Italy. Lost one knocked into the north Koreans and they were out of the tournament and I was in Italy that night and I lived through that he's had. Ever lived through something like that again. So England very underestimate state what they've done is they've started to use their young players scanners at. As soccer later called pol Kennedys who writes for Starker America and California and he wrote an article just tonight. About the changing style of the English soccer they're they're using your younger kids the younger kids are more confident they are. They are and that old models of long ball the English always used to do belong pulse on the field and right do it. But the south Americans were in an and the Spanish brought it to Europe. Beautiful passing game flow you know over the the English may because of cold weather they run through monitor the pop. You know but I I think now what happens tomorrow isn't all that important because they both. Had a a softer. It came to play when they go through so they're playing for first inspect complacent. The end of the bookings have England's chances of 35 to one to. They're gonna chance it either team get to get a chance giving anybody hurt sort of thing. I don't think tomorrow's game as its good mark. I don't think winning 61 helped send one bill okay yeah I do on some of those goals were. You know they're playing a very soft team source I am concerned about that. I am concerned about their keeper in particular because he has not been tested and that's always been the Achilles heel of the English. They've had great offensive teams. But the keeper let some terrible goals and and once again it's like Erica at South Korea today he won the game for so yes I am hopeful for England because I'm part of the British commonwealth and Canada. They have he had always been it's my heart and soul is with the England that. Who I beat. Well look Jim have to tell you right quick blow that that that's authority must sign I'm more Quebec clock. I. That hit say hey because they've barrel as I got archetype here I had the right to your readers know I Katie in archive the Kubel on in our nation you have separating families I mean Nova Scotia. Yeah I mean. I am messiah I'm like I'll go Belgium. I am anti England's sorry Jim I appreciate. Mean I I'd like those and I'm not stuck I think about it I'd like Elton are good offensive team are they could be the best team in the tournament but watch out for Croatia. Kristi as Croatian they'd they'd say you're sneaky guys and and they want with their substitutes yesterday. Croatia is the mindset. That they more like a part of Italy know the whole Yugoslavian all went out in 1990s with the serves in app. And you know payback and all mag got backed the Nazis and all I know it's amazing when you research. What occur it would deserves a courageous all know is Jim we really do it this. That I would not marijuana seed of fan base of operation ever played Serbia it's already are dead bit there's no way there's no way they can be visionary each other well that. It started the war the war it's started with a soccer game. Not many people know that it was in Belgrade and it's two teams are Serbs came and Croatian team are playing and and the reserve ride at the end of the game men and and that's what stern that was it's probable. Broke the camel's back so. About the sociology of this sport to different countries play. So much passion. Absolutely we surely appreciate you being neighbor come on Jim creep at James S McCree. Thank you so much they let him thank you can't get there and he has a new novel out we're not allowed to build World Cup soccer terrorism. And lo will take a CBS news break right quick. Deuce McAllister and Bobby very here for the next. Thirty minutes just don't let will be joining you. Would double coverage talking a little bit about Tyler hilly ski. The former quarterback. That was found to have severe CTE. Having. Is basically his brain described as a 65 year old man man talk a little bit about NBA free agency. That's all coming up with itself. Offer eight to eleven tonight on double coverage and tomorrow. Myself Bobby and Christian and will be at walk on its. In Metairie had to clear view mall will have coach did or Broncos Dave Rhonda Stevens may anger coach Mickey Joseph. Will be all tomorrow from 48. It is free to every one the doors open at 330. There's going to be a great atmosphere reduce its going to be I mean atlas and have a number of questions. For coach O my ex roommate. You know if you look at it would go back to him an island as the champ human 1977. A thorough foolish. A live would've been three years Khalili was somebody but three years. If you know you cleaned up he was clean no hell of the Cleveland caught on the prima Donna I'm like the quarter. And what he's alignment and yet the clean about the climate. Lavinia Dave or Randy and I'm making Joseph and the visiting their. Coaches and me and I go back and eighties. You know way back I did dishing a lot of football cam and inventory. It I had demanding pass right camera. At a football camp in 1988 at saint Paul's encoding called the buy you all star camp. Lewis go our team all by honorable friend of mine from northwestern. Put this on you know I had come that it John Stevens. Review the over the New England Patriots. He read the dog was from spring you know his daughter was just in the championship for the US open. He knew died under tragic auto accident occur so I had this you know its overnight camp. You know ankle chains danger came in all of us say was at Clemson and this is like. Look bag you might be jarred it closes the way back in 1988 this is old school. And the state coach Joseph was there was a University of Miami the daily coach Joseph did. And any kind of ticked off LSU fan and as it is is news radio or Q can you ask this on grants yes we can't okay. As late this year because they're all like in case you feel sorry gunning you wanna only news side right. Coach show. In the of showing in my football camp. And as saint Paul's it Covington. The you know over the University of Miami national championship highlight film. Obliges again and every rules then right so all of a sudden deuce. I'm game coaches from all over the country and then we guess the way you can't have that footage is heavily sitting almost limited. Were you cannot cross state borders to have different coaches from all over while. And I am. Big you know and they dug deep like deduce it was like cut. 12 year wonder how that things turn a row just that fast beer because it's like to have coaches involved. In off season football camp because it's all about recruiting it's all of our crew and goes well he'll bring us. That's that's one thing you have a satellite camp based yes no one can never tell me. Bank codes show. Does it burn the midnight oil and get the players that it takes to win. Our intent to get the players they convinced the Mamas that amity carrier boy. I don't care he's been in Miami. He's been at Syracuse. He's been and USC. To all of ours Tennessee. Oxnard. Ellis shoot I know. That he's going to be so convincing. That unit unit trust him and what you can deploy if. Or is the Gumball rice so will be out tomorrow. At Walt launched in Metairie a clear view mall and and it'll be cultural Dave Rhonda Steve ends Maynor Mickey Joes of tomorrow from four to eight it is free. First com first serve you gotta get there early doors open at 330. Right now Bobbie I think it is. Maybe the bottom of the fours in Arkansas State I mean or your state has tied it up 11 ages it hit a ball. In Arizona hit a bomb though that got me in Houston because. I better widgets from. Well drilled another SEC team to win it okay his floor one last year so which will are to win. Yes believe this right one Ali not mind if you come on its all's gonna be national champs. But to the beat of this to a lot of three. Does that make you more intrigued I got an ad that argues they would somehow win win it and to make it more significant need all of a sudden. If Florida State because back it went to his game his bottom and report its one no one would you like him ball is as this is this is on the line. Does is it one no one who's gonna who's gonna be national champs so all of that. That's an outlet that love artists ought to shut the door tonight but but if you get Tellme Danica now. Like to our Gary yes that that now Soledad because I would watch it. Where they needed tree with sports and how the players can handle that environment that producer. Almost squeeze Claritin before we take a break in Clarence was Koroma. Real quick. It was a great manic east. I receive. Okay now that the capacity and it is a joke and it but there. I just Garamendi you know different between Germany. If he'd been watching the oil companies right what to what the difference in Germany and it cheap. Joseph green tea bag as well as that a joke or can you say on the radio Clarence and I don't know. I think dated I keep exe and a couple of low. Begging. Art class limo. Clarence he's big in a German because they've got knocked out the Havoc that has not been the case there are already has been watered Dole's. Teams that if you look at even post World War II. Or just in the history of soccer. Germany's been down there dominant dominant when you look at okay who do you perceive as dominant who you wanna be like. Is do you like Germany. Brazil. Argentina. They obviously you look at like its main. Not eat you know it's it would reduce that I was telling you is before racial problem for hours ago. Is that this is an unusual World Cup you know why because Steve is start a World Cup. From a local interest United States has done now correct. He got hurt anyway yeah I've given anything. Trinidad and Tobago where if bill would Trinidad and Tobago. Was that I think one point three million. People. That NATO World Cup until Iceland as like 330000. Of people in the Amy but the point I'm making. These. Two teams. In now three is Germany's autumn account Germany. Is that the interest in going forward. That we don't buy again not a group play who did not start at a tournament in who's always been. Worldwide in all countries to be significant. The Netherlands Holland. And Italy. David make it to better you tell you this that we as a boy he United States but that is a travesty. That the Netherlands and Italy since nine big don't World Cup us and more solvent till the then the mental note I did big large every day the origin of what Ajax and all I did a pro with. Do thought I'd tell you trusted on this. That benevolence. They would be more like right now where Belgium's that poker all of our suite is that but they're not part of that. They got overtaken. By those countries and that's unacceptable that region not it really cook one of Spain's relevant. That Italians look at what we're not relevant no dues that. And that that takes a ball boarded anything. So this I've got a big tree whose political model to up to me who's turning things around home. Why job for name bar and now Brazil Brazil yes you navigate cannot mess in Argentina I just I don't tries his teammates. But let's say right now we Germany being out. France. The and a lot of young players they were almost like in Qatar. Our guard cutter. Ivory pronouncing it when they gonna have World Cup but night because this Oregon hottest desert. That that that they would almost expected in mid 20s22. But because of a talent you can't count out McCain con I'll France. But I still right now if I'm gonna bet dues going forward Rihanna right now. When I go against a Brazil. I'm I'm which are. Will come back well how Jordan's Schultz on he's a Yahoo! Sports basketball insider talk a little bit about the pelicans in the NBA free agency. This is deuce and Bob real sports dot. Coming back Deuce McAllister Bobby Hebert one. The reveal examining right now we have Jordan shields would Yahoo! Sports would to see can be found at Schultz. Underscore report Jordan high you don't. It. Thank you become an all in I guess we'll go right with the pelicans and sea and no Rodney hood is the name of interest the you know how does this mean wood to markers. Cousins starts on full would Gortat being sent over to the clippers. Was that market looking like for him being able to even son met with the pelicans. Or will they work some type of sign and trade deal. The biggest thing is you know the forty Marie. There's really no doubt that. But what can get your Mac and all the and Brian Norwood it's so well out in its place like it in BP in the plea. What. People are wondering well it is the world better off the market so IP. I think it really to too often that they want to eat them it's really wanna wanna keep that what is. Which is probably like peculiar deal a kind of approve a deal would be. And then you can ultimately pay well. Maybe trading would watch it been for example would be a good thing. And Abbott side traded and so. I had I am not certain. At the market for open. Is that. Robot is it would be courier normal. You know in VP Albert big man in his prime just because. Is Iowa that are not I am a big fan of the guy he's incredibly talented but he go to the right team the right there. And that part of the reason why I think your own and a little more elaborate and they went. On another player like Al. As they try to fill this roster out to be able to add some more firepower to the two is. Is a guy like Rodney who's going to be overpriced or will there be a market for him with the pelicans in in a couple reports out there. Al they're saying run dole is looking for I guess about eight to nine million a year on on two year deal. Is that something that you see the pelicans being able to do as well. Report that there really 02 or he rate. Or righty in Chicago Indiana. Could leave and obviously and and New Orleans and I think. Dormant probably make the least it's because of what you financially in the back there. They have you know some some good players on the perimeter guys E'Twaun Moore right. You know idol. Rondo was the number one priority. Resigning him. A lot content and figuring out what you think about I Alex hooded. I know that that world interest in. Don't know it came. Well. You know we are sure. All the late that it considered a Chicago or or here for example. And have a chronic out. And in the equipment you know you really. Significant news. Now jarred is it that this evening come in the play considering. Running gun in Howell. The warriors are structured Luka against. The pelican decode gentry the reason why bring this up. This does this evening common at played a significant. What you achieve his fourth and indeed it subsided a ball. Look at AD his main all of you at the first team and a first time in his career. And names also voted second team all leave it to fifteen and seventeen but why bring in a look all the bits of first team. This season but then also drew holiday. Was voted all of the bits of first team. To me like this five players he's got two five does that mean common the plate to maybe entice. Players the coach that you all are. As it all about the money considering the last guy out Jrue Holiday and it's this season and an AD worries. Well. You figure elegant man you're ecstatic because you have. You know. You have one of the best players in the world. Holiday you have one that. Wake art in the world ought to drop the ball right and at Ohio it I think quality and yet people around the league. He's a monster I upon yet she did column we are a lot about. True and it held up the as a physical guys want to play with those guys. And they wanna play on Rocco patsy and I am at the end created so no in Portland is strutting up where I mean. I there on the part of being really these are on the I. Money is all these states contract circuit where players go well it is really important to not widely. There are creation. That are gonna look in the war words as they're really attractive place considering. That you haven't seen the direction of the team Albert answering to the player development hole. Speak you would Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports at Schultz underscore report. Jordan. Is there any news to report really with. Doesn't look like Paul George is going to be staying in Oklahoma as well. Well sure I actually I I will pay. And happily here is I know what. City. While is don't go. Under they and had given them. I know comparable. To what were. Omni belt reporter but it into the same thing you know. It was abroad. We don't know each from that are so I did in the lakers for him. Is the most attractive and probably the most sensible detonation. Abby did enough money that is buying new Mac guys so. I think in the electorate in IP of Rollins Laker related that. Typical why. Don't Antonio last resort mystery. At the last wanted to be awkward yeah. And they note that inning get back under a bill so. I get there I think he could be. Probably go. Out of the last things that happen all these in other words Antonio in no rush. And they don't act it straight and if they treat them they go way there he so I'm back native by because it's so rare and it's. Really at a time under. That is you know we've seen you know. Bit adamant there's been publicly at all it is totally up front in Arkansas they're the work. Speaking would Jordan sold to Yahoo! Sports X olds. Underscore report Jordan thanks for coming all with this moment. No problem. And what not about content is never moral ones but that was right in and make it go into the match. Or via an electric which is which is worth noting though I'm gonna be it'd be the app in pre market I effort. No problem thank you Jordan and l.s one of the things that we know when you talk about being able to sign him. Being able to go to to have his Berg's right his bird rights are important because. Even long term. It's in Joseph to the luxury cap but I mean he's a player that if he's guilty well Wharton and that wouldn't be on the short term contract LB on the long term corn contract. Well it there's I just look at it that. Heidi keep AD happy Heidi KVD have been in navy take it next and when at the highest level I know he's he's as it would have beautify. He wants to be the true power authority was to be there for. And I think bogey cousins. And keep him happy and. Rigueur what you're definitely keep him happy if you'd be able to bring its more help with him right nobody will go to U quick. At in racially wants all world cobra quick. Greg Greg. Yes. It is such a school in 67 urged graduating class. You don't Bobby break it week. In the US AI don't think that we have kind of taken the best group of people. Don't go though no no no Bob Allen started on Nevada's if we had been as we head Deion Sanders and events players we've veto we be a World Cup champs. Well or let me just say okay. Just let you know my son and a lot of guys from Louisiana owned Olympic development team. Because stepped in next level. We went to Oklahoma. It was Oklahoma. Texas. Mississippi. Alabama Florida. Bobby I had a good job lament we have talked soccer tomorrow can call tomorrow we could talk a little soccer. I gotta get out we we're about to go in a set Seth may talk a little World Cup soccer with you really act is bring it up because development of the US going forward. Well on the world scene I'm from bidders from do with the Olympic developments in this is Deuce McAllister it's been great with you gas Holston pummeled. Turn it over to Bobby Aybar and let him get out get us out here blog the way Malaysia ball good night be able bat.