Is winning the ONLY thing that matters in sports?

Seth asks, when it comes to athletes and bad behavior, is winning the only thing that matters in sports.

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No it is not see. Not today. Not so fast set Dunlap. In for Christian Derek welcome money into our Friday additional what's up across the gulf south the new a New Orleans. And you listening across the world a WWL dot com more. The radio dot com Abumrad that in your App Store. Yeah usually when you have a substitute teacher Phil NN. It's going to be a pretty fun today have some fun. But. Where we're gonna do something a little different here. On my time to day on the show organ and real serious here to open the show because. Well there's some serious things happen in the world of sports. And it's going to be talking about is winning the only thing that matters in sports anymore. And I mean that very literally is it the only thing fans care about ownership cares about. That other athletes care about. And if it is is that mindset healthy look kind of example does that set for our kids and the reason that I'm bringing this up style. A bloop. If you paid attention to Major League Baseball this week and a Major League Baseball all star game is named Josh hater. I'm sure you've heard this story if you have bear with maybe just to fill everybody in who hadn't heard Josh haters a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. Young guy and as mid twenties. In the all star game this year certainly one of the rising stars in the National League reliever. And during the all star game. As he was pitching a trove of old tweets of his war unleashed to the public. And boy were they ugly. Racists tweets. Misogynist tweets homophobic tweets you basically hit for the cycle in things you just do not do on social media. Their vile they're disgusting and I'm sure you've heard by now some of the things that were said a recap a little bit but a lot of the things we can't just stay here SA here. On the radio this is just the latest in a very long line of things that now have been washed over. By a those in charge in sports because Josh haters general manager guy named David sirens. For the Milwaukee Brewers. He came out with a statement that was kind of choke. It's set up now is this a good guy we have is back we're gonna send in the sensitivity. Training. Major League Baseball echoed that and sit were gonna send the sensitivity training nothing to see here. Waited so long line of things in sports. Now that makes me think it again. Inside the fraternity here you're listening to the show yeah obviously like sports your sports fan your football fan baseball fan what are BR. So we're talking inside the fraternity here I'm not some. A fringe whacko who is trying to eliminate Swartz and thanks anyway you like sports you know do some jock meathead who can't think for themselves. K we're talking to each other here. But when we say see things like this happen over and over and over again and fans coaches commissioners other athletes. Are willing to just look the other way for the sake of winning. It makes all of us look bad and this certainly isn't just not the first time this has happened. Look at the college World Series a couple of weeks ago. Look kindly for Oregon State's. Pled guilty to molestation of a child. And his coach pat Casey and the administration in Oregon State didn't care. Some back on the team this year. Last year to Bobby neighbors can join us at 422 talked about this also will take your calls and text and that is. Our blue runner foods opinion poll for you today at WW all dot com. Is winning the only thing that matters in sports anymore. Log on to WW dot com and cast your vote. It's an interesting parallel because what happens. Earlier this week. With one famous pizza guy. Papa John. There was a transcript released of a conference call from pop John. The face of Bobby Johnson the former owner although he would relinquish control he was still obviously defeat units led off this still I was a big part of that company. Well he used the N word multiple times. On a conference call was transcripts are released people are appalled. Emma same thing what happened Josh Peter here albeit less times what happened packaged and use Lego kicked out of his office things are cleaned out no longer welcome. So anybody who says well I know it's just because. That person's very important to the business we're gonna look the other way it's a thing makes a lot of money we're gonna look the other way not that that's not true. That isn't happen elsewhere in our society. It does not. Why when it happens in sports. Are we willing just to look the other way is fans. We've got to cleanest shot 'cause it's making our house again we're talking instead of fraternity here. Look real darn bad. And ugly. So a look at some of the examples over the last couple years and boy I can dig real deep here and we could do I it is run off a list for four hours. But some ugly things that we're just again looked past in sports from athletes from coaches from owners. What about Joseph Nixon. When he was at Oklahoma. Did you see that video. Other hand slugging. A woman. At a bar. Currently NFL teams in care. Drafted him now he's playing. Greg Hardy one of the most gross examples that I can think of and really upset me if you heard my show on double coverage and this happened a couple of years ago I was I reeks. Greg carded a former defensive end for the Carolina Panthers. He beats his girlfriend through or into a bathtub in thorough on top of the much as of assault weapons on a hotel bed. And threatened to killer. And deny that nothing was ever denied. In Jerry Richardson the former now on for the Panthers didn't care let him play. When the NFL finally suspended him you know came to the rescue and Jerry Jones for the Dallas Cowboys he didn't care. He said well he's great talent didn't help us on the football field because winning it was the only thing that mattered to Jerry Jones. What about Janus Winston. Janus once and now has agreed not to fight his suspension from the NFL a three game suspension. For alleged sexual misconduct in an over and this wasn't the first time the James Swanson has got caught doing stuff like this. Go back to college rape allegations. Shoplifting. Yelling some profanity some obscenities in the top ms. once in a school cafeteria. Everybody just looks the other way. Because winning was the only thing that matters at Florida State. And frankly James once and should be out of a job. At Tampa Bay. Winning should not be the only thing that matters it should not. It doesn't happen anywhere else really our society. And it's not just because. These athletes and owners it's not just athletes by the way look at what happened Jerry Richardson stocked about him. People were willing to look the other way for a very long time. To his sexual misconduct. Until people finally had enough. But just because. They're in the spotlight. There a big part of big businesses. They're famous they're stars they make a lot of money that's not the reason that our society looks at it it doesn't happen in other parts of our society a look at. Actors CEOs. Politics even. But it happens in sports. Why. Why is it in sports. The world willing to look the other way from really gross. Miss steps. By. Athletes coaches and players you tell me and shouldn't wait again is a winning the only thing that matters. If these things happen to saints players are LSU players are to blame players whoever you root for. But they help you win another game or Tim. Would you look the other way. Love to hear from a 5042601870. That's the phone number 5042601870. Give me a call you can text me at age 7870 Bobby Hebert will join us next talked about this I'm Seth Dunlap in on sports stock right here on WW. I'm asking you the question is winning the only thing that matters. Frankly I'm sick and tired of it talking inside the fraternity you're all sports fans that I'm sick and tired that in sports. We're willing to look the other wave from some really egregious and gross miss steps to put it kindly. For the sake of winning. And the phone lines my goodness they have exploded here I think we've got one line open for your final four to 601870. What it's all your calls in just a second but let's bring on non inmate cajun cannon to talk about this Bobby Hebert. Usual co host of sports stock has Fred is up Bobbie what's up man how aria. Well Hillary. Like that it copies I would be sort of particular note the only bidder corner entry oh. Their you know both the media are shortly picket promote. That's a that's sounds amazing so Bobby let me ask you is a former athlete big time athlete and somebody who's been here for a long time as a as an ambassador for sports down here in the gulf south is winning the only thing that matters and should it be that way. Well it no matter why. Bill Walker caught. If you look at the and ordered we're pretty well I need good visual. They're domestic violence beating. And in particular wide eyed and tired of the crime. But they are apparently there vehicles and how he could be cool. The public argument that car truly know we are kind of across. Where. In ninety and 1990. Oh in the they would treat me. Well you could. Recruited high level. And they couldn't move or you Larry that number would be critical about their violent. Drug abuse. Eagle on and on BP corporate. Would he win. Yeah they're they're prepared to look the way but now you know they can go forward. You know. And would probably could be held accountable. You look at now in practice or even. College Board and there is currently Google goes and legal on the trigger. Dealing with whom one. Undercard at the and that is victory gave Claude. In Louisville who would create the you know Mexico England until the colonel oddly kind of quote. And I don't know we're going to be held over night or epidemic in the you our analyst I think. Going back away he. Went back leader Dave you could Corey. You can't overlook that in Vietnam were paired who I think their ability. Your work. You know as a former apple you're in that locker room if something happens let's bring Josh hater and because she's the latest example of this or fewer in that locker room and you heard what Josh Peters said. Using the N word I should say tweet did because it was tweets she's in the N word multiple times some homophobic stuff some very misogynist stuff. How would you react how to other players react. Well. Prepared the recovery. Of you have a layer he might very well and you were you know Kuerten and but what Hitler Hitler remote because that word. Called Kuo. A number of cards. I'm looking cotton you'll. Like. And certain. Like you're from the you know have a problem and you that it one Gator normal like a boring part currently an adult and well. For you know. How all underdog of that trouble that I've collected. But right now. You'll pretty quickly correct correct that the sport is going to occurring. Political vote. I guess could be a reporter who tried the you program. And that the progressive ways of thinking. Yeah it. It will be comfortable. Depending on the order they couldn't smell like community is boy I used in word on coldly correctly configuring and they're. But I guess is that becoming drier right now. Burn unit here more and more and political movements that they. You treat a number critically simpler in the nothing that happened and they yeah. Italy that continent. Or good minor league there England. There might begin to live under order not to point them decreasing. Now it's a social media it's certainly amazing. Short story today Bobby hey you're not slow growth the sharks today ha. Another that would Gartner. Actually now where would restore our president Coco but I agree culprit they're the only sitting on the bottom. A year ago. About your secret BP you know greeting card trading on the bottom vote broke beating. These blanket Rico are conquered cougar. So Fuqua. Oh. How collection hobby I'll get up and some of the charge was sometime musket hey buddy thanks so much man appreciate worker worker RA now it's time to get your thoughts on this for taking your calls arrests the IR is a winning the only thing at the bit matters. And is that a good thing. Well lesson does that teach our kids you can weigh in. Mike given us a call 5042601875042601878. You can also vote on our WWL blue runner foods opinion poll a WWL. Dot com we're taking a break for news or throats Don Ames and then back with your calls I'm Seth Dunlap. It's sports stock on WW. We're asking the question is winning the only thing that matters in sports and really why isn't only in sports. It's that way our society here's another analogy James Gunn. American filmmaker director. Directed guardians of the galaxy he was fired from the guardians of the galaxy today for. Some previous. I'm racist ends in boulder language. That was uncovered today that is. A big time business. Big time money maker. For mere permission position he was fired Papa John was fired earlier this week. Booted out of his office. But in sports and the reason we're talking about this Josh cater racists. Homophobic misogynist weights not just couple hole treasure showed of him. And his general manager for the brewers says I'm nothing to see here organ cinema sensitivity training. Major League Baseball Maxima look kindly for organ state baseball. Sexual. Molestation. Of a child he's allowed to pitch. Great party. Assaults. Peter's girlfriend through on a pilot guns on a bed said he was gonna killer. Jerry Richardson the Panthers in care needed to Jerry Jones. Why isn't in sports that a lot of us think that well as long as you when nothing else matters. I'm tired of as a sports fan is somebody who cares about the future in the health. Of all these sports that I love tired of it I think it's gross and disgusting. Here's the texts from the final four LL it teach our kids that you know always get that darn participation ribbon. And what's the parallel there. You think that Joseph mix and beating apple woman in a bar and being allowed to play football. Teaches your kids a good lesson. I think that's an indictment on you. To go to the phone lines 5042601870. Michael in New Orleans. What's up men. And brewer good. I think they're both Korea part you know in in error and it encouraged. You have like they have really been millions about to get those guards and as a critic game. It you know in their money in the future models are like people feel. Are being dissipated as equally as important. Tiger with yet whose faulty think that is Michael. I mean without fault because of you know we are some of our markets in the most critical part in speedway. It's is that what artful or you know. Yeah it is and you know what happens here one of the questions do we have on our blue runner foods opinion poll. And day in our tears today is. What lesson does it teach our kids. What lessons to teach everybody has grown up and wants to be an athlete that sees all these players. Do stuff like this and it just doesn't matter they still plan. Nobody cares they're not getting reprimanded. Even Josh literal other CV inside at some serious sensitivity training before and yourselves. On joke. The brewers general manager David Stern's Wallace and Major League Baseball on rob Manfred. Here's detection the five before those suite four posts and when he was seventeen years old and in high school I don't care. That's an adult. I've done some dumb things when I was younger. But most of those dumb things that I did kind of showed at the core of at least two I was. And this was just one or two things it wasn't just one or two days along. Period. Of vile bigotry all from the pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers Josh hitter he should not have a job period he should not have a job. Here's the text from the 504 you're not god he tells forgive and he's the only one that. You have to please because he gives life to all we can forgive. But that doesn't mean these people should still have jobs we just look the other way. Chris. And Covington you're on WW all go ahead. Yeah I just went. I don't I don't know there's a difference between sport and how people view sports and and the rest of the world total liquid thing you indicating. All exports wins is money. So yeah it's everything about winning well really everything's about money at the Marlins have more tightly franchises from or recognizes now that sort of feeds into that. The thing Papa John that sort of different thing once you reached a point where you want as valuable to the company. They're just bounced amount because it wasn't worth the PR vote back so long hitter valuable arm you concur is going to work more money. Then the controversy did you bring on they're gonna help you covered up but once you reach what were the blowback cost more. Then your value to potential win. Undergone. I'm not disagreeing with that at all although I think in other parts of our society. As Bobby put it we've reached a tipping point did for example here Chris James Gunn that the director and filmmaker who made guardians of the galaxy and look that's one of the most successful. A movie franchises of all times billions of dollars were talking about they just fired him today and decent topping his camera and that would happen in sports. I mean that's actually in working as an L man and a you know the big thing with them is is not you know a lot of kind count it is accurate record time has geyser. You know part of teams of hundreds of people it is is the name plays at liners I mean Altima there's no law and a production value partly by getting them back he's not even. Yeah like Jesus involved and I can go and then probably Elmo marble franchise right now make it's on in my current set up a bigger. Excellent golf naturalist and let's go chewing out we needed double check this Algiers in Algiers Algiers notes up I don't. I'm doing pretty like that talk about. Bill he hit it yet you don't treat all people all deeply is this saying. You treat your best there is a lot different enough in your regular player. You could threaten to cut in which you won't cut Lawrence Taylor and we we. Admission from army used to go out. Do cocaine. Cheering and who knows what else because it has social media. And it was brushed dole. You know we have these these so you gain in these current when it camera. And now it when I accepted by the community and the like. All door. I mean it might be back. And look at the man issue at Tennessee. Tennessee check out that I mean come to the young. Lady. Allege CS but I Anderson you can keep gone but yes alleged yes. Yet but it. Now we don't mention it's on the court and how much damage you. How people you've been willing to accept that your actions without. Without a consequence of very. The others and some league. There's a difference between. Doing Coke Imus to be honest here there's a difference when doing Coke and thorough and a woman on top of the pile of guns insane you're gonna killer. But there is a line here and you know there's there's some gray. And there's lines that you just don't cross. The Jerry Jones Jerry Jones. I could go on for hours about what a fool he is in certain parts of the busy great businessman. But he has no sense of ethics or morals the dude after that was discovered in really proven true Greg Hardy. Jerry Jones signs hardy and says yeah well he's gonna help us on the football fields I don't really care. Carefree as. As an indictment on a as a sports and I think that makes us look foolish. Minutes is done is. Gonna have better standards higher standards better morals. We'll take a break here what do you think 5042601870. Above to hear your opinion on this is winning the only thing that matters and shouldn't be that way. I'm set Dunlap double coverage and sport stock continues next. Haven't been inside the sports return real conversation here. Abouts. Some things we see pretty darn regularly now. Be honest infuriate me and that we as sports fans and in owners coaches we tolerate. Envy the guys that winning is the only thing that matters. Frankly it's not the only thing that matters. It never has been and never should be anybody whoever thought that whenever I hear people say that I roll my eyes to it's not. What kind of example does that set that set to be young kids. Are our kids. Rim a separate what Josh Peter did earlier this week who led don't wanna recap here when it's your phone calls. Lou Heimlich Morgan State Joseph makes a great party James Winston and then we'll solicitor earliest. Let's go two miles. On a cell phone miles you're on WW all go ahead. Hey you know great. It's one. We adding another. And it or where. Oh. I'll amen to that I grew around the country up in the north less man I know a lot of friends who do a lot of rodeo and Dave Miller that. Breaks. And that's what are reaping what you're at LL get a trophy but all. That well it Ali. Guys who that are. You know they are. All gonna go to pick Alley they did or does it get up on you start feeling idol. And he did he get it more more more. And I mean you or. The ability character they know how to be good person when you don't think it's like that the bottom. It does and when we have a great call miles and we have organizations that receive. Incredible public funding now the these professional organizations do for their stadiums and otherwise we're talking of hundreds of millions of dollars. Chosen the brewers up there we're talking about Josh cater. They oh what is a public service. To be above things like that to set an example. Like I said before I'm just I'm I'm over I'm tired of it I am over it and it makes us all a sports fans would absolutely bullish. Because when things like you know general manager David Stern's up there for. Milwaukee says he had no big deal is teammates like Emerson to sensitivity training. It kind of reflects on you and me the dog get thrown in that basket Bob in New Orleans you went away and go ahead. They have gone good solid. I think he liked it there duke players violent towards you know anybody in his life he should be held accountable board but it. This change in the situation and that even the teenager when he made this week. And the same thing thinks it's okay. Teenager. It is speech. I'd Arnold the issue here in jeans and beating people. Or attacking people at a nightclub there and they're not compare. The well I I would agree with that I'm not trying to compare beating up somebody in the nightclub with what Josh rader says Bob did you see all the things team -- Sweden and seventeen is not days. So that would limit on a smaller body in here just real. He said stuff like again I don't wanna I can't say a lot of this Oakland Raiders frankly dogged by and hundreds of thousand dollar out of order that. Use the N word in multiple weeks says I'm going to kill you I hate gay people gay people should die. Talk really boulder Lee about women. This wasn't just your normal a lot of quotes on win or something like that. Go Google. Really vulgar stuff he tweeted kkk. Yet. That's what you just can't do. You just can't do. How about Jimmy Andretti Jimmy go ahead. Kayla. Look shipment. You know optic or all complicit in Tokyo. As much as I listen you guys would hours or are today which. I was into it and by and figured the pelicans and the thing. We're all complicit in Britain circuit so I think that's one part where we draw the line I mean. I think. I'd support the players in U. I think that it is somewhat of an eye out keep but I did with them going back and forth on the rules and regulations the correct if yours you know a lot. What the rules in the NBA I don't think it's a major issue in certain protocol. In place and it felt Percy doesn't and it went divided up meet firstly. If you're an American and you care a constitution. That that the first member right but regard. It is an and it fail or MLB or the arena league or are NBA. Rule it rate greatly. You know the players that the private business. I think that if you step out of line now aggregate and docks to the point where. You know I think people are wrong. OK but I mean like like black collar city has seen what you work for anyway. Just like the guy it would at least circle who's the principal who got spotted out there in the job at the principal. Was there a rule at that school in New Orleans this city if you were out at eight. Monument in New Orleans in support me. You lose your job probably not but they'll shop so when I'm in a bit rate at sleepy. I would support that I liked him a player but I wouldn't care what you freeing and he killed them what we don't know my point is. I think that hate is he's stolen and it now in the LP or whatever league it is whatever school it is in the world for example. Could deal with it based on their rules and regulations prior to happen. I don't think we can perceive are in England. If they were seventeen or working for you know for example or say. Someone that we circle and a mine come down and they're out there any work or school or going to lose their job the principle for example. But Jimmy arraignment is I think everything's not black and line I think I kind of agree with with the with that part of what you're saying. But just because somebody seventeen we we can't let them off the hook this wasn't one week or two aren't we were talking about Josh Peter tweeting kkk. Topping the and word variable early sweeting now he wants to kill gays. Okay now this is news to me and it is Unionist partly it now again we look at other players and in the value those players apparently. And it is that I have to keep that divided again are they I'd support the players kneeling. Because there's a lot in America does in dominant player in that I don't personally support 82 wars overseas and I love America but he'll have their rights that person say not supportive or. Hey you know the white guy on their being you know police brutality economy issue for me but then again. I can see where there's care in the guy's everywhere. And Nam and the Big Brother orwellian speak here bakery oddly back orally. In a lot of ways even though we're different backgrounds. And agrees so what you did it I think the best way to deal it. People that believe he'll become the reality is it even though you're immediately agree to sit back and at that time he won in. And employee now seeded in. I would 100% say they look at it as a lawyer which I'm not particularly. You would say that he's he's work and form the MOB a rules greatly increase that there are a reality using contract. Yeah I he said it now and we're up against our clock Jimmy's always of the call. You righted be different but I still think the response was inadequate and frankly I don't believe the just because he was seventeen we let them off the hook the same way that I don't believe just because. Luke Heimlich was. In his teenage years when team. Molested a young girl the we let them off the hook just because he wasn't pitching for organ state at the time. I don't believe in and I don't. What do you think it's called winning the only thing that matters Bible for 2601870. I'd sets Dunlap sports stock continues on WW. Ready for your chance to win 1000. Dollars in the intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is underdog. Text underdog is 72881. That's 72881. Tex now on you can win 1000 dollars cash in a listen for the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour. Now through six we don't want more ago 1000 dollars is up for grabs win it's. For your wallets good luck from all of us at WW well we never charge protects an individual plan text and data rates apply please don't text and drive. Coming up next hour the NFL anthem policy is on hold a joint statement by the NFL and NFL he able yet to that and Ben Watson saints tied and will join us I'm Seth Dunlap its sports stock on WW.