Will the Tigers compete for an SEC title this year?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, July 20th
Tommy talks to WWL NFL and college football analyst Mike Detillier about SEC Media Days and how the LSU Tigers are looking.

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Sainz of being training camp a week from two day and the Torino and LSU will be added you know thing you gotta love about this time a year is. July enemy are kind of the dog days of summer bower on the downside of that than on his time GM training camps. Pre season games and before you know it we're into the regular season for both college and professional football Mike did tell yank. Joins us right now double WL NFL and college football analyst morning Michael aren't coming you watch any of this touch football enough flag football game I assign. I did not that I haven't been and I had to a pin but. It was quite a quite an experience for the Louisiana guys. It seems like it's a combination almost of basketball and football because. He and his own saying there's a lot of hand eye coordination and balance its that are involved with a alassane early before a full week again on the awaited talk about them and NB a bad idea for the Pro Bowl just have the skill players out there when he thank. Although that'll happen because you know those big you wanna be Puerto probable Canadian border this salaries you know a bit of mobile shop with that going to mean animal but it ally a against. But my aunt and that is. Football today the wage flee its basketball program. No it's going to be limited real life to me if it's still real physical gains. Blood a lot of it is basketball program. Yeah it's interesting you say that angry because football's gonna come down a little bit. And then basketball's gonna come up a little bit on terms a contact. Yeah. Quite a bit to be honest and views and so you know it it it is what it is you've got to adjust to what he basically. Policy is saying that the human adjustments that you know both college and pro football what do and two in there. Quotable quote try to make sure that the game has played safer. When Vince Lombardi Zain is on a contact sport mystical. Force on and I make that they I don't know it. And you know but again you know we know what this is all about this is all of liability in money in court cases and everything else that's involved with would certain issues so. That's that's and that alone story. Let's move on L issue here coach Jose and that. Almost is not good enough against Alabama. Hum I I think LSU fans are probably agree less than they beat the Crimson Tide was when he eleven. How we're ER LA she stands. Are on this or do they eventually just except this. Yeah it certainly will reopen because it's. You know you had a couple opportunities. You know two years ago it was rules you'll be entering a war against Alabama. You know lashing you get an opportunity. You know tightening game up in a couple things. Bingo you're away but you know is it doesn't mean you win it. But everybody trying to catch the goals. Comic and that's what you got it would Nick Saban and Alabama when you're trying to catch the Eagles. That idol though that you gonna catch in you know it'd and so. They are mobile more there at the premier. Term college football team in the country. Would the best coach. You know like. Because you know this and you can make an argument would Bear Bryant it and on the game and whoever you want the draw out there. Data duel in the world to that Saban when it today. Which scholarship blemish patients. Early evening to be in a pilgrim. In a commute the world assistant coaches picnic and in that there and how he's been able to do this stay on top is is just remarkable and you just see every year. That the senior of these coaches in the SEC getting cut they'll. 'cause everybody's trying to catch it. And a lot of money and it's being thrown out there for our head coaches and assistant coach uses. It's staggering but did they are trying to catch the guy. And good. That's good that Zelda. I don't serious stumble. All any part of the way and eventually it's gonna catch up but you know you look over the last eight or nine years as dominant. In this league is is unprecedented. What does that say about. Coach go in and if if if it's going to be tough for anybody to do our LSU fans likely to. Say well okay not concede the game I hate to say that but look ahead and say well it's probably one or ninety's again. Let's focus on the others he would have been some like we talked about Alabama being a it would be accurate to say a big giant will account across is just about everything in its path. So that it. Coached calming that had more forward from picks than losses now wild. Maybe it while. That is staggering isn't true. I don't strong it would 22 losses 27 for politics while I mean Khalil liar Mikey do you use sending those. About now I know that. While it's slightly easier at night but he's. He is well. To do that edit no it certainly all about getting the best players. And it is all about developments of junkets when he when he was an issue. He basically kind of said the saints beat your weight it's all about. Indy recruit players and develop. What what makes him so good added in the system so good at. Because probably very few people in this world. Even in any profession. He's one of these type of guys. You have much rent them. I don't wanna hear about which he would say oh we could go too weak single optical what your goal what I wanna know which you can do today. All the emphasis is about today and to more. And it's great to talk about which you did a year ago all week global market all what actually Q1. But it's all about the next surprise the next tidbit. Typical beginner Ross. To 18192021. Year old is difficult to get across to pick your rules but. You gaga about young and of that age. But he's got waited two and you know he's still coach's box the year. Now the main psychologist Beatles like the here and has been through two greatest motivate in the world. Fear that you would lose you money that you usual units of the map as the opium mean member of that same year. He coaches with. And he's Smart about how coaches. He put great assistant coaches on his staff that can recruit and develop players but he dale had that fear factor. Very few coaches that day. Wrested the pro game being that Belichick can do it but there a lot of guys that standing in line out there that. That can do that because today a lot of these plea in the make it more money in the coaches in college ranks. He doesn't. And he can fully developed that player. And I think that's what puts him his philosophy. Whatever happens. Happens that we mobile. Next adventure. And very few people in light into an off balance toppled and that that brought some time. A talking about what happened the Babel for our two days ago all week Google you know he is all about now. And I think that's what makes him a special coat. I and in terms of now a lot of oil issues fans are all about now and AF Alabama's gonna be again almost a concession game every year. Our LSU fans again in again delude themselves and I think in loco Joe's not big guy. And we need to bring somebody in here that will be the guy to beat Alabama consistently. And I guess the other question is does that guy exist. Well pop would indeed as we took in competed on the money manageable the young guy can be you know. It'll money would jumble would be the guy idol one thing and living conceding newbie in Alabama. You know that. Then they mean imply that no nobody wanted things with you know and I and he told me it is the apt he got the election job. That this is that we don't get better for all it's of the defense of lines without a bit compete against some we gotta get that and I think that's one of the things over the last. It's a year and a wrap of of him being the full time coach there that they they put a lot of effort. In two recruiting those big offensive sequence of linemen and in that a lot of depth there but full you closed the gap when Alabama. You bet upon a quarterback insult the nets was rarely talked about it SEC media days. It college is gonna win on special things with the athletes that you have more on that roster. They're not have a big time port kick return guy that you added. And siren that you in order tobacco use and what happens says it's in the place kicking intentions I mean it's been like a port. It shouldn't be in advance you shouldn't an old and so. That's where it was getting close that gap. Joseph Bora has got to be that god can turn the engine 01 Nicole more. And you've got into play to a brawl on special teams you have to win that. Day in order to put kick return game. That have a consistent place to connect are predicting peak Google's inside thirty all and then been. A question market analyst the last few years. And also two of the special teams comfort sport in the game. To make them. How coal yield to roll and I think that is a huge part of 28 team not only you'll bore. Because seeing in these government it would a lot of war in the book that he's gonna care. But also notes special teams units. And that's work Ellison should excel and yet there hasn't really been the case. The last few years it's been in our Iraqi wrong but them. Mike thank you appreciate your time as always I know we'll talk to you next week with the saints training camps start. Where. You better have a good day might tell you a double WL NFL college football analyst.