Will the Saints trade up?

Will the Saints trade up or down in their trade position? 


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Agency with you on your radio if you wanna go see our team covering the NFL draft. Drafts vest when he eighteen tonight goes from 6 PM to midnight at central Sid the barbecues. My eight diesel actually be at saints camp with me our allies aren't you lucky I get the hang out with him albeit the saints' facility our eyes to Bobby out there Iowa Mike out there love Christian out there was sass out there. And then tomorrow it's at scooters on the North Shore in Slidell Ford midnight Saturday it's that walk ons. In Covington 9 AM to 6 PM Zach Strief joins the guys for that one. All of this information visit WWL that count our am I gonna ask you to gas. Who's the saints are gonna draft because the 27 that's that's just silly that's like putting an opinion. And a map with your eyes closed he does it just there's no way you can figure out who's going to be there 27 who's going to be the best player available. And who meets a need that the saints may or may not have at that point but I will ask you that. If you were making the call for the six do you think you would trade up. Trying get a better player that you really want. Do you think you'd trade back try to get more players and later rounds and give up your first round pick anything you say pat points. If there was that guy in the first round that I will really cherished and wanted are trading up for that that player would definitely be. My crime. My apartment go with this team because the saints right now I don't feel like you need a ball inch. Of pieces to make it to that that championship Ron they just need that really one. Top edge rusher for me I would go for the defensive line it date if they were a trade upping get that that edge rusher I wouldn't have a problem with that now would be my main move for. That I writes it viewer the sense draft guru in the war room. You'd be identifying the best edge rusher and doing whatever it took to trade up to get that players are meant giving up late around six. Because you're right there aren't a whole lot of needs on this team right now if you wants. But not a whole lot of needs and about what time did I do you expect the 27. Pick to come down in the NFL draft. I would guess it's going to be around the 103011. O'clock time slot right before. You know right near the end of the first round obviously. And less the saints we see some kind of movement and they trade completely out of this round or move up so I'll guys like you and I are hoping that they move way up and take our way because we can't an early morning tomorrow. But it will be what we're will be soon assuming they stay at 27 break. Adding on for best player available just. Position at that night to pick the best player at that position yeah we've heard like Sean Payton has mentioned that time and time again that they've been. Looking for that pass rusher to pressure the quarterback so to some meat that's deathly the number one need but then again that's really number one need of a lot of NFL teams right now. If that guys there I think it's easy selection for the saints but if it's not a pass rusher there are still plenty of other options on the table for the for this team they can use anywhere from. A quarterback. On an offensive lineman or maybe even another wide receiver or tight ends so yeah I think it's going to be. Best player available at number 27 LSU players those are Darius guys and the first one off the board where you think he guessed I think that I see a shift for him to Detroit Lions right in the middle of the the first round. Think he ends up in Detroit a nice pass catching running back for that for that scheme to use.