Will The Saints Take Down The Falcons?

We discuss the Thursday night game vs the Atlanta Falcons plus talk about the rest of the NFC playoffs.


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Welcome back to the show one hour ago and it's gonna return our focus to the national. Football league. Master game on Thursday saints falcons that I just can't wait for always waits in the end to give us these saints falcons games. Seems like right. Get awaits a late November and December the last three years before these two games happen happens of these rivalry games. Across the league NFL likes to back load them we're asking are pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight at WW dot com to the saints beat the falcons on Thursday night. 75% of your saying yes 35%. Are saying no. And I am I said an hour one. I think this is a good matchup for them especially with that the banged up defense that Atlanta has drained now in the secondary for 22 cornerbacks were lost last week. To Minnesota. They're gonna get your fought back oddly. Desmond Trufant who was in custody and we're that's weird scenario I don't wanna dive into it does look I don't know exactly. It's medical history here at the doctor said Nieminen tusk trust those doctors and it's very odd to an extremely rare reuse see in today's NFL somebody get. Can cuss go through the protocol. I'm making it clear to for aid in a short week game on Thursday. I just as so rare but what really trust him play we'll see out. Healthy he is if he's a 100% or not. No why don't wanna know from you and we're gonna have open lines from most of the hour news. First of all eagle chance talks trash here to all our Atlanta fans a lot of who can hear us now is it's night time on WW all our signal reaches that way. A look here if dolphins fan or trash talked the other way. US calls a but I also don't know. What are you most concerned about in this game if your saints fans. Is it that passing attack Matt Ryan and an offense that. Can really spread things out cause mismatches against the saints defense who might be without Marchand Lattimore again. The indicators are that he's going to play I don't think he'll be a 100% if he does. Is it that defensive line of the saints getting pressure on mad right and I think that's another concern. My biggest concern now. Is the saints linebackers. Covering the Atlanta backs out of the backfield and the tight ends down the field. That is. The strength of their team and their offense outside are Julio Jones it has been for the last two years. And a big weakness from this defense. Even. During. Their run of winning nine of the last ten games. Has been. Missed assignments and problems covering backs out of the backfield more times and in is well. So that would concern me especially if you're not getting a pass rush on matter. If you're getting no pressure on Matt Ryan he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the League City back pocket zoo to pick you apart. You pressure on them that all changes. And industrial lot of quarterbacks in the NFL not every quarterback in Matt Ryan is one of those Alec Tom Brady. I paid Manning let's start pressuring those guys and what it was kind of like germ breezes. Those guys art Aron Rodgers were Cam Newton. Russell Wilson among unions are bad he's just a bad passer in general some. Ex im out of this comparison Russell Wilson. Or James was only resplendent last year and is as you can in the face of pressure. Throw outside the caucus Carson Wentz is proving he can do and do it well. You see that in seeing a fifty yard throw and using drug deli out sentiment was Aaron Rodgers that's gone on Saturday. Rolling to his right said it's the fourth quarter when they were down a couple of scores. Rolling to the right says he's getting drug down I think it was by Michael Bennet more of the Seattle pass rushers from behind literally getting drug down. Half way to the turf. And somehow he Foxit fifty yards up field. To his receiver catching the football. Behind a hapless Byron Maxwell. The craziest throws are seen. Alaska is and a rugged. Mara and isn't that. As far as mobility outside the pocket it's amusing things grip pocket presence great moment inside the pocket. Once in awhile believed in spacious seems scramble alleys are saints at that. In the fourth quarter a couple of times recently. But it's all about catching teams. At a good time let's talk on this program that is he big hearts. But the NFL regular season schedule is when you play teams. Is clear plan but when you plan. You're playing the Packers in week one when Aaron Rodgers and healthy in Jordy Nelson LP and an offensive line was a relatively healthy and they're sort that one other. Tackles at that point. With a much different Packers seeing measure planned week ten. Of all the injuries including Rogers via break or when the saints played him without Rogers. Knows that we six. Which seven. They must defend Atlanta team and you have got. Earlier in the year. It does OS users who is odd so this offense that just doesn't seem the same with Steve's RTZ. Arenas and sadly had over 200 yards estate monster game. The other week two weeks ago I mean polio still Julio and I know he's not a 100% that's just yet because saw a 100% needs. It off now offer as many 200 yard games and even in the history of the game. And offices and seem right. A lot of that suited me guy called the place seed Syracuse in a little bit of their offensive line is so healthy last year not that way this year. And Mara and said look the same but. This is so you're defending NFC champs still on their ability was still. Tryon to scratching clawing their way to a playoff berth. The two phases scary in this one soldier. The coverage of the backs and tight ends. By the saints linebackers and safeties. Second thing I'm concerned about. Yes you're catching Atlanta at a good time health wise. He's not catching them at a good time. Standings wise because their back is against the wall the 67 and five Atlanta team. We told you throughout the program the way in the standings work in the schedules work out in the NFC down the stretch. You're going to see almost assuredly at least 110 win team left out of the playoffs. Perhaps too. And at some crazy stuff starts happen. Maybe as many use three. That's a grab a 43. So that backs against the wall and you're going to get a Hungary. Atlanta team that knows they need to land that knows what they lost here in what the saints went to divisions over. Since your win this division. In their building on primetime short week. Lot of factors Billie as the saints here. Just on paper I like it like the match. What do you think you may call 5042601870. You can text me 87870. In this this NFC is. It's hard to handicap grade. I I I told you for weeks yes I thought Philadelphia it was the best team in the NFC but I put it a big caveat on that I said. But I wanna way. And see what they do against Seattle in prime time. Said that for weeks. When everybody call an issue on sale at the O'Reilly. It is the Eagles I kind of agreement. That would be one team there and record this year and look what happened he had Seattle now. There are some things happen in a game that the that he was a lot closer than that score indicated. They play again I think it's a tossup. Eagles I get the rams this week so again this is on the road second straight week for the rams for the Eagles against what's probably going to be NFC playoff seed. Find out a lot about the Eagles never danced to the upstart teams in the NFC this week Sunday. 325. Rush the schedule works out pretty nicely for the Eagles they get the giants after that. A rader seems is not good. In Philly in the close out the cal was an homes Akeelah should be back for Allen Willie Mac for Alan. So the chance that that Philly kind of falls apart here. But they get himself such a buffer in the state go for it on the stretcher and make the playoffs that Scioscia. Minnesota. So I'd be a little concerned about if you're the rest of the NFC. Because they set themselves up with the teams they beat so far. Including the rams including the saints. Including the falcons the alliance. That there. They're tiebreaker is the NSC failed pretty much all of them as it stands right now and they have the soft is scheduled to launch down the stretch. They get the Panthers on the road. The they get the Bengals are home bagels Sima staggered out of their own way summit meltdown instrument and affable. Beat the bears at home in the season finale and then the other on the road to Lambeau against the Packers Packers likely gonna have the most. It is shut Rogers out of fear they lose rounds this week I expect from the shot Rogers down probably. And I don't know faster. I guess I was the GM and head coach I would out of a playoff berth but Rogers might be back for that game. Vikings can be favored at least through those. Favored to get to twelve wins on the year. Big one for them against the Panthers this week. Panthers are the ones that you kind of look at neo OK here we ago we kind of saw this coming they were feasting on. Inferior opponents. Throughout the entire year. And they've gotten exposed against the saints twice. There Aden for now. No tiebreaker with the saints because they lost to him twice. In the NFC. And their schedule. It's been a rough. They get the vikings this week it's in their building but it's still Minnesota. That excellent defense. Then they're gonna get the Packers the Packers teams of cadaver Aaron Rodgers back all signs point to with the following week. Beat the bucks at home early favorite now on the video of the falcons on the road. Panthers. Who wouldn't sue all looks. Like the most likely outcome from that. They could be dogs in three games. Ike's path and bikes Packers and Panthers mansi without liners of Aaron Rodgers comes back and how that's what you spent. I'm talking about is he on the outside looking in here in the NFC. And it seems the least would be in the playoffs right now Panthers it's never been Herman sold Illinois along and I think this. This doesn't start kiss and implement every one of those tenants sixteens I think it's lets out a player option to go to into. Down the stretch here let's have some your phone calls. Started off with Tony in New Orleans Tony are WW off. There was born on for a few weeks back and now. I have a little about them bad that I had they would implement a little bowling. Game which lead you don't know who they're probably. I don't know if that was me. Wasn't that mere zodiac every I don't know if you tell me made a bet I'll probably via Al that was Christmas that. You know. Few weeks back. But it. Do they want to vote like Ortiz has. Said that they would work there you've got them by. You can't say. You know that we are genes. You know. Yeah that's what these are the you know and so you believe. It inward looking. There are seeing that so BP yet they have. Now you gonna you know eighteen. One. And yeah. Yeah no I'd look I've it's fair it's completely fair and that's kind of what I'm insane here. It and tell anybody in ballot schedule I like by the way I think it leads to parity. Remember if you're a last place team you're gonna play the other last place teams in the other divisions in the NFC. Persuasive meekly out of first place teams in the NFC from the previous year I like it. But that's where that the records can be just slightly mislead eating a little bit. Brave. The falcons have not played the same schedule that the last place Sampras played all are. Classless Eagles play. But I Kandahar earlier record our. Saturday Renoir or your record is. At this point in the season. But go ahead take a break here come back with more your calls little bit later in the hour Bobby Burgos quarterback quarterback QB QB with Drew Brees later that maybe from earlier today. And I also wanna corrects. Mistaken mind with an Atlantic injury. I was talking about earlier I got the two quarterbacks mixed up in mind mash ups on a trek that in axis of AWL. Hey I admit when I'm wrong I I screwed up. I'm mess that. On minute. I'm not above mistakes don't happen often or doubt in my I show notes it doesn't trust fund is an last week possessions or two weeks contest who each CO against Tampa Bay. I apologize for that and he has been cleared to come back against am. Near saint's on Thursday Brian pool or course alert. Andrew blue streak. Tours triceps last week as a big loss that offensive line. For the for the Atlanta Falcons. Speed up. Happens though. And seems to have more teams who go late into the post season the previous year I just don't get. Quite TV off season into the rest that your body is used to. What's happens. With the Panthers last year for the Seahawks previous year before that of the Broncos. Last year coming back from patriots sometimes. As there's an extra month football may consume more muscle ought to go back to the phone lines but stock to chase in New Orleans cherish. Under VW. Palin you know I'm good malice up there and Marco. It is Israel via. A grip on the you know be improved racquet. Down. There into the game. We've got to take one game. And I got no complaint about. The coast. Obvious I'm the the only winning streak. Bought me you should want to see you pat it's it's tough task annoy and a man you know that. If you would go. On this Medicare. Rate and Terry and you know pull some big trouble. And he would be seen. So in the game. You don't want the eighteen year ago the thank all of these eco. No you shouldn't think that they're gonna come on play pretty hard because like to sell last segment their backs are against the wall here that is a dangerous. Saying yeah for an opponent and NFL team in the last seven and five. And it's in its hand when it's not guaranteed it ought to get in the playoffs. So Anna Mae we can lose one more maybe. Might have to win out. Take more your calls next final four to 60187 in just a little bit also. Here Bobby Hebert talked to Drew Brees from earlier tonight great interview. Welcome back it's double coverage in WW offsets Dunlap with Dickerson Garrick usually sports stock tonight's. We're back with you tomorrow amongst footer at set Dunlap talk a little saints falcons. Thursday and I asked falcons' week everybody. Time to bring out the trash talked. There it over to Jason and Kennard Jason your on the veto yo what's up. They were gone opera. I am good man what's up. Are not much that I have a question before you make a quick. Ethnic too quick question Yasser all my first one it is. What do you really feel well they're cheaper. If we going to go to jail and a lot so it's edu. Why it's now now look I think I think Alexis could put it this way I think Lutz is every bit as good as Garrett Hartley was. When he won a Super Bowl with him Joseph I think deluxe is Stephen got scouts didn't know I don't think he's a hall of fame kicker Adam Vinatieri now but I let's assignment and I really did. Okay well our that our network. It's local worker we gotta we don't know. Yes are you in Europe guidance oriented question. All forward you have different era you'll is that you know. In. Next aren't you could take a pay. Would it be. Our Internet these sort of garment. Ambac. Well quarterback tight end will be the first thing you Greg. I able OK got you real context here we talking about all its each one of those players is like number one pick in the draft worthy. Yet that you got there first take. When swat which one thing I didn't need better probably beef for. I am now are used to this is like a blank canvas NFL team you talk about the saints right now. The saints right now why don't draft quarterback yet I don't do it I think breezes got another 45 years. But here's the thing though for some reason you have the number is it is a weird question. I. Quarterbacks too valuable to a man I think I got an I know I know I know here's the thing Jason. Quarterbacks into value on go back alleges said you got to take quarterback there if if this is like you can't miss guy got a can't miss defensive tackle. I can't miss linebacker can't miss quarterback you got to take the quarterback he would Drew Brees here. You just have to quarterbacks are way too important in this league. And if for some reason this guy's such a stud in and re staying at the stays around for other. In a 45 years. As a massive trade asset. A quarterback there it's just the state of the NFL it a position is so important. It's important. Briscoe is the saints are this year or they be if. If Brees wasn't there. Really what we're they believe it would just Chase Daniel. And Elliot Tim hill like a completely disagree of accretion sell on sports stock insane Tatum hill is the very next you know. Francesca we're back here in New Orleans some ardent Christian in. It is eaten up all that the soup that the saints just throw an eye out there it's saints camp really. Not a great game. Principles. The future of New Orleans Saints. Yeah it's a great story attends as good special teams player great story that is not the answer not well like Jason he gets a quarterback there you just. I'd be a lion and I'd be talking double size and I'm out the what I believe. Using deceptive it's it's way too important positions Tony in New Orleans east what's up your W up. Wish you well. Well Tony we can barely hear you what's up man. Our power to martial. Art and I talked to me. I own a giant case. Know what we are seen. Everybody warned everybody. Yeah apple want you want damage. You don't keep you go work. Booze and now. What are you Iranian. Ships not here he said who is good though I could hear he said. Well she's our cheap not only socket about a fighter Tagamet a specific player. All well. Should be. Well I'll I'll call a news Sherri. Good team. Yeah how worried you know. Well they're doing great sign. Somebody you're doing great tonight sue you to listen man you're let them awesome on Thursday hopefully continue to play great and get a win Allah. We take a break here coming back Bobby aimed at. Talk to jury's earlier tonight it's always fun listening to those two tot the new QB to QB next right here on double coverage.