Will the Saints go 0-2?

Steve Geller went all in last week on the Saints. But will they recover?

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David C really on your radio into Cingular text messages and 87870 about LSU are really all over the place where again some of thank LSU wins big in a surprise others think it's a squeaker with LSU coming out on top. And then you know many on the other way it would knows you losing close or LSU losing big the last ex president got about the tigers as LSU will suffer an embarrassing. Loss. We ask Steve Geller for his prediction on the LSU at all burn. The LSU tigers attended ten and a half point underdog. Well remember LSU was a touchdown underdog or burned last year and pulled out the upset in Baton Rouge. Now there ten point dogs. And it's really hard to pick them to pull off an upset this week Auburn's defense is one of the top units in college football. And it deep defensive line is likely to create major problems for a shaky by U Bengals offensive line. I think it'll be a tight game though but give the advantage to the home team. I have LSU covering the spread but losing 4720. May get British John Breaux what happens when the browns come to the super downplay the states on Sunday. The saints they're nine and a half point favorites. Well they've last week I pushed all my black and gold chips into the center of the table going all live against Tampa. So now I had to borrow some collateral from sheltered in Jordan in the control room from this week's wager I still have no explanation on why the saints defense was so putrid last week but right to hold. Think it's possible that suck that much again this Sunday. I'd love to call for the blow out here but I'm just not that confident so I have the saints winning 31 to twenty savage. Now and a four point games as Steve Geller has the size saints can't suck that bad two weeks in a grow.