Will the Saints bounce back against the Browns?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, September 14th
Tommy talks to WWL NFL and college football analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints and the Cleveland Browns.

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Might retaliate joins us now is the only is does on. Com Friday and a Monday morning we appreciate his time and I. How you do and I'm wells are new. I scan around before about Cleveland they first of all day I guess it goes way back to when Tampa Bay head that. Losing streak that's when I think it was John McKay when asked what does he think of the offense is the execution of the offense he said. This should be accused Obama all court expect. Com so when it comes to did Tampa Bay and they get their first victory against us and they sent the long losing streak against those of I remember correctly. I never feel good about Tampa Bay and I know it's different times in different teams. But I get that same feel about Cleveland should I or not. Well listen eventually somebody's Google still on me you know you've. You could again be somebody's going to be that demon. Of the probably didn't win last week. It's not believable. Because we did a pull up spot in the turnover ratio. You win basically 95 Lebanese explosive the timing is so while all the way to wounds. You know that gave this policy when she tried it. But since the browns have been in existence since they came back after the you'll vote last. There's numbers say that you will not 132 times. For losses. Oh when you get plus fraud the browns have been involved in the form losses to before. And that taught. So animals. Brow stack you can give. There is some also weigh on the way not to win big in that upon in the gay. Oh when you get that many turnovers but. You know that this little focus game for the sites that we've talked about this throughout the offseason about this team getting off of App Store. For whatever reason or reasons since when he thirteen. You go back when he 14151617. This team restore Nazi rule and two. Not historical Nazi rule one in 28 B a one dozens of Pope Gasquet was not about talent it's about focus. You just got to get on the view live and do its job. And and you can't talk about what's gonna happen in October in the of the book you've got to take care of business this week. Of the treasury more talented team in Cleveland that doesn't necessarily mean you Google win. That's why they call an upset in kids you know big favorite. Old targets of football team and seemingly. Finds a way to school or when did last week gays they probably went on. A game they should've pulled out so you. You credible and tweak. It's it's it's well. To. Last Sunday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon talk of home field advantage seem pretty silly commitment. They listen and talk about twelve when they're seeing game win in this season so that to you right. Well I think it's it it's cliche in nobody likes to hear it. If it did they always say it's coach's style when it is accurate. You've got to play this week to week game big game you can not worry about. What's happening down the line it and ultimately and that that's quite a sports talk. And you know the ability. But if you player and coach it's all about focus from week to week. And black and a this is one Eagles tight game. That you. You got to understand. That balloons come in here. There aren't expecting them to win. When they come via gets to about 30000 people tell you in the browns would probably upsets ought to shoot it but that's but that's. Not necessarily indicate yesterday. In does give Banfield once it was appoints friend. Well you know in the Alley and then in West Point. All for this game but you know what date would Vegas. And he and and so it was on bill last week to put. The bullet and take action of this pretty. Last week at that point where it went from seven that not only did not happen Tuesday. So that means it was a lot of cash Roland. This week the points spread open that went and in this state so that's a lot of ability again battle on the site still win and they're all rebels bright lights in nice casinos. Because the rules of money. And they keep getting bigger and I don't see a lot of people didn't Richard on Iraq. You know what you're saying Mike you finally do you build a good quarter from a bunch of good plays. You build a good game from a bunch of good quarters. And years Sega one week at a time right. You take it one week at a time and offered came to play last week score forty points you should he win games. But defensively. That's the disappointment. A sex comes then is Tommy always view of the game makes me nervous. Drew has not beat the browns yet I think they did one time here in the dome last time right mind. Yeah. Beat Hillary but that's who it is and they claim not to be slow so you were about that later tummy but telling about it is when we get it time tell me about the defense. And what gives you confidence that they're gonna get it together from the train wreck that happened last Sunday. Well listen that the wins ball games in the past for shooting get last week he Uga again this week. I didn't want to say that is Tyrod Taylor's is what these guys that. He is habitable hot and cold passer but he doesn't world many interceptions. Russia retool full where passages four or more interceptions. In the queen's got pets and they got Jarvis Landry called it one of the best receivers in pro football today. Our Josh Gordon. If you would be would you'd called in the receiver if he could straighten out. It's off the field missions he's an unbelievable talent. Well odd look to have more on Sundays at just the one the deal would do from Monday through Saturday. And and they got a really good decided they have to do group. From Miami of Florida it's a year ago. She got to get a controversial Taylor and you gotta stop the run first you you understand that. What sort of set things up last week the box. Even those numbers they'll tell it because nobody did this second they're successful in the ball when they did two and two. So first things first stop the run get a pass for reform Taylor. All of the deepened the size of football you know would grip Williams offerings. Eagle bringing you re polite he wants to blitz you blitz you witchy. That's perfect for Drew Brees he wants that because he knows where to go with the football. I guess I'm not worried about offensively would decides would be able to do my thing is can be instantly. You'd get a pass for which you didn't get last week. And there seem to be issues that we saw on pre season carry you'll quit in game and we are not taking the proper angles to make a tactical not bring in the guy now on the first it's an. So again it's a bit dual focus football game more. It anything. Your aboard talented team. But certain to is that what they call it an upset when you go up to that. In about a company money and expected him and his game you're expected to win it. Take care of business. So with all that said do you think. The defense had come around insane Smart. It's it'll get better but still think that the browse to put points on his defense. Nicole. And it's got almost certain elements swing dramatically. You can go for given a which you gave up last week. To me you know sweets you know around this would it doesn't work that way in the NFL. But just really Tommy last year I think about it as bad as you played the first two weeks of the season. And you've got to does he want to start. Continued into the go go Lebanon Fareed the wrested away. Actual workable. As bad as you have played the first two weeks of the season but you can't against the vikings were riveted team. In the loss to the patriot to a patriots. Most of the Tampa Bay is in a different story. And you would have been just so huge hole. If you lose Sunday so this wide in its in focus on the W. The war about what's gonna happen a week two weeks three weeks Obama. Take care of business and adult. And get the crowd into it didn't into it last week. Which got to give them something to cheer about. He just did you what did you hear I mean you know makes you look like cute little cuckoo nightclub that way. We got to run buddy. Our topic at 30 warnings OK am on LSU Auburn. There are picked Auburn 2370. Topic today in a closed tight football game Auburn. Insult when in this. And Auburn series always is some weird and had done. Miss we're in the whole field as they distinct advantage Indies. Games Auburn cable and in Baton Rouge and elections won twice since 2000. At Auburn. Thank you Mike. And he'll wake you want to deal Monday morning Mike Terry Devin W Elena felt. College football analyst.