Will the Saints beat the Falcons?

Vegas has the Saints with a one-point lead over the Falcons.


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They've NC which you on your radio on your Friday deals but as I've been noting the weekend is under way for those of us who reside in The Who dat nation. Because it is game day. I don't think either one of us are surprised that after the saints opened his two point underdogs. In tonight's game. Now almost every casino has a ms. one point favorites. As the money is all going to the saints it seems that that's the popular pick. Why do you think it is that the line open that way and it shifted some. Like I asked him a little bit surprise just because of the fact for me at least that marquee drums banged up it is questionable for cut this contest. It has been such a key part to this offense this year. Com but the the falcons are not the same ball club. They were last season when they were so dominant and putting up points like crazy I know they have a new offensive coordinator but. That all fans the falcons' offense just hasn't been in the same kind of rhythm. As they world's a year ago there still put up decent amount a points but they're definitely not as prolific. On I just think the saints or a more complete team this year and I'll hopefully the return of Marcus Williams and we'll see if Ingram can go and always a big question tonight. And maybe the saints were just holding a matter these practices just rest him. For the matchup so I just think the saints are definitely the better ballclub heading into this and I guess the better see that as well but still I guess a little surprised at their favorite in Atlanta. Guys Steve Geller I need your prediction on a saints falcons Thursday night football tonight in Atlanta as much as everyone is talking about how desperate this falcons team is right now because they're in first third place in the NFC south behind the saints. I just liked the way the book of gold have been playing and I think that they can power through. This thing close out the season on a strong note are the scenes when in this one about 2827. Kind of game one point win. Marriage he thinks that Mark Ingram will plane if he doesn't play. What does that look like without an American really carrying the bulk of the rhymes yeah I'm really not sure about Ingram I'm leaning towards that he will be able to go I'm hoping that the saints are just eight were resting him leading up to this. But if Camaro has the carry the load it with that would be interesting they might sprinkle in some. Tree Edmonds as you know the backup running back put that would that definitely the blue which solely Bianca merry if England does. Come out and we've seen. That he's able to be active in the run game and the paso. I don't think we'll be that much of a drop off I would just worry about where take America down and contact.