Will President Trump's "listening session" accomplish anything?

Thursday, February 22nd

Did President Trump’s “listening session” at the White House with students and parents affected by the mass school shooting in Florida accomplish anything? Do you believe the outcry over this most recent school shooting will fade or continue? Full 2 pm hour.



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So here we are continuing a conversation. That started just last week. When there was a shooting at a high school. And South Florida. Anomaly does the conversation continue but it's it's it's taking on new meaning and the conversation is getting even more heated. I applaud president trump for his listening session yesterday at the white house with students and faculty and parents affected by the mass shooting in in Florida. I hope to accomplish something the president did talk about. Background checks strengthening background checks he talked again about on banning above stocks. And he seemed to give the the students and everybody in the room the indication that something will be done. But again I remind you there's only so much the president can do. Because it's congress. Decreased thoughts. It's congress that passes the laws. It's congress many congress members are beholden to. The powerful lobbyist the NRA. And I heard Wayne Lapierre the head of the NRA this morning. Scaring us. Telling us that if we if we change these laws of any laws change. Where we're going to be in the verge of socialists. He said the first thing that's gonna go is the Second Amendment. This is a fear tactic that it's as old as the NRA. This is being used throughout time this is not a new thing. And I just don't see decisive if if I'm missing something please. Call me tell me what a mess. But I don't see signs that the government is is preparing to take your sons who are looking for an excuse to take your guns away that didn't happen under the Obama administration. It's not happening now. And this idea that we're about to become a socialist nation is deciding to scare you. There's a big town hall meeting last night on CNN I watched it said took some notes. That while I was on my FaceBook page. Doing some real time comments are getting real time comments from people were were watching and I was getting Tom a few comments from people who would ever watch CNN. Well I mean if you wanna have that attitude that's that's fine. That's like saying well if you don't agree with everything Fox News says that you should never watch Fox News. I mean Darius that mentality. There's just passing blocked out anything legitimate from CNN because again. That group of people has been brainwashed. As you can prefer Fox News but to discredit everything CNN or MSNBC does. Is. Is a rather myopic view of of the media. Last night and he's been on the news or again this morning one at the powerful figures. Of this shooting. Is Fred good and park. He's the father. Of a teenage girl. Who was shot in the back. Running down the hall. At the school last week. It was a moment when he called out senator mark Rupp and. My daughter. Running down the hallway at Martinsville and Douglas was shot in the back desolate than assault weapon. Don't weapon of choice yes okay. It is too easy to get it is a weapon of war the fact did you can't skin with everybody in this building and save that. And so our. If you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601 a seventy or text. Is a 7070. I do applaud Marco Rubio for being there. I'm last night because that was not he knew he was walking into a crowd that was not a friendly crowd and I applaud you for being there and he even admitted while he was on the stage. That he is reconsidering his opinion on an age limit for buying guns and is reconsidering his opinion on the on the high capacity magazines. So I guess we can look at that as for those of you who want that progress made a dish can look at that as progress. Dana Lohse was a very very strong spokesperson for the and it for the NRA last night. And she really did a good job for. Making her case for the NRA. I'm she really seemed to focus a lot on the fact that the NRA. Doesn't want mentally deranged people to get guns. This individual was nice and high northern millions of people that I represent as a part of this organization I'm here speaking what. None of us support people who are crazy who like danger to themselves for a danger to others getting your hands on a firearm. And this year Scott Israel's a Broward county sheriff's immediately responded to Kyle Lohse from the NRA here's what he said. I understand you're standing up for the NRA and I understand that's what you're supposed to do. But you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them you're not standing up for them. And the sheriff also talked about whether or not to teachers in the classroom should be armed I don't believe teachers should be your heart believe teachers. And he also talked about. The people who were telling the teachers what to do. We have people in Washington DC representatives senators and legislators. Telling teachers what they should do. Without asking teachers what do you want to do. Here's an update on our pretty must opinion poll do you believe that following this latest school shooting there will be change. I'm I'm I'm memory courage because 59% responding to the polls say yes. 41% say no give us your opinion are going to have to be real Telecom. Here is a text that says so scoot to an accord by Hitler two cocker nation. Is to disarm its citizens. Okay. I guess it worked for them I don't see that working for us I again. If if if everybody was just aren't you have a point. But I just don't see that we're about to become a nation that doesn't have guns. I don't see that happening I don't see a precedent. Leaning in the direction but that was a precedent there are precedents they were things leading up to the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. It was obvious that they were gonna have to rule that banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. I don't see those same. Legal case is coming up that indicate that we're about to lose our rights to keep and bear marks. From Henry David George WWL. They'll. Bring out they'll post columnist since what mattered yet last night chief so we hope today. She's saying crying like others are ratings goal sane media is exploring crying mother. We're in that match partnered. And I mean it's now she's so worried about crazy people. They're wider NG streak that would fall. Relax the band and he relaxed the restrictions on mentally ill people get guns for years you're going to get that yeah. Okay which in turn and then did you. Nice speed we'll DR. Caribbean are played the RE placed its audience. It could be exactly which you don't you tell people what they wanted to hear jitter and any other. It appears sure to quote today our McConnell RI is yeah. Five these people are considered people anti American. And and and I consider them precious food. Well in a nation of 340. Million people. Only five million belong to the NRA. And and and you hear the ticket weapons pt percent of Gruntal I'll accept that it's less that what it was a 12% out of something like that. Ever belong Padilla are inaccurate include people edit edit it and get it sure you know they've got at the membership more some people are the because of their occurred there you know their tractor Troy wing rhetoric. And I heard I remember. George Bush senior. Denounced the NRA and and equipping our members are results of something that somebody something that that I think it was Wayne Lapierre head of the NN RA something that he said about. About guns and it may have been back onto I'm not really sure what it was but I remember that was a public moment when. George H walker bush I'm resigned from the NRA. Feel about yeah I actually believe it will all art in his nowhere and indeed it's. They don't care how many children die along state failed war guns and make more money. It just true I did what I believe in my. I appreciate the call I have a hard time believing that I don't believe the NRA wants children to die. But for wearing a lot here today. To say this that media. And Democrats and liberals are using. School shootings to promote there agenda. He is ignorant to how the NRA and gun owners have you school shootings to drum up the scare that now with the shooting Obama's gonna call for a ban on guns so you better rush out and get your guns you better rush out and buy your ammunition. This was a scare tactic used and it was a way of paying back. The gun manufacturers but it tons of money that pours in from gun manufacturers. To be RA. If you are on hold hang on if you order shortest of your comments that numbers 2:6 old morning seventy. Text page 77 I'm scooted repeat Jacqueline WL. Yeah I mean it would be really nice if we knew that teacher's score precisely take out the gunman if there's a shooting but I just don't think that is the answer and a lot of people agree with me but not everybody. On the president seemed to think yesterday's that says that is what these to be done the teachers need to be armed on I think god evil hazardous. His opinion changed as he talks to different people the White House is reporting this afternoon. That nothing is off to two people. When it comes to fixing the current situation. Nothing is off the table. Here's a Texas says you are pathetic defending the NRA even had time like this. What you are you listening to I don't feel like I'm defending the NRA. But I'm also talking about a positive plan that the NRA has. As that they may have to isn't even considered by a lot of people and this is one of the problems and nobody wants to even consider the other side. But if they have a plan school shield us of this plan. To fund. And supply security armed security for schools. Why is that not something we should actually talk about. Wayne Lapierre head of the NRA was speaking to a conservative group in Washington DC this morning. And here's what he said about. The other side. Chris Murphy. Nancy Pelosi and more. Cheered on by the national media eager to blame the NRA. And call for even more government control. They hate the NRA. They hate the Second Amendment. They hate individual freedom. I don't know how are concerned. I mean he can't say it but it's it's not accurate but again this is the scare tactic because of the NRA. I'm gonna text here I want to thank the person for sending his stick I knew there was a reason that bush senior rusty NRA in this Texas telling me this window Wayne Lapierre called the ATF. Jack booted thugs. In relation to either ruby ridge or Waco and now I do I do remember that. And don't forsee said enough and he got out. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll do you believe that following this latest school shooting there will be change 63%. Say yes. 38 cents or no give assure opinion to be if you don't dot com from Picayune Ethan welcome tore Schoen thanks for hanging on Ethan. They didn't really don't that I'm good. Delegate column about the situation I'm. Yeah there there are some people. To lose their rights and it's it's the eighteenth one Euro. How how we think that that's okay just to say you know it shouldn't be done between one. I mean he's an eighteen year apartment you know move he would go for an end to defend his family I mean it. Keep that in a way. Feels like get above all it's totals section of people I'm not that now. Oh I get that but there should not be a law that allow issued by. And they are fifteen and eighteen but you can't buy a handgun into your 21. And that just sends a message state that our country doesn't really have concise gun laws and doesn't even know what to do with Oregon laws. I can make that argument to I understood I'd. Look I think the drinking age should be eighteen it was eighteen I was going out but if you can do all these other things it's like to. That you know you know it's interesting how the on these are the establishment today I grew up with the drinking age Kimberly hunting eighteen. And on now dear you know supportive as a as a generation of supporters are for raising tricking these two to 21. But it did they not think they were responsible enough to drink. And I could take a critical but you can go in the military but you can't do this I had a conversation when it comes to the crackdown on on strippers. Here in the French Quarter New Orleans that you know if our if you're eighteen you should be able to strip should have to what you're 21. You get right it and that's what will be on our mental help they are. First of all the that this president trump got rid of that you know it's not because of literally. It was because it was so broad that people that had no mental issues we're getting tangled up and. Yeah and their you know when it comes to you you're right about 32 when it comes to mental health. You know this is another thing that is just not understood by the politicians are not understood by the general public can and people think that anybody that might have liked. Like. I attention deficit disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder or PT EST did their mentally ill. And that's inaccurate and you know do the medicine. Has some site if expert but there are so many people taking minutes to help him with that. It's not making them do bad things so you know you're right we have to be careful who we define as being mentally ill. Yeah it considerably. If they can get like if it's Great Depression. Was who if you know something that they define you know it. And get like 90% law and could vote on at the Katrina could move while. Here are after after his saints lost what you have to go and again everybody's going after the saints lose as to who are doing well. The cadets who played OK we're going to get to go to now everybody's depressed for them to get your guns. Even appreciate the call. I incredulous to our Chris welcome to WWL. Basically thanks so much for taking my call your. Stupid you know I think that the good thing about this discussion. If it were all rational. Common sense people right wrong or indifferent it doesn't matter Republican Democrat. In the middle. I think we can all agree that something needs to be done at the end of the day and one thing I think about it's cute you can you can check this out yourself. I've got a family member that the student at no cost we knew hand turn and focus campus are immediately Europe met at a capitol police. The capitol police maintenance the campus. There is an immediate stance. Chest relaxation. Very controlled it very serious step finally that there were serious. And I think that if we could find a way. Two employee. And off duty police officer person from the military retire or maybe jets. Not permanent if we did it we can create a position we find money for all of these others saying we do. And if we can just create a position and I think it would almost immediately. Established I'm not saying it would it would 100% stop. But it would make someone think about it but when I go about. There's always use a police officer at the door or inside. Well Chris you're you're right I've got to leave it there because they're good news coming a bit I mean this is something that we have I talked about on the show since the since the shooting. You know if if we can make Danks secure and the word is banks are secured Disney people so tried to rob banks but why can't we do that with schools. So there's a lot of things that can be done. A father read a poem last night I'll share with you when we come back. Good afternoon I'm scoots or graduate or so on this beautiful spring like February afternoon I wish we did have this two hour to talk about it. It's good you were having this conversation. The fact that this conversation has become so heated is just a testament to how. On how deeply divided this country is when it comes to guns. You've got some people saying. If banning assault weapons isn't gonna solve the problem then let's don't ban assault weapons. If raising the gauge for buying guns isn't going to solve all the problems is it gonna make is completely safe to let's don't do it. Using that logic I don't see how we would justify having any loss at all. And had the NRA as of this morning trying to instill fear in Americans. That if there is any adjustment. To gun laws. We will become a social station. And the first thing that will happen if you lose your right to keep and bear marks. Where's the efforts. Where's the information that really convincing you of that. Last night at the CNN town hall meeting. The father of a student who was killed. Every son among seventeen dead. He read a poem. His fourteen year old son wrote this column. Days before he just felt that okay. A week or so before you skipped. The fondest on the home. The last sign on the stage took the opportunity to redeploy. But on this by Alex. Schechter. Life is a roller coaster. Opponents like this a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes. You can take it slow or very fast. It may be hard to greet the times. But you have to push yourself to keep going. Your bar is your safety. It's like your family in France. You hold on tight. And you don't like go. But sometimes she might throw your hands up because your friends and your fan you've always been there were few. Just like the Bart keeping you safe at all times. It may be too much at times for you to twist and turns the ups the downs. But you get back up you keep chugging along. Eventually. It comes to a stop. You don't know when or how. But you'll know what that penalty to time to get off and started new. Life. Is like a roller coaster. I'm chuck you're Debbie if you are good afternoon. I achieved origin are easiest hundred. They're you know and Charles Whitman who choked or what people a lot of power of the uterus you Bostian. There are universities are similar so I was I was a kid I remember that happening. And it was papal action rifle unless you know again able to actually write or not an assault lies or not and you'll air sifting. So many people control not gun control. As for giving me into lobbyists. You know or has given five million dollars in its thirty year period thing about. Yorkshire post has more that it's excellent. I don't so I don't think that's accurate chuck. You're you're saying the NR in over thirty years the NRA's only gonna five million dollars. Well how come their sister Alice sent out to says that John McCain alone has so received over seven million. John McCain the entire month ever in general. Okay thought the chucked it does suggest that he got the money from the NRA. If if you don't Johnny if John McCain a loan got seven point two million dollars from the NRA than aka the NRA give five million dollars over thirty years. It should shut surged. I think you ought to research a little more and maybe get us cannot get off some of the year give us some of the red website should look at that. Yeah Reagan's far less money than George Soros does. Stewart it was so what do but what does that matter I mean there are a lot of lobbyists out there I understand that the what is your point. What is your point is SharePoint debt debt to politicians do not. Do not go along with the NRA do not do things to please the NRA is that we shall I mean do you believe that. I'm sure there's a lot more games you'll choke 4000 children day in America. Of course chuck of course but what is your point. What is your plan when it comes to our discussion right here. Yeah and get sick. And good things. I've said that. A said that. But you're in you're inaccurate when you say the hurry over thirty years is only a given five million dollars to politicians I mean that's just stupid. Again you know we live in a world where everybody has information. Here's what we just looked this up. Since the beginning. Okay so are we discovered just got to statistic the NRA has Paris are donated 140. Million dollars. To politicians. To date. That's a little bit more than five million us but again here's the scary thing that I chuck. Is going to select web sites to get information that is to be yes. The information is designed to feed the audience. The NRA has an audience. I'm not gonna describe that audience to you you figure out who the our audiences. And that doesn't mean it's everybody in the NRA. But in general there is an NRA audience. And that's what they feet. This idea that over thirty years he originally given five billion dollar that's ridiculous. There are what it is true. That. Banning assault weapons. Rifles what are we article. In the guys were talking about. That's academic is completely safe. So she we do nothing. And I still have yet to hear from one person. Who was given any kind of legitimate information that we are on the verge of losing our Second Amendment Rights. Where's the precedent that's been set up for this. So many people buy into the buying into the hysteria. In fact OK here's an update on that the RA has donated five million dollars to politicians. Last year alone. Not over thirty years last year alone the NRA donated five million dollars to politicians. So go every river to set the record straight on that but isn't scary how people find the information they want a fine. Don't care about the troops. Take care about confirming. Their bites. And this is the country we live in and this is the battle we face every single day of our lives. If you have a comment our number is 260. When it's somebody. Text numbers 87870. I'm scoots. Agree or disagree. I'm graduate this and we'll be back undoubtedly well. This is a song George Strait Sarah Rotella inspired by the December 2000 throw shooting has sent her elementary school in Connecticut. And George Strait can relate to losing a child he lost his thirteen year old daughter Jennifer. In a car accident in 1986. Are from home a David here and there to just you know good afternoon. I think I call him. In Asia often. My luck comment it's and I'm a nurse or 27 years and I think one area that is surely lack in mental health. And you know got people do that and I'm not criticizing them I think the problem was that really is in our society itself. Because you know cement walk trilogy walking around and someone knows. That you cease psychiatrist. They make fun of you there's skin you know in the last what you see shrink from the the fact is that we can all benefit from counseling at some point our lives I don't know that fact and I believe. I agree with you David and again what color you know I grew up with the current condition obsessive compulsive disorder and my parents took me to a psychiatrist twice when I was a kid. And neither psychiatrist could find anything wrong with me because they didn't know anything about that. Disorder back then. So here I go to a psychiatrist twice my parents think there's something wrong with me I know there's something wrong with me and two different psychiatrists say. I can plainly wrong with. Well that made me think I'm receiving cores you there really wise. And I didn't really start to get help until the mid nineties as as an adult and I was tortured my entire life so. You know if if I let people know that I'm going to a psychiatrist now for oh CD you're right there is a statement that goes along with and I. There and it. In Central Asia and you know I really think you know part of the problem is that because it's such a stigma attached to Abu. Our society. Consequently we don't get a whole lot of big money detonated in that area to do research and you know let me and we need it and and about our society. Unimpressed should be cheers that was to Tallahassee am impressed every time we have a demonstration. Over something like that. But you know what else is. What we have an election people don't educate themselves on the issues. And on the candidates and they don't show up to vote so I feel like when it really. I'm not in the that the demonstration by which really time to do you rate which is on the polls we don't show. But David you're right and that's something that needs to change and there are a lot of a lot of Republicans who are afraid. This young generation and colonials are gonna start to show up in massive numbers. Because they have contempt twists the establishment. And so I guess that makes it even more important for the establishment to show up in greater numbers we're gonna talk more about that in the next hour based on something that was set on a show. Yesterday afternoon. In other students were in Tallahassee. Yesterday after a seven hour bus ride from parts of Florida. Some of the same students were back in Sunrise, Florida which is near apartment TT arena for the CNN. Special. So CNN obviously arranged a charter jets. Or something to get them from Tallahassee. To. South Florida. Not to say anything wrong with that threat to despaired of two point that out he was a great show I hope get a chance to wash it. More highlights for bats and more I'm screws will be back on WL. Will things change show I think that's the big question and it's in it it's a matter of a sticking with this plan with these young people it's it's. It's whether or not there attention spans stay focused on district they get. Involves and other politically active for us things are I think this is going to last I think this is resonating across the country. And as a result of this we'd actually seen president trump on the pier to a change his opinion on a couple of things. I don't know exactly where he was on this before but it just seemed a little unusual that he was four on their looking at changing the age of buying a gun. From eighteen to 21. That the president also odd talked about it. On the I'm an assault weapons ban. Not that he is sport at this point and the you know and then a white the White House just a little while ago said that when it comes to fixing the current problem nothing. It's off to tape now it's easy to say that it's a lot harder to follow through with that. You could say nothing is off the table that doesn't mean anything's gonna pass. It has immunities and get done. So you know let's. Wait to see what happens. Marco Rubio last night at their town hall beat her CNN center our attention span is seven to ten days. It's been what 910 days at this point despite ninety's now. Let's see how long this attention span last I have a sense it's gonna last longer there will be some. Ups and downs there will be some moments when it fades. I think it's gonna stick around we'll talk about voting and your opinion and your calls next on Debbie if you help.