Will the players and the NFL come to an anthem agreement?

Seth asks if the NFL and the NFLPA will come to an agreement on the league's national anthem policy and chats with Saints tight end Benjamin Watson.

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No it's not it's Seth Dunlap substitute teach and tonight on sports stock. Very good at first our great conversation we had is winning the only thing that matters in sports and that is still our WWL. Blue runner foods opinion poll on Twitter will be on the website here. In just a couple of seconds you can text me on that age 7870. We're still gonna talk NFL now. And Ben Watson gonna join us at 520 seats tie it and and he's been very outspoken very eloquent sue. On his views on the new NFL National Anthem policy and the players if you're on the field must stand for the National Anthem you can then go into the locker room. But no protest thing. Or. Teams could face some penalties. Well. Yesterday the NFL and the NFL players association released a joint statements. And that said paraphrasing here they're suspending any new policy seize on. The and -- the policy. While they have a private discussions confidential discussions nor an iron something out hammer out a new policy that addresses this. And makes the owners happy. Tries to make the players happy and bring everybody together on this issue was certainly an NFL has not been so far this basically in response to something might happen a couple of days ago. With the Miami Dolphins. Owner Stephen Ross and the front office there. They had to put in a policy in ratty at least submitted it to the NFL that said. They would possibly suspend their players if they. Were protesting during the anthem. Lot of blowback from the NFL PA saying assassin be collectively bargained. And in the dolphins started cross fishing Stephen Ross their owner. Released statements saying again paraphrasing here. That swell this was just stay formed cents to the NFL this was a flexible Paulson that we hadn't decided anything firm on in there and again are we talked the last hour and nothing really to see here. But the NFL and the EPA now releasing a joint statement of Syria and read the statement here at least the first paragraph of it because it into his interest thing. Here's the statement quote the NFL and NFL PA through recent discussions have been working on a resolution to me at the mission in order to allow this constructive dialogue to continue. We have come to a standstill agreement on the NFL PA's agreements and on the NFL's Adam policy. No new rules relating to the anthem will be issued a warrant force the next several weeks while these confidential discussions. Our ongoing. The NFL NFL PA reflected great values of America which are repeatedly demonstrated by the many players doing extraordinary work in communities across our country. To promote. Equality fairness and justice. Our shared focus will remain on finding a solution to me at the may issue through mutual good faith commitments outside of litigation. You know I saw something from I was a tweet from the great Sports Illustrated writer Robert club co the other day. Saying that the most influential player today in the NFL still is Colin Capp. Because of his want action now two years ago taken any in a pre season game. The reverberations of that still felt everywhere around the sport inside and out of it and the NFL is not balance a good way to handle this issue. They fumbled at multiple times. And once again now they're getting what the NFL PA and this is the first time that that I've heard something and I really believed that those two forces the NFL NFL PA. Are really hammering down try to work something out because this is no longer good for either side. You could say it first. This issue was good for the players and there pursuits for social justice and equality. Men he could say well this became an issue they kind of united the owners against the players the room has certainly. Be. Conservative owner ownership force in the NFL and politicians against the players and yes but now I'll use open anybody. People talk about well the ratings are down across the NFL and the reason why his players protests that well be yes but I also pegged their ratings were down. Because both sides got tired of it. Left wing right wing players who supported. The players play urgent support the players nobody was happy with this ask anybody. If you're on one side of the fence on this I would just. Ask you do something Stewart tells you to do a lot hate reach out to somebody on the opposite side of an issue talked to them they're going to be just is unhappy about this is you are. And still no real end to this insight. Too little incredible two years in. You think about this thing quick call. 5042601870. Upset stomach appear on sports stock Derek and Gonzales she went away and go ahead. Derek you're on WW I'll go ahead. No Derek let's go to will a New Orleans well you're on the VW. Baylor hit. Yeah leopard so our on the players' burnout guerrillas of the you know did a lot of work. Arm of the bill and I think they're going to give me I think this year. And orders in the locker room and I think they would continue to make you know communities but it is due to revoke the field. Yemeni faith that the NFL NFL PA will come to a good agreement on this after the latest statement. I'm not sure will thanks for the call I'm not sure they're gonna come up with something that. Please is certainly no nothing's gonna please everybody at this point I'll even though they're gonna come up with something that's feasible it will please a majority of people out there just. I have no faith in either side on this I think we're that far down into the rabbit hole. We'll take a break you're coming back Ben Watson say it's tight end will join us a certainly ask him about this he's been very outspoken and eloquent on this. If he's got a charity event coming up and of course last about. Training camp that starts next week for the saints I'm Seth Dunlap at sports stock right here on WW. Welcome back to the program sets Dunlap in for Christian Gary tonight's you know or just a week away here less than it. From saints training camp press conferences on Wednesday camp opens on Thursday I can't wait football season is back baby. We've got a very special guest force now Ben Watson saints tight ends on into the program. And what's going on you ready for camp make sense to few days away now. Anything like. Every year but Malia I'm. Operative word here rate ago. The visit get faster though analogue you've been in the league now man loses and changed and she younger days. I think all these and it gives sort of on the that don't think you know when you. Have oh wire and it now five kids it's like you all you used to be a if he all of these and that totally different but now like if he's going on it's still pretty cute did you know back schedules very good about saying. Those being like you know every daylight Tuesday they play him in the off season is really sort. Everybody. Yeah I you working even harder now without Fallon and methods and better and this team and you've been around so many locker rooms now in New York we career which stocks but sinks the ship. You know I think that that we. A lot of potential. In about a lot that they improve. When you look back last year. You look at the offseason program. As a group of guys that are very different. A lot of space in the last time I was here. But do about that have been dual life and wars. I arrived in India today with the successive day last year I was a bit to carry that through until this year. There's some new faced by the integrates operations. There's also. A hunger I think to build what happened last year up in about an understanding. Bad success comes from all work and in the different every year that it's an identity of the year. But nothing handed to you in this league and I think is really important it teams understand about being detained understands. I don't Ed have you been a little bit surprised and amazed by the balance of power that shifted to the NFC's so dramatically here the last couple of years I mean. And this NFC has 567 contenders into prime a look at of one or two over there in the AFC Rees president. Yeah you know what my career it is slow up the saints from top of the time I remember earlier mark Ritchie got for. You know the earlier in the first five years so very see Dominic you know we yet know England you the COLT that while the common ultimately England Pittsburgh all the time. You know you had a lot of Bernstein that would that would there in NC. I'm really does have different costs doubled good teams now the last year old that was that the power pompous shifted there's there's more. Depth I think in in the NFC. We're used to be the other way if you Google once seemed like record from these conference. But when you look at the NSC. Had a concert went out to the allotted a lot of good teams that chemical. It's been Watson saints tied in joining us here on sport stock I'm set Dunlap knows little bit fortuitous booking here by our producer. A Steve Geller you've been very outspoken very el Al love what you said. Abouts the protests around the National Anthem and of course last night breaking news was the NFL NFL PA released a joint statement saying they're getting them back together. To try to iron something out to do you have hope that. Something in that C is agreeable to the players and the owners and everybody gets worked out here. We do what we've been in talks when they're re dismaying that period. Player leadership as well you know so I've been in talks when it comes to the rule I think what was laid out. Well by the end well in the way they even in admitted you know some owners as well as well about submitted today. So how big they would have done something differently as players have been and so CA the union. We've go the way. I think it does also solved. I guess ambiguity when it comes to what exactly that means it would have been not being. And so. Refer to the corner the case for purposes of having both sides also the lead by a respected. I am happy that we are comfortable place will be can try to work towards some sort of solution I don't know what is going to be happened to the next process. What you saw that statement all. Week. Ago but obviate this thing yeah. Delete has comment and we're going to try to be feasting so there there will be Tom. Probably some sort of change. I don't know what it's going to be by am confident that something that that it agreed to. Well Vince Amar your did some pretty cool you're gonna be out on the carnival triumph hosting the reading event for local kids aboard that ship is that right tells about. Cruise line. Child support. The local communities Wednesday. Have ships coming out about you or. The players you can take from that industry Sergio callable. And their posting upbeat about this season war child now you've been. Worked out why you and I read a dispute and an important. So that partnering with look pre local organizations. To bring to you about this emphasis is that it is on the importance of Reading. You know we don't native studies that when it comes to how key is progressed throughout life. When it comes the types of education there and later on like a lot of it comes to the fundamental idea. Reading comprehension. And so conduct issues partly on the crew are beyond their reading. About this used books to some kids. Just China occurred is that even those on the an atomic in the pool and he snowballed ala pat though that also tied to mission continue to read. Yamana always is great stuff very worthy cause tomorrow I see you do and it's and look short and sweet today. But Ben we'll see out there at training camp next week enjoy your weekend met. Articulate racially stay hydrated I'll be out there. Our hot handle them and none out about it Ben Watson saints that in thanks so much for joining us tonight taking your calls after. The latest wrinkle thrown CBS news stint Don Ames I'm Seth Dunlap sports stock continues on WW. So they NFL and NFL PA releasing a joint statement last night. That puts the NFL's anthem policy on hold under a standstill. Agreement the latest attempts. To trying to iron things out between the two sides to come up with an acceptable agreements. Before the season starts and we're just a couple of weeks away went August 9 the first game here. And then the regular season's start and then about a month and a couple of weeks so I don't have a long view that ironed out what do you think give us a call you can text me. And you can tweet us a started off with Ed in Picayune and your on WW out. You don't want bank the bank at all. I wonder how long did it at eight or it had been a a problem what we see me like that only because. At Bel. Ami is big they are they it it's something right. It's been two years said it's been two years they haven't gotten anything right so far they've bungled it time and time again no doubt about it. Are important issue I mean it like that great. Well remember it's a league is so do you can't blame this on Roger Goodell I'm like I think Roger Goodell may allow missteps at this one. It's not him you have to have the owners agreeing on something you can't get these owners agree on anything because of well politics is like it is in our country right there on both sides of the issue ads that's going to be a really tough test. I don't agree and he brought it Adele had a lot of I'll. And it's supposed to be. Ernie and negotiator. And things like that or what is the problem they gave it to get a caught a lot of problems within a locker. What has but I don't think you can blame Roger Goodell for this I just don't because he's not emperor. Goodell here. He's got to get these owners to agree in majority and sometimes supermajority to make any kind of policy changes. Missiles on to Dell I mean he is the spokesman she can throw some blame his way but he's not been the sole person responsible for this is no doubt again. You have owners like Stephen Ross in Miami Jerry Jones on one side of this issue saying hey they're players better get out there and stand they're gonna suspend the mark. Finals and then you have owners acting owner like Christopher Johnson in New York. Tapper now in Carolina saying no our players can protest. Will pay the fines are self so when you have orders on completely opposite sides of an issue like this. Crow growling them into one Penn is a gargantuan task. I've said many times I thought Roger Goodell is misstep to put blame squarely his way this one is one of them. This is on the ownership themselves. Haven't Anthony in shall menuing away and Anthony go ahead. Anthony you're on WW well. We lost it guy can't imperialists Leon Hall mark Menard our studio producer. We'll try to get you squared away there. Here's the section 95 I think the players you'll realize that they are hurting their own business company and potential profits in my opinion they have the rights protest. But if ratings continue to fall here's essentially seeking your own ship. You know that's a very. Interesting in nuanced topic I don't think there's any doubt that some people are tuning out because of the Santa mission but it's more complicated map. I firmly believe. That there are people on both sides of this issue now I've talked to him. It's say they're Don what the NFL. Because of I they're they're in the players camp and they don't agree with how the NFL is channeling miss in their spokespeople and of course we know that there's people who. Are not on the player side in this and say they're done what the NFL. Ratings are falling for both reasons and if you don't give credence to the fact that there's people on both sides put off by this. It is not looking at the truth here. Also we talk about television ratings let's be honest. That medium. Not a silly a dying medium. But certainly a receiving one. There's just too many options now with especially the younger generation who have unplugged. Asked anybody under the age 25 IA. I you know challenge you to find somebody under the age of 25. That truly has aid traditional. Satellite or cable subscription. It's hard to a vast majority of them just China Netflix Hulu or whatever else. And not on cable or satellite so that's a huge problem right now. For not only the NFL television in general. It's. Not that. If so are. Could occur in the system. Is a lot to be. A bit patient during. Gift shop. What's wrong. With Egypt but is there a lot out there and he is losing criminal justice. System. I hear about it I guess I don't understand the question Anthony year asking little drama but he did. No. He shouldn't be a lot basically isn't in you think I might look. EG. Is just getting. Yeah he's now a is basically the face. Of domestic violence or at least violence against women in the National Football League do you think. Then he faced the consequences that anybody else in society would have Anthony if he's not a football player. Much about it. On the jury did you. I'd be that. I was. Is not what I think I appreciate you know that is you don't theory in execution. The Butler a debt and an opportunity. Again. Wish. He didn't so the opening it. What industry working Anthony. And ask what what you know industry do you work in. You can. And I think that is not it's about what I don't understand why it. Because. It. I'm not trying to young look I'm not trying to you defensive here on this asking you know what field you're working and because. I don't know how the money. I don't think it's relevant to what we're talking. What would give you about in my hand and I'm allowed askew yours this is talk radio man you're allowed to give your opinion and. And it. It. We get a little defensive here Anthony Anthony sounds like it sounds like you don't think you can back a point here so I'm gonna do it for you could you can't back up your point. Wherever you work Anthony. If your boss. Punched a woman and a face in a bar. No matter how high up he is an organization. He wouldn't have a job. That happened in the movie industry. Wouldn't have a job. Men have been the politics wouldn't have a job that happened. In the restaurant business pop Johnny wouldn't have a job. At least not for very long time not it's less than a year later. So if you're asking me. Do I think Joseph mix and served a just sentence in the court of public opinion heck no I don't. And I'm not the person making the decisions their but I can certainly tell you. That I don't think they made the right one. And if you do if you think that him cold cock in knocking out a woman in a bar. And then going and play and on Sundays is okay because hey winnings the only thing that matters stand behind that. And that's fine that's your opinion I'll have mine and I'll definitely. Stand on my high ground on out. Because I like my position a lot better than yours. We'll take a break here. Taking your calls on the NFL and the pos if you want to weigh in on is winning the only thing that matters 5042601870. I'm Seth Dunlap its sports stock on WWL. Throw a couple of things into the pot stir it up today are blur on her foods opinion pull. Is joining the only thing that matters. Log on to WW dot com cast your vote that's also on Twitter at WW all AM FM and we're talking about the NFL and NFL PA getting back to. Yet they're trying to hammer out agreements on an anthem policy and policy surrounding political protests. During games. Joseph mixing god brought up a couple times because ms. Wang the only thing that matters. 21 years old couple years after beating a girl in a bar or knock her out. Though he seems to care anymore. Here's the text from the 985 you'll believe that he should be punished because he's in the public got Joseph generator can be his wife to a pole but you'll get fired. I want. I'm not sure what business you'll work more but everything ASEAN mile I've it's the opposite. Joseph. He'll be gone. No doubt about it. Go to Derrick in Gonzales Derek you're on WW. You're doing and again. Two days ago so it's all right there and then I'm crying now but there. Please the first thing a lot of cuts on this. You know prisoners would be that the man went and saw that video. Probably why I realized away equal cart is wide I mean yeah really no excuse today. And I mean I don't care. You know I mean. In oh immediately. I mean is still use the type of person. Two. A people door could be redeemed. On the wrong headed down and in that position man. Produce on the idea I don't think he should be stripped the confusion number two as they like what. No I agree and speaking I completely agree with what he said there that you know if you pay your penance. Do your time. And give your debt to society. Such as an example in my mind is what Michael Vick did horrendous what he did with that dog fighting. Went to prison. Now he's an advocates. Her. Anti animal abuse campaigns. Again paid his debt to society. And I didn't have brought him back in the league wanted and that. Bobby I'd send your on WW oh what say you. Statement. I think the if Spain. Can put Nash but not to be a good job. If you were in good job will ration. Pwnage out that you out the ball well you will be hard stopped as much and I don't really. It's got to. Go back. There in order book but I think the Pakistan. Won't sit. Let me Al let me ask you this volatile on a sale on topic is we you know that's that's something we've been talking about for years but we're talking about it because the NFL mental Pierre didn't back the other trying to hammer something out do you think those two sides. Will agree to something that you'll find acceptable. Yes and become a book apparently she talks and the audio hook. Guaranteed contracts. Yes. And well in cheeks contract. Well I'm rose Richard journals the latest person to say that I believe. We'll see that's that's coming up guaranteed money at least more than may be guaranteed money for longer sees me shorter. Contracts was something that was discussed recently Alicea most certainly be interstate one more less and look lossless you're on WW. Let's go ahead. No let's go to Tony Tony in Metairie you're on WW. It. Hate to. Okay other real quick outs later Hillary started drop a couple Forbes is out so. Our sport news business and what I call on those sites or there in that they'll. It's gonna get beat back money. To spot which is called free money when they're rate drops. So. When do collective bargaining come out. And it gives back this money that Eritrea and this small ball. And Mali contract. Well we didn't surprise me away and it and it didn't it. Said any part of the NFL is. Same sources Forbes business. What it was business. Here we're up against the clock Tony and give me a favor because it's. I'm not saying your wrong it Odyssey to be more educated on that part of it you can link to me that article semi attacks that 8787 EL check it out. Usually what happens if there's any kind of payback capacity given his sponsors because they don't get ratings goes is that some by the broadcast networks themselves but maybe the NFL. Is any different position I'd love to read that though again a 7870 consider me a text on that what do you think. Willie NFL and out of all VA. Come together and agree on something that's. Sufficient do you as a fan 5042601870. It sports stock concept Dunlap on WW. Are you ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars welcome back to sports dockets the intercom national cash contest. The code word this hour is our texts. Our 272881. That's 72881. Text now and you could win 1000 dollars catch. That's our like our on the clock to listen for the next go to work Monday morning just before 7 AM. 1000 dollars is up for grabs when it's for your wallet good luck from all of us at WW only never charged protects an individual text and data rates may apply. Please don't text and drive coming up next is mark Menard said his sports clashes L issue expected to finish fifth in the SEC west what.