Will the Pelicans have a rocky negotiation with Boogie Cousins?

Bobby & Kristian discuss whether DeMarcus Cousins unfollowing the Pelicans on Instagram means negotiations will be rocky with Boogie.


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Simpler file off and on and on this Wednesday addition of sports talk here on WW LI MF and dot com. The cajun cannon Bobby Hebert a crushing Derek Moore and art and master control here till 8 o'clock tonight Kendall Rogers. Managing editor of stop by at 535 L issue wrapping up the SEC regular season and their regular season this weekend on the road against Auburn to the tigers win their first. SEC road series will find out tomorrow. 5:30 create covered 6 o'clock first pitch in Auburn Thursday Friday and Saturday in McDowell stuff by former relishing pitcher an analyst for ESPN in the SE network. At 635 Kurt Becker Porsche racing analyst track commentator at Becker trackside. Obviously lone sailor get me in Iran in the preakness this Saturday a party miles of people online for yet. At W alike come DeMarcus Cousins on file the pelicans on instant ramp means something or not. It choices yup he's don't. Are not chill out the big deal with Ivan of that and a few almost phone lines are open at 504. 2601870. Text 870. 87 the body and I'd be ousted him and I'm still deal with some swimmers here up I'm on how a wants are solutions to be some home remedies on the text line dates only to navigate. Swimmer get rid of swimmers here is driving Cree. Clearly we collided toward it for sentry go to drug surrogates who is here now I don't want do that. It does suffer no matter what well I mean what they get in the shower and all swimming this again. Absolutely weren't getting infected again you have that I try to anyway it's just slightly knowing you're at a yes and and the thing is when you swimming in the water you this puts them is in yours that night you know before and a hum deal statue like what he kids. And a ambient Abiola stubborn. What do you make it DeMarcus Cousins on following the palace on and strip. The mean something and I saw this last leg blown up to mean the bloggers that Twitter and embers blowing up Melissa long. So why I mean he on file Colombia is to send a message may be mean it's a leverage point I don't know put. And Ed is I'm not gonna draw the conclusion Bobby that oh my gosh you on followed settings are habits of thought out. Well. I don't know could be 5050. Again it depends ballot affects an individual I think bogey cousins. That he's definitely sending a message. Where he could you know. My understanding made the statement I can. You know follow who I want. You know kind of a brandy tied statement that I mean I don't know to me money talks hello. This kind of 5050 whether. He decides I follow. Someone thought they go depending who you talk into. The meaning in negative connotation is followers his relationship negotiation with the pelicans going followers so. Yeah hookup I'm not sitting here freaking out about this it is interesting but I mean. He's a grown man he can follow not follow whoever he wants on social media accounts I just a look at it last night I was like man wiser by. In such a Tizzy over this news and to media. Well he's probably. Take all of the pelicans and take in the pros that the organization are children many low. While but he's damaged goods and mean. But I mean by damaged goods yet he could come back London Drew Brees is damaged goods. And I think if you look at Mickey Loomis and and him being head to basically. The pelicans. And the saints that. They would want to make sure reporting investing IMAX type contract W cousins. Is not affect the long term where he is still great Niger is good. And so it's going to be a two year deal. It's a three year Maxiell and you know his age is going to be all you gotta get a mag civil what team right now on the baby's gonna give a Max deal I think that we know. Could be just simply that he. Doesn't like the content on his time am I mean yeah that guy keep a part of in the first use social media of choice which might be two different Rios. Yeah I don't know Christian at Sanyo ballpark about I just look at that. Bogey because before he got hurt. He had a lot of leverage not just the pelicans that really the whole NBA. But again. But because it is great Izzy is. It's and his for a twelfth started. Then. He is noble want an NBA with the bulls games played in that played won twelve games it. That's a win this series and played a play in an actual twelve game. Context here pay 7870. On the swimmers here remedy grow up when it so she hit when you can adult kids so we don't. Nobody got to take responsibility don't let. All of us that as a kid you don't go to Bulldog and OK there you've been swimming in the lake we you know put some drops in year right. You know just add don't do this or you doesn't not a grownup are on the up on opposite you know it just sounds like. And it was it was harder then and as does it'll just annoying I didn't know what can be painful I don't know warm olive oil it warm while boiling new year could. Do the trick and they. Some form of rubbing alcohol. Hi Jim Brock who got her height of frogs got a couple of drops and nearly lying in your side. Let's it's at thirty seconds at that makes sense. That. I don't know you'd go to drugstore to have is actually called whom is it honestly miles away on the way to house press they got to do right there and I think is to my religion. Suited to having that goes in doctors and you'll have to agree yes something when I'm in the as a master of her home remedies not I don't know that I am piglet there's I think it helps evaporate. We figured it. Mean it's Iraqis to sell anything yet the Disney's. DeMarcus Cousins on followed the pelicans on NC Gramm isn't a big deals that mean I think he's sending. A message you tell us at 5042601. Makes having a commit pelicans afford to lose though because it's 504260. Well certainly tech's 87. And as we go to break I think also. The X-Factor I think this would be one contract. That they would. Get him involved to a point where he knows it's gonna happen or what's going on that being Anthony Davis. So I think of Anthony Davis and he said he once bogey cousins here. But I don't think they gonna let Andy Davis they would give book because wherever he wanted I'm gonna do now. So it went AD has two leaders Levitt is contract have bogey dozens. Gimmick to his career type deal. I guess the audience what Cecile inflict some pain on me. Body she get out of them. We'll try to during the break I was into shape. The swimmers your out of me as a sports bog here on W two LA announcement comes. No it didn't work during the break body was trying to. Beat anatomy and Ella ground. Must swimmers ear to the ground. Hit my head banging my head into the grounds that out yet it's not out yet snot out of my head urge now all on win by year thing a lot of low blood income mostly. Yeah I'm an island you act like a code Christian. Yeah kind of am Beatles soft in upload means. Program what is great is that it on the personnel other than grunt. Personnel other Ingraham and a measly little man and until now it means like you're an ad in united Russia the united treatment you're not. You know your your principal like you going through a process to try new marine no you already morale been like your job in the Marines is like. And on the come up. Add min you know pencil pusher coming up. So light all of a sudden the only KP duty are you gonna bathroom beauty like a gold were probably at no that's that I actually got like a coat it would be opposed. And all ignorance. It's not necessarily derogatory things system a grunting they can on a cell phone what's going on Kenya on the W well. Yeah. Are you where you come along with a bogey. Situations. Maine didn't want to be like be. They. So mark all the up to July. The need to. Really be very. A look at. The good news oh good. He leaves. A freak out there. I don't edit but they're did you drop a bomb or some. Our darkness that I'm kitten for Joseph in a go ahead. Well I believe that eighteen million not the place. Another you roll. Trent yeah. And we got a mother died that cobalt were. Up probably around. About 20820. In the audience of eight. Now now now now can't. I think I'll let you had a level head and main you can eat and I tell me that I guess she vetoed if you don't access the united tried nor can or Mac you never gonna get it. The guys take their vote because it is agent they're kind of taken that approach right now. That someone be willing to gamma Max Steele made it became that can be realistically think that way I mean he govern all of player's gonna recover. While. It. If you. Christian right. Ali doing your job at least. Out go out there were going to be. A Coke all the agility. Injury. To Andy. On the team which Ginny. Right now one in which. Is different sport. All with that thing yeah. Now. Right now. Would say right now on the middle I would say right now oh. Well all in the day in. Captivity. Need to be more all American. And shouted yeah. You know well is it. Can this is where are the medical staff and look it's a checkered past past and checkered history with the elders medical staff and and the saints Italy remitted last year but. And as we got the relying your on your medical staff to say look you know it's healing he's on track race ahead of schedule. And is in his rehab but then again you halt you also have to evaluate. What you pay for a player to there's very few I think in the NBA that a Kamal this kind of injury. And in in a contract yourself how you gauge what's the study would somebody else kit that was similar in town of bogey. Coming off a torn Achilles I don't know that they they're there's a lot of a lot of sample size there. Well I think I'll physics come to the plate to just of his size his size he's a big man. I mean that you could still be globally it would be great I mean. Basketball and Tony Dungy running up and down and came when you look at our organization as a whole little and would Mickey Loomis and what he's dealt with. Look in the that they brought Jew breeze on board but I can recall in 2006. That I drew took a chance and itself and it's a good chance and drew were basically. Did you know kind of season he's got 2006 on the same they guarantee them like ten million it was like a sixty million dollar deal but it when he had success. Then they gave them or guarantees of for the the whole deal also. That's a key to me I have no problem if it's a two year deal ADs going to be here for two years like kind of prove it. And then you will be compensated do what you hear and came another approachable what do you think like AD his input. And as far as with the organization does things like they wanted to work out because they wanna keep media long term about his relationship would bogey mourning him on the team. Well it'd be well what. You know and I'm not that we did not budget we had not considered. We put a couple to about the other big guys that come with Chile kidney. Temple it all about it's we need to get. And can pin sometimes sometimes a bogey cousins was healthy he let's go and up and down the court can't takes a phone call Coke elementary what's going on cocoa. Iran W did well. Yeah just a quiet little brown or check station at disagree Joseph Harris Allen Ahmedabad create space. Part of Maryland your brother mentioned article and they are usually use an outlook that kid my daddy used to borrow. And put a preacher cotton and property and are able and I don't mean did it twice padded out. But oh well boil all I'll look to be warm. One of the boys tonight here. No Coca what are tribes of the ball olive oil pro drivers did you hurt me now is a very clear enemy which are designed so let them make you threaten me. Physically daily mill on it's it's like nobody knew that we didn't make sure that it's of that I'll be hurt you hours in the and in India I actually you know. Rain like you dictate blah blah blah anyway. Guys and soft is I've been out and out. Over sixteen years and I've gotten soft. Oh what they're in. Good shape anyway try. What are the microwave why there is second year old boy you're all a little bit. Portugal Eric and stick it in new illegal pay. My regulatory application. Like any EU EU would lead one dollar ramshackle well you should go to raiders'. Coca thank you so much. I simplify meant thanks for your service once again. 50426018. Sending text 8787 anybody cousins. On file the pelicans on NC Graham means something or not and what do you want to Belgians do can EF forty key can they afford to lose a 535. That is military base. All aggression before you get on the water though you gotta get album lacks. You gotta clean yours for not to begin a new influx act I've been though they Gloria doctors here on her wax is polling and that water they Milano judge he. CBS news headlines local news headlines more sports talk next here on WW well. Many bills Michael Lawny released today about a New Orleans Saints linebacker. Good story recovering from also looked like this not stop me to return in 2017. Didn't make the final roster court for brought back after injuries to needs to Barbara he has been released today by the New Orleans Saints obviously we are local flavor. Well he edit chance also be recovered and came back with the things I would be surprise. If he has opportunity Houston Texans. Then they were interested in him so. All of a sudden saints a lot of depth yet and I think he'll have. You have another shot because he's Smart. And this is contribution on special teams and obviously. Can play. If you if you linebacker positions so I think he's not out now like finish with a right in the NFL. Celtics figure to lead in the Eastern Conference finals over the cavaliers. Can LeBron come back from this could this it is LeBron he has no supporting cast I don't matter of its LeBron the Milwaukee Bucks came back. If you load the Celtics have played ultimate home. Not. Overall now. Look that they've played well on the road at times but if you look at a Milwaukee Bucks series. All of a sudden now would be surprising goes by two to two. And obviously came follow Baum. Fall back should say and and lose three games in a row. But just look at the Milwaukee Bucks series I can still see it going a seven games then the pressure be on. Can LeBron when he gained seven on the road. What else they about it. I pull for Houston in the west and ample of her the sell this in the east I just wanna see something new then I'll be re energized about the NBA finals. Well to show you know how the NBA. Boy. Christian you know how they use could go through by the NFL's gadget scheduling how they got it right. And you'd you'd have to say boy the schedule magazine BA were right on. If you look at the season on the ones really follow it when the season began back in October the seventeenth. Did they do you know with the games where. Boston or Cleveland and Houston and Golden State. And almost seven months later there in the conference finals yup so he's about as they relevant games to kick off this season hag in and get people's interest. Just goes to show you that they know. Who has its who has a shot who doesn't. It's it's it's as clear in the NBA there's no mystery about the NBA at the start of the season when it comes out for the into the season and into the post season. Well you look LeBron worry is that obviously trying to reach NBA finals an eight consecutive season that would be a feat in itself. Two by consistency. To make an NBA finals in new this supporting cast and all that as LeBron that. And if you look at it went only four other players have have done have accomplished that and now it is old school where our member of Boston Celtics of Bill Russell he went to ten streak. Title series in. Tom Tom. Tom hi hi Austin and in San Jose within nine. Frank Ramsey went to eight did that as the name right there Bill Russell voted ten LeBron if you can overtake the Celtics that would be eight. And if you look at it this is applied to me he's an unbelievable considering the consistency of LeBron. But you practice a whole hour with forty Damon and look at a production. Ned that he had even building wind. All time playoff leader in points steals and minutes played. He's fifth in playoff wins. You look at it would 152. I didn't realize that I Derek Fisher. I'm tired arm Amylin and Rudy broke that as high as hers 61 Tim Duncan. At 157. You know big shot rob Robin or as 155. And cream Abdul Jabbar with 154. So. Is a good fit player with went to 152. Ending when all's said and down LeBron is gonna end up having. The most well went double time. So my push him back on the senate to 84 LeBron not have any sporting cast come on now they're better than many. Many teams except Boston I know I wouldn't say that me if you look at you know the supporting cast in Houston Boston. It doesn't I think the warriors it's if you are my point is he's not get any any real. Katrina contributions from Kevin Love and others I mean come on it's clear he's carrying this team. You can see it. Well look just look at odds. No matter who comes out these weather is Boston or Cleveland. Laden. What is that you think about their chances against them whether it be the rockets are the warriors. Slim to none and the idea. You know five gains could be a sweet but I think that's where it's at right now. Not. Any guess expectations. Right now considering house and folded. When the tote to a top dogs that being the rockets in the warriors. Would should've been almost like a finalist at type atmosphere you wanna promote. Come back NFL divisional odds we'll talk about that who has the best with best odds. To win the east the north south and west in both the AFC and NFC. Sports talk here on W dwell on state radio. Judging by the text line and 870 eights having this next topic should be fun. LeBron James Love them arcade and tell us why you love mall or eight of still 35042601870. Text 8787 and don't just say you hate him or you love them. Tell us why though the and then there's that there's the debate about MJ LeBron whose greatest will give that a few moments some that is generational. But. I get to hate because LeBron. Hand picks his teams understand that. But my entire point lessen it and every supporting cast yes he can't take them he ran off a general manager but. They don't get where they are currently without LeBron James and and then climb out of a tool deficit hole to fill the Celtics. Don't course is gonna do it is LeBron James did on his back. Do you hold that against LeBron jeans the power that he has no I hold that against the NBA that's weeks instructed that's where it is that's the way. That's the way Lee is also they made up the so. By that logic you don't pay Kevin Durant no not at all I mean look it's a superstar league it's a super team league. And it to keep up with the Jones cut a deal and LeBron James is a duo do the job of it as the warriors. I have no problem with NBA players recruiting just like they recruited recruited Katie. Have to come join them from Oklahoma City. I'm fine with with. Players ultimately deciding who's gonna be on their team or had an influence the foreign offices and go on a Leo if you see if you say it then staff then we'll get this guy if you say it AD they would get this guy no but if they're if they're tell them hey look. This guy would fit well us let's go do it assuming happened. They they're gonna do it some final would LeBron and picking teams I think a lot of superstars in the NBA. RD do so well that is hate results are the only one paid as a hard word the say you hate LeBron. I don't obviously I don't think it's fair. Civilly because hunting season. Upstanding citizen. For LeBron to show the maturity that he showed the country at a high school. Mean LeBron has ever been arrested. I mean I don't know exactly. What he's involved in all of the court but did he seems like a great role model so. I mean to say you hate him you could be envious of him considering the success that he's had from the gaggle. All those guys are studying is not a he's not a team guy and he's a me guy at all I'll agree with. The teammates at times he facilities he was together players evolves that time indicates that about that a challenge. And videos to put it more his shoulders. Double all around defense. Now I think at times. Deadly shoot lower are sure she'd better free throws down the stretch charges via better shooter I think he has improved a game and as far as. Put his account these standpoint. Even when you people do it you compare in the micro Jarden. Michael Jordan is little next LeBron right when you look at like. You would views against like Bjorn could be going to be an affable thirty with a bag. You look LeBron James is sides economy ailment Karl Malone. Is that man that they would like they could have played football and LeBron James is an outstanding. High school laughable caller. Receiver amiga. In light. The Randy Moss tight event tied in yet yeah are you even. You know put him in the slot mismatches when government. LeBron and to me just the consistency that he's shown. And like I said bill Russell's been it's history championships. And I don't think it's over simply because now Boston Wednesday Cleveland is over. Which I just again look at them Milwaukee Bucks series in the Celtics in that went to seven and obviously. And traditionally. That series it took core I took care home court advantage with the Celtics are tough to beat in Boston. Are necessarily being that beating case. Maybe putting a team like the warriors but. LeBron to me that's an achievement in itself. Just to bedecked consistent. And just his work ethic. Now I was kind of comical. LeBron you know works on the Jimmy could see my and then and you know he's Euro. And an ex Kevin Durant about that Eagles you know what you were caught in the Eagles I don't really work on my body I just work on work a basketball. Kevin Durant looks like a basketball player. Kevin Durant and a football feel like you break human hat. You know we lose your basketball and that's why the rants and I'll I'll work my basketball. Games on and it is different levels of greatness but the media and he. Just believe that play they hairs when you say like oh give me Katie isn't plays violently as LeBron does. Well he doesn't have to do exactly like he's the ultimate and as big men as the body had to handle arm could dribble. A lot like a guy like KD. In ads and can't a lot of people like Kevin Durant personality and in the red isn't releasing. Musicals. And do it and that his actions do. Speak look I think a lot of people still have some. PT SD from the team had talents to South Beach. Late leaves Cleveland added Allen does calculate he had and how we handle it put on such a big stage book you have back home to Cleveland won a championship form. That I think some people have some sour grapes over that that a whole Miami thing christening Gretna what's going on Chris you're on WW well. Grade they. Broke out on the issue a lot LeBron a couple of recent law. But he went practically one which ship I think there's great but it is uniquely. Some reasons why can't Obama because I think actually wants. The top now orbiting the speaker. And not a problem. That's out there. Don't think you would take Tyree that right now someone when they wouldn't stick. Of one. Hour ago. Compared to draw that comparison because. The ball short one is which part. I do yeah. That's sentimental note that that doesn't factor into the comparisons have put out. There. That. Want. Coming out he went immediately went over there. Than. Yeah. Yeah Kobe Kobe had to Kobe is another great I mean you've got a cardiac clutch but good thing is illicitly. LeBron James he can play with superstars Dwyane Wade. Meaning of Chris Bosh where he was that with the Toronto Raptors in his game. Solano lullaby to what market could have and I'm telling you watch. If this does not occur they say the warriors the spank the rockets analysts say they spank wherever it's. Cleveland are. Boston. How could be NBA stop if LeBron all of a sudden. Says well let them go play with the rockets. And Chris Paul and hard I mean because I think it is about winning championships so LeBron. Without a doubt that. Who knows our power Scotty and his team they're right the callers are right when it when they say hey look first off Kobe dinghies rings different era of basketball though. At that point I mean we didn't we just started to see the last. 578. Years this super team assembling also. There should be where where is where is Kobe in a discussion we go. Go in JR LeBron well aware where's where's Kobe he's fit in there it's got to be in there in sandwich him between those guys CK just skip over them. Steadily come back here for Dillon a Metairie might be coming to this a sports talk here on W two well. I got about a minute for the cash contest your son of one running by up against the clock Dylan in Metairie Mike in Covington gain in the world and sit tight. DeMarcus Cousins on follow developments on its grand big deal and I'm also a U O'Brien James. Lou we still LeBron James pay them love them comment in between armed. The go to ball time MJ or LeBron 504. 2601878. Text 87870. Willow rule on in the sports on next hour Kendall Rogers managing managing editor for. Dot com LSU trying to. Get two of three this week and qualify for the NCAA baseball tournament that long not trying to win their first SEC series. On the road tomorrow Friday and Saturday against Auburn. Do the job of the conversation to a 3504260187. He can also Texas and 870 eights everybody crushing our sports talk on W to a sports talk. Rolls on and our number two.