Will LSU squeeze into the baseball postseason?

Bobby & Kristian preview LSU's upcoming weekend series against Auburn and talk with Kendall Rogers of D1Baseball.com about what the Tigers need to do to earn a playoff berth.


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Rock N roll an hour to hear of sports talk on this Wednesday may sixteenth Bobby Hebert cursing Derek apartment Arnett master control full lines are open at 504. 260187. He do you love or hate LeBron James why or why not. Coming up at 535 this hour Kendall Rogers managing editor for. Incoming to what's going on Mike you're on W to two out. They got the evidence. I just want to John Mendel and Jordan vs debate personally you question. About about acute in the principal amount of you know possibly responsible. Like Obama. It even possible that god has been note that he's backing carry it will debating the all time great they're great Michael Jordan. Oh LeBron games. It has got to be done about educated that we're actually seeing Michael Jordan play remember Jordan. But like Mike commercials. In and I believe rockets fly with its own thing and I mean it. Open jumpers over the those clutch player in history NBA Michael Jordan. And all that later Utley. It was a bit beat at the player league it fire and here he served out the players. That. It built I mean you could name a person honesty there. Either of people and all basketball base it doesn't matter what's more accurate that's the mark. We you can make the other people want to see it you can you can why they play. Just by Brad it was always the chance if you say what. And MIT he lets not forget he played with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman and I mean he had he had some supporting cast and I'm not trying to diminish you write about him. Every but he brought everybody up the heat mead mead everybody elevate. When he is on a team that's a superstar do that's a LeBron has done to a degree as well but look here's another thing when I don't like about these go conversations Bobby might. Is it's generational. I grew up Watson Allah I grew up in the Michael Jordan era. My kids are growing up in LeBron James era so. The bullet deals ultimately would tell you LeBron James the younger more deals would say I saw YouTube clips on MJ. I didn't really see him play. Let it and might keep your illegals cooled then you have people. On that and all of them all Bill Russell you equity deal with the Celtics. You know gonna you know straight out all right if you. And we'll compare player to that the people let it be planning yet at the time. At a particular. If you if you're asking me you know oddball Michael Jordan was outlook and Jeremy Bob. Well what you don't like this and Mike you don't like this test that they hitters that tags from the C 2615. It's hard to compare the difference in greatness between the two because of the difference in the way the game was play. How they call the game well and the edges that that the matter of how the gains play. A look all of us I would step curry is done to the league with a three point shot however he goes on to say and gets the edge in my opinion do you it is unbelievable mental toughness toughness. Nobody beats that. And sleep at that males are right there it's worth what. Asset and if we can LeBron do it yeah Obama this'll. Bob if you ask the kid Michael Jordan do the same thing I would the little skinny probably be well. He wishes he had that are adding it just that you were not sit on an art. A migrant might go one big don't you respect LeBron James I like even. Well Kobe I'm just saying as far as on the court when LeBron coming straight out of high school. And the pressure. But to me even LeBron boarding Coby as eighteen year old just. How they handled themselves and and expectations. And the pressure now. This day and age you can have an outstanding unbelievable. Player who you things go going to be the next Michael Jordan until the next LeBron. How look a bit Simmons. How heated due any day and Ellis shoot it didn't look all federal watch the Benson and this is a gain changer but it's limited Philly learns how to shoot. What he can't even shoot free throws and at times he's afraid to shoot he'll never get to that level where you don't like wool. This player is truly changing the waiting game is played like would step curry. Knock it down three pointers from the look at this this is theirs to about how the game has changed. Can you look right now. In the playoffs. Clutch. Three pointers. Although this intriguing look at Ray Allen ever won those rally reality she. Ultimately it will what he did in his career whether as a Celtics are heat. Ray Allen is still the league's all time leader in play off three point Meguid 385. But you look at LeBron James I would guess he's played too many times in the wells that LeBron James to step core curry. Are coming right captain. LeBron James I know this is the mood to right now on the all time list. With 346. Playoff three pointers. Now this is is unbelievably impressive step curry is now number three with 329. But step Curry's only done and it's 79 playoff games. Ray Allen played 171. A LeBron it's plea 220. So the point being how the game has changed. And you look at the greatness. That right there to all time greatest shooter just about like pure shooter that's another category. I mean look at step Curry's teammates Klay Thompson. I mean go on and look a look at Kevin Durant. I mean they all get hit behind me behind our butt when I look at curry right then. 329. Made three pony pointers and only 79 playoff games. To me that speaks for itself. And indeed but he got a guy like LeBron James. That's also in that category. And you don't necessarily view them as an unbelievable three point shooter. LBJ play against better players hooted him. 878 setting up. Magic Johnson. Charles Barkley Patrick Ewing. Karl Malone I mean John Stockton. Come on this guy is Nagin into which error was the best in which was the more talented. In a little guy Larry Bird well we come on we decided to talent he just ran through a bulletin nobody's a plane is I'm collides rattle off everybody on that list is all favor. Well the troop five position the center position even if you look at this. Bogey because as in the conversation. As. The top center the top sinner in the NBA right now. Now because you do different things you can should be on the art I mean it three pointers. But would you take bogey cousins. Over Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Moses Malone a team Olajuwon. That's one position to be it has taken a step back. And it but because it is almost like a point Sydor and I'll bring the ball now. So fit different skill set but I think back in the day and I didn't domino bogs down low. That's one position is kind of like almost a full back in the NFL. Teams still utilize them but you don't see that cures sinner do we have even. Five outstanding pure sinners in NBA no. You might have supporting your largely to a three nick conversation. That you could say oh yeah he's. You know they bring a lot on the defense of him and not those completes their legacy back in the day. Geno Dan and Haywood Europe next Mike takes the phone call sports talk here. To 8 o'clock on W two LA masimo dot com. Body Christian here on sports talk come under about ten minutes Kendall Rogers managing editor. For. On Twitter at Kendall Rogers LSU on the NCAA. Playoff bubble three SEC games remaining tomorrow Friday and Saturday against all of them back to the phones we go. Dan in New Orleans was going on then you're on WWL. It was less of Daniel W we can implement that globe real. What it is it is. We. Oh. He did you ask I'm real quick. Did you did you couldn T Bob. Oh and he Monaco early and from are accurate amount that's. That's bad comparison I'm not offended at all. No I did a unit that. Went we speak out about a year ago between you know apartment. In it and everything else can go and they do so between. What I mean we want from the get straight to compare them look at the caliber talent of the player that addressed Beckett Beckett and there are now. You put that you had that kind of talent in the lead to be at the currently being beat. Yeah I ages. I mean listen. The game changes Hollins played. But do you see like even right now that's that that I don't considered Apple's coo Ed do you feel like a modern Shaquille O'Neal. I mean I don't know and now album maybe this kid from Arizona that the sun's out and have taken. Number one overall being open like a big man that I settled view. As dot as dominant as Shaq I would think DeAndre Eitan. I bet you don't see that I mean you look at like. With the B Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Like princes of who's the the latest greatest. And you have to put our say bid Simmons but game when you look at. We got it takes and now this is Anderson about talking about like bend Simmons. How all look at how the NBA is really desperate. The superstars. And he says Bill Simmons can be wide open from eighteen feet he read the pass the ball to players that standing six feet away and he's covered. I'd really looks like he's scared and I confident. Just scared today at the shooter shot from eighteen to 24 feet says not only has Simmons. Never liked it ever meted three point shot. They say is never. It three point shot dead even try one. So if you don't think dandy look at Google's I truly superstars and and you see like. About it it would be jetBlue look at Donovan Mitchell comes out of nowhere. Look like rookie of the year but it's not like bills household names when you say what are you kind of and they want it but it's not like. A continuous process as far as. Like you Daniel LeBron is in nineteen greater. There's been no I'm afraid is the next Michael Jordan. A LeBron is that phenomenal I mean yeah Arizona State via what you know now you might say comes once. A generation are once every decade or two. But I think at times. And look even Kevin Durant at University of Texas. Kevin Durant was good. But he never won anything in Texas. Got like afraid that you look at Carmelo Anthony. Remembered as a freshman he won national championship it's Eric keys. And it is like wool talking a much inevitably go bet that that guy's a stud by. Andy when he came in getting gamely played in rivers in the country notably to bolster our stellar track there. Carmelo Anthony. Could shoot. But if you look at where he's at even in his career right now. How he's just another player but look what would you having to pay but again I'm going all the attention but just say Dan that. It just seems like back in the day. When you saw you 040 whatever you know I mean I don't single Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul I think. Are resolved and I just think. Like the NFL has had. Restructure our change in Alice style play with in more passing Lee saw that happen over the last. Fifteen years I think that's what happened in the NBA the big man is not as as as a big in the peace. As it once was Shaq Patrick Ewing those guys down the paint is that because the percentage and get a budget three point uses the perimeter shooters and I think it's the pace of the play. That it that we talk crap talk about so often around here and I think that. It's really it's it's really turned into warm up afford an oversized Ford. Play a little bit in the tape I don't know that's how I see when bubbly there's no dominant seven foot three senators that they get entertainment. Well it yet and you talk about pace of play so that's almost contradictory to me that you give. But because it's a long term contract. Considering the time a ball that Cogent to wants to play. Because coming off that injury. You know he'd be running less have to run more. Coming up the torn Achilles and a big man like he has. We'll get back sports talk geno Kennedy and a new worlds at dar CBS news update local news headlines. Kendall Rogers coming up in a few moments managing editor for do you want baseball dot com at Kendall Rogers on Twitter geno in Canada. And Ted Brock what's going on geno you're on W two well. I mean our yeah. All right Jeanne no. Yet I know I called Linden we got that the top and how we had to go but you know we're midget about Jerry's still balls Jersey be retired by LSU number two wanna wanna get them to say about that. Yes. This and so. Yeah. Me and that he. Well aren't I I they lately you've seen that by the city plea ought to play with the Kansas City Chiefs. According deeply wedded to fill the Indian. Well disabled as hard nosed defense and vacuums are good. That you know what I think you're right I think I'm getting my my players miss that yeah he was at the cartilage awry you know. Certain Johnny Robinson that's who I was thinking of Ellis who play area geno this life. This is why you view your valuable man and our audiences night. Hope to to hold us in check everyone's hold those accountable for things to say something above a potato you're right you're right he was. Outstanding with the cardinals that she. Wouldn't you know you can't beat you use semi straight and looked just like just like we challenge you guys. If we're wrong in the wrong console doesn't feel free to hold those accountable and check us a little bit of cloud that we're not too big and above that Bobby no. There at MI and my. And right the year ride St. Louis Cardinals. Three to 71 and now geno you were stolen Jerry's still ball fan because you look at LSU history Gannon retired too many jerseys obviously Billy cannon a much warning. And he just retired Tommy cast and over 37 so. Were you excited that they're retiring Jerry's style balls Jersey number to anyone. Not that in the first. And I wish you well and advanced. Today it's well. We don't like their baseball geno. Listen listen to our next guest here a couple minutes. I look at it. Probably do him quick impacted Jim. They play with the giants right in each and you are giants yeah Gino thanks a phone call Kendall Rogers joining us now do you want baseball. Dot com managing editor there. At Kendall Rogers on Twitter LSU wrapping up the regular season three games on the road against Auburn. Really tough task LSU said that fourteen wins. Kendall typically events marked the watermark is around sixteen conference wins you pretty much a lock to get in pinellas she's gonna meet. Fight harder try to get two out of three from a very good Allred deep. Yeah that an inhuman you know. The situation we're pretty much. Here is the duplicate thought oh. Together and her that he term. Workers. Garbage that Tivo. Look at your partner that he would be open and he's in my colon. And acting entered the tigers are. And he got a good start but it went in the week a couple of camera don't Chiat does not to get the term that the detectives series. Don't bury your about which you're getting our leader. Kindle if they get swept here which is very possible. Ellis who has not won a road series haven't played very well on the road I think you swept here. That means it Hoover they would have to likely get to the semi finals not finals in the SEC tournament in order to qualify. Yes it. That the from the situation to where. Now it is in the per game. Probably do get the arteries into it and that. You know the cap on yours you know the major copper term you know. A lot of Stallone biblically it last year and 6% below that last year. Order situation into words Bobble. It's those small. Bird postal. Bella should carpet and just to simply go to. The. Now again only to look at top to bottom. The conference's. Where's the SEC yet right now houses that a top dogs is like the ACC is down. A North Carolina. Obviously playing well you go Florida State. The number of games they won bit. When you look from the West Coast city ease coast of Oregon State in the pac twelve but overall as the SEC 'cause the congress fill that top dog. The united that we go to the believe truly and he would see it and then altitude at North Carolina close forced that it really. On the qualities you would probably with a big twelve actual. Well from a commitment level proper the bottom. Be prepared for to be a week. There have been going in the hole really so. That it's in the Dixie for the league and is currently kind of shows in the. Now get there when you look at Norman's record in the SEC in. Explain that to fans like when you look at their RPI like compared to LSU out of Norman schedule. Arnold hand but when their RPI who was it was it where they want and who they played. Because. And that's to be so aggressive you can went to a lot of three and Orban. I mean considering where their RPI is that bring you now why this at a big significant difference in Ellis you know our room with the RPI. Yet the report reputable now determined to do it during. Our Q calculations there. Really matters are currently play blues opponent is so. So bottom line to schedule. And as you know probably that the networking partner differences. And law. You know at all it up into 21 lane certainly to the green eyes so. It's in the upper orbit that go strictly to import. Were all. Like it was in the it was touched. Kendall Rogers managing editor for. In sports especially more so yesterday and and then we have as a sort of expand the conversation it got into college and pro who has the most parity. I I say that College Baseball has the most thirty all sports college or pro would you view that because of the limited number of scholarships. Ottawa and I think that two that requires things that we are. You know. Sure particle commitment to the sport at the record global Islamic school to realize you know it doesn't it is you know that particular. Technical traders are destined to win and how it Balkans sausage or worse than so. Well all the debate and kept log on now so I'm with ya in College Baseball blog so. Commitment and so commitment to the penalties like that that you usually at that got everybody for Italy you know. Keep your nose shouldn't everybody get a lot. Better it ain't so by the summer from kidney donors are proceed. You know certainly you know another. There cyclical you know when you attack Joba in there are a prime example. Kindle if you were me again LSU fans you know there expectations you're in a year out I mean. Topping national seeds six straight years for LSU it's not going to happen this year what it would look. What would you say the future looks like four LSU team that maybe had a down year but next year returning a lot of guys in particular guy like Daniel Cabrera. And generic quarterbacks of the future still very bright either LSU might not have you they had a year ago. You are meaningless you know I think in it and would do nothing. But action here that doesn't match the cumulative that your older I'm works it's another in the weight room with a guy like him now. And yet there walker back what is going in as starters. It Bloomberg extort and it's apparently a nuclear armed. So. Outlook about that scene from a subjective point you know looking ahead of next year the property standpoint obsolete. We'll get down like arsenic so. You know what that he's been having gone baby hello bill. Like it I think some other two to inspect the spiritual interest certain amount. But that if you just look where you know to get back to being what they usually or lecture treasure. Kindle yet to draft eligible players on Acela she squad Zach Kasten and also Zach Watson. Do you think both of those could be returning won both of them gone and you tell me. I think at the article addressed to China told the topic. It obviously for me that you're watching those you know he connected here yet. These are I think you know you look terrible danger on the short on Easter and back a little bit that. He's unique guy knees he's athletic he has speed the power of the premier center outlook the but will he or you're strapped her to restart a million viewed as attractive all our party QB that for another year that would ultimately huge cute for pulmonary. Don't leave out southeastern. Around the room a lot fans don't know about. The southeastern and their program as well how they do in the shared and how bright as their future they can also the whole selling conference a lot of interest here. Yeah aperture and you look at between them Matt Arthur Agee denounces any how can be used to it. Ultimately get her when without a term that's been what they can do it interpretation. What Carl Arco words you know court security currently that others they're really release dollar pit stop they haven't hit. The way in southeastern usually but that so it may they can get hot surer -- certainly keep announced that premiere even those guys change used to went up on term there and that will happen but these other problems we have raging cajun music couple aren't keep an element probably that you'll 64 right now but they're getting their turner moments Yijun. Particularly in and I'm not sure I'm like change publisher also. Kendall Rogers. They scandal LSU on the NCAA baseball playoff bubble three games left this Thursday Friday and Saturday has already got some amount. Yeah that is my favorite picks it because this techsters ride on this is from 9182. Where the heck is Arba. Well you know what wears Armand I thought it was all burns via armored you know and also it's on the arm and via. Yeah yeah arm it's like that stickers dorsal. I am ass he added that to you know the Harvard Dagen comments. The army tigers sports hockey on a BWL army. Vegas odds on the NFC south. Potential winners for Tony eighteen Bobby bare crushing Garrick Mormon aren't. Had master control lines are out nine to five odds the saints are top favorite to win the NFC south to one odds for the Atlanta Falcons. 31 for the Carolina Panthers 621. For the Tampa Bay bucks commuters. So based notebook go low base to who says you know they they make their money making these guys. Slow high expectations again for the saints. Listen I think two interstates are structured in this day and age. Thank you know see less of drew is more especially drew could throw the ball and our. Q did you resolve balance. Always ranked. For sure to top five and not in the top three offensively in the defense being better. That and have odds like because that would be. Because I still view. Then a cease cell. The toughest division. Yeah you know we sit NFC east evident AFC but you look at divisions. You know it's not interested to an intriguing if besides Tennessee south. Look at top to bottom because I think that's why it opens the AFC west. Audio. The fear that no charges have the trainers charter the seven a four raiders are eleven to four. Kansas City and Denver are both at thirteen for. That is wide open yeah and it. In oh. The charges are what are those teams candy get off to a fast start because it's in the finish strong and they reunited settle last year missed. Missed like three game winning field goals are lost lost three good bye bye bye combined three point a total three points and and you look at. Jon Gruden now with the raiders and Derek Carr how he's gonna bounce back over the Broncos do is look at the chiefs. So that that that that's an. The intriguing. Boy told by division play that is US like in NC self odds may hears he. Have the lines and odds on the royal wedding coming up next hour Myanmar gonna make some bets just right here on sports talk on. The odds of an alliance for the royal split. Well you Google vote on this vote Kristin you're not going to be invited there waiting for sure and yet its final you know I don't know that I wanna be. And yet in Kabul Chris you know royalty in sports talk here on W well.