Will Judge Kavanaugh's hearing be postponed?

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 19th
 Christine Blasey Ford wants the FBI to investigate her allegation that she was sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before she testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing next week, her lawyers said in a letter to the panel.

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Assists the last early next week the last time for the month something like brown nineteen jumping the gun 123 on the thirtieth now we upon an ounce level are good night Tony sixth. Next week will be. 19 plus 7 this morning at six on board claiming it you massive I don't allow an AM what is wrong with you evidently got a copy what is wrong. It do you hear that. Yeah it is trying to make September come to an end quickly and I've well it's assured monster zone yes. These short. Thirty days has September date or can you remember there was a time they listed are do but that's yes to thirty days shocked. If you will I do enough poultry. I don't remember all I have an I you don't do the Ryan and a nod and not factory. The knuckle tripped. Oh okay you start all the way on your left pinky knuckle that in January and then in between the knuckles February. The the next knuckle is march. The the next between the knuckles as April and keep going and every knuckle has 31 days and every between the knuckle has. Thirty Europe when he unit point nine pop outside and when you get two year index finger knuckle. On your left hand. Then you jump up here. Index finger knuckle on your right hand and that's high in July and August is there the only two months back to back that up 31 day. A map to put this on the website Jack because I didn't often knuckles. Trek yes the uncle. What the hell are we talking I don't know when you minister and math yeah out months rhymes plan with our hand I'm also rode. I'm blaming you completely. So there may or may not be a hearing on Monday up. On the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh. That he. Allegedly. In high school. Covered a girl's mouth with his hand and proceeded to forcefully fondle her against her will on a room. At a party at a house. Now the attorney for the alleged Vick come. So it is they want the FBI to conduct a full investigation before any hearing. They're Diaz like well there's no allegations of federal crime here so it's not the kind of thing we do we know them you know investigate non. 3540 year old allegations. Of violations of state laws it's not what they did so how they do do background checks. They do vet. People for a federal clearances. And so there's the argument that they should investigate this matter hasn't he already been probed. Before in my as a nominee Alex and that's just the best for you could have probably not but yes several times throughout his federal career now has been all subjected to background to share. Buy it this was not part of those background checks. This allegation emanated. On what level. And I am I'm trying so hard to be respectful of all parties when discussing us. On one level you're thinking here is something that happened when he was in high school as a teenager. At a party. Many many many many moons ago. And long time ago and their allegations we don't know what happened. And how many people who actually there remember exactly what happened and I have I know many times is when I remember my high school days I kind of you know create new stories today yeah. It just changes over I know I know exactly what can you tell stories and remember that sometimes they get better sometimes they get worse but generally when you tell a story gets a little more dramatic actually wise can I remember that party that I was not my. I just I don't it's all very foggy I don't think people intentionally lie I think it is as they tell stories from. Years past they make them more interest as of people find them more interest. Anyway point being and I'm not saying that's what happened in this case something in general yeah. The image. I think the real problem though real rub with this story. Is. The allegation. Of the hand over the mouse pads because. I don't know hum me you know many high school boys who didn't try to get that to second base at some point. And as a teenage boy. I don't know you asked may I hate to squeeze your breasts. You generally you just get a feeling that that due to to a viewer into areas. And do you try that he would surely you know you slide your hand up. And if she tells you know you stop if she doesn't you get a squeeze of a breast and I schoolboy that's in a one of the most important things in the world at the time backseat of the car. Terror a government apart Asia are. Blunt. Is. He knew yes this is dissolved it. If he knew who she wasn't in it and if she knew who he didn't want her. She didn't want him to touch her. And if he really covered her mouth. To prevent her from screaming. Although that's a pretty serious allegation jar. That's a big deal assures a big deal. So I don't know. He says it absolutely didn't happen I'll she says absolutely did and she was traumatized by it buried the memory for years before it finally came out of therapy. Notably. In our how you effectively investigate something that happens that long ago. Perry did. And I had to come around him and that's not uncommon that happen yeah people very traumatic. Memories that just don't wanna think about it they run away from it they're afraid of it. And I is that it's a very delicate novice not that uncommon but you'd. But we drama apart you know how dramatic was this experience and she says it Wallace. Well so but they're hand over the mine now held me down and touched me waited wanna be touched that would be dramatic and traumatic year if it happened we don't know but. In a high you can tell that happen. I don't know why it's it's one person's word against another. Now did she tell other people all the time did he tell other people the time candidate be investigated. Yeah. Would be easy no. Smoke. And how much do you think you can really find the truth at this point I don't know. Am. So now what I intended to talk about. I'm a woman says one text message today 7870 and I hate the victim blaming the disc one is difficult to sort out in my brain. I'm also such a different person than I was in high school Unger. Thank you for the taxed now says this is ridiculous. Even if it happened is they're no allowance for useful in discretion. I think hash tag me too has gone too far. Didn't bombarded with text messages and it's 7870. I'd bet after our conversation last half hour. About the Brad cabin on nomination to the US Supreme Court and now allegations that while he was in high school decades ago. He allegedly held his hand over another teen's mouse and fondled her against her well. Give a very strong opinion Thomas eyebrow and I am not. Sure how many people party formed conclusions they seemed to know exactly what happened there what didn't happen who's lying and who's not there's there's they were there yeah and and I get did you have a feeling I get that she's saying why it seems on the surface to be likely to have happened. I understand why people would generate conclusions without actual knowledge by. I don't know I mean mutton first of all. I think most of us probably thought as soon as this happened back to our high school. I know I did I did and I thought isn't hasn't that happened in high school room that can come back to haunt me now. Not that I'm ever going to be a Supreme Court nominee now that a memory I'll run for any office. And that not that I foresee any. I started thinking about my girlfriends in high school I just resumed at about parties in high school him. And may be able to much to drink maybe your I didn't hear drizzle light yeah it's. But I know what people do you drank and guys who all else. And honestly I don't know what happened. In this instance I don't know if as Rhett Cavanaugh said none of this ever happened. War is as the alleged victim says. Brent Cavanaugh held his hand over her mouth. And touched her in intimate places without permission. Or the truth is somewhere in the middle now I don't know. On those a lot of steak it's a huge deal analysis of frame court nominee my goodness I think we've all done things in our past that. We regressed or that we think we should know of Don and I think that some of those stories if retold over and over again may be sound a lot worse than they were at the time I don't know I don't know what happened. I know I'm gonna talk to my teenage son who's still on high school on column. You better be careful because look at that as. Anything you do now can be used against you decades and it grew Boyd. And I think that's an important lesson for us remember earning teaching opportunity for our teams. Tech ad text messages coming in an 8787 in amazes me how much tax dollars are wasted on digging up dirt on Republicans. When the Democrats should be the ones being investigated. Is this a political issue is it a partisan issue. I think it's both into some extent I sometimes we go too far with accusations. Which makes legit cases suffer. So sad yet yes. This is a lie as Cavanaugh incensed. What does that do to all the people on the meets your movement is that they're coming forward with actual allegations. If I'm saying if I don't noses along with two giant it. Somebody else Texas a sedate 7870. Thanked everyone believes the accusers in the Bill Cosby situation. I don't know we apples and apples there 'cause be allegedly. Drugged women until they can no longer. It's physically stop him. And then mobilize attacked and raped them. I'm not saying that there's not. Anyway high school this is about something that happened when we were in high school and drunk seriously. And nothing really happened exclamation point on and how they know nothing really I don't know that you know. I don't know. Do your research the FBI investigated Clarence Thomas after the Anita Hill accusations in 1991 the Judiciary Committee asked the FBI to investigate. Those are the documented facts. Aren't wasn't artisan the FBI said they were not going to investigate because there were no allegations of violations of federal crimes. And until they've never investigated anything without allegations of federal crimes in the past and saying what they sent one death and I'm. She psychologically. Compartmentalized. It. Whatever that means there's another Texan plus they'd 7800. C does have psychologists. Or our guests are. What happened to innocent until proven guilty asks another text message today it's 7870. She's being used by the dams is a very called the character assassinate Cavanaugh says another text message today it's 7870. So I mean people are very strong thoughts and opinions on us. I don't know what happened I wasn't there. And I think they are legitimate questions about what did happen. Did really happen if she said did nothing really happened is he says. Is this just a political smear campaign now they are are they sacrificing this woman for the rest of her life could shall never have a normal life again. To lie to keep this guy from becoming a Supreme Court justice is it that important and makes I'll lie about it is is she is lying does she believe that strongly in giving Cavanaugh off the bench. You know that's a question people and if he's telling the truth. Should this guy deal on the bank courier New Delhi held his hand over a woman's mouth. Martinez and Carl's mouth and touch her without her consent. In high school. I mean I think that's where this discussion starts all right if we assume it really did happen exactly she says. Does that stop him from becoming a justice on the US supreme court for something he did in high school. And I don't know what the answers that's a legitimate question pass. That's a legitimate to have and if the answer is no. Well then move on because the statute of limitations long since expired. If the answer is yes that we do need to find out if it happened or not. But can't we find out if it happened and I don't I don't know. In other news a US Supreme Court is adding is siding with bartenders and waiters in a fight over whether restaurants contain them lasts because they receive tips. We know all too well from the house Delhi based economy here in southeast Louisiana. If your waiter bartender most. Positions at a restaurant you don't get paid. Minimum wage. You get paid much the last and then the tips how to make up for that if they don't. The employer has to supplement and get you up to at least minimum wage you gotta have those tips well cases the US supreme could the US appeals court in San Francisco. Has found that yes and now. The ruling received. Revived a lawsuit by fourteen bartenders and servers accusing restaurant chains. Of failing to pay minimum wage the ruling says that. More employers cannot use the tip credit when the workers are engaged in tasks that do not offer tips. Such as cleaning toilets stocking shelves. Preparing. Drinks. Not then I'd like to serve them but like do in the prep work. That are not related directly to serving or. Delivering drinks and food. To the saying is yeah out when you're doing your tip work when you're actually serving clients they can pay you Alaska's attempt to cover it. But all the time when you're not actually engaging with the clients with customers. When you can't. When of this one of the US old boy that's an isn't it interesting discussion and event. And one of on up there before after Brent Cavanaugh does or doesn't and a that is still like after everything we've been through the last couple of weeks with ought to the tropics track and everything and now the record breaking heat you need a little company. Life. Happy hold true. Thank you're. I appreciate that another day of record heat today. Yes or near record heat pump. Is. Now I would be today. Six degrees for today. The hottest day of the year as we've had a couple times this week by hot enough. Yeah it's rights to its charity was 96. Sunday Monday 98 yesterday 97. Today we should 96 they'll break the record of 94 said tackle a couple of years ago in point fourteen. Or sixty so it's it's been hot. Lately here this two years ago was out pert near this but not by and do the math here so far we've had 105. Days of ninety degrees. Out of the summer. And what is normal. Probably close about 120%. OK so we heard we were below normal for the most of the summer and now we're above normal yet so I can make it up the difference the Republicans. Then you know hot announced during August and July so we need Dan hicks did September with some record heat. Less (%expletive) here of some heat course you know fall officially begins on Saturday evening right open the path that does work at the leaves turn in Vermont writes this I mean so where he's. Though we had a. The fifties and sixties. This week early next week as one front comes through there. That front not gonna get here but then that means were look at that are still hot weather today. 96 degrees 20% chance for rain however the next couple days and wish to return searching its rate starts to go up there's temperatures not as oppressive. You are 30% chance of storms tomorrow in 92 not a record. Friday 40% chance for storms in ninety. It over the weekend about 3040% chance for rain each day highs of being a lower ninety's so. Still bubble we normal high should be eighty seven this time of the year so still that. It will be a little cooler reached today going forward and a little more rain each day through the weekend. That's right. Crystal ball if you will it looks like me being next weekend before its money. Cold fronts but it's you held anyway when we Utah now and our hope I get so they were a gimmick called for until October 15 that's right so this fraud wouldn't give us this thing called the temperatures. But it's gonna knock this temperatures down humidity down as we did the first weekend. Apartment last week of September. So I don't think we're get our first true cooler temperatures top fifty. Organ teaser for the tees yet. Allow let's hope you're correct in your crystal ball mr. swami. Which we took off the meteorologist hadn't put on the swami hat for guests and we'll give him more time before receive it actually is that the speaking of T hey G here about the Mountain Lion that walked up to a hotel in Boulder, Colorado. These are joke with us now monsters are pretty well but the no vacancy sign was illumination of ethnic. Even video surveillance and almost looks like the bottom line seize this I'm certain router log so let me. Or what I'll Colorado while that Mitchell's led Evan September 9 when the beats approached the foot of the mountain motel in boulder. After edging toward the doorway to which was no demands of a loved the door open. He appeared to just turn around and walk away it's unclear why though wildlife division's spokesman says the line apparently spotted. Some motel guests with a dog on a leash and decided to move on and it was not the no vacancy sign that makes him turner and no one was hurt. It is well. Did they needed login that door because a mountain lion in the motel. Not a good combination now would think so now that today if I Islam live indirect from the pinpoint forecast senator. Bottom line here don't leave the door open and especially feel it in the mountains whether Mountain Lion we need to know the truth says one text message to date 7870 about the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Greg Cavanaugh that he allegedly held a girl down covered her mouth with his hand. Touched her inappropriately and a friend had to pull them off of our in a room at a party. He says none of it ever happened she says it dead this is what decades ago when their boats and high school it must be investigating continues attacked. Then we can draw conclusions and others says I do believe the woman she needs closure and she is angry however. How far do we go back for allegations. We all did stupid things as teenagers the question for me it would be as anyone else experienced this behavior. With him as an adult. But does this text high school really why wasn't as brought up before and now I'm against his nomination but this is crazy. Any man's is another tax this day and age I'm sure made a pass Sadr grabbed a woman or is groped a girl weather and high schooler and college I'm a 31 year old woman. Who has had man grabbed me inappropriately a few times is that the put him in their place. Does is make them a bad man now. No. There's a tough one.