Will accusations against Kavanaugh derail his confirmation?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, September 18th
Tommy talks with Jeanne Zaino, Professor of Political Science at Iona College, about allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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The thing that just swept like wildfire through social media and cable news networks yesterday well were the charges I guess from a professor Christine lazy forward. Against Supreme Court nominee Bret and cam annoying is a judge now so I guess appropriate to call him judge Cavanaugh. I think. When all is said and done in prefer John Kennedy's gonna join us later the senator that. I think movement announced that they were both be brought in under oath to testify is who do you believe. Designer I don't know there's going to be any smoking gun any empirical evidence to. To proven one way or the other Terry in Slidell higher and other WL morning. The amount rights are new. Yet they aren't. Ole. Oh yeah art pop open. Demi get every. Every pot. And go back to will they see it they did when you aren't. Useful. Well I think so I never tried to rape anybody nice to dig out a couple of argued hard you know it's arguable that you know she bought him brought. And cock you know. She says or. You know all. Who struck out well. Well me and are anxious. Mom this is not like a senator or com or representative of the it is in any and the vote is a lot stronger when your Supreme Court justice in the appointment is for life. So like it's some like you one of 433. Votes however many representatives you are. Or you not want of a hundred and those hundred votes you wanna like seven votes I guess so. The in this case she would say what that that she's lying. Well I'd you know it's I don't. 31 years ago why was each orbit for up to date one year ago actually there were earth. God I thank you I'm glad you called gotta guess waiting and only get their gene easing known professor of political science at Iona College. A senior advisor for applied to economics morning Jeannie. I think what you just heard is how a lot of people that are in that 36%. Or whatever it is that support Donald Trump. Maybe people outages hell bent on having a conservative justice approved. Are looking at this thing so I don't know where you wanna begin. Yeah I mean and I asked her that that sentiment time and again and I think back. You know what makes it soak and counting particularly at this moment and it eat you Ara. Bet it accusation comes to light but I do think we have to take a step back. And it kept under Ian Howell came polite. It to woman. Went to the Washington coat check line in July the port app and not nominated a while to sort it. She all the current acted to curb record and it is in congress. She did not want to be identified she did Allen and lead that they do not think I could do it. Her record candidate and board it back into the audience buying the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee hearings and agent. And eating there or people at Rio questioned about the letter editor I. It it rates staying in making did and Ernie shouldn't public school east in Corning. That you issuer may currently are and there are two by. And yet and kick them. High. And on the other hand you have. To be back in York at mentioned it to the caller you're somebody who could potentially. These are being earned between core or are our children our grandchildren any need currently time appointment. Again I say one of seven to clean it up it's one of nine actually votes on 198. As it stands now but. Yeah. Born. And as a collar earlier said it does high school behavior matters it. As it relates to a seventeen year old in now fifty what three year old Supreme Court nominee. 53 and so many Texans in here and said mobile why did Diane hole of the Feinstein on ho hold onto this for so long. And if you wanna be anonymous what did you take a lie detector test in August seems she was planning on going public. Resulting seems very political just to be factual here Jeannie again could you give us story as it happened. Felt that in mind on it that real question we know she held it leak out. A clear and as to why an appeal question there and you her pregnant turned actor may and unfortunate that the Democrats. Are. I'll bet on and so I think that the real question in terms that. Lie detector kept our understanding. Bit accuser. She went in and stop an attorney and the attorney advised her to take a lie detector act and you know I don't think we can all that against her what do you think it stinks or not when your attorney says. Your light may be it eat allegations scope out. In your in your elite the ticker right tactic at. I think we she can act and we sheet cash and was done by RBI agent and I would just say you know. There but their actions and bin messages you're getting. We are never probably done and now it is that she said. Almost impossible thirty plus years later and know what happened did not bet him as ever person. Mr. judge in her room as yet no recollection. We won't know. Much out of legal grounds and into political and that's really what an XT week. They're all about politics and they will make and it is indeed being monitored as to record date and acts support him or it changes the game and might get it. He had me much much harder Misha and now they needed sixty days to think more about our kept thinking that they get through. Third day and know what network or next week I think it's scary likely that he and his arm it's. The only I would say for people that wonder why in the world did she wait so long ago wanted to remain anonymous is that. Tom I can only imagine the hateful messages she's getting now and only imagine the death threats in Monte subjecting. Her family too so I find it odd that are hard to believe not credible that she would come forward and lie about something like this because. Her life is going to be for ever changed now as was Anita hills and along those lines if you could Jeanine. Compare and contrast. Where we are now as opposed to where we were with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill a differences and similarities. Yeah I mean it. Fascinating that would 1991. In both cases that occur after. Earth after a lot it is a computer or after ecology. On in public key is eager incident that happened. When they were younger whole panel in need it kill Kate get that incident occurred. When she was working full time at the dole out at now it's at its. It incident of course as are caller mentioned occurred when both of these people were teenagers. Come in high school attack in different. And it though it is Catholic user currently let it into it. Four. Was statements out it. It's woman get right after tractor current took her job or two or she had to come. Or as she did took the begin and of course the time had changed. In need help Kate you're talking about actual harassment in this case you are talking about an an an attempt to Greek. I mean don't or shouldn't act we get for trying but we all now I'm so there are different in the courts now they need to more than the kind of changed. And I think politically more important that country is that. Clarence Thomas was filling the seat a seat they're like Marshall is present on the court was not and it changed the direction of the court. Trek captain not is going to be hitting it in any act. He will be conservative seeking makes it built on the court and that will change at amber at key issues. And the decision background of the court so. It is being much much higher the appointment then was a cleric at that time and a court in the wintertime it had the issue of re eagerly. For an American built on the bench. Get the cap on that is not an issue so you know all those things combined air and the eerie similarities.