Will the “disruption of disaster” in 2 major economic centers, Miami and Houston, actually benefit us?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, September 13th

Will the “disruption of disaster” in 2 major economic centers - Miami and Houston – actually benefit us?  We’ll talk to Stephen Perry with the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

This segments guest:
Stephen Perry - President & CEO, New Orleans Visitors & Convention Bureau (NOVCB)


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We're back in where I'm talking to Stephen Perry. President and CEO of the New Orleans visitors and convention bureau welcome Stephen Moore. Great great to be thank you for joining us and I'm glad you're able to talk about this subject with us today. First let me say congratulations. Understand there are so many positive things that have happened relative to. Tourism here over the past year that our numbers are off by read an article the other day where the number of concerts coming to town. Is up and so many other positive things that have happened. Dual all the indicators or really positive right now where they open a lot of children we doubt the airport to chill well familiar with under construction and ready for. Early nineteen. We're about you know completely redo convention center boulevard. Oh at the other hand. And has people part of we're in the process of negotiating to redo a phenomenal pedestrians in them. Open space down now on the road with the public belt where route tree that support so. There's a lot of good things going in the and the truth is despite the problems and you know them better than anybody. New Orleans continued to be really popular destination. I couldn't agree with you more in fact I'm completely and totally amazed all the time as a walk around. The French Quarter of the warehouse to restrict him. The buy water and in all of the favorite places that that I like to go and in dine in and just have a good time. As to how crowded it is all the time and it's not just low in me it's a lot of locals but there are a lot of folks like that are common in both with the cruise industry and an otherwise. Well it's early church you know we get over ten and a half million Mexicans sure. Canada million visitors last year at. It's been seven and a half billion dollars. A step up and have bailing him out dollars brought into the community and what a lot of people know us know that. The norms tourism minister produces nearly 40% of the city's budget because you know. Europe and premier city and county bank sales. And that's property tax but does that notes in the things that that we use for revenue law a local level. And our tails and restroom in paying nearly 2% of the property tax. And from sales tax perspective something a lot of people don't know 41%. Sales tax and New Orleans is a Baptist Church. That means it would be 87000. Jobs. That are here in parishes around. The people commute from compared to the surrounding area it is cheap political. And we're glad you're well thank goodness what oil and gas industry one earned some tumultuous times that it tourism during world. When it's a perfect entree into our subject matter today you know and in your right sales tax is the false force multiplier. As a relates to taxes. Where you can set yourself apart you can create. New opportunities. By things that you do. In spreading yourself up or are diversifying and things of that nature and as we look at what is happened. In Houston. With hurricane Harvey. And used and I understand. Their economic reach if they were state. They would be the ninth largest state in the country. And. Think I mean it's the fourth largest city in America right it and it forget it has won nine fortune 500 companies which is the second most. Of any city in the country behind you or. And then when you look at Florida with Burma. They they claim that they were all in all and on course with having the best year ever as a relates to tourism and they may eclipse a hundred billion dollars prior to arm hitting. There and and so we begin to think about that a talk about that in any other characteristic of Houston which I found is incredibly. Intriguing is that. 5%. Of the US population was affected by the storm. And when we add the numbers of Irma. Moving completely. South to north up the peninsula. You could have somewhere between Dayton 5% of the entire population in this country that's been affected by these storms. And then we think about the tourism impact in both of those areas and whether or not. Not to be insensitive. But does that create an opportunity for us. Well it in a bit of a double edged sword I mean we screw it. Obviously twelve years ago. And we sort. What rice smiled talked about the fact that for. Houston and Dallas and Atlanta. He's in New Orleans tourism industry was the largest booking agent. Goes cities. You know that period after Katrina because of the meetings that we help. Now I don't think you're going to see this and quite this way. Orlando they can come back very quickly stated in court here that kind of infrastructure damage we did. While Houston is going to be another matter we you know. We talked to our friends and all the reports there were all that together says there's not a there's not a Time Warner will be. Something. In saint happened to New York you know obviously back at eleven when they were. The problem. The problem is that more than any other industry tourism is extremely well and dependent and impression that. And so what apple happened to some wireless so difficult comeback and all the things that happening here in the weather. Earthquakes. War. Storms are bloody crime using the things they can impact should be for an. They impacted both been decisions convention and meeting customers to call. Date impacted him on sporting group in the impacted on the 75%. That are currently. Could they don't really understand. A lot of fear. Well this is an example where in. We have things like. You know the civil war border issues and flooding. In early August. We get questions from every major convention customer. In Washington DC about our status about where we all our. What we get storms that hit any work down here. Expect in backwards applauding. So all that Baton Rouge area a year ago when protestors calling it. All they're all wondering though how badly were suspected an outlaw we via this. People don't have to geographic knowledge. And so these things here tremendous tremendous impact. You know and I and I and I brought it ought not to be predatory I mean I do know that the tide has to rise together and then everybody did help us out in the aftermath of Katrina. I was just somewhat curious. As to the reach of this and had a inept we've actually figured out what the impact is gonna ultimately be from a tourism perspective in Booth. About taxes is as well as Florida. Yeah it really settle in Houston is not serious competitor for. Although there on the convention meetings. Orlando I'll operators of course along with Australians that you know one of the two most powerful convention destinations. Country. So you could theoretically have a tremendous. Impact I had talked to hoteliers down there. Gentlemen that is the that time general manager art Hilton Riverside for starters now at Walt Disney World swan and dolphin. And he told me you know they did take some minor damage but they're. Very strong so I'm not anticipating. Sunday I'm not anticipating problems we have we port count we have kind of unwritten rule our business we don't yet. Aggressively predatory in going after business we do is try to work his team. Intelligent look we've got this problem with that problem can you help well that's what ultimately trying to do is to help our cost. Great week do that past job. When we work with customers so bad if any of us in whatever destinations as having difficulty it's going to be. Problematic. Foreign visitors we want to reach out to our peers and to help book business there because we've helped our client and it means that their clients. If you don't trust us and there and come back again so it kind of works both ways it is sort naturally happens without you want at. And in the end it's not a question of if but a question of win. We get hit by another store. It's so there's no doubt about our media people. I mean were saying you know we're seeing a lot of patterns I noticed increasing years. East Coast has caught a lot of hurricane damage in office hours major in New York which results weren't. So it's not just all goes to the entire East Coast then all of us are very sensitive what you are some that are Charlton. Believe it or not even watching. At least a state. Steve let's wrap it up there and when we come back we'll talk about the cruise industry.