Why Does Lebron and Durant Get So Much Hate?

With the NBA Playoffs underway, Seth talks about both Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Plus, we talk to Scott Alexander on the Pelicans.


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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south what's up see you listening wherever you are at WW all dot com or. The brand new radio dot com that skip that for an App Store. Anne in favorite WW military easiest way to listen to us throughout the day 'cause they go and everybody. Look. We've got inundated with one topic and one topic only today it's the most important topic in the entire world. Are you eighty Danny. Or are you a laurel. A moral. Moral I don't get this like or dug up this throughout the night in lets you bid and they I feel like what you've been an a hole. The past 24 hours. The entire Internet has melted down over one sound clip and one sound clip only. And if you haven't heard it yet. I want you to listen to this and I want you to tell me what you hear Demi got. Him yell 12 there. In his stance against you know it is mad play on this but. Are you what are you here here do you hear. Yeah Annie or laurel because a game Bobby neighbors there in the studio. He's Christian I played this war and all six Gianni I swear. I'm not making this up I'm not trying to patrol anybody IA here laurel. I only hear laurel. And mark Menard who slept only hears laurel attend what are you here with us. Previously you can hear you oral. All right play is this what you hear here. Oh. You. I still hear I hear I hear laurel Bobby years. They are only quote either it was crazies at now my wife always watches the view via song mom bouncing all that that Gianni and it seems like vehicles are right again I hear you ending in all of us and I heard from a distance here I hear all OK Tim played against played a year ago. Laurels. And do you laurels. We'll through my head Paul begala here moral I am totally confused. We could sit all they say that that that's a different boxes. Immoral I don't notice is that what was that blue dress gold dress her yeah yeah red dress way address whatever was a wild blue dress yet it was on it was Buddha so look court have fun with this throughout the day Tim these Israeli get a probably to go to mine. How we re tweet this on the WWL account between my three on the W de Villepin urged treated out from the WWL account. He can find it there it just replays in a loop when I'm cures that's going to be our Freddie must opinion poll tonight. Are you a UN DRU laurel body can't figure it out he's in between I am so confused. Unlike listen I'm like one of those where narcotics myself well yeah. Well there's depending on the distance is what I year does that make sense to me that. What some Roma bring you know I all I am telling you I here no yeah Andy at all ever I am squarely in the laurel camp. We've got a couple attacks are saying Loral Loral. And I mean it doesn't it what apparently. This is it depends on kind of the way you do that frequency. That your brain interprets audio inputs basically paraphrasing that. On and kind of filling in the gaps it's kind of in the ear of the be holder so you can find online exactly why your hearing in your world but luck. The scientific reason doesn't make this spot I am just so intrigued with this because you play this for two different people energy different things okay that's not sports obviously you talked to a. All I hear laurel display here. Laurel period everybody's outlook we got a section I five I heard Gianni another 1985 I heard Danny. Envoy itself you know what's crazy is that all of a sudden you might see something or would Airways and human life. Ice and it stays or do you know I'll defend based negate it and listen listen to what I'm telling. Don't collaborator here what you wanna hear this about actually says that now. After. Is laurel yeah. Yeah like I don't know who you could be saying something which you know you're saying but it doesn't come across that. Yeah no it's true and I think people when you say are you just hero you wanna hear. Now actually said hey maybe that's true maybe this is finally proving it's a really have fun through this without John NASCAR my guest tonight. We've got three Adam Scott Alexander. Talking about some NBA basketball and pelicans Teddy Kato and James Moran also ask him about this Bobby see a man Loral Loral for life. What fun there this up the show and again this is our pretty Mazda and ample at WW dot com simple the Annie aural oral I want to know. What do you hear a log onto WW dot com and cast your vote but what we're talking actual sports tonight too of course Western Conference finals game soup. Houston hosting Golden State just under way here five minutes in and the rockets at thirteen to ten lead. In missile keep an eye on that throughout the night we'll have analysis and updates for you. A lot of NBA talk hour one here Scott Alexander is gonna join me at 840. We're gonna talk a little booty cousin in street Graham controversy or non controversy. Over brawn and Kevin Durant hates I'm curious why do so many people. Hate those players and cyst. Global and head scratching to meet our tour gonna dive deep and LSU baseball because look it is show me time. For the tigers are gonna sort of critical three game series against Auburn on the road tomorrow. One of the tigers need to do in that series to solidify the regional bid chances would they be in or out right now we've got to LSU baseball disk Teddy Teddy K hill London James Moran. Our three we'll get back in the any laurel of course and talk Tyree Irving here. We're just talking to Bobby about this and if you saw my Twitter yesterday you'll see I was hot and to this topic. We've heard for so long this year. Debt while Tyree is overrated for this reason carries over hyped for that reason. Irving getting a bad rap Red Bull. I think that this series in the Eastern Conference finals between the cavs in the celtics'. Maybe a referendum on Tyreke but not Malia thank. I think. Bad series he's showing just how much the sell the odds cavaliers rather miss carrier being. Just how important indeed Tyree was to that team also the NFL proposed the change we kick off rule we'll talk a little. Also in our number three but look let's start it off your handset Dunlap it's double coverage on WW all. Talking about. But he doesn't this ram because this blew up. Last night just about time we are getting off the air and it's a mean. This is not a controversy this is kind of a non controversy so. Boogie basically yesterday on fall and obviously he did on follow the pelicans on instant Graham you had fans freaking out they were. Commenting on. Some of his posts and what's happening here. And then boogie probably made this worse. He responded on answer ran by saying quote I am grown. When somebody asked him why do you do this. Here's my thing on bush. I don't even know why we're really talking about this he's a free agent folks. It's a little about leverage. It's also because. He's not signed to come back yet. He is a free agent not technically is a leader has an end but he's he's a free agent is a part of this team anymore. Why should he follow the pelicans. Anymore than say he should follow the mavericks lakers or wherever else. A free agent he wants to get paid even coming off the Achilles injury he wants leverage just like you're right or anybody else would and our career field. Do you really think this matters in the long run do you really think that bode cousins all of the sudden has some huge vendetta against this organization. Sammy Davis and barrage on Rondo is. And Jackson really ended the quartet of Kentucky guys. I guess Jackson's duke but the trio of Kentucky guys. I don't really think this matters long time. At all I think it's a big to do about nothing and the the re actually were part sing every single little bit of these. Athletes' lives and now it is border lines. On a little bit absurd. I curling up Parse every single word every single like every single followed by these athletes. And act like it truly matters I understand it was the pelicans so. It's more important than him ball or on following Joseph Smith out there. Joke coffee cup but. Can come on here. So as a matter this this and it's a little about leverage I'm sure but it's also because he's a free agents. And the city now and pelicans. Writers bloggers show hosts in this city for the last only four hours of talk about this ad nauseam. And it's now nauseating. No matter so no matter one iota until we've Acker and I'm starting to believe though that he won't be back. But it's not for. Any reasons that we don't like put your body doesn't like the organization. Is looking at the cap space here and also looking at the needs of this team. They start to wonder hey will they prioritize. Other things. If they do indeed go on the luxury tax. Plea deal with what you do think they would be doing it with somebody else. We have that would pie in the sky trade Eminem talked to Scott Alexander about the suits were just throws up against the wall here bit. We know Boston love to trade right you know Danny Ainge loves to wheel and deal and he also loves to acquire first round picks. To the pelicans possibly. Make him moved to get tighter re Irving. Throw a trade up to Scott Al general talked about that a little bit but you can weigh in on this 5042601870. Does bogey on the following the pelicans on n.'s dram mean anything to you. They are making too big deal out of it or do you think it's something. More if somebody 5042601870. We'll take a break coming up next. Wanna talk about. The heat but some of our great athletes yet. Manley talking about the NBA LeBron and Kevin Durant hates true hate thrown their way from fans. And also. Where does. LeBron go to win more championships that's kind of something that a lot of people the national Talking Heads and talking about right word as LeBron go this offseason if he wants one more titles. Does he get a pass through that and I think that's fine but then we slam Kevin Durant for doing the same thing stock about it next to skin started here. I'm laurel sets a lap double coverage on WW. Democrats picked up his second foul rockets at three point lead in the first quarter two point 118 as we keep an eye on the Western Conference finals. A couple of minutes ago the NBA just announced their finalists for all their end of season awards and Anthony Davis a finalist for a couple of them as expected. He's one of the three finalists for MVP along with James Harden and Cleveland LeBron James. And he's also finals for defensive player of the year we have Joseph well and beating the 76ers and Rudy go Baird the jazz. And quite frankly yes Gilbert is probably when that award he is investments where I think in league right now. And any position. But true politician bill on this list to forge a well MB c'mon now. Jewel chocolates to create player but he's not the defensive monster dangerous I still believe drew all day. She needs to at least beyond that defensive all first team. NBA first team defense team. So did file those couple of things a little later and talked to Scott Alexander or they don't talk about here in the NBA number one. I still don't quite get why sports fans hate a couple of big time NBA players right now and two players were talking up pretty much every day. They were talking about it on the previous show sports soccer or Jeter and Bobby Hebert and had a great conversation here. Look LeBron James all the hates coming his way and and fans use that word sound just like it's eight. LeBron James who was a great role model off the court. Then Kevin Durant who does what most sports fans say. They want from their stars. Want them to be quiet and let their play speak for itself right that's what Kevin Durant does. Not trash talker. He's not a mean guy. He's just an all time great basketball player. Now both James and grants to me have been. The basically no trouble off the court in their careers. Both are probably two of the top twenty or so players in league history certainly brought LeBron of one of the two or three recipes update the greatest of all time. Yet they still receive an enormous amount I hate. Why a if you hate these guys I want to know why. Wanna know why I heard from some fans slash show he called me 5042601. Point 78. This. LeBron has been an 88 role model off the courts he made a little bit of a dumb decision with Doug decision. Before I went to Miami without when he was 25 year old kid. And Kevin grants. Except for one little faux paw. This in the media when your stock and the media this last year he's beaten up the body of role models well off the court so I don't get the heat of the true hated ABC. You don't like that bear on great teams your tired of seeing them in the files let's find it like you should see the tax on every single night and it 787. I hate Kevin Durant can't stand I hate LeBron James overrated. And get. Us Acadia LeBron. Sony also I'm wondering. Over the past couple weeks. I love Walt and I wouldn't leads to he's the greatest player of our generation and my goodness if you don't like watching that dude play the game of basketball. So think you'll like the sports. Because there are very few players. There that are more enjoyable more dynamic to watch in the history of the game a bit Danny. So. Why. Though does LeBron James get a pass for doing everything we can't win more titles and Kevin Durant doesn't mean bias. Sort of LeBron James is history. LeBron didn't think you can win a title in Cleveland so bloodied. Left for Miami with the decision we just talked about. Where you had. Already superstar installed there in Dwyane Wade. Would won a title with Shaq early in his career he convinced eight top ten at that time player in the league in Chris Bosh to come what then he orchestrated that. Super team down there in Miami did everything if you win everything you do to win a title. Mail LeBron he saw that he eats aging roster. Cap issues and body can build a championship team back home little easier. Ohio guys and went back there. He saw what he's seen Cleveland by the wayside budding superstar entire rear being he saw an organization that would give him nearly full control. Over player personnel decisions released a hand in them. He went back he's got bear. Would be the best place for him to win more titles. And now we hear about LeBron everybody now just once and every single showed nationally. Every day every single day people are talking about well what can LeBron do. To win more titles where Kenny go this offseason in free agency where he can get more rinks and I do not begrudge him that at all. In a society. We're weeds the fans and the media. Judge at least a good portion of players' legacies by how many rings they have how many titles they have helped you be grudge LeBron for wanting. To win titles going to win more titles. So why. Nobody. Says anything for the most part about LeBron doing this. But then when it comes to Kevin Durant ol' boy is seen demonize her during the exact same third ranked. I'll continue this and tell you my thoughts after the news. Want him back except Dunlap double coverage rolls on here are UAE Annie. Earl laurel. While on WW dot com casserole and operating Mazda people I am score early laurel if you miss it I'll tell you why would Scott Alexander comes bomb on ask him in a replay of the sound clip. So I'm talking about Wyatt and asking question what does LeBron get a pass for doing everything he can't win more titles in eight. Legacy equals Marines equals title society that we builds more side that we built. But Kevin Durant is demonized. For doing the exact same thing. I hypocritical nonsense that I'm sorry I I call out and I do not like. They are toy for seven sports media cycle right now. Kevin Durant knows he knows that we again the media and you the fans we judged at least a good portion of player's legacy. By rinks rights. We do we just do. And he knew he couldn't get by the warriors in the west and Oklahoma City. Didn't really get along with Russell Westbrook. What he sees so over Golden State he saw himself as an incredible fit in that system and by the way he was right. He's the straw the stirs that drink now. If it's not period salmon I think it's more him that's a debate that we can have free agents here. So we went there oh and by the way the warriors had lost. In the finals before he was there. They lost in the finals sort of the war is supposed to do newborns must add piece of the we're supposed to try to get better when they couldn't get by Cleveland the previous year. There's all say and I've gone back and forth on this with some of my really good friends and sports heated debates. About this. The thing I'll ask. It's for you not to be hypocritical. With Kevin Durant and that's if you aren't that upset about Kevin Durant trying to add to his legacy by winning more titles by. Joining Golden State's in you better be just as upset with LeBron doing the same thing. We'll have an issue if you think ball to produce kind of tired of what LeBron started to buy when LeBron started and he's gonna do it this offseason. So get off this Kevin Durant hate train machinery in the same thing what LeBron. Quick update on the Western Conference finals here. In the first quarter rockets five point lead twice 6110 we saw this. The game one or rockets the lead after one. It was a two point lead at that time but what defensively immigrants more on Golden State. On say just when he won points. In that quarter and the rockets are doing it by shooting just 39%. From the field. Second quarter coming up next and coming up next we've got Scott Alexander will tock NBA playoffs a toxin pelicans open a little fancy GM. Come the next I'm set them up its double coverage on WW. Rockets double digit lead now on the warriors Harden had some three either by twelve timeout warriors in the second quarter of game two. Of the Western Conference finals. Scott Alexander joining us now as promised Sosa primetime sports on WL AE TV. And CST. Okay sky before we get started here grass in the state every person who joins the show and act. I want you to listen to this probably see in the frontal rally to listen there's no way to tell what year. Yeah. Laurels. Laurel what are you hear Scott. Well to advocate and clear I didn't know anything about any. Minute. So I was watching inside edition. Eight who have come pick in the game so it's cool way. But anyway. I hurt yeah any earlier today like no collections on the honor and tradition here I'm here laurel from your putting does now though. I mean there was no doubt. That this just shows fail or upper hand yeah. And then now it is now there was no doubt that. Blow it right there I am laurel I have not heard yet he wants on this anytime there's a 100%. As recruitment. Or anything Butler. Now that was so visual thing. And they're showing it visually and they have yet to hear that you're the TV show you say. Obviously radios so yeah that was not a percent laurel amazes. It's just playing. Now I know it's it's it's a worldwide phenomenon right now man we had to do on our show because it's it's everywhere it's ball and Hobbits like blue dress and white dress that your gold dress. Yeah for Orton. That there are that they compete fairly and I am paraphrasing here ends look I'm no expert from what I've read though it's the way that our brain is filling in the gaps to support audio quality suit and a hero wanna hear but it's also our brains interpret. A difference audio frequencies and everybody here's a little bit differently so I think those two things combine so record yeah really crazy hey before you started I wanna ask you have a massive show this week on primetime sports ray got let Archie Manning Merrick. He got Alvin Gentry. Yeah it was great I mean we we actually had it last night and it's been re airing it here you write that the another chemical like Jerry and I. Home it's gonna be on a couple more confident that those going to be 10 o'clock tomorrow on that the only. Which is channel fourteen or 32. You'll across the lake had eleven. And again on yes she at noon on. On a Sunday afternoon so. Yeah it was fun I mean we had a segment Archie Manning and so economic you certainly silk. I grew up with a comment was appears my true heroes and their growth of the record. Archie was the guy. Period and as evil as the guys around and now have them on this particular show and gentry. We've only had him once before Rick put this season started. And it was great Alvin. You get the scene of a sudden now Hackett cardiac at least all Dexter so that the first time Adam. Because you know he was still part of that area and if we put up or shut up that so many people demand but that went now and on your show could only see is supposed games when they are urgently and are happy that is really great great guys agree. GAAP check that out great show this week I was in the audience Scott Alexander host a primetime sports on the reality TV and CST. Press got to let's get into the meats and potatoes here today I got to ask us. Amid don't have to ask that are doing your thoughts you make him think of his bully the answer Graham controversy when I'm calling it really a non controversy and can they haven't. Europe are related parties breathing space in effect this morning. Where you know the screen shell. But hopefully evening here and stand here program and a whatever I'm grown. And this being that they do anything about it you know I don't know light there's reasonable or the other argument anything that they were the contract negotiation. The pelicans or Haram Alvin Gentry trying to. Says that on the show last night America picnic they made that point clear and their supporting interviews with the media kind of bell. Are they want and they want to keep them calm you know the fact is if if that doesn't work out I mean you want it all currency peaking or name on the mean guys. You know he who nosy in the other like yet this year to appeal and these guys need more security and doesn't and they are 100% by. The team's got to do it that's for itself. And if they don't feel that they can risk the long term deal to us and I understand that it's going to be. Right now are placing it third they would I think it's gonna come back he's gonna get a lot years that you know somebody well. And round unless they have a better place that I mean you know you can have your it to orbit you better use that money didn't really get the read you don't have quirky. And there's not a condom on the market he's got that double they would their current teams you'll come here Michael or on our Kevin Durant so. You know it is now I don't read anything into that period. All right me neither did the right by the way I think it's a much ado about absolutely nothing here. Are you talked about the four in the three hour talk about the one here for the pelicans on a play a little fantasy pelican GM what the next couple questions first. The pelicans can afford to lose bulls their point guard Ian Clark in Raj on Rondo and how would you prioritize. Those two in bringing them back. And I talk among yourselves and Rondo is the better player but I'm saying money is gonna you know as in the ten million resent Rhonda might only take three or four and report back. He had you know can't you can't have partners are primary quite cart. I don't think right now I'll pick injury that role. Music critic gal the that you don't think he's solid player. I don't know if you guys can be drastically different game if he's running the point you may have put out situation I mean. You know Rhonda is gonna take a little more money. You know on at this current a lot of things to put you know they. They deal with the yeah should the bird rights situation premium of more than other things that they silicon it is but the fact it is. You need experienced guy with that seem to want and now Rondo at this point that it was. Kentucky connections to the best two players are looking. With a perfect guy at least for now we know it now long term solution getting a neat so. As far as record yet. My priority bureau on there oil and the court to see a boat back I think they're well special what can afford to lose balls. It depends on your placement. You know you like continuity in the week you know oh well he's taught that if you. Much to get this thing right of this particular team this year in our writers here at. So you don't want to really have to deal with that again you have an experienced guy and not positive that could be out there. Like. I don't want a new point guard I really feel that they. Rises people probably realized that particular try to chill elegance that negotiations but they're probably gonna at least it was fair to them. And I think it's right you know I don't know. You know what what they're gonna be completely or kitchen and our campus one thing and we we know it Arquette is and we know much where they have underneath it but you never really know because there's so many reasons they can that it's happened in a note Dieter all instilled that all's well. It's double coverage on WW onset Dunlap hanging out with Scott Alexander Rosa primetime sports on WL EE MC ST. Let's keep planned pelicans fantasy GM here. Let's go little pie in the sky and Bobby and I was talking about the size sort of thinking about this yesterday so they throw this out that this is obviously a shot to the moon here. But we know that Danny Haines loves not only to wheel and deal but he also loves to accumulate. First round picks. And a guy who's not contributing in a way right now that I think it's exactly with a pelicans will be looking for this offseason. Is Tyree Irving. If you can get Irene yearning for a couple of first round picks and a couple of role players and that's him out what it's a Boston sent to way to get him. That's about the value Ehrlich and that there. Would you do that would you send a couple of ones for hiring. There's no doubt there are you know you'd be so dangerous fiery. And any DD yeah I mean I don't know if you're Yemen so I use seven well he's. I'm not assuming bush is not here I'm listening in this scenario at least not here Seattle capped player. Deport all Latvia. It would be dynamic and outlook or I'd look yet because you know obviously got a guy that's the Liang. And he got a great future nurses are in the guy is discovered via Skype then there and out of the pit at the you can see number one. He'd do in the deal because you know it in there right now open it there are achieved. You know the Celtics and I think they net they've realized that. Next year. They're gonna need carrier and I think they're they'll be ready to take that popped up to be a champion of the net there yet right now in the that they everything they're doing it and yet. Much like Alec the second grand Ayatollah yet much as I love it really would love areas. But the diamond we are seeing is that all. I don't see happen and what it's registered. Chris I bring it up is because there's been some rumors there that Ainge is really and shouldn't co Y and bullet yet to give up so maybe some kind of weird three way. Trade that you could make that happen and there's point guard issues here if you don't have Rondo so obviously it's it's a longshot but I know delves ordeal until I know. Aims loves to wheel and deal I just think Tyree with that and let me it's gotta I'm curious. Would you be OK and let's not Tyree this contracts. Makes a lot of sense for this team because it runs through the same period we're talking Anthony Davis right so if you go all in now to try to win. And let's see it doesn't work in Davis Bolton torn between one of the week of completely reset. And dump all that salary cap completely reset and rebuild when he can go on now I guess that's why iris for some who brought us. I love the think prop up front that there really do it made me start that it. And media that ethernet that are out here mean anything so. But the fact business. Because I've been dreaming of collide letter. And up agreement yeah today you know people activists are well this somehow figure it we get back guy here I don't know what it would take. To have bill digital lockdown the rant. In a playoff situation accurately played and puppet that major holiday could possibly live or you play against the rocket cheap you'd put him on heartened. And all the sudden now you got a legitimate chance because those two guys. Are gonna Marty and least. Good artwork organic float the boat. And that would become a dream scenario for me but it you know. Bringing up curry aaron's record adjusting is while. And Diaz broke the question here watching the warriors hear what tortured thoughts on the worries in the city is so divide really the basketball world is so divided on whether it is. Pay what they've built I have been in the camp I was so tired and really am tired. Of the the 45 plus years of iso basketball NBA odds love how unselfish they are. I think they've made the game a little beautiful again I understand people are tired of them winning everything. But I would I like what the words you've done to the NBI just flat do I don't care of people don't like me say and that what of what's your view on the warriors. To be totally disagree with the mile. I'm Emery for the rockets and I can sweep of that afraid that our panel in Hartford. It's a beautiful thing. Outlook the outcome on an early or that the people start it all wanted on it. In fifteen or in January maybe. I think that the way to get some open. Should get bit and yet here and the port culinary expert put things together watch them every. Now look this week that she got that ultimately the so expect east and it was nice. Now sort of sum seems to try to replicated including Alec in RBC gentry round. Yeah I'd say about your soul. You know watching art and do it kind of neat because he just does Spain have never seen a player we do from the inside him and from firmer and intelligently. But yes it's great regret it and huge fan of the rent joy in the quite correctly bullet. Fact is is this is going to be one of those great teams of all time they record potential in that conversation now. With another championship for two that maybe they could be the greatest. Scott thanks months now and we'll put you in the laurel slashing handicap a little bull. A program. Here at laurel at present time melt like didn't they. Merit fall months later at d.s got out general take a quick break here on an update on the Western Conference finals and it's. Hate for Kevin Durant and LeBron Kim wants to weigh in we'll hear from him next. The other rockets. Blasting off tonight fifteen point lead on the warriors sixty to 45 under two minutes to play in the second quarter rocket strand to. Even up the series of the game is he sending it back to Oakland over the weekend. We're talking about the hate for Kevin Durant and LeBron James and how I just I don't get how you hate those guys understand via. Maybe dislike that they want everything are tired seeing those guys. In the NBA finals the top of the league for a long time may be able with the team and our understanding actual hate Kevin in Baton Rouge wants to weigh in on and Kevin your Honda VW all go ahead. Very good man up and I think beat wow pretty. LeBron. Like. And I've received proper equipment but they're here are perfect art tour. The idea ordered it. That's my vote. What do you what do you say today who do you think is afraid set out LeBron too late to be honest Kevin when I listened to all the shows out there I would say it's a good four to one in favor of LeBron being better than Michael like I rarely hear in the Michael was better take anymore. What color they are read like beep and don't know if reverend. Stephen A Smith yeah he's one of them now SEI's Atlanta Chris Broussard is Trieste Jan also thinks and David really those served those are the only two that lead here Kevin. Really. But not. Really Kerry who is better I don't like that doesn't. Move the needle for me I just appreciate LeBron I appreciated Michael appreciate your pocket. A game or gathers a website for that you'll parched Swartz is a great job at that big time not next hour to tock. Some LSU baseball massive series. Starting tomorrow with our normal talk to two people kept Teddy hale. And James Moran about it except Dunlap double coverage continues.