Why aren't baby boomers retiring?

Wednesday, May 16th

Some Millenials and younger generations are complaining that by not retiring – Baby Boomers are holding onto jobs that would be available for them. Are you a Baby Boomer?  Are you past retirement age?  Did you retire?  Do you want to retire?  Why didn’t you retire? Full 2 pm hour.


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So are you retired or you are you thinking about retiring. I guess the decision to retire has a lot to do with whether or not you love your job. We'll talk about this because I was reading an article that dead baby boomers are. Keeping jobs longer. And so that's preventing younger generations from moving up for getting us shots. Storm when deals are younger generations of separate the baby boomers Chris many of them are not retiring if your baby boomer are you retired would you retire when it all all that here. In just a minute also I want to mention again that town mayor LaToya Cantrell says that she's not gonna hire Warren Riley. She says he's qualified for the job with Homeland Security to the city. But she listened to people on both sides and it's best not to hire him. And I totally agree with her decision not only do I agree with her decision but I I'd I agree with the process of listening to people on both sides. Now there seems to be some talk from taken down no lock. I'm demanding transparency from the Cantrell administration. On what to do with the monuments that have been removed and I'm sure that's topic it will come up again soon. We have been talking about before police officers in Jefferson Parish to deputies. Involved in the death of 242 year old Keenan Robinson. Should they be arrested and charged with murder be NAACP says yes they should be Jefferson Parish sheriff Joseph Tinto. Has called for an independent investigation into the death of this black suspect at the hands of four wiped effigies. There have been a lot of high profile cases over the last few years where white police officers have been involved in. Questionable activity with black suspects. In some cases. Even under the Obama administration. The Justice Department. Ruled that the police officers were not wrong. They acted appropriately. But there are cases were police officers do get in trouble. Look it's a tough job. I can only imagine how difficult it is being a cop. And all the things that you have to think about. But what goes along with that job. Is doing the job properly. And if excessive force is used. And if somebody dies. And a police officer needs to be held accountable. That's basically the law. And that's the way it should be. And for all those who were screaming and shouting at the police officers the deputies about the charge shed it doesn't mean they're not gonna be charged. I think they'll be charge I would be shocked if they weren't. And secondly all of them because one in particular. Apparently strangled. The 22 year old black suspect. Now. Having said this earlier I'll say it again. The black suspect does not acquire. The police should go to church and can pull him out of the choir and end Djokovic. He's an alleged drug dealer. He ran from the police. And when you run from the police. They're going to follow you. Chances are they're gonna catch you. And if you struggle. If you resist there's going to be confrontation. They're going to try to restrain. In the process of being restrained. If excessive force issues and you die the police officers at fault. Should there be an investigation before the police officers are charged or should they be charged. Right now. If you enjoys for the comment our numbers 2601 a seven about I also wanna talk about retirement. And and our baby boomers being selfish by not retiring and do you look at retirement as an entitlement. I mean at no point in my life I mean when I was 45 years on the tour for your sold on the air. When I was 35 years old. When DL any soon many years ago. I never thought about Qatar. I think you'll die when dale died I might die a mere. Mean that will be payable what great way to select show a quick tour de we have ghost which you start to show up he made it could be it could happen. Sometimes I think it shows gonna kill me and so. Maybe that will happen. In any event if you wanna join some comment our numbers 2601 A semi tech's number is 87870. Co wonder Robinson as a mother keep on on our keys and Robinson. And this is courtesy of a CBS this morning so just wears on the national news this morning and she had just dissect. Just it and I want them arrested. Because if it was filmed it's that daylight he'll be arrested so I feel that that they love about another human being so the fact that it's already had a police thinner. Well yes I mean I think it's okay to have special consideration from our police do but that's special consideration doesn't mean you can kill somebody. And it doesn't mean that. Look. Air line pilots. Can't make certain mistakes. Police officers. Can't make certain mistakes. And if you're the kind of person that gets so. Riled up. That you're so frustrated and angry with a suspect. That that's going to lead to excessive force. Then you shouldn't be a cop. Keep in Robinson's mother in Carolina also said that. Nobody's perfect but. Nobody's perfect. Game they don't have the right to figure nobody my. Nobody. And also what's remembered that as as much as some if you wanna say well this guy had a comment. Because of what he was still. Show me where in the books. We have laws that call for the death. The execution. A revelation or do. I don't think that exists. From general wearing your W bureau. I'm. I'm good all. Did you motive and the support. It. You know I did I doubt that I I certainly hope that's not the case and if that is the case I hope the investigation reveals that. But there's so much has happened wait I don't blame you for being skeptical. I really don't. Other important I want you voted voted and a few of them at the moment you know like that is about it is actually what the but. At Bristol. And no that's that's the right way to handle it. And as as scared as you are. If you run. If you resist. If you don't comply. How many people would be alive today if they simply would have complied with police. Not everyone because maybe some in some cases police. Would have gone overboard any. Amass speaking for those police officers. But don't invite trouble. Comply. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A sending Perry toured 504260187. Tech's number is 877 so if you are a baby boomer is this your attitude about your job. Are you ready to retire. Who do you think we're charm it is an entitlement she's. Like and the lines are let off talking about the hours are talking about but I do hope to make this part of our conversation. I'm stooge for human rights record or your comments on debit of your mouth. As main. I mean doing this at times seventy years old. Love what I do so I know intent retiring. Philip so what it does it mean if there's Sunday's are coming here and money and I'm done dealing with callers and and topics Arab man I'm tired of this. Some days that's the case but look overall. I have no desire to retire. It's a Texas says good I'm 45 years old and I met with a retirement planner this week he says that I would receive less money overall. From Social Security the earlier I retire. That means that I should. Wait longer and longer to retire to maximize my pay out. If I expect to live a longer life yeah I mean that's a question that you do have to ask yourself I dot sure we're gonna really get into this topic today but it is a good topic. About some when he Olsen younger generations being upset because so many baby boomers are not dying. And they're keeping their jobs are not retiring and down not everybody really wants to retire. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. In our tax is 87870. If you don't have it yet. Get it. Radio dot com it's an app coterie App Store radio dot com favorite WWL. And you can stream the show any show anytime anywhere and hook up with us on FaceBook. And Twitter from Gonzales gene here on W ideology either retire. I don't actually retired member to skate. Post to my doctor and change unity out about what you go to your counter on. So much more. Or that. The company I work for. They wanted me to go. Stay. School. Board re. Work where we can. So that's a good deal for. And it it at some point you can still collect Social Security to Japan that. I'm going to collect them so here game where. Art the won't do won't know Amber's is going to be an actress and so here pay check my wife Hillary are. But you're happy your happy work inching. I'm happy little knowledge or body's own you do. I'm going to keep working so pretty. Much stopped. Everything. He sees it like it did to get the cars running find it if I stop and I don't know if I'll ever be of the started again. Right. Hygiene I I I love your attitude. And from Slidell is tong here on WWL. I'm gonna. I'm two years away from the iron but I retired at the fight for years playing well. And I been work and first bank and they're all out. I'm waiting and I'm 66 to apple Social Security I'm gonna. They are surface give us an adult Mexico. Where. Oh my god that does sound very inviting. It oh yeah. Can I don't miss. Fully meet you wouldn't wanna be at his sailboat ordinary town not that I don't know how to sail which you would not want to be in a confined location with me for very long and I've got. Preferences of people who would give me for a long period of time and they can tell you know you wanna be the scoop. The sheets are you one other. I think I'll go thirty to. Anybody in order. It's a challenge and it just. You know I do picture Matt and get old you are. On the. You don't think you get bored after after a bit you know after too much fun you don't think you get bored. Now I. I Europe Miami and out of the way and a and M to walk. Well. There's you can if you can be on a vote in Key West on I can understand why you were on retired Tom I'm going to call. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll should for white JT SO deputies. The arrested and charged with murder in the death of a black suspect or should the investigation be concluded first. 80%. Say the investigation should be completed first. 20% say charge him arrest them now you issued to you by going to our web site WW well dot com. And from central city Calhoun welcome to our show. I. Am okay. Wonder. What we have now oh. And that. Point you know. Yeah so at some point you two and and accountable when you're not at all. There where you said Tony account by saying that you're not you're not supporting police officers using excessive force your sis saying what I've been saying for for two days early success this topic came up. And that is that. If you invite a confrontation with police officers are you invite a confrontation with anybody you don't know how it's gonna end. It. Like Yahoo! and I've I appreciate the call. And from ways when Ronnie here under the WL. Tori. Got along. There's a quick couple comments I think a person should protect our citizens there are multiple weapons much percentage is possible because like social. And you could die in the sixties maybe two for forty years it the most you just never know people dying younger vote and certainly people have to. But that's my antigen or apartment is an issue could retire with at least 65% of your take home. And since since I have news coming up give me a comment about Tobin a short talk about. I was gonna be about police to a good dose policeman's that they would not Wear body can. If they want to dated Havoc on an old should be parked at. No questioned said. And running. Since they're since they were undercover. I don't believe undercover police officers Wear body cameras because that might be a clue deter police officers so they don't do that. And also a Jefferson Parish there's no requirement to Wear body cameras. And that's a different topic it seems to me that body cameras do offers some evidence in many situations that would help resolve controversies situations. So should all police officers have body cameras and if they don't have them why don't think I'm scoops. We'll be right back. What would you which you like them which you like to be totally free to do whatever you want any old time. For some people have the money to retire. I don't you know I I've had times in my life where a tough things happened and die. I mean I guess I really wanted did to cut down to practically nothing I guess I could find a way to retire but I don't have any desire to retire. Here's a Texas says so screwed watched a movie all is lost. A retired Robert Redford. Is on the scene by himself. And runs into difficult times. And a necessity guy just called and said he wants to retire get a sailboat go down to Key West which again does sound brother in fighting so now we're kind of talking about their retirement as well. I've since baby boomers are not retiring in has served great numbers as passionate ration system people are complaining hey get on the way. Either die or retire so we can can move up. Our baby boomers being selfish and whether you're a baby boomer millennial gen X gen Y whoever. Do you actually planned to retire. Now I know that there are some people who do take jobs. Because they know they can retire at a certain point. God bless you affect your decision. I couldn't do that. For me. I could not. Work in his job that I didn't like. Knowing that by the time I'm 654. Teeth and justify it I could retire it's it's too much misery. Leading to that point of retirement and you know. Because since the way life is you don't even know if you can live long enough to enjoy your retirement. We're also talking about before. GPS so JP SO up police officers deputies. Should they be arrested and charged with murder. In the death of a black suspect or should there be an investigation first that's a pretty must opinion poll give us your opinion. It every if you don't dot com are also talking about that right now also lied to should be I don't it's gonna be a warm afternoon but it should be a really nice afternoon. For odd and Wednesday to square feet and leadership councils free concert this afternoon free concert Lafayette square right downtown. There's food there's beverages you couldn't enjoy people and food and beverages and a really special guest today. Enters our sport. He's got a a new album out discuss towards all the time he was born in Sweden but he chose New Orleans has his home. I think this is an early early nineties he decided to return to live here. And then this guy is a blues funk rocker he'll join him enters our sport or we're gonna do alive FaceBook feeds with him. About 6 o'clock today. Our nudge every if you're already a FaceBook and I've got an Anders Osborne song of flower box from his new CD flower box. I'm coming up going up going out into the spring on met here on WW Dog Day Afternoon. So. Yeah and now. The issue issue. She. I. OK. See you at the gate thing. And our should deal just. And and I. But that area. Out at me but you know. Well I I'm I'm good I'm glad I didn't turn out to really competition. Yeah I appreciate. But I'll. Say. Go out there to eight. Email is a result like that and I maturity. And has spot there. And a question one they would get out and I say I'm afraid of cops. Yeah. Its products are acts are. Cops. You know on it. But what are the operating. Young males. Or. Again. And again. There is precious. Are not yet but when he first and realize that. All eyes are against a white. Diplomat also lets you know let's think about the that the recent history you know you've got grandfathers and great grandfather's today. Who are the baby boomer generation and I guess some fathers as well. With the baby boomer generation and they have firsthand experience with police law enforcement white police officers in this treating them during. They during integration. And so the the this is first hand experience that has been passed down it's not going to be easy to change that any it should be understandable that. If you're white you don't really understand exactly what that's like. We can still talk about how important it is to comply is to police stop you. But we can't talk about what it's like to be afraid of the police. And and again I want to bring up because you're out yet. I watch the video where he's been in just 48. Page where it was partially block out. You know. What you bought. Yeah pretty. Yeah because you're not you're ultimately you're not gonna get away. How does it change. Well you and I. Can't change I think that change has to come from within the within the communities that have France is set to process. Matt I appreciate the call. Arguing rejoice or your comment on numbers 260187. Terry code 5042601. He said he text. A 7870. Here's a text how about all convicted felons wearing body camps. Now you think we can get them to do then that would be convenient time. A year convicted felon you know where a body game. I'm sure there's some things we really wouldn't wanna see this is Anders Osborne soreness called flower box guys are great great lyric writer. Very deep stuff. And he's. Funk blues rocker Nabil lives Lafayette square. Wednesday at the square concert this afternoon the concert starts at 5 o'clock. Anders Osborne goes on about 615. I'm screwed we'll be right back on WL. If you retire or are you gonna look back and think you had the time. I'm your life's create do you just wanna keep working and keep trying to make it better. We're talking about retirement because every this article about how similar Nielsen Niger and next gen Y younger generations. Assembly baby boomers because stir knots all retiring or or dying and they're staying in positions that may be younger generations could take over if they were just get the hell out of there. But you just can't get over to some of these damned baby boomers. Our numbers 2601 A semi tech's a 7070. We're about ten minutes away from another code word and that means you text to code word to 72881. That's all you have to do and you just like everybody else listening is automatically eligible to win a thousand dollars in cash in the intercom national cash contest. Were also talking about whether or not afford Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies. Should be arrested and charged with murder in the death of 22 year old keeping Robinson. Or should there be an investigation. First Don your endeavor WL. Dude. I. Pat. If not. I'd retired and should and I can't tell where I. Kind of hurt and that. Try entity and I can't see myself doing it ain't. I don't let up on it I mean John. I think that has a lot to do with the decision to retire Reid if you hate your job pictures you're happy for her to retiring by. You know I am I hope people find out what they enjoyed doing and and do that for a living because. I love what I do I deal looks and some days are hard some days are tougher than other days and they she don't really wanna do it. But overall I wake up every morning and I look forward to a new day on the air and I am I love what I do. And I if I hated my job I guess we're gonna retire but if even if I did were talk I would find something else to do I wouldn't really retire. Right right and it action on cheap she got it yeah. Yeah. She. Got past her and she wouldn't let you do don't. Check it out. Al Abdullah hell did that and you're right now. Oh boy with actual him by. And he can't. Donna that's a card that's a that's a call you your your call to do that. Yet yet and I and I can't you know not doing it you know I'd get ten so. I'm gonna usher for doing it and ten years here helping a lot of people to their dislike really really good people like Q in the world. Thank you and you're not that I am happy yeah. Now. We're. Okay is it wade the only reason you don't want to die and the air is so your mask caramel Brian. So it's really not about me dying it's about you or your mascara. A public. Europe and that figure Amherst and and I met. You yet. I appreciate the call thank you very much for what you do you got a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. Text. May seventeenth pace Saturday. I mean depending on the job right. I mean if our work and a coal mined. My black lungs would wanna definitely retire. But you know what I bet I bet there are some miners they just love what they do. Some miners have been laid off when they were just want to get back to work. Until claustrophobic to go down that shaft. They're different Jordan. I'm scoots and we'll be back on Debian Euro. Kurt cobain's daughter. Lost its. And it divorce. And should not have happened that way it's wrong. I read this and went ballistic plus argument that's in the next hour some things should should not be. Community property maybe there should be some kind of way to apply. The human equation when it comes to some drizzle we'll talk about that coming for the next hour. I if you're whole stay where this will continue the conversation into the next hour and ears are pretty must opinion poll will you retire. When you can or were you keep working. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also enter a 345 next hour we're gonna talk to senator John Kennedy. He wants to call also talk about the Paris casino deal. And all of a conversation with him about that and maybe something else it's time for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest she got a chance to win a thousand bucks right now. All you have to do is text this code word loyalty. Text royalty are oh YA LTY. 272881. That's seven to 81. Even when a thousand bucks it's that easy next door coming up right before the top of the hour news from now until 6 o'clock. 1000 dollars is up for grabs whenever charge for Tex but individual plan Texan generates may apply please don't text and drive I'm scoot. Try to stay cool this Wednesday afternoon we're coming back under review well.