Why is America so divided?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, May 16th

Tommy talks with Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about the partisan divide in the U.S.


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Run into our guest here Andy Smith director of the University of New Hampshire surveys senator. As if sandy we weren't divided enough knowing of these Gianni laurel controversy on. The we got our our curtain over knowledge everything is controversy. You're controversy. Partly as usual. Our interview couldn't begins with a game of temperature led whether whether poker when he got. And over are going to be. We. Alert. Yeah and the UN is when record heat today maybe in 9395. Ish we've set records last couple days. We don't we don't like overcast and sixty and a our. Marriage. That aliens for Andy and I so let's talk about this Pew Research Center poll talking about Americans being more divided and we thought we'd look at it through the prism of the Russians buying ends on FaceBook was that a waste of money not in terms of whether people. Threaded their way influenced by it but what we already so divided it didn't really matter. I think Rory pretty divided it's been it's been something that's been going on pork a long time and what we're seeing is to repeat the results of this. The funny thing about his political scientists calling back in the nineteen. The 1940s. And early 1950s it were complaining that the United States. Head political parties it would be enough and he didn't provide an ideological court from voters and nearly cult for parties that were more com. Clearly defined. Like European parties work. And I think we've gotten that we. Of those are the good old ways are. Those really good old days you Republican or Democrat had done manner. Close enough so new Pew Research Center study out that says Americans are. Growing more and more divided over their political values sandy Smith their guests director of the University of New Hampshire survey center. So any when it comes as some of the issues in the political values that are deciding dividing us and Angie said earlier that. Know back in the fifties if you only get him as the good old days there wasn't much difference between Republicans Democrats now. As we just said that divide widening what are the issues that are doing that. Well there's several was is that they're cute identified the team to cold Winter Park. Pull apart more personal is just the general at the C of the government to help us so. And so when the request and Syria is. The government today. God can't afford. Do much do more to help you need 69% of Republicans agree with that only 24% of Democrats. Government regulation of business usually does more harm than good 63% of Republicans agree with a 30% Democrat. So there's there's this perception first hop that the government can't really do things. To do another one that. Government is always always wasteful and inefficient 69% of Republicans agree. 45% Democrat so that's that's one area. And others that really different is. Environmental. Whether they're effective or not so the question they asked you agree or disagree with close. Whether stricter environmental laws and regulations costume any jobs and hurt the economy 50% of Republicans think that case. Only 20% of Democrats think debt to shut apparently large step. And then when the lord is concerns. Minority in this is something that changed. Among Democrats only recently. The cut to a black. Can't get ahead in this country or are mostly responsible current condition 75% of Republicans agreed with that only 20% of Democrats to recruit. And if you look back in 1994. On Wednesday Pugh started this whole series of questions. Only 6066%. Of Republicans agree with that only 53% of Democrats agreement the so. Republicans and Democrats pretty close then. Thirteen points up a sense what depart out of 50% on the part of that particular ship. Is as of recent phenomenon since president trumpet select leaders has been known on for awhile. No absolutely not it's not since president trial. Did the tiny release start to see this year. Is between. About 2004. And they did a poll of 2011. Which started seeing this year they're so in that time frame. And it's that's not just that Republicans are more conservative they have. Are we not move too much. They're a little bit more conservative they used to be that the changes are Democrats so much more liberal in the and it used to be. And so if you think that would be average voter is the average. Democrat now it's far to the left the world at work. In in the 1990s the average Republican has moved to the right somewhat they were. More for the right in the 1990s. Under Democrats were to the last. Thank candy appreciate your time enjoy and cloudy and sixty degrees today. Well you. Oh shut up. Thank you sir have a good day. Air R&B Smith to pick to the university in New Hampshire survey center cloudy and sixty degrees in New Hampshire today. Mine mine mine.