Whose platform is it?

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Players, Owners, or Fans…whose platform is it?  One caller says all three hold the platform equally…but Newell disagrees.  Where do you stand?


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We're talking about the situation on the NFL controversy and edits you know it's very fluid and it's changing and yesterday the NFL PA defended the players. Who have decided to use their platform to peacefully raise awareness to issues that deserve attention. We should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights to become subservient. To the varying opinions. Our constitution. Protects. So the issue that I arrays and coming into this hour is. Whose platform is. Is that the players. Is that the owners. Is at the NFL. Or is that the fans. And the point that I'm trying to make is is that if you're at work. You don't have a First Amendment right to. It can be restricted. By your boss. Which is the team owner that can be restricted by the organization. The NFL. In the manner in which the fans. Restricted is by expressing under that First Amendment right as well. Their displeasure. For whether or not. It should be. Don or not and obviously. They realize that that this is a problem and and Eric Reed. From the 49ers he says yet yesterday or the day before. That. This is what systematic oppression looks like a man with power comes at a game tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game. With an attempt to thwart our efforts. And it just seemed to me that a number of folks. Are really missing. The issue. As it relates to this so we'll go back. To line to go to line one and we'll talk to Sally and scatter what say you sell. All you'll. Yeah one way and ordinary. In that they'll quote cica. You know everybody. You know he kind of settle down and realize. All three meaning that Iranian. Diplomat. In the owners. Need to. It if you deal. There you do to do would suggested. By. Have been you know and the players. Then you. Bet you beauty talents. Alone the and our own and a mule to produce. By any any game we mean changing. Shall. You know pain at the console and perspective. They're not going on who. Make money. Bet you know that there. But yet intimate. Up projected in May so I'll believe. All really really need each other equally you know you've got to put. Counted on appeal is. The reason that ball. He ought on the radio. There's no doubt that their financial interest or intrinsically linked to one another. And we get into the conversation about the branding. And a branding is and is important to all of them because that's what provides the sustenance right the money. We'll sell out thank you so much for you comments are gonna try to economic collar. We'll go to William in late Charles. Alia. First round in this that is show and I want to make the recon. Sub. Though first. If I want it to me it was a bow. In terms. The owners of allowing the play is to. And what they're right. What they. Think donors. Do you have that right but at the end of the day I don't wanna see a situation where lay is stolen so there. Is there among the chain and allow them to do too so it means about it. Probably about be it should be about being out. So what you're saying is that cuts both ways. Well way normal and and usually it does in big equipment to some. There. And that would do would be. I'm are they were allowed on the do. As not credible or number two. It's sort of people who talk about it being unpatriotic. Who defy I'd Wear patriotic perpetrator is good news. You know. On the way I can say a person who doesn't pay their tax pitcher out. And if you don't you check out pitcher who has been known it is so. You know the better that way right with. And are no people would be right there. With preacher it was not right. Number during the number. Is. I think that most people. Not pick out. That is so edges or they're district government. I. Think that a lot of people. Simply because he's saying that America Hillary is such. Now I on this agree everything. About things we have. And much quad today is that we get the job done staying. The United States Britain bare majority. Tibetans are that was the majority of white people have never been comfortable in terror of the mother she. Listening to someone say America's racist country. In them in the 1960s. William let let me ask you one thing about that when you hear that statement. Is that a one way street view because when I hear. I I see it as you know all races. Can be racist. Where order in 1960. Went black peep when and where there was. A Gallup polls in America. In America treat negro. They're saying oh. Right in a sect in the sixties. It's Christie's like. American history white America and Rio. American. African Americans were treated bad. Poor William I don't mean to be rude but I gotta get to a break thanks so much for your your comments today thanks for Colin in from Lake Charles who really appreciated with.