Who's on the Saints' final 53 and an LSU update

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, August 22nd

Bobby, Deuce & Deke discuss who needs to show out in the final two preseason games to make the Saints' roster, and Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com gives the latest on LSU football.


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Right down to give back down to business thanks so much for being patient then Dane Thomas in the Big Easy. Chris in Metairie in John iPad as it. Paterson presented is home of them on the tax. We'll get back to off you in just a moment operated jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot com. What you need to see from the black and go before the regular season stall its you can vote at WWL dot com so what choices there. Also gonna dig into the LSU football later in the program. This Al Mike's gobble publish your recruiting analysts that tie the big dot com the tiger is getting some player respecting the entirely Shelvin for the first time. The State's top prospects no more too defensive tackle in your defense alone in the nation welcome to a cook in the Notre Dame Ohio's tremendous. Presidents was the having him out there how that makes a difference loyalist you know getting. Pretty much some hands on deck try to get ready for BYU sat Saturday September 2 in Houston. That got to the falls ago we promised to keep clear amount for the first break first up Thomas in new long want to talk of most of financially Thomas thank you for Colin WW. You don't problems and all the time you don't frontal. When you sound. The question. The court and biggest obstacle could be as good but step on the and also follow. Also it was. Kind of the secret. I think still fun and that he started his own growth. And Thomas turn on your radio. I think this to finance any. Started his own grow what I mean about that. Is physically and have all the Billiton a lot of NFL players have physical ability. Then now who has that manage mentally our instincts. About knowing what to do whether it's pass run our run pass though. As the fun Anthony. Doozy that in a top four right now when you look Alex has a long so. I mean. Mean to say you know blame it on a coach I think he has good instincts that to tackle. But dead that played NFL we have to have more binges and stinks. Because of the situation you need to be put it. The bridges have been Atlanta Falcons this year is to finance these in the game did they gonna put pressure on him. To delta did diagnosed with this or run or pass and do play action right Adam with the bags of around the back who we seem to have an even indirect and the goal line. Where'd you guys wide open and an NFL quarterback is he gonna make their place so. And to me it's a fine Andy does that make it here that he needs to any of the big kid. He needs to look in the mirror I think is that is that coach Dennis Allen scheme are are you had now Joseph Witt Mike Nolan coaching news so. I think occasionally coming and I would hip didn't yeah yeah yeah yeah but but he's looked. Like a different clear already I mean right he he had been available as. When available this has game in that this week for practice but I mean he has looked like they totally different player already from what it glows. You know as far as last year allowing Kansas Simon and I did go to law some get a good look loss up there is so I mean I think he's playing fancy though. Whatever is ailing him right now he's got to get that cleared but. I think he he he loves the game I think he's committed. To the game as far as playing you know. Is this unfortunate that he right now he's not on the field. And I'd do is live at a public takes because the first game he got a site explained that if fans. 'cause. Some fans still would just let rush the passer explain why it's different that he got that sag is not exactly. Him beating somebody just 101. Well. It's if it. And I don't wanna call it a scheme run but but in a way it is a scheme I mean so you saw a lot of penetration the last game. The saints ran cross dollar and and and across dog is basically the Mike in the Salem. Crossing make an X. And making sure that either the full back is gonna pick him up to have back is picking a mob. And or the guard and the center are responsible so we saw we saw him run the the they were almost go get into the line of scrimmage days the bulls lab backers and a gap one would drop one will calm. We saw them in gazes senator. And in the tackle loop around we saw on to a lot of different stunts. Like dead and that's where Stephon Antonov was able to get a sack. AJ Klein cause. Penetration on two plays Okafor and now they're mad died tail and his sag was at the same thing with sex and same same type of deal put it all on he is. It was a grain doll sold. What it wants to bag. Believe it is what age they clap okay client is mugged up into line of scrimmage and a standing right over the two and a gap. Between the sinner and a guard. He comes up and he takes off he gets so much pressure the guys' response from blocking him is really the full bad but it was a tiny and I was in there. Good he's too far over so AJ is able to get so much pressure up the field. He forces the quarterback to step up well what happened blows the quarterback starts to step up. Okafor and sees it and he's able to nice to me and that's when he got to be here yeah all your quarterback the quarterback was rated at pro ball. But meg day you stop. It was about the job so quarterback didn't throw a ball and he couldn't see Okafor coming from behind the one that just talking about. The red and Barry explain to green dog to the running back there running backs so in certain coverages you know players. Responsible you know the corners have to receivers that are there and an antibody when a man a man. They have the receivers and so who's responsible for the running backs in the the tide team and it's it's it's normally the safeties. And or via linebackers. And sell I'll let the tickled played the one that meant I tailed got a sack on. He was covering the run him back while the running back ahead. Robertson in protection pass for today and pass protection insult. Once Robertson blitz inning gaze at running back. There was nobody to account for meant to entail some anti tales saw that the data he was originally covering. Was engaged. To easily get out now locked in correct so now he dreams at all. And takes off and goes in makes the the second guess the quarterback normally when a quarterback sees that he's got a hot. Read or somewhere when he's gonna get get rid of the ball because now he knows that somebody's uncovered a name because is it it's 1111. There was one time if you remember. Where the quarterback took off running. And he caught the saints and they were in man to man but it was covered covered too. I think it was covered two were to safeties both safeties were back it was who went to Carl was and again what was bad then fifteen yard run that I wanted to that was fifteen yard runs that Clemens at well the reason he took golf there was no other news coverage there be other news covers the linebackers. Where will is the running backs and both safeties were dropping out in the is also be able to help on the outside the next time Dennis Allen ran it. He ran like a Robert coverage where Kimmel Carlo he came now. He was free he was basically reading the quarterback I was flying and yet he was Key Arena quarterback's eyes and he was looking for any crossing route to come across the middle. Once Clemens took the body out and try to run. Kenny nailed it Lou it was early in the have direct a play on the left hand that Kenny nailed him I mean at that time he'd inhale. Deep half responsibility. Because he was in the middle just rock. It's going to be covered dissolve man they got their bag Terry grant it even if you slow footed quarterback. Because Clinton is not a recorder right you could see why he gained fifty whatever that's why I gave fifteen yards because nobody's nobody's nerds are helpful you know the defense available got to feel right hand and both tackles worrying days a little butter cow for. That is Deuce McAllister had deem accounts point six on 22 K to do anybody any event. Chris tell her idea hang tight John in Paterson you're on next we'll give you say. Saints taken on a Texan said he night right here on saints radio WW. And welcome back. They got to the phones we go low memory for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW out. Hey how to go discretion WW on the crazy guy initiate ecology of toward I'll root for the falcons for a bit of play also would not play out charm on the makes. Yeah the silly if you dial Harding and Nancy salzman right. He you know I don't know what it is it is that we look stakes. But I root ball and Super Bowl oh reality kicked in. And out like nine ensemble. Here. A moment here emblem of patriots. Play the way it is and but. Abruptly left right tackle popped right tackle dockers about it Mollie talks say when election. What god and was flown. In Seoul alone predict victory when we used to punt the ball follow suit. Eight biggest dog and one lead on the it's not. Pummel a couple. I'm only talking about punting the ball was mentioned teams and defense enough doesn't run out. Out about what and we quote now and when I was still loves all and I'll play coverage on. I mean. He's. On my car you know he looks forward to when the defense goes on the CO and then all of that I have still yet. Well the victory you know of course being in the weight gain and I remember I was like. What should be. And it hasn't been in the we have. We get a tax and a great thing about this big at age sex game that did that that's unheard of today is get four sacks and that's a they had in the first half. Good news I know that that was a fun. These bits of gain to watch because the saints had to say they give up many points top Heidi I did the charges gore who takes a good 99 yards. Though that did the deepest production that was outstanding so Chris you've got a big game. Men you know dull patrolled days are almost bug you know Paterson for John John getting it thank you for calling WWL. I thought I'd be back out whole column acts. Yes sir are you got some big down day. Big afternoon and over in Paterson. It. I. Yeah. One also oral report itself. I dig in Jamaica and a goal cannot get shot and they. Immigration. That the picture and act out. Bob sort of a bridge so I am. I you know. We yeah we had a good time there. There are some general. A move and I don't want no part of it is a smaller goal is to make you good to me do the test that's on route. But it would be urgent economic issue about it you know proud. Over it. But let that buys a gimmick and so much intimate can make and an opposite consider him. They caught him next year. Yeah and there is zero livers they have this year I mean they they can do is be frustrated with him and you know hold the key he he improves you know whether it's blocking in the passing game but. There is zero leverage if you could mission usually you have. Cap cap implications. Odd how much I'm not here. They can probably absorb it but they would probably prefer for him to be able to come out and perform. Then a B could order. Well. Good system. Yeah you know you are correct that catching. Or. Well and that if you look at it and and I think. I don't know what they'll look at Kobe cleaner. Again he's six foot six. Two and fifty pounds to into the five pounds do you still look at that. Not necessarily go. Yet does so not necessarily Jimmy Graham are achieved that with probably Bennett and Ben Watson. Considering we are considering what you paid in the what you guaranteed him. And as an abducted and industry talking on the air and and John do things now. Because of cope with the new situation and he could keep four tight ends. Our. Yeah and sort out that it could be this complete. I'm out there will be your mouth I'm impressed you want not one. I think oh great that's out here. Nothing good guy guys that compete I mean it's just the scale said that he has they don't really have anybody like that you know Clay Harbor was one individual. That was close to that but you know. Josh teel who may have and Phillips they're different type a tiny Taylor though they are blocking yeah that rocking guys tonight. Going down the how many times you see drew throw the ball down the middle. But the Jimmy Graham he's covered. His solos like go how are you trying to play go get it and Indy hoping Kobe flir could do that now and anybody did it one or two times last year but. We haven't seen that in a while. You know hang tight Theodore you all next plus Miller issue tell later in the program Mike's golf what tiger may dot com joins us for a segment to all right I'm always disembodied entity ability. Coming up. Before we get dizzy and hands on bottom and our local news it's a CBS update. And welcome back operating general opinion poll. Where else you'll see improvement from the black and go in a final two pre season games both online at WW dot com across the they're a ripple will go to Marrero for Theodore Piero thank you for calling WW it. Our rights and doing good how you Dorn. Mexico warriors regained one going out there wouldn't just ignore these games without being out there we go security. It. About them pretty well this product. Of the sources you know that you've eaten. Optional Jordan not reasonable or about you've been good. And it's certainly. Good there. Not Allah the first day nine cut you off Theodore dial was the first day that they weren't pleased the practice with the second he was better. Didn't get. In the game. Series and in the game of course the media to recede in the bird. A currency of the orchard and some. You know. Well that they don't want again of being a bottom of this would Dayton. They know they haven't drew look and Adrian Peterson. No it Theodore who might be looking as far as the agent Peterson and he didn't take the rap. He had taken 11 as a spring neither has mark you know I'm working on hasn't it can camp Jim Jordan didn't take Guerrero again it's Argentina. Visiting. Because. I'm accustomed to whom both playing at least ten plays you know maybe a quarter. India second game as far as your starters. But those guys have proven in and out and so although the one thing that they didn't wanna do was to allow those gas and you heard of get those guys hurt. I mean it is that it is a contact sport. But as we know. For us offensively to be where we want to be we've we have to have number map and he also must remember that was ram ram today's first start. Reiser had had yet and so you wanna make sure that he had what do you think he hands. And so I think going forward you'll at least he drew for about a quarter quarter and have this upcoming week. Well I think you know. No sir I. No I don't think there yet there one impression come Monday night against the vikings. That there for the game that that's fair. You see one or two guys that have an opportunity to make the team because of the game against the ravens. But after the Texas game the roster is pretty much said you did have a handful of guys fighting for a position. But that Ford's game be you know it's like Theodore right now did you try to do this. That it's almost how Ingram not playing drew Knight playing and if you look around the league is probably half a dozen players that are in that position per team. Where it's almost a future of the NFL. Went out all them damn pre seizing games where you only might have water to. And -- because they do they practice year round OTA's Tim again how they train and even how they competed practice pressed it against other teams. That it's almost like if you really know what you're doing. And you are better and how they train year round gone yeah anymore once pre season game are you ready room. Related instant comment too and I have to agree with him when you practice against another team. You get more reps doing mending gain and you gonna get in the gang is still competing opposed to being correct in Seoul which you being able to assimilate a two minute no drill with you being able to assimilate. Ribs all you know as far as simulation wise. A lot of that you may not even get in the game so to have ten plays and bad or to be able to have a scripted prime minutes. It pays off. All right well LA's you've got to solve Mike Scarborough gives us an update from practice next on WW. And welcome back. Do 60187 you can Texas and aids and aids and the LSU. Digs at the final scrimmage so before the season. Wasn't last week and now thereof and getting focused on the V BYU cougar is joining us now Mike Scarborough. Publisher recruiting analysts of tiger bait dot com. Might go a media opens up gets a little loose now checked out practice a you'll adults all know what it what is being seen what Brian does it even out did what's what is what is the sights sounds who's looked impressive so far. Well you know it's. Today we there was because the meeting. Was called it decently. But given to him and so. Brian. Report tonight that. Debate last night it's kind of the you know we've been here and it did miles and is is looking good is the number two. But I'm also here and that these big gap between winning and him. Is a little bit bigger it and then people projected from people that. I talk to they would at this scrimmage on. You know I hear great things about climate itself. Some of the freshmen offensive lineman. In order on kids and now whether it's you know should be channels operating room is ridiculous and this morning. An important Andre and in. Q launch on a deep into the and get an opportunity with the certainty not be ago. My and Thomas Shelvin you know coming in as an academic redshirt. You know what what does that do to this class because to me I would I was thinking you know he's on the impact player from the time he gets ready to play. Yeah you know. They've because he can. You know orbited the decision came shortly from the NCAA. I think it's. On one hand it sure would like to have him around because they're not really deep at nose caller you know at the beginning of time. But you know there there is you know we don't know accomplish these and has been. All sorts away they knew about it as to what is true views. 360. That the only game in January. I'll tell you we it was a 337. Response teams in the 320s. In May. And so you know what kind of shape you and how quickly can pick up things. You know yeah a lot of work to do to get academically qualified. So. I think what the NCAA is done with this new rule it is it is probably much better from a policy standpoint than him. Being forced to go to junior college and not known of these getting back in two years like you won't go to junior college. Do not like to quit and you never again. Continued and you get a story here to there any good. I'm it's. I think that pot there they can we it'll be fine he did he get acclimated to school didn't classes. Give it academic situations quarterly to the practice. Work out with the team and then. Gives me great shape and camera roll inspiring. From what you seen from the offense as far as receivers. Are those guys' look in men you know. Will it be a strength of this offense or will they have to lean on guys a little bit more this year. And I might go along those lines saves like dead DJ chart that he's live and and then leadership role. Yes you know. I think you know wide receiver opposite lines are going to be the biggest issues on the offense. You know like I keep going round around the world tiger bases Scruggs and our chat on the message board they just. See you bring up you know personnel problems and we there's no debt and they just want to. Say and to work Matt candidate like that that's everything. Let me he's gonna have some players. Visio half it's a land. Yeah I mean it look at the receivers or gauge. What you think about here and injury Davis. You know did indeed open mean that the decision to counsel under. Still seem to be struggling to. Find their way in in week we Notre Dame is I mean I've. David is no great route that great athleticism but he dropped the ball. And you know we kind of written revealing in an interview last week he gave. That he was amazed this picks up everything in the op. You know I think that part of that does with maybe it's holding him back as well as how much is the grasping in. Know that I'm up in the slot and put in the motion. Trying to keep that real simple so. I don't know if you know it's Wii and obviously attack. You idiot cannot afford any entries on the offensive line and come. And win if you do get one or two. You can look at the depth chart the that doesn't necessarily mean that the number two guys the next guy on the gonna rotate people around. Put them to best guy out there regardless of what that their child looks like. Mike's up but tiger may dot com is when does take a break come back mavs had a couple questions Duce does is whale gave an update on the buy you bang goes a scrimmage is all done. And now the focus is a opponent and won the BYU Cougars Saturday September 2. You'll hear it all right here on tiger radio WW. Visiting a Mike Scarborough tiger bait dot com by the. Might this test does set a great message to the team are hurting in a viewer coach Canada. And that it then matter you know if you young are you a veteran. Like what I mean by as a senior that if you had to prove it in practice you gonna get opportunities and the reason lumbering and Arab even though. You look at guys is a Heisman Trophy candidate obviously. Pebble look at Daryle Williams and opportunities probably gonna have. And then also are Russell gauge how bold seniors one Dwyer was he wants a running back in coach Canada's big fans of them. You know in Wheaton when he got the job we've heard about C he'd look to these surveys where he's got to work with and he makes it work he puts. Got in situations to make passage. I mean I'm here in the auditory quarter to pull back that probably played deep into. Line and in high school last year and I'm an appetite in this there's things that that the people being there so. You know. It's out of a magazine do you think there could do that dad's death tell him being innovative this like we don't have nobody else. Maybe it could be because we need support on the topic tonight. I hear you might live but know how to get the latest on the buy you mingle. Actually it's not a target date dot com we got all stories about who struggle alive. Video about go to order on meet with the media. In a lot of features we've got involved we try to bait nobody checked Wednesday. Wang allowed jets tomorrow night right mind. All day we we get intercourse is Dave unite all every Wednesday. I debate dot com my discover might make you very much I Jerry. Alone show a man and mocked in dot we'll come right back T this is sports talk on WW him.