Who's The Best Team In The NFL?

Seth gives his top 10 teams in the NFL. Plus, we talk to Warren Sharp and get his thoughts on the rest of the NFL.


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Just forget our silicon back to the program or watch in the cavs in the celtics' game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals in worst free throw away. From nagging Ambien tie it up the other Celtics make it around here in the third quarter outscoring Cleveland 21. To fourteen. More Estrada converted a three point play the interest in Thomson. Getting into its first bat they're free throws because we are tied. At 69. Main appease seared great basketball game on what I think's going to be a fantastic series where subtle NFL this hour. And it's. A very fun topic you just got done talking about a dollar. FaceBook page civil FaceBook why do you check that out if you haven't yet but I'm unveil Mike NFL power rankings might. Way way or waste surly. NFL power rankings top ten. I like that as a look it's a little. Was almost full seat. Let's tell those that expects as. Without the mouse this time again. And no known off the processor out there noble look at our buy it my way too early top ten year. In just dissect a little later in the hour and 930 Warren sharpened sharp football announces gonna come wanted to win. On his power rankings and here's what I want from you. Out their listeners I don't know mineral butcher your top team right now your best team in the NFL who have been together a list like this and we're of the same spot. Where you have the saints hopefully I should be in your top ten with Al they have wearing that top ten do they fall. Gimme a call 504260187504260187. You can text me at 870. 87 so let's get this started us and mine number one team that should I get Somalia to Cecily go back S ago ten to one. But to tend to want okay don't know ten to one so one detect my number ten team in my NFL power rankings way too early top ten. Jacksonville which might be a little low for them. And the reason why we all know. Blake mortal skinny really be trusted here what I love that defense they're gonna have the best defense in the league began mission haven't for quite awhile there. We also signed Andrew nor well at guard and Austin's very in Jenkins it tied and so more offensive weapons. From what morals and company Leonard four net there. But I'd I'd just when he gets the playoffs here. I saw from really trusting Blake morals in. In a game against Pittsburgh where game against New England you really take portals and the jaguars. In that now I don't know. To be fair it and they did beat Pittsburgh but it was mostly for now. Sister aren't so Jacksonville and number ten number nine Houston Texans. And I think Houston. Ace neat he dark horse pick. In the AFC this year and I think can give very good value on them don't out of the conference in Vegas and talk about sports betting. Talked about yesterday with the lifting in the throwing out of the ban by the Supreme Court. But did Shawn Watson is expected here they were absolutely rolling with a Shawn Watson. Was healthy last year he goes down with a knee injury in there are different team back to the quarterback mass but they have been pretty much. Bill O'Brien entire tenure there. If I know it's a big yes that's why they're number nine and on higher. But if Du'Shon Watson is healthy and he performs. Like he was by heated last year. Watch out the Texans could be a very scary bunch. Over in the AFC and by the way how the AFC south. Like about a decade there they were the laughing stock of the NFL. They've got to my top ten teams and had a vision. Then around my NFL power rankings top ten on number eight dirty birds the Atlanta Falcons. Al Aqsa love the selection for them of Calvin Ridley I don't like to for the saints element for them they've got those two Alabama receivers now. More weapons for Matt Ryan and company and they did it. Try to patch of the opposite wild and free and see I think that's still a question mark for me. But look defensively loss Domtar clothing lost Adrian Claiborne will they be as good comments on the football. I'm not sure and still. Dolphins wind scares me protecting Matt Ryan or just got that contract 150000030. Million yeah dollars a year. Not the 100 million guaranteed that contract so. Yeah I Atlanta would be. The scariest team in the NFC south of I am a saints fan. It's silly question marks here as is to a question marks especially in this conference which is just stacked it's really really hard for me. C Atlantic coming out of this conference really really hard. Number seven. In my top ten. The Green Bay Packers Superman's return Aaron Rodgers healthy once again. They had an absolutely fantastic draft they made two trades in the first round. One back 14 and I thought they won both of those trades it's pretty hard to do when he trade back Dimitri important say I you won both those straits. But I LC had Jimmy Graham so another weapon here for Aaron Rodgers who does not have Jordy Nelson anymore. Roger's not happy about losing Nelson but the Packers is they never really be surprised in Green Bay wins in the north and on seats Minnesota. Like anybody would be so Packers my number seven and number six team. Pittsburgh Steelers with a huge asterisk here. They've got so many weapons offensively. For big band who by the way reversed course and around saying maybe this is big Ben's last year apparently not he's now talking about hey I'm I'm gonna play for another four or five years. Which. Well a lot because he was talking about retirement seem like all the time what's that are but he says that about every says that almost every talk to us in this that aids deaths. It's yeah. I guess that's her and Ned does are really trees first party and with that. Whenever sub Drew Brees or Tom Brady do and I think they stay in better shape you can tell the difference in big men to agree I don't think big band has ever been accused of being a Jimmer. That's rusher. And also here it's not just the question marks around Ben Roethlisberger for me put dates can be knew he. Like it's it's beyond that are a running joke I think in Pittsburgh kind of a sad story it's been fifteen years. I've never being able to meet New England you know the two titles they want. The two titles they won they didn't run into New England in the playoffs. Because I believe both those years Indianapolis in Peyton Manning knocked him out. So react I just it's I can't see. With that history. Cannot see Pittsburgh beating New England in the playoffs so Devin entertainer can summits and I happen now. Hard time believing that. Except elect its double coverage were unveiling my way too early NFL power rankings stops and number five on mile list. The super team experiments extraordinaire. The Saint. Louis no deal Los Angeles yep rams. Keep Salim Marcus Spears. Donna gone soon. Everybody thinks this is the year. For it Jerry doctrine company. But there is something that keeps ringing in the back of my head that says this has been tried before in the league multiple times. The latest was the Eagles incarnation when they brought in. Non the Assam law. I had that exceptional. Secondary was and 2011 a talked about your before now Philadelphia Philadelphia. And execute oneself they lost five of their first six games couldn't recover I don't think that happens of the rams. Really hard for me to see what all that talent them not making the playoffs especially in. The NFC west which is not the NFC west doubled with no Seattle making the stop ten. But they're trying to fight seems a sort of question marks here and the wage or got played down the stretch late season and into the playoffs. I certainly wonders he'd truly going to be that delete top five guy like Carson went seem like he's. On his way to doing normal procedure that would geragos gets an a whenever five team. Number four in the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk cousins certainly an upgrade over case Keenan. He also did Dauman took back he's going to be healthy at running back. You know that defense and Mike simmer regardless of the actual talent on defense Mike Zimmer maybe the greatest defensive minor league right now USA heat. Bill Belichick Pete Carroll they're all right there. He's gonna have that team early and they're gonna be a fearsome force. And the saints do have to go on the road in their house of horrors last year a couple of times and certainly in the playoffs. The vikings mine number four team right above them. The New Orleans Saints saints mine number three semen my way too early top ten power rankings here. I think the biggest challengers to illegals in the NFC. And here's the reason why. This is huge. They get both the rams. And the Eagles at home this year. That is going to be massive when you talk about tiebreaker scenarios. For seeding into the playoffs assuming the saints do win the NFC south. Now they have to go on the road to Minnesota. See hope that Minnesota and Green Bay beat up on each other a little bit Derek that's going to be a real tough. The ball into went and yes they lost marking her for the first four games of the year bites remember those first four games. Three of those should be very winnable without Ingram. Tampa Bay at home. Cleveland at home. Ands the rebuilding New York Giants on the road you also get Atlanta on the road but even without Ingram wing hole those are always start. So the saints. The biggest challengers to the Eagles in the NFC this year I firmly believe that on paper right now months out. My number two team in my top ten. The New England Patriots. Is there really anybody in the AFC we expect to be better than them now if we know it's the NFL. Things haven't playoffs and he's one does not a series one game not like the NBA today. On the broad view blowout in game one and come back here and possibly one game soup. Although they're losing now Samie ninth semi seven Celtics with a lead nearly a third quarter. They have been in the playoffs I certainly could see Pittsburgh. Board Jacksonville Houston somebody else coming out of the AFC but right now. This time of year are you really. Going to say for certain than anybody but knew me when is coming out of the conference I don't think so. And here's the thing when new really gets to play buffalo. New York and Miami six times a year. You can pretty much pencil and five wins a year just right off the bat for them in those games. So what it's a division its style it is. Their plan a schedule. But the patriots my number two team. And now where you and you talk about fatigue with the gold say a word is the Cleveland Cavaliers got a patriots fatigue over there in the AFC. And my number one team. In my top ten power rankings. The Cleveland now Ron lesser. The Philadelphia Eagles. The defending champs. Really offseason really offseason Michael Bennet comes or Michael pennant is going to be a force here. I'd I didn't think he was a great fit in Seattle anymore because he was asked to be kind of an every down the guy. And run situations past situations he's past that point in his career. It is a situational pass rusher. For the Eagles and he can rush inside or outside especially if you limited snaps boy he's going to be a beast. For them. Hope they also brought in a another. Run stopper in holding not on the defensive line and what my favorite value draft picks. And getting Dallas guilders. The sensational tight ends to the saints had their Iowa. And look they don't have one quarterback can't true. Sort of Carson what does Nelson who start the year. Got nick pulls Super Bowl and all winner. There are estimates that a little bit. So Eagles my number one team in my top ten here's my top ten reverse sort oh by the Lloyd's notice I have four of my five teams in my top five are from the NFC that's I've got to think that conferences but Eagles patriots saints vikings or rams Steelers Packers. Falcons Texans jaguars in that order. My top ten the saints and a number three again I think they're the biggest challengers to the Eagles in the NFC how do you see it. Where did the same sits if you're gonna make a power ranking top ten list this far out. And vision number 15042601. Late seventies the phone number 5042601870. Itself done. So. I'm going back where their bodied see you Bob Weir on what are. We're over in Baton Rouge now for the last year and a half. I think she is sick says he was there is likes dressing Kevin Durant since governor asphalt Ambien so bad on back adamant sand. Well let's sealed letter read these all the recent can actually get. Every year the team Bob says can really ruin what should have been an all time great multi year war between LeBron and the warriors. I shot back dude. LeBron might not even get paths the Celtics here Stephens greater LeBron question mark culturally that are up. Bigots but they show is back at me. Tyree a left because of your answer warriors connect the dots also an old broads lateral be accepted while you defend Darth difference. Yeah are not good for LeBron here. 8877. Sell six leading they cabs now. Sonia. Watch out Eastern Conference. Watch out whether it's high rear Hayward who ever match points that seemed there and those guys will be back next year. You put some more superstar talent around that Rosser. Whipped Brad Stevens. Cool. That's a scary thought and let's look let's go straight to straight here. LeBron while it it might not meet totally fair here. But it's gotta be said. If he loses its head this team. It is starters here for the Celtics. Guys single most of our casual basketball fans will barely have heard of may be averted Jason Tatum. But you've got. Morris. Horford Tatum rosier. Brown oh and then guys off the bench some guy named Aaron Maine's that I know can go into the same college seated. Smarts. Nader Munro has employed this now Amaro let's just four minutes in this game. I mean this is they superstar let's roster I think Tatum and rosier Horford nice players. That's superstars in this league the supposed to happen. The cab said the two best players in this series and LeBron James and Kevin Love. And don't come let me love haters yeah I know he's got a issues here Kevin Love is the second best player in the series period. F the cavaliers do indeed lose this series lucky if they lose this game it's only 20. We see LeBron come back from worse mess. Buddy what below a bit of an indictment on his legacy. Taking out of this Eastern Conference can get past this. Who doesn't have Gordon Hayward. Or carrier ring by the way carrier ring a guy you kind of ran out of town always wanted to get out to do agree with your philosophy on team building. Chair in the spotlight. I don't know. Nonsense tough though I at what point do we say hey we can. Early fall LeBron for not winning titles generally fall LeBron for not getting at a recent conference elated said it really matter if LeBron is that Eastern Conference. Unbeaten the warriors. Celtics. Probably has swept by the warriors and LeBron and the cavs would sue. They're quick break here we come back Warren sharpton's sharp football analysis we'll come back we'll talk about those NFL power rankings are just unveiled. CBS news update. Millions of residents of the northeast have been hit by powerful storms packing strong winds. Torrential rains and hail the severe weather is blamed for at least four deaths including one in Danbury Connecticut. Mayor Mark Bowden. We have trees down pretty much all over the city schools canceled for tomorrow directly Machida gets there. Many of the neighborhoods and so we're in the process of trying to clean up clean apple take we think between two or three weeks so it's going to be a long process. WCBS TV reporter Jessica Lleyton and northern New Jersey in Glen Ridge a man was rescued after this massive tree was uprooted from the property of an elementary school and crushed his car. Tree fell as he was driving on the street and he was stuck inside the car so it doesn't fire department common. Diplomatic army transported to hospital. Witnesses who were hearsay that man was extremely lucky he was talking and alert as he is loaded into that ambulance. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. What a Mac to the show. LeBron twitters about to have a complete melt down Sam you ready for this and I had the Jimmy Fund. If you're a social media feed it your age aid Twitter addicts like Tim and I. This is going to be fun tonight. Compete against Ole boy there's LeBron what are you gonna have a night. And if this keeps up anyways 8877. Still sometime have in this game at Boston the Celtics. Have a second half here by 1110 minutes left in the fourth quarter of that game to Celtic when we go out to. Oh in that series. Let's look a lot as promised more and shark genital writer and analyst at sharp football analysis dot com you can follow him on Twitter at sharp football. Warren what's up I don't. You know from they wanted to talk a little way too early FL power rankings with you today I just. Unveiled my my top ten list but just the top down view. Of the of the NFL are announced opponent talked about was some previous gets the last couple weeks. The imbalance between the two conferences right now might be in an all time high warning the the power resides and I think it is for quite awhile to look at the quarterbacks in that conference resides in the NFC just tell imbalances that. Oh yeah it. It's ridiculous if you won the way that I elected. Examine. Did the team in Gerald police in general to look at trying to schedule a lot of strength is scheduled lecture about web site in. What do think that you concede that if you look at the talked. Seventeen in terms of the easiest schedules that they will say this upcoming see in outlook between seventeen. Win loss record I look at biggest win total that are projected for 2018. And be restricted schedule and like a unique. Method that I had to create a few years ago. The top seventeen in terms of the easiest schedule alt reply in the area he if you look at it. Twelve will typical schedule in the NFL candidate twelve resided in the why would that he won't because. AST is quite look at that game against AFC NFC like like against NFC bill you have huge imbalance and as you mentioned. Quarterback structurally it is a passing league it in my opinion it's going to get even more so patently with some of the rule changes that they continue to introduce. Making passing more friendly. The quarterback or you don't have a quarterback. And you know a lot of these guys in the they're building roster around young promising quarterbacks. And out because he's got on the rookie deal they have four years guaranteed plus one option year they get in the first round. And they can build strong roster and Haiti got very little so a lot of the teams in the and that's the arc building working that way. So let's talk about the easier conferences dissect here that's the AFC and the pitcher to kind of boring the talk about I'm I'm assuming more and there there your favorite sorrento. They are they'd be. Utley are at their very boring communities keep getting it done by talk about it in agreed on is is. What Belichick and do it ground equity in our like every year he's got his comeback like clockwork and there are there machines they've got. Gradient or are there any in some protection it by its very difficult to be real these guys they improved on even in one thing that indicated that it talked about a lot. They actually cap they're young first round draft pick. The prior three years he only took one tech inside the top 69. Now they actually Coca took several guys. This past dropped so they're going to be able to rebuild younger quart it will help your thinks they'll. They're they're they're approved the actually opposite where they should be very similar to what they've been in years past. So when Ella to the rest the NC. I just I have seen too much of Steelers patriots ever think but the Steelers can beat that team especially in the post season. But I'll do some other teams that interest me top analysts would be. The Houston Texans and it's a big if here. But if Shawn Watson comes back with that defense and plays and to Shawn Watson performs any what. Like he was last year is this team could be a legitimate dark horse coming out of conference. Well I. I think they're going to let themselves not and that's because they have beat eastern the schedule Indian pirate well like I look at my own. Nectar and strength of schedule and. Even though I think. The cold to being a little bit under rated optic patent protected do we get their paper is just to regain first a sixteen on the year to watch a lot in that. Only favored three of those gains. It's really overlooking I think they're going to be there on you know what those projections are but that taxes and have the EU schedule leaked and what are the key thing that. I've who need to realize and pocket Carolina radio like last week about. Getting that first round bye in the importance of not having to play in need while our round of the playoffs. It's always Super Bowl team if you couple winners there that he'd better able to where there that he'd better able to a stay at home we've seen. So we number one he'd make it went to global overlap yours so. It's vital to do that I think they're gonna that the bulk up in a pretty good condition of course like you said there's a lot of question mark. I think locked in injury and stop early not. Don't write the pot no rebuilding team on to his strengths now to be seen him what he can do or cheap games like is completely. Uninhibited. From any other you know. And cup that they put on him to start this season they let them lose they were scored on a point. They're gonna rebuild their need to surround him with the players that they need I think they're very exciting team and I think the reason why it could. Be in the driver seat is because. The pack in name apple gilded age it's it's it's. You can debate but I think that they could be a dark horse. Yeah no I'm with Yitzhak in the war in sharp here on double coverage NFL writer and analyst sharp football analysis dot com I'm Seth Dunlap talking about. An early look at the NFL in my power rankings let's go to the NFC in my number one seems still defending champs the Philadelphia Eagles love the off season they had warned. Michael Bennett I think in the role he's going to be asked to to play in in Philadelphia's kind of a more situationally inside outside pass rusher. I love Dallas goat herds. I knew what I love their quarterback situation obviously is there any reason to think the Eagles arts the favorites right now to repeat. Is it. It certainly you know a lot of people are at least you know from the projections lot that you stated got you know that the land and the Packers. Right they're neck and neck. But one of the things I think it. Of course. You're going to hold the Carson went to be able are that he's in this if not meaning out options there but. They are building the right way it is from the GM and president this team outrage into Beijing at the structure they're building coordinate there won that game that we did mention where they have. On any rookie deal which is one that people obviously make all the wanna. Technically won that game but to get that there it was a rookie quarterback on his not one not rookie true rookie but he's not a rookie deal we're back of course it went. It brings back a lot of opportunities you'd build up the rest of the roster around and and you're right. I think the pieces that they and move that they need in the aisle seat in do nothing to diminish. The odd that they could make it they certainly have a little bit more difficult schedule than they did last year but I think. FC east is bearing up. Global if you talk about. Doubt cowboy I think they're gonna have a little bit more abrupt kind what she passed purple ball which it will work out that the way to where people ball in the water. Now they're apple over the the corporate and the weapons that they are a lot there big giant. But it could take one part in that in the lot in there could be better world last year of course but I don't think they are still detect a keen that your legitimately think is going to. Dethrone the Eagles from winning and in the reckon ball up it can have problems though I think being there. They're very good position to win that division at winning the division is still war in terms of being able to get back to the post season and of course being able to repeat so I like I like your op prediction. So ordered the saints did and all this I have them like admittedly a little homer call I element number three but the reason I think they might be. The biggest challengers. To the Eagles in the NFC Warren is you've we talked about earlier is the schedule. They get the Eagles at home and they also get the rams at home this year I just think that's going to be massive when you talk about. These tiebreaking scenarios perceiving. In the NFC where do you see the saints fitting in this NFC. Yeah right now do you create three overall. I have three. Yeah I can I had the saints vikings and rams jumbled up three through five but I have the saints three vikings for a rams. Five idol I look admittedly much more down on the rams and the general population I still have visions of that eagles' super team disaster a few years ago and all these old aging pieces come and the other I saw question marks about that. Right and the other tactical a couple of programs like. Everybody so down on your op is raptors rookie she's in I was on the people who coveted number I thought he was going to be will look better. Infecting a year and of course she was like. A lot of their production changes through the scheming and every inch on the day a lot of the really that cat. And you would think that life keen to see what he was able to you last year came around a major weaknesses. That might be a little bit more. Manageable but they do oh great team saw it in deep roster. So I think they are obviously you know. Deserving of being really seen any contender in your ranking and of course they as well Witten in particular I think that. Our first all it's important start well and eighteen you know you want to start well if you early by doing we. So the. That they get say a number of bottom ten teams that are seen in which there. We will only challenge being the Atlanta falcon week's story on that that. Set up very well for them to enter the bye with a very strong record the only problem for. That saying it and you mentioned the fact that one of the benefits for them. Is that they're wrong a lot of these typical teen got home one drawback Wear them is that down the stretch wrong. Where they're actually going to play by mine actors from weekly on board. The most difficult schedule and eighteen in the NFL and it by a wide margin in terms of the difficulty and but the news. All of these and these scenes are playing difficult schedules as well. On it where your whole being gain is it's when your game to play the team and for the saint. Fortunately I think for them. They're going to be like eighty scheme ever want their own Indian and number two. The later on in the heat like at middle C and and that that up really well fourteen to be coming together yelling out little bit of reader and then. Going on Iran so. I agree with you I've got. A lot of optimism for an obvious who they can't sustain any injury to the quarterback position. Drew Brees though so Andre if you're talking about I I go on radio all over the nation. And you know wanna. Bill despite. How great you guys. Think about him and how great I know. Very under rated in agreeing scheme thing every talk about Tom Brady injury and and Peyton Manning it couple errant rocket. Drew Brees in these guys like dip last like kind of the actor but he token I think he's so great you know as a Buick football picks until what and I'm actually really. That they were able to keep. Not some of the weapons that they were able keep from the receiving position. And I love the acquisition tendon last year he is the difference maker with a steamy remote patient and accept or receiver India well. Last year it was a targeted on but it except where it was that ridiculous. And and I do think that this team is set up extremely well to have some except the policy weighted beaten is being built up practicing on. Warren sharpton's sharp football analysis great stuff today worn out stocks Ian thanks so much for joining us. Are. Our rights and a film writer and analyst at that sites are football analysis dot com and docile follow him at sharp football great dive into the way too early but still wait to fund look at my NFL top ten power rankings. That I doled out I've got the Eagles at one I've got the saints at three I've got for my far and top five teams. Are from. The national football conference the NFC. LeBron try and supports the cavaliers on his back he's got forty points now on fifteen of 28 shooting. Twelve assists nine rebound. Dudes beasts like always but perhaps the system just a little bit too much Celtics still have 9589. Under five to play Brad Stevens time out here Celtics trying to regroup a little bit 50 cavs run. We have an update on that when we return onset Dunlap it's double coverage right here on WW. I look at it. A possible. Flagrant foul here that's got to be on JR Smith that's got to be an injection yet to handed shove to Horford who was going up for law that is. Extremely. Dangerous Smart comes over. He gets into it would JR Smith couple of people come off the bench I sub Bret Stephens out there. Whose hand the ball to Kevin Love that's ugly that is the dangerous play and I JR Smith he's got to be injected you might see Smart rejected as wells kind of went back. After JR Smith but that's ugly certainly. Frustrations and tempers flaring for Cleveland as they are on the brink of going down 02 in this series. 9789. Is the score right now Celtics about its free throws here. And possibly the basketball. What does what mean the basketball's over the limit so it at least a couple of free throws here try to get this to a double digit leads. Last time the LeBron had trailed 02 in the series in the east. It's been over ten years to put this back in 2007. Against the Celtics. That's incredible that was the Eastern Conference semi finals that was back put the Paul Pierce Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett its version of the Celtics that I believe what went on to would be Washington whispers that he believed in the championship but to go ahead and missed it last item of Ron wasn't in the Eastern Conference finals those two teams are playing and it's O conference finals morning and existence. I. It's. I haven't had been rejected harassment is not an injection now I don't get officiating sometimes in the India. I was not a technical on and Smart I don't know how it's on an objection and JR Smith stood to manage showed to a guy was go one up for best Gillick gets. A dangerous place and it called flagrant. Foul here. Give him I don't think he could come off base here that have to be an injection they do. Sadly that is one of the most dangerous place to oversee and basketball. Shivering in under the basket towards. The a stands. How weird. Weird Horford nails a couple of free throws so a ten point lead now. For Boston. And it's it'll be I think is Horford on national line here. Keep an island. LSU it's file will shoot knocks off Northwestern State coupled issues for the bullpen deletes one more time but nine to five L issue. With believe it and sort this out Celtics get the ball back no more free throws it was a flagrant counselor to the ball size outs. And I'll take it you're trying to ice this one away. QB if this possession Horford oh pretty spin move on the inside that's an and one. Count the basket fell on one that might be a nail in the coffin here. Al Horford going off here in this game especially in the second half Horford now. With it just in the quarter I think he has nine points. Eight rebounds. 44 in this quarter from the free throw line let's take our final break to be our own comeback on an up down on this and might even be close over. When we come back Sefton lab double cover. 1059. Do you want that system. Over superstar. In this series so far it's I framed it. It's Brad Stevens in that system in that mind against the greatest player large generation one of the greatest player of all time LeBron James is so far has not been close. In these two games 25 point winning game one for the Celtics. And right now a fourteen point lead. With a minute and a half left and it's. Tyrant Lou and it's LeBron James waving the white flag LeBron out all the stars out for Cleveland's. Songs over and as you know backed Cleveland's. Eight to nothing Boston lead. I just tweeted this outs. Imagine the Celtics roster Sears imagine this roster right now coached by Brad Stevens. Wins Gordon Hayward back. With Tyree Irving back and adding somebody who like Hawaii Leonard's in free agency. LeBron may be an easier you wanna talk about a team that could challenge Golden State's. Tim there it is. You tell me that team that system could challenge bold statement final series. Now carry OK what about alliance that Terri. Katz and shaiken said yes. Next hour got a great story here controversy and high school baseball. A state championship that maybe shouldn't have been. Tell you about it next.