Who will win more games - LSU or Tulane?

Bobby & Kristian ask WWL listeners which team will win more football games in 2018, the LSU Tigers or the Tulane Green Wave.

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Hey now simplify welcome into this Tuesday edition of sports talk here on WW LI MF and in dot com. All the cajun cannon Bobby bear I'm Kristian garic mark Menard at master control handling the sports flash. He also reach him at 504 reach us at five before. 26018. Semi tech's 8787 saints are off today we got plays talk about Doug moved on our WL TV sports director of stop by for 35 couples saints looking ahead to fight night pre season game number two between the saints and the Arizona Cardinals talking. Pelicans basketball next hour David Wesley pelicans TV color analyst. And a scheduled break that down also checking them out to lingering wait. The wave report extra for the advocate Gary Smith will stop by at 635. Doctors say sports anchor and reporter for W they'd be in the Baton Rouge stuff by 715 also been some controversy in the high school football. Ruffled opera football ranks we'll talk about that story coming out about brother Martin. We that a few moments later on first phone lines are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 8787 who'll win more football games this year. LSU or two lane that is our blew our food to people cash or vote online at W Telecom more calls at 504260187. New York text 870. Eight so anybody and a that. And traditionally. My idea you land Doug Ellis yet he would be like how I even asked that question but this year because. Two lane the expectations they're they're they're projected right around seven wins potentially. And be in bold bowl eligible. L issues projected as we talk about the over under right at seven possibly eight wins so it's a legitimate question. Yet you look at boy L Tulane should say last year was so close and so far just to be bowl eligible. And so candy take that next step was kind of intriguing you know you look at. Playing a local university in a nickel state in India play Ohio State. Boy you know when you look at the programs and and Nicholas they'd listen closely with hang with Texas in them. On us in the beginning and a fourth quarter they actually had the lead to an I would be of interest and how I couldn't pull. Well just via our wireless program. And we for him and I have Herman Meyer salute. Who got mile but Christian. No I know or in my they're nightclub in and out LEG a minute middle of I I I totally I totally agree and I'm just saying that that's a program that's going to be a bit of turmoil right. So when I don't know Meguid program any programs have some turmoil there susceptible and vulnerable to that shocking upset. Yeah. That's try to play at a gain you know the old cliche of it. Either it all day adversity relishes face now with injuries and suspensions. You know to start training camp. I still would if I had to better and what LSU two lane and label was opposed 72 says. It will not who have more wins LSU out moral or two lane right now I have both America. Almost the same amount seven Jarrett 08 when Arafat I would I would in this state when LSU because Julian asked to approve of first church Wednesday prove it. He could have back to back seasons that. I think. Tulane has the right coach. Like coach for its. I think he knows what he's doing. And coach really got to get an opportunity. You know. I tell you what if coach OK and somehow. You know look at directly sees their look at a bowl game. That I think it would be a great accomplishment. That is coming a bowl and they got tonight and so you figure at third 94. That that I think there'd be a greater crime accomplishment considering your recruiting class coming in they cheer but I think Q would be really optimistic is and you have a quarterback. If you winning nine games the quarterback is accomplishing things so whoever it might be. Yeah and then they can billable of that because now they have experience though. One of the biggest reason why you're positive about Tulane is design banks yet and Internet and advice or I think that's kind of opposite. It's gone the opposite relish because what they like to think that Joseph Burroughs of the command and negative is the simple fact is we don't know yet if he's got a comedy job and I don't know if he's gonna perform well. Yet it's still wide open but you know when you look at Jonathan banks. That the yeses to help if he stays healthy. Then all of a sudden you be disappointed if Tulane doesn't go global. And and Claude went six gains. I mean at the think about what you actually bowl eligible for a gun that's a different argument as far as Andes is too many bowls are whatever. But it's all a matter of rewarding student athletes in the universities and you know they could sell something in you get some type of rating. That's why I still think you have. Too many vols because there's still money involved and and if they weren't making money and all these balls that they would not have an. Sure the saints off today back on the practice field tomorrow. Friday the pre season game number two for the seat Olympic bodies brain is always looking for. On Friday out of the saints team that had a sluggish practice yesterday and also sluggish outing and we won in a pre season opener against. The Jacksonville Jaguars come back for longshoreman in Slidell and you to a 504. 2601870. Text 87 eights and also should the NFL. Revisit. The leading with the helmet rule that has been a flag 25 times now in the pre season should they revise it and. And now. The saints in Jackson there was no problem no they do one call there was no there was no leave you with a helmet call at all yet those Bill Clinton were in did but there's a lot around the league these players still don't understand. How you're gonna. Tackle we initial Lou we head's not gonna follow but did the bottom line is out I'll get into a little bit more in depth that we come back bottom line I was. I think you ask you see a offensive explosion. The issue because of this rule so you mean like if you can all opponent 120 points scored even disagree to come here. Okay yeah because there's rules and have that economic impact. So I would say would have an impact negative it would it would it would be like I TB nor three to four points a field goal more like in other words if you're off to an agreement Q holding opponents. Mike the saints'. 1920 point to game magazine and given of 23. Now you office that'd be Roland but about running is going to be like good cards on the nobody unison as an alternate juror that is his strong uptick in points allowed escort if the lowest scoring defense is given up like twenty points a game. Verses sixteen. Of our motto that that that that accident not too long goes 1012 points yet thirteen year around. Or Bobby Hebert Christian Garrick the sports talk here on W to do well. He with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert Christian you are welcome back to sports talk about his got all kinds of notes in Farnham all kinds of I letters will get to those I'm sure. This guy keeps everything he's still got as wants money from us in the third grade. And US phone lines are open a final four I don't. I'll go that for a sixth grader. Yeah frugal. If you are yes that's why you are we are that's why he's got some money in the bank by the lawyers on story at two minutes and before. When Ricky gave me a hard time that being Ricky Jackson. But to think you know with Edmonton home. The number of car dealerships. So I got in my contract work because. Two K at that time. Muniz before Tebow was born. And so is to sanitize go to the Alicia had to tie go to van. And then now files from a life in the run the kids around and OK we gonna get your core in in rookies and topple up in the parks the players' parking lot when a Volkswagen jet. I reverend Andy goes David why he. What lies in a bottle he'd drive and like agenda. That I don't know because it's free. Those things Allegheny B drive you know mercies of Sylvia how do you approach yeah yeah we have like it's free. I love Volkswagen Jetta kind of guy. He even the what was the other one it is the convertible that I was really upscale was writing can Everly. I think that's the one he had when I met you at the way that David drive facility to a that you come bug me for an autograph I'm proud it was I'm dollars nights are so I have eyes everybody. It bugs you he's just came out I was Lleyton and that's when that that's enough fans to come right in the saints part Ali Ed what's it can't do any right to make a run at the cars and then right like OK you wanna leave it became the because they've been blocking unions and you sign everything Z came out with. This is the man VHS so you're doing your homework he came out. Every Karen in your right arm I think all the miners in a couple of tapes tapes yeah all of the tapes to bring down what you gonna go home and wanton and that was will be your home movies that was week before than the Tim bay Buccaneers game in which he got some teeth knocked out the dear red -- I I remember yeah I remember it well. I'm in allows Dow policy but Dow's in the military this time we're states I think it Fort Knox we were down here it is my grandmother passed away. So. Darn it we're down here for ten days. So yell went to the funeral and you know the taken in the saints via take multi and it's abraxis Chrysler's own business and then I think. You know first saint you know went to was actually in Cincinnati. That same year he said. Yeah though that Dow was up 869. It was 87 you're right christened toys are they they Wilson had. Allison that and then my knee and all jacked and in. Had to get a drink they Wilson an outstanding job and and bruised back. Look I'll be honest if it is Torres if you adult cousin and and and I'm well now when you that your teeth knocked out like I was crying on the kid I was crying I felt so terrible for you. Yeah I just felt bad to a did you that he didn't back you had in secret how quick cry in the now ma longshoreman assign those long long showing your on W him well. Dave Bob Eckert may crack me up. Yeah hey Bob quick before we can go off the book ball tracked Purdue at the minute now you allow me to. When you ma ma why it ma ma am lucky it's got a nice little cohort but what god Jay can't. You know that. Yes it the food's pretty good. Likelihood that we Edelman and the other day you know we don't there that actually tree on the. Well let me let me get. UN Christians opinion now have a vote and or aboard Newt. What what what's your favorite dish. I would say how we get the crab cakes with the Crawford saw solid top. I've triple boys could leave it to the rose people oh did you -- it be good not an all you want to launch are on the wanted you to burn at challenge. No. Already. Now not being. Here and what. Ruth book a bullet. Launch already have elements that people actually beat Britain channel. The they've had a few professional eaters come in there and like us are you gotta eat it isn't part of like forty minutes the hummingbird a lot. I. The. Belong to show Orman the food is very good but this service is excellent. That you are you gonna tell us that hey you got to treat people like you ought to be treated via nice to be able UK were. I'm I'm really excited to go try out anyway it will probably go away getting. Out but. I'd Yuma now did you might ask you Bob we could cooperate. Secret you know probably agree we hit the lottery draft. This year yeah embody oh units saying being in oh we've done it now. Sure well. Detonation. Overload the whole nation got a little concern on. Davenport and no right or no at the top one and we can you know. Gives them some game time preceding the. See in this week's what well IA yet and longshoreman is that thing you know hit flags that you're drawing. And if ever you know you've played sports you've had a groin pull or have flex their. I mean. You know worth anything. Now depending on the extent of the injury unit where anything on our off the field. If you know what I mean there are well when you're dealing in that area mean rejected built to run got to go to move him. And the one thing is if you tweak something. And the recovery time is. Okay you can heal. But you know when I come back too soon because it is even worse. And so I think that's why this thing it's very measured. About bringing them format the back with what they don't want it to linger and at that makes sense. But even of data per port comes back I think he's gonna play a role. I'm just hoping he can have a handful of sacks. I was at a camp jar we need Okafor relieved to be healthy now Okafor. We had a takes earlier. Bobby who the player besides cam jar out and play last week and. It was a federal quick at a site about Aslan tells a rule was they about about Davenport looked. It's not like miceli critical mass were at this point but after the second pre season game. You ED DC and a third and certainly about a fourth pre season game museum take considerable considerable amount of snaps. Yet we have to contribute. But the tags here it was who the player with size camp darted in play last week. Now make a dimmer is during the season I would say. Obviously cam jar but. Okafor. And we need a local Ford be rally ready to roll week one. And Davenport being able to spell him. As far as. You know it's obvious pass rushing down go get the quarterback. And and Indiana sag but. Right now you look at this year's draft class Colin they hit the lottery two years in a row that's unrealistic and and I'd say. Right now by far as the tree quonset. And so far who I think is gonna. You're troops from the get go at a very high level. And trickle its bid if peeking get all's alignment down. And he becomes second nature he knows what the hell he's doing all the time as athletic abilities to speak for itself. Kitchen a ball at the high point back shoulder are we drew is gonna have confidence that a more even running. I don't see jets we believe sales bubbles green slip screens yeah one of practice. And then yet he's football fast in not the fastest party about I could see him but it is so we had Brandon cooks here. He never elect okay jet sweep bubbles we whatever the minute out eating any act in these little trick on its bid be easy is a big dude. Annie runs aggressively once he gets his hands and a ball also. I could see trick on submit being. That number two receiver deadly behind Michael Thomas but he has to know what he's doing all the time. Farther draft goes as different approach is your for the saints because they not a death they had established a year ago so. It didn't have to hit on these big time home runs and they hit on the weakness the year before sports on rules on the mood on next here. Should the NFL revise the helmet Lee with a helmet policy. 25 flags have been thrown so far in the pre season none ironically on a saints appear to be higher. Across the league in the average enough for five a game. Indianapolis Colts player got ejected. During the pre season opener. But they're not going to. Revise it because. The whole purpose for the NFL was to eliminate. The kind of plays that typically cause concussions. But I it it doesn't make any sense to me how you're not going to lead to your head if you're trying to throw your shoulder your head's gonna come with it. I don't understand how they're gonna have clarity. And consistency. Call in this week in and week out because some are gonna look like a penalty and some are not. About daylight until Bobby earlier. I think you're gonna see an explosion. An offense office appoints whether that's an average of four points more offensively for per game and our highs seven I think it's somewhere in that. Sweet spot of three to seven points. Per game on average that you're gonna see change offensively because of this rule because guys are you penalize or the Nazis when they tackle you have Brooke. More Boston tackles more penalty yards which leads in yards so. I don't think the NFL Bobby he just walked in do you break there. Out the NFL. Mean a concerted effort here to say how can we eliminate their possibilities of concussions that's why they're not going to revisit that it's not going to revise it that there's no way. No the legal reasons they have the armistice. And now. There's myself orphanage and I gonna do this that. Thing like dictum animated statement wave back. That you know you always say you got to see what you hit. How about it if you take of the face that. Analysts say you didn't have I guess I guess you would have to think ahead but then. He might have a few more broken noses. But what that's skull fractures. No you have to have a helmet you have a helmet when they'll face that. So he's not gonna go sticky that a bullet jaws. You William yeah used to value as at an all you have to Olivier you have discussions. But in any ideas I'll take that they tell us but okay what it is okay. They have tackling and rugby Goldman did not have tackling and rugby they have some kind of fall and I got I must the would have loved to protect the cauliflower years. But they also some of them. It looks kinda alien like and helmets evidence like football league's existence yet the so you you know if you bang heads and I'll let I think he would entice more players not as the feature on a modern day players. As hard you know to teach old dog new tricks. With the younger generation as far as the truly tackling what you shoulder. And now form tackling. You know Pete Carroll's involved with youth leagues they're teaching him tackling with a shall not gonna have. More separated shoulders and shielding reasons that I had to have that yet they've been dealing just ahead yes. So and I don't think they'd go back does that necessarily would be progressive with the sport figure a way to face mask. But as long as you have their face mask protecting you. And disputed gain. That as still being in his seat bang bang tight plays where. You can have a significant key player in new defense. All of us and he's kicked out the game and I used examining answer this last night. That. Not taking up a Malcolm Jenkins are. When branding cooks but Brandon cooks that is true local of that passage was look in the way it was gonna run our way it was look at that laid down. When he turned back outside amount budging it is right there hello. What does not magic it's supposed to do happens so fast. That it's like brandy cook almost knocked out of self. You know nobody and now with the new rule. Not getting ejected now he did is they said the way they hang on how he would have been injected into a symbol. Yes so so that that yelled at that could cause thing about night have you topsy the oddity gain. Because of injury and and we were not obvious to look at his face and you know one that I haven't the markets Williams right. Like all you've also we counting on Marcus Williams or any Coleman who has held next man up and expand job is not the same man. Our way it can be Lattimore who whoever might be could. Became jar. And Alice I know well. Can't Jarden eating meat to do it but he still that is whose case of the gains though as you get as the ratification is a number of teams and key players that is dabbling and influence the game because. Maybe they got knocked out the first half and against owners in the rule. Committee how they kind of treating and it's just like. While they do get kicked out is like dealing got hurt that game and and so they no longer available. Bobby and Christian here on sports on deuce to stop by 6 o'clock was that weighing comeback hopefully get to. WL TV sports director Doug moved on this is saints radio WWL. How about the east bank of Jefferson Parish twelve year old girls are out there five and Joseph Louis World Series they played tonight and ESPN two in the semi finals that they win. Played him all night. Had nine for the championship represented. Jefferson Parish in New Orleans greater new worlds that stuff right there trying to get to coach. Rae wind wind Al interrogate him on after an organ right now just in Portland organ what's going on Jeff you're on W to do well. Edgar I don't vote didn't. And that their moral appeal when duke duke won't be. Unbelievable. Unbelievable airport but. Now Jeff how how's the weather of them is it is a letter whether or what deficit drizzling or what was it did just. Just give us a visual picture of that atmosphere. All right okay. Yeah it's actually do it got a we had a couple days from eastern you know you expect that everybody is there a human being here. By. It's it's kind of warm today but. With very true. So Jeff oval you look at an opportunity. It looked for the kids. Is that Lily semifinal ESPN two the goal solve all team I mean that's. That the that's pretty big time I mean how to. About how to girls approach just got there and have fun and I'm pretended just another game roll it. Well I've been part of you know where the Waco Texas or southwest regional and problem in order to regional. In the country on actions earned the true score on teens. And we ought to and that includes heating. The Longhorn Network you know they have cameras and actually so not the new year obviously bigger stage. The coach and a great job of you know opened their approach a one game that time. What we do and people thought the so that then relaxed. We that they off the recruitment out of the beach the can impeached which is where. But the famous rockets were doing. So well. I didn't wait for a moment they've you know been hanging out together and enjoy and so though at the moment to form. Go play ball. Just so. You mean this year you come down the world. And you come down in the world's. Ornery where it would call a Elizabeth is just an organ as well the calls regularly. No but Jeff on the go from there and exit identical in the call in the field. Jeff. It is near Rachel what's on the call. You. Can try out pretty good today I am and or not that their movement would be potentially. I didn't acquittal and and we'll get back on its alleged article or is important focus right now Betty it's. Matchup tonight regretted it we are more chance than normal to what you're saying. Who who are going to be these banks so well whatever and we let go let him know that it broke in the city in the world. And that river is and the whole greater Mets partner and you know I'll be out by now out west region. Would hold public. It's very strongly we just with a bit of coconut that. We'll keep it on hold so we keep an eye on them and good luck the girls tonight. Or aperture Euro event about that five and though. The east bank these days girls all star team lowly World Series five and oh plane is semis they win tonight in goal for the championship tomorrow. Well it is that a case who then you know because now look at exposure of solve all girls fumble. You know for the national recognition that they like all of a sudden this young. Stars and he went maybe early commitment you know yeah. I'm sure you know they knew it and I'm telling you on the radar and start recruiting and Bobby and all the baseball guy right right I I'm telling you I'd rather watch. Girl's softball then the most with most Major League games. Just because action it moves so much faster it's a great sport the strategy it was entirely different than there an actual hardball. What all these young girls finish should bode well for Louisiana saw viola. Louisiana Lafayette L issues or whoever it might be. Number two and get a scholarship and play in the next level having an impact will the NFL helmet rule have this year 504. 2601 A semi do you think the NFL should. Revise that leading with a helmet policy tell us a final four to 601870. Tech state seven meets everybody Christian to sports talk here on saint radio. Coming up your chance to win 1000 dollar momentarily. Phone lines over a 504260187. We welcome back to sports talk body Hebert Kristian garic Fred in Picayune miss and it was gone Fred you're on WWL. Arianna don't do for a yen. They're our political uproar so to. I mean one thing you know this element that grow in interest quote Alec we did it's gonna go around. Think it could very well the road game. The production solution to. I'm in cargo for Puerto pop pop pop pop. What turned out that I period you know like corn space so it may. Or wanted to come up which are that ought Roman. If Fred only problem you with the technology. Is that the velocity in the disputed these players. In the strip them hitting is that the contact. Is that your brains who was in Cisco. You know coming to protect this goal. But then that the force of the hit it is still cause in your brain to movement side. Now they're letting up Fred Dolan saying that I think will be addressing. On our business only thing is gonna help the blocking. But they'll bid that you might be. The number of hits the cumulative no like offered to give its Illini you practice every day one how can avoid. Had to make contact mean they come out of the body in each and every play while I think they might eventually learn and I'm kind of speculating here. That you can't have that initial. He. Like when I got my teeth knocked down that now the severe concussion. When it was daisy for a recovered. But I think it might be more. That it dated he banged it ovitz and beavis alliance might be words. In maybe one big blow if that makes is that they're both a good party. But I think he ended trenches. That how you practice and how they hitting and the light of what you seeded National Geographic and Discovery Channel whatever. Like the two male Ramsey day of fighting over who's gonna get the feel whatever museum where an ebony banged heads in an economist done in the back of and they do it again. As all of it to do its line I think that would be an incline. Outing of the truly want to be honest. That that needs to be monitored mall or in the actual killer shot or one big you know I think they both land. And and I talked to Tebow about this as him being an all the sublime and that a number of times if you and it stretches. You only have a headache every day you life. And that everyday when you know present when you price of football season starts in August that you finish. Note you that you this basically. Taken Advil or might be because you have Andy and it says the reason what are the ages ago. Is at all and yet and you knew you'd like two dozen times or whatever might be he has been hurt so. That's where Fred I don't know what the answer is. I think it's small mostly. Our urgency. Teaching. The young kids in the future. That. You gotta take you had told out of a kind of like a rug a rugby type tackle but. I watch the rugby world champs and we still don't have is speed. A broadly like he's seen a national globally. I mean like Fred just I'll look at these were the rugby championship when they might be New Zealand all blacks. Are South Africa whoever is the best that are best. As a why I liked Agassi Bo Jackson. In orbit feeling and him trying to come shall tackle him he you know you'd hope far she's trying to trip them meant a whole bucket true to get a now could you had delivered a blow. I just think you know when you don't overeat you're not going to be a little void that they had being impacted in these plays is not going to be able to visit a funny text but about couldn't. Foam in the skull like a spray foam insulation. And did that add that it's a come out and help all our hard in the skull actually I got to clarify I don't text Lambert says Bobby fill the skull with foam. Yeah I'd like to list are cracking people's heads open and filling with. Listen the bottom line is. If you look at it football is very barbaric. I mean. Modern day glad a gladiators and every. You want to describe it is controlled violence sought and high you know legislate that. Ready for your chance when 1000 dollars an intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is bail text to be a I L to this number. 72881. That seven to. 88 want to text right now you can win 1000 dollars cash listen the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour now through 6 PM. 1000 dollars up for grabs and you can go grab it and stick it in your wallet or your bank account. Good luck from all of us here at W two well we never charge for text. But individual plan text and data rates apply please do not. Text and drive David Wesley Belgians TV color analyst coming up next hour the great chemicals upcoming schedule this is sports talk here on stage radio W to drop.