Who Will Return Kickoffs For The Saints?

Monday, June 18th
We look at the Saints roster with Joel Erickson plus look at the biggest battle in camp kick returner.

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Harry are numbered soon. We'll finish up our conversation about student athletes in the NCAA now could be forced to work up to 24 straight days after the NCAA Ream folks. The rule allowing. One day awful week for the student athletes and it's your calls into second on that. We got toxin US open Capcom Mickelson we'll do that we'll have our daily World Cup update and enjoy Erickson a little later in the hour. We'll talk some saints with us just did a FaceBook live about this issue of the NCAA. Find that our FaceBook page to Debbie Debbie already apiece but big like that you'll find the video there you can weigh in with your comments. Your phone calls and texts and get to those now it quick text today 7870. From the 504 what's the motivation for the rule change what's to gain well that's the question that I had. What was the motivation here's the problem. People to Sunbelt conference people in the NCAA we're not available. When asked about this. We don't well. We imagine that there were some coaches basketball coaches and otherwise. Who said hey I wanna be a little work my student athletes. 44 straight days I don't want this one day awful week I'll imagine that's where it came from a very misguided rule. I had to cut off Joseph and medical 'cause we're up and the heartbreak top of the hour Joseph. Your back on man they strolled. Okay first what you need to stand misses an opportunity. Afforded by the university in the NC double anti. Nobody party and country. Had been. Continued. At kind bit there's an opportunity. For you to take the big and it took her talent. Go play basketball football baseball. Pretty university. Day you're out. That you preferred place for in that you can do and valuable. Achievement. Invaluable experience. To take an actual apple what problem. Well Joseph and I am actually agree with everything you said there here's the problem we have labor laws on the books that if I was a server. If I was a year they salesperson. Okay bull. I've gone over three times you can't sell big do you think that at this me exempt because they're athletes. I gotta get a job you think just because they're athletes they should be exempt from the laws the your ire are are held so. I'm telling you. If they would hours that we decadent. But is there. But ask any athlete this is the thing Joseph you asked these big time major sport athletes how many hours a week are you working how many hours a day. Are as your coach requiring you to put in. And 6810. Hours a day the loss says the rule says twenty but there's. Voluntary not really voluntary. Meetings film sessions there's travel there's all of that that's not calculated in and here's my question joke aside I think you and I would agree right fit. Education is valuable player I am working for that's. Certainly something that I'll be OK with but how in the world Joseph can these athletes. Get an education. When there's 24 straight days and they can't get to a classroom. Well OK listen. I'm telling you victors story here must suddenly LSU. And he had a very. High profile running back. On the football team in its math class and I'm Sonia he showed up one. That hit one time. The big part. I'm telling you. It's not likely they did you act like they're. Profile rapidly in there all hype about it in there all geniuses. Demo gel here you and I put words in my mouth I never said that now Iago backe said. The date of the running back went to class one time. My point my point is that's an issue that's a problem are you OK with that. I would be if it was 7:30 in the morning but it that'll happen in the morning. I'm not. No I agree oh wait are you saying Mitt. It's not OK because I'm saying it's not okay that this where exactly to showing up to class and taking away money. And scholarship from regular students and mainly because they're athletic department there head coach. Says. Now I gotta work for us now 24 straight days. Now are some of these athletes are bin Simmons. Who didn't give bulletin about school is an on them absolutely. It's on them if they're given a fair shot. To get some kind of education and they don't do that is on them absolutely I am not saying. Vets. All of these athletes are college material and if they had an opportunity to go get. Vocational experience somewhere else they could and probably should do it. My point is we again have a loss many laws you go to your breakthrough might know we do right here they've got an entire wall. With the US labor laws. Things they can and can't do. We can't work Tim Zimmer 24 straight days. And if he says no I don't wanna do that fired him. That is not allowed. And that they can't even do it seven days and attempt says how on a day off this week if they said no sorry your job's gonna go to somewhere else. They won be able to do that. The NCAA who is a monopoly now is clouding miss and circumventing these rules. Because they have legislated this the what their lobbyists in congress. And their lobbyists in the NBA. Who say no can't go to the NBA. And there's no other league here professionally in the United States drill adding go one million training at. We got to go to college and also new got to work 44 straight days sports no break. Who cares about your recovery who cares about your injury. Go to Donnie in Metairie Donny on WW. I. I think is the real big that you hear it looked completely. And look forward to this one aptly applicable law they universe of years ago. 44 days. Out of it and related matter the fact that he told repertory or circuit didn't complete all I would actually take. Because. You can't and August in August. In the ball game in late December early January. Operated date you have completely off. You have the money all about. The Saturday and unveil your bio. If you're lucky few days Chris I actually flew out double byte twice on Christmas Day. Four years ago to report days. That it really doesn't matter that that there wrote that paper. Even Friday unit of rotted. Travel days her. A weight gain would get a quick lip in morning we flew out and it took two more days really after that that's just on paper. That change it really doesn't back in the day. Yet another sport so. Throughout all these. Shot security at all is that what you predictable game you may have worked day and if you're lucky enough to get Christmas period off for Christmas that accurate or more. Where you don't show up to that though. Yeah no dot I had a complete and not I completely believe you there and that the coaches and. Right technical I promise you report that you get it. It's gone up. But I don't think it's it's not that the only thing that they're in their job now is right so I think we're on the same pierce and here's the thing my. Go ahead yet knowledge. Get them up one and that. It doesn't matter what the rules state they finally Ichi there no matter who. Yeah and here's the thing Donny and this is great insight. You go to the NFL or any other sports workplace. That bowl labor. Has a say and his bargains the rules that they are governed by. And today's off. They are you go to the the NFL football season and you'll see some guys in the building every day if they wanna be but. If you're a player on the saints team that doesn't wanna come in on the on the Monday or whatever day it is. That's bargain is a day off. Now the rules a little more complex Manning NFL. Ari Universal Sports organizations but here's the thing in the NCAA. When the college athletes have zero power and this is proving it again. And what Donnie says is absolutely right there RD coaches flouting the rules. They're going to be forced to work. What ever their coach says they want that coaches getting paid multi millions of dollars every single year. And there are very good coaches who love and care about their athletes. And that as the vast majority of those coaches. But there are also very self this coaches and athletic directors and administrators. That care nothing about their paycheck the endowments. To the sports. Departments. To the win loss total. To the headlines in the newspaper and they don't Carol lick about the athletes themselves. That's where we're gonna run into major issues with this. And anybody that argues out to 44 straight days of work is no big deal it is and if they and if they were doing it before and Donnie I agree they are war. That's still not right but now what's legislative that they can't. Go to Ryan in Slidell Brian you're on the VW. Outlook on on what this whole thing is it. In all honesty. These kids or her. It is no different then hey kid. That it that law turner. That is put to see is all are where they can work all bought. It and seven days a week or corporate. Or. They put into pretty. Procedure. Medical practice where. To war. OK if I'm going to sell off firm and I get a workaholic. Boss lawyers working me 24 straight days I can go down the street and find another lord in joint. In turn four right. Away what kid. What kid does look at what will it work. Like to work. On or. You have eight payable hold on here and Brian the other answer my question here he just brought up you would your hypothetical. If that intern at that paralegal. Said you worked in me too hard I wanna go somewhere else they have the ability to go across the street work Ford Harmon and Harmon right. Ella. You know walk on network is for. Mark and and it ruins they're great for the. Okay hold on here they could still go across the street you're missing my point here they can literally walk across the street in papers. If you have do you have a basketball player and by the way this is not a shot I will wait and she's in this and it's an example. I think you would be from talking Tuman knowing I think he's one that would use this rule to the Max just for argument sake. If you're a basketball player in LA issue. And you get it works 24 straight days you see out haven't. You worked in me too much of this is a violation labor laws you know what the NCAA sets. The NCAA says you don't have any rights to go across the street you don't have any rights to complain or go seek employment elsewhere. That's the difference here it's the monopoly and they monopolized. And it's certainly not some people wanna say it's servitude. It's not Babs as you have over other opportunities let's not go that far. But it is a monopoly of the sports. And have their opportunity. They can't use their likeness. To make their own money. They're not getting Payton and dollars and cents. And the people above them and at the top of that pyramid is mark emirates. And all the suits at the NCAA. Are making the organization anyways and it's filtered down through their members schools. Literally. Billions. Of dollars billions with a V. It is absurd. To say it's okay to work somebody 24. Straight days without a day off I don't care what you're doing. Especially. When the organization that made this change. Columns on radio stations and television stations. Across the country and says all we care about academics this is actually student athletes first remember this student his first. This is all about there education. Give me a break with that. That's my point here. You went away in 50426. So why seventies the phone number I WW all opinion poll. Should college athletes have at least one day off a week guaranteed yes or now. Log onto WW dot com cast your vote I'm Seth Dunlap and some coverage on WW. Hot topic. Tex lines phone lines fire tonight it's the NCAA. Revoking in the one guaranteed day awful week for its student athletes under certain scenarios. Those athletes could be forced to work. 24 straight days that's or talking about. Go to the text line here is a text from the 985 your right I see boo Koo lawsuits dead students first. The texts. Also from the 985 I agreed downtime necessary. From the final four some play for the love of the game with no intentions of moving on the NFL. And know they'll never get drafted. Here's sex from the nine F Jimmy from the 504. I'm a doctor and I make less than any professional athlete I make peanuts and residency. Neither that are now are there restrictions on my days worked first let me stop you there yes they are that is -- Amiss informed statement I'm not gonna use the L word there that is a misinformed statements bare our government a labor laws. That restrict the hours the you can be forced to work. If you don't realize that you need to check amount. Not trying to snap back but he text my program expect me to read your text on there. You better come with back to that's not a fact. I bet I'm working more hours and he stayed in these kids says that Doctor Who just exit. Probably are and you have a much more important jobs of doctors and played football at two completely different conversation. But also. You're not forced to work 24 straight days. For just food and shelter. And don't give me this that it's also for an education they're not getting an education. When you're forcing them to work 2.4 straight days. A lot of those days not even in the same town or the university has to they're out playing games on planes and move around. Here's the text from the 985. Interns exactly when somebody compared to the last caller compared and interns. I'm yeah I guess I can see that he couldn't. Compare them and turns me here's the difference. If I'm an intern. App that sales office. And somebody's trying to work me 24 straight days I can go down the street and find a better situation. The NCAA again. Has monopolized this war that basketball player cannot go anywhere they literally can't transfer. That won't let them. They're there for that school until that school lets a mouse or they wanna sit out a four year and go somewhere else. I'm really am completely. Baffled. By the amount of textures and it's not a lot there are few. That think working 24 straight days with no time off in whatever field it is. Is okay. Kind of a comment our current society I think that's not okay. Have a little life work balance let's not legislate an end to make our kids. Worked 24 straight days c'mon. CBS news update. President trump is ordering up new tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese products. And says take affected Beijing doesn't change its trade policies. Including plans to put tariffs on fifteen billion dollars worth of US goods. China calls it blackmail. Tyranny did jewelry is with George Mason universities were Qaeda center. At this point we're officially in a trade or when you're hot country after country. Retaliating. Or at least threatening to retaliate against one another and unfortunately the there's no winners in a trade war. CBS news is a new poll on the president's use of tariffs including on allies like Canada and Europe. Deputy director of survey is Jennifer to Pinto 48% of Americans disapprove of president terms decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. Well fewer 36%. Approve. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. Let's talk people. Not football blue ball. Soccer haters cover your ears it's time for our daily war. Hey who sounded. New in this for the next month cover your ears for about two minutes to be an update on the World Cup. I think it is proving again while why it is. What are the great tournaments. Not only in sports but also one of the greats galvanizing unifying. Things in our sports society which really to get down to have talked about on the show before. That's what's more should do which bring us together. And ops a conversation. With the with the NFL but right now. Of them to go down to your local pub or bar. On any game day which is pretty much every day now and look and watched pretty cool. So over the weekend it's the first weekend of the World Cup here's the big moments what you need to dollars trying to inform me she can have a little water cooler talk. And even if you don't really like soccer this year provides a really cool moments and missed. It was really fun yesterday watching that Mexico and Germany match with Dave potter who certainly is our board op on the weekends studio producer. Not like soccer it watch a lick of it but it's not World Cup time you really NN new. The pageantry the team the rivalry of the country's. And lead a high tension and that's one thing that soccer brains and I think very few if any other sports do the tension. Of these low scoring matches towards the end I actually think low scoring is a good thing that way not a bad thing but here's the big moments what you need know we just told Jim Mexico and Germany well it was the stunner of all star honors one of the biggest Summers I can remember. In pool play recently. Mexico beats Germany defending champs and the overwhelming. Favorites to win it again this year. One nothing they got a goal in the 33 minute yesterday. Ants they wound up winning that 11 nothing. Back previously in the weekend this is on Saturday. Iceland's yeah Iceland's in the world not just about 300000 people. In their country they've never been the World Cup before but here they are is the ultimate Cinderella and get matched up against the Goliath that is Argentina. And also Leonel Massey. One of the best players on the planet. Lo and behold it's 11 blade it's Iceland somehow some way scratching and clawing their way. To a draw messy late in the game. Hasn't chants. Just like four years ago on a penalty kick to give Argentina the wind. And it goes wide. And messy struggle at the World Cup continues. In Iceland gets a crazy draw. Another drop Portugal and Spain and the two neighboring rivals there on the peninsula. In Europe and they tie it 33. And the other scores yesterday's and do this daily on the programs couple minutes of a de Brazil they tie with Switzerland. Made it a draw Belgian beats up on Panama three nothing and Sweden edges out South Korea won nothing. Coming up tomorrow. We've got its Columbia and Japan and pullen and Senegal Tim says boring games and you watch any of the so we can. Lost little bit today and I will say the panel on game hurt even more because I felt like. The way Panama got destroyed today about Belgium just maybe realize how much USA should have been internment. They lost enough in the Belgian dozens probably gonna get to release of the quarterfinals their religion they may even get to the San means they're probably a sleeper in on our course but. And was just they vote on any reserves are at halftime but Belgium's came on the second happened is destroyed and ammonia. In me that yeah I'm excited about this some fired up. About this whole tournament. The US they should India. Absolution Miette and then here over the weekend Bruce Arena. Who was the head culprit for their melt down he was the manager of the US team when. They couldn't get a win when they needed to against teams that had no business even being on the same pitch for the United States O yeah I he wanted to make the media around and say. What's wrong with the US soccer what's wrong with the US soccer is you. Bruce. You had your moment. With US soccer a couple of decades ago and you were brought back is a retread and had won the most embarrassing moments and our country's sports history as a country. On the international stage are we just a cell here's a messy again his kick. Penalty kick to when I don't know why. Fraternal another World Cup updates for you tomorrow here's a couple of text for go to Greg and break back. About our NCAA topic. From the 504 who cares they want complaining don't play basketball they complained in the league overseas. Yeah that's just the typical. Bitter. I guess sports fan do you listen to this program's your sports fan of some kind. It's entertainment. They get paid to entertain us at least the professional ones do. It's because they make more money then you're me sorry that's free market economics. It's all another discussion. And detection and I five and you want about the most people would say it's okay for the student athletes to work. 24 straight days are the ones working Monday through Friday eight to five. And watch the student athletes on TV a lot of hypocrites in today's society. Yes a little harsh although I do get the just of that text sand. You wouldn't wanna be forced to work 24 straight days. And if you think that's OK I'll go back to what I said last segment. That is a complete indictment of our society it is not okay eight to work anybody 24 straight days on a normal circumstances once and awhile. Okay. But this is legislated and with these students to be doing its student athletes the entire year. That was its RegToy Ericsson coming up we'll talk about the saints and they can take advantage of the new kickoff rules last about it. There's a sex from the 504 World Cup soccer commercials are actually grid I'll commodity. Allow yourself to be honored to and that's all I'm saying in the remaining got to like soccer is the time but if you're not entertainers and sports span. By some of the things are Watson already at the World Cup that's only what four days old. Man Davos Scrooge. And so we really wrote about it a three enjoy Ericsson is from discovering the saints for the advocate Joseph are you allowing yourself to be entertained by the world capital. Aside and it's been my GB just about. I mean there early and missing. The tribe the five day one and one that have been watching it. Outlawed what part of this vote development. I'm. My. I'm a big doctor Korean I really appreciate sport enough. Especially severe national level. Had this weird saying that's nobody asked to be a huge soccer fans alike this now here's the thing Thames Zimmer. As the one who's up like 5 AMR studio producer of innocence of these interviews Jolie is up like five watch in the stuff I don't understand how he doesn't. But so let's Silas saints Agile it L joy Ericsson on what are your article today is about Patrick Robinson adjusting to the nickel role. In a more aggressive saints' defense how is he rob and react committing himself to the city to the team. Body you know interestingly the Aegean yoga performance tarsala particularly. Really dive deep into these angry Saturday in the in there around you McLemore main demand risen in Philly it was more zone. Makes sense they're down flexibly and so he uses. The holiday that the defense to outline form and Forman pressures to get their pressures so. Embedded with any of the change for him in the plug artery Robinson so good. He's good handling all across the receivers and tech plays Malek out of that happens when you're on the inside William and demand a little bit in the different. The cougar different occasions where he I think he's he's discover these other B. Orient himself and it has been airing in and be a vessel that the base. Does that concern you at all because he was one of the best nickle corners last year according to all like the advanced analytic spit out like you said and it in his zone scheme now he's back to man. We gonna see a regression here is not going to be at the Robinson we thought that the saints were getting from filling. I mind my hypothesis. And my guess is that. The same note country crimp in her home and probably. We were just we're just going to you know he's in NCA simply that they really do need to steps this team. Didn't count keen as diverse enough. I would that they may be that many leading Internet and not apparent impact you think more trauma more on the main key. Don't have to. Libya and the indictment either you're playing a little bit more. Zone that we saw. Maybe last year in the past is just because of those skills and because. They've got right to complain that now Kurt Coleman Patrick Robinson. They're there they've played in those types of defense is whereas. You know one of cable car as weaknesses well assignment of all which is obviously key well. What do you think about the position the depth of the talent there and on the top in talents with Lattimore with Patrick Robinson. Is there lately about the rest of the group. Well there is an interesting. And again I think one each in position battle is. Further down quarterback. Yeah it would. He was fairly entrance I would regular season. Kind of yeah the next man behind Robinson in quality and in Lattimore. But then there's going to be right down here. I think in that this is sick if they have what they. Spot on the roster. You know I think you can you know special teams in the big deal until neighbors in the doesn't pick out of Wisconsin. Big specialties history that the way. Allows for the first bird on their England said that he really trust this year's people go about special teams to treat. About Ayers as. History on special teams will not quality is great. So. That's obviously a player role habit insisting that the of these. Land those spots speeches. What we've learned over the last couple years and eventually those guys and the uptick in playing the 212 games. They're gonna in the mean time on defense of these things the kind of shakes out in most of extra spot in the you know maybe it's your word that the Keating five it is they keep six quarters of course they beat you there's there's an extreme. All of the cement over things and the team are released further down the depth chart of the key ones. And so I think that the insisting it wants to get between. Tight and enjoy Erickson here on double coverage he covers the saints for a big advocate. And CO the second hour talk about a position battle and just second you're talking about for returner but. In the secondary. Marcus Williams man he seems to be the silent assassin he's not talking to the media I don't wanna talk about that play I'm sure thinks or is gonna Barraza with those questions. But he has been at least in my mind incredibly good as much as he can be in these many camps sidelined sidelines. He just looks bigger Healy looks faster than it was last year. I am incredibly impressed Valencia and from from Williams from maybe I don't know man maybe it's just like the camp thing where were reckoned. Mounds animal models and her what did you think of Williams. Well. In this thing Williams's. Key he has the physical gear entering in the ability to release them now. When the ball in the air we reviewed the and we saw some urgency last year. He's made them incredible premiered to incredible place and I think that the news with him would let some of these guys. As well as they played last year Marcus Williams last year was a better treat it he. Then they'd release you know long long time. It was still it is first year and expect there'd be a joke well first years that you just because. You lose you don't mean a thing before he's understanding how to prepare and restraint to that. And so I think you're seeing more of those chances for all whether it. Just shying because he's more sure of what he's doing when he keeps taking it as an act and think and and what what we know of him he's got he's got incredible article that credible arrange an incredible instinct and so. I think he's probably get him out all the way through. And in it's going to be difficult to give it. People down saint this year. Finally talked about one in the in the battles you talk about one thing that I'm really intrigued with Angus the most interesting battle one of them. This entire offseason that's for returner they've brought in Boston Scott via the draft they got turner here not a lot of people are talking about Lewis handled those duties late last year I think. This battle shakes itself out jewel. Yeah. I. All is intrigued as you're I don't really know if I can eat chip favorite there's a lot of sort of fit. Certain. Things but there's not that it is not an obvious one I mean. You know you would think that take you have been obviously you repeat and they got him out after. Hit the ball last year I don't know unique and so. I think that really interest in spot punt returner actually here in kick returner. Even with the new rules is interstate burn. I think they're still regular inspections that makes me wonder if you don't do something where. If you really wanna return you do it dated in typically in 41 back there. I don't think you'll see him on ponson and really could come from a lot of different places on punt. And we just seeing the other competition shakes out well one of the things or of these notes hoping to see. Or are now hoping the worst thing that talked about whatever we look to the draft world you know after the guys with a lot of return ability part of that statement you know prick just because. They don't necessarily have a clear punt returner following news is that moment we don't know a lot of if he moment Specter's two years I don't know that he's the. But until I can't wait to see how at all. Works out and we see those new to golf rules on the pre season eatery Joel's article on Patrick Robinson online advance the advocates. Joseph always appreciate the time and it adds Jewell a Ericsson on Twitter follow on their Ian covers the saints for the advocate take quick break here. Phone lines are open for him to win on that Malloy in on the NCAA tock. We were. Discussing for most of the first hour and a half the program 5042601870. That's the phone number 87870s. The text number come on back we'll talk a little US open. Kept pure wins Mickelson steals the show I'm Seth Dunlap it's double coverage on WW. Remember third. Lastly couple weeks ago we had a texture who is just brought some. Little bit overboard Ken Crawley. Love them I think this is the same one of its excellent. In the final four this is laughable Seth not mentioning the saints' best quarterback Ken Crawley. And I malaria I mentioned talk. Grows damn good year I can't know latter Moreland. So early US open really quick sand you watch Phil's melt down. I have probably watched more golf this weekend that I've ever watched before. A meet Richard it was so fun that. First off let me get this out of the way consumers will have a lot of time to talk about this topic tonight and it's been talked out pretty much all day everywhere else. But that problem filled out it was funny morning Els and he got penalized like you should meant to strokes. Just in frustration if you don't know the history behind Phil at the US open by the way it's the one major he hasn't won any stinnett. Any of these finish second five times. So finally. In his home states. Things boiled over frustration boiled over I just thought it was a moment of humanity. Anne's was it wrong sure it was wrong and that's why was penalized two strokes but it's not any kind of legacy killing. Offense. Yeah any time token take a shot at the UG UST AR you know US PGA whatever McCullough USG AUS GA he's gonna do it because he obviously dislikes them. He has never won the US of before and I think it was more of frustration moment where he just said screw it I'm gonna hit the ball anyway because I'm Marty out of this term it. I don't see the big deal about people thought like he committed murder apparently. By making that immediate hit with a split decision break that one of the rule he but he broke a rule where you have a moving object. Which I mean if you would've made the putt it would you can have said hey it actually turned out better form but he almost did and it and to win yet. I have a problem with that and thousands have a problem of course being exceedingly tough. You didn't. I thought on Saturday the course is ridiculous like he saw the scores early in the morning get a couple under par but Saturday afternoon in the best score in the afternoon was like plus three. Every all the leaders are doing terrible at one point kept it was a wanna say he was. Eight or nine strokes back of Dustin Johnson in that way in the whole thing the Saturday really cost all the leaders a chance that you know extending their lead. Are you somebody your NASCAR fan he's somebody who likes the road courses or doesn't like. I think the road courses are fond OB at Sonoma this week and I mean it's different preparation next to go right right but it isn't it's more difficult. Then. Make in the same turn for 500 miles right up my point is seared him. Bit I don't mind d.s. Exceptional golfers world class best of what they do. With a little more human face I think they could have put them into the hole and a different placement on the green because I feel like every putt was hitting the ball down a driveway. You do is gonna role as fast as possible over so I told you twenty players were under par and citi's zero that change your tune is remember. This was a par seventy. Rare and set it original 72. Sophie had those eight strokes all the Cindy got twenty people under par. Yes it's even or under par. I would have taken that but there have one guy at even a disposable too much yeah we haven't had a even Brooks kept going he was one over. Anyone think congratulations Sam second straight US open victory.