Who Will Be Pick Number One?

We discuss the top picks of the NFL Draft with PFF's Sam Monson. He breaks down the top QBs in the draft and where they'll go. Plus, Doug Mouton joins us to talk Pels and Saints.


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Oh boy fun show. And though the analogy it's a little tired but it is right if if you're an NFL fan. Today tonight is like Christmas Eve and orders weigh in unwrapped presents. There's only a good point Joseph Ericsson last hourly settles really like Christmas. Because you gotta wait until the evening I'll whistle 7 o'clock for an open those gifts under the saints' draft treaty. Were you just written opened your kid downstairs he went on down out. Sarah on rapid jump on people's unwrapped nobody actually under wraps. A gift latest terror departs rates him. You probably you are probably the worst I could see you run downstairs. Is Graham and gifts left and rights Terry no one here terror and one there. You like to drag it out now that your little bolder idea. Alec to drag it out for as long as possible. Really. I was gonna say is that because you worried that may be won't appreciate it. Well the saints of god the bad gets in the draft before the last couple of drafts not so much social last year with a straps in NFL history force certain. Coming up a little later Sam months and actually just about ten minutes. We'd NFL analyst for pro football focus going to be fantastic interview we'll talk to him in the Doug Vogt taught at 940. There's a little bit of a quick. Segway as will talked about. The pelicans in the NBA and Timmy and we're doing this because Tim and I music go for a little stroll around the office this year. In our downtown studios warmer break him for top of the hour news and Timmy to ask people what you ask me because of this is a fascinating like I've hypothetical optic. Yes so big if they're if the pelicans beat the warriors back panel so I really don't like Tim's not take some questions I think there is absurd this highlight because he gets me thinking. And yes if the pelicans were to stay on the warriors here in this series. Absolutely they would be my favorites actor Michael and Lester covers that we might favored to in the whole bank the dribbling that well Willie beat this dynasty. And went back to back series in two series that nobody gave them a shot and yeah they be my favorite now we're talking about biggest Timmy I don't think so I still in Iraq to be favored that Western Conference final series. Here's the text from the 504 set the key points Terrell and some of packages of the new saints acquires trading Mark Ingram. Being miss his contract year oh no those are two separate accident to say actually it's their open some of these do say it's packages yeah I can only two term open I think it's gonna fattest and I hope. Actually I hope assuming Josh Jackson and my accuser Don Harold Landers gone at that spot. The first round. Out the trade backs actually hope we're not opening any saints presents tomorrow at those case I hope were opening many saints presence on day two. Of the NFL draft. Especially it's always. Fonda again I love differing takes all of takes that are different than mine because I think. That's what makes. This medium. Really any kind of sports media kind of fascinating and fun this is entertain Iran supposed to be fun force yes we yet invested and involved. But. We were talking about it we love the differing takes we love debating what our friends and colleagues while we're right in their wrong. I think that it benefits anybody. Especially in the first round trade back you just. Almost always get way more value than you give up by trading back in the first round. Supply is short demand is very high for this picks so I'd like any team to do it. A lot of people disagree with me and Aussie couple of people in the building a competition with Christian he's actually on board trading down this year we talked about a lot and he's. In a post that tells not their Christian. Jericho sports sucked out Bobby Hebert says he likes trim back remember last year immune double coverage. We had a long conversations about why I thought the last June they should trade back now knowing what I know now allowed or is there yet you take Lattimore even said that and also you take ram check. At that spot. Many viewed some value here. You get some value I know little drought point charts you're basically betrayed out of 27. Any trade into the second round for the states. You're basically. Going to get aids a second round pick and a third round pick. This year. Future picks are devalued a little bit so he could get something like a second this year and a second next year. But because they're in kind of a win now window with Drew Brees in his age. We're probably. Are going to be. Looking to trade for future picks must somebody's given up to some ridiculous like a second mission first next year's them like that Katrina. But I do think it's possible Alsace and get. If you haven't heard this yet this is why it's important this is what you need to be paying attention to why they might trade back look who's trading. Right. You've got the Steelers. At twenty the jaguars at 29 and the patriots. At 31. Know what's similar between those three teams. They're all these contenders. In the AFC to talk about three teams you've probably Lewis won a one B one C. Don't come out of conference this year you're top probably talking about those three teams. So you or another AFC team. Trying. To unseat one of those make a run in the Super Bowl. If you're the titans of the Texans or the Indianapolis Colts like keep bringing back Indianapolis here. You've got to be looking to get in front of those three FN I know to be if if you have somebody on your board. Who's a valued as you know migs. Upper mid first round tell the still there. The colts have pick four and five in the second round. I know it's a longshot predicting trades and they're gonna trade with. But I've got to think the colts are looking to move up there it's. Fairly rare the UC teams pick back to back we like to. Move those trades move him around a little bit disturbed the way the board were Trey you don't have a lot of people on your board talked about best player available. Back to back the can take their happens once in awhile doesn't happen a lot. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see the same straight back and they do trade back. Put money on the trading back with one of those AFC teams I mentioned. We're coming back with a phone call from Wayne and and then Sam Munson a pro football focus it's up to lap one double coverage to redouble. Sam Watson a pro football focus coming up just minutes to give us a breakdown of the NFL drafts. But first go to the phone lines Bible for 260187. You can call and chat. About the saints and NFL draft winning chatter you're on WW I'll go ahead. Well yeah your. About it. You. Read. That. And it would. Yeah at. All. Well I I actually disagree with UN I don't think it has anything to do with the rebuilding or not I just think it has your draft boards let me put it to you sync lead this way. If the saints. Don't have any first round talents still available at pick number 27 on their own board. Why would they trade back if the next guy on their board they don't have too you know and an early to mid. Second round pick who wouldn't trade back get a couple of extra picks and still give the guy. That you like I only get as an inning to do with rebuilding or any several window at all as far as draft day trade deal. Three of Sam Martin has promised to lead NFL annals for pro football focus dot com on Twitter at PFF Sam it is they must followed there on Twitter Sammy is for any NFL fan and Sam I really appreciate grin on men doing us solid and our super busy thanks so much. 00 so tomorrow or suffer the tough I'm curious it is going to be Donald Wright for the browns do thank. I really don't know I think this is. Is one of the most interest and draft for years in terms of multiple guys are still in the picture that is number one overall pick usually buy right now. It's pretty firmly leaked who's gonna go one this year I don't think that it could be Donald. It could be baker may feel that that could be Josh counts I think there's three quarterbacks. Legitimately in the picture for the number one spot. Yeah the Big Five quarterbacks ranked all expected to go in the first round. Well yes that we have baker mayfield ranked number one. He is by far. The banks rated quarterback we've ever seen since you've been doing college football. He has acute highest single easing rates we've seen higher than anything from Jarrett got from Carson went markets Mario go to. Baker made there was one man to. His third season in the top seven as well so. That's incredible tell me do this am at Rio. When he started doing into fourteen we've now got. Four years' worth college data. Three years' worth of traveling to Vienna style but many feel this just is kind of reset the bar in terms of what we expect to see from a college quarterback. Oh wow that's incredible so behind him how do you rate the next four. The next two guys are really close that Josh Rosen and son Donald. As our next two were kind of divided internally about which guys have second which third but those are both. Very close together then again then guys. That there's a gap you can get three more quarterbacks could potentially go. In the first round Mason Rudolph Mark Jackson. Josh out. Josh Allen has obviously the war on the week different models speak. Did you is and any supporting evidence to suggest that you're going to be. They top NFL quarterback to really if you're buying it did the judge Allan height you're buying into the idea that it might take you guys would hit a generational. And cannon for an arm we can keep genetically quarterback. Bellboy is reminds me too much JaMarcus Russell down here that's code 67 impossibly in baton Bruce Campbell that's a bad memories it did a lot of people are kind of comparing him I think unfairly. To Carson went tribal small school guy is non power five conference guys that's not really a fair comparison though is that. Not now not directly I think there's some similarities there are parts back comparison makes sense. And the the bit to me that makes sentences. I don't think Carson glances at the going to be the most accurate quarterback in the NFL hi there. But he gives you a blueprint TJ if you have a pathway. To at a south success despite not being moved back or quarterback in the lead. So that Cam Newton actually those two guys are two of the three players that. The lowest. Just completion percentage in the NFL season. But Carson went whose money on third downs and I made big play deep down field. And obviously Cam Newton has that is one of the best the growers in the past so you can be a relatively inaccurate quarterback and still succeed. If you make enough big placed opposite that basic and accuracy I think that's what. People need to by in QB Josh talent self stop trying to convince people these and he's an accurate quarterback because Egypt isn't. Instead focus on what he can do you offset the fact that you kind of an accurate. Sam months and lead NFL analyst for pro football focus here on double coverage tonight's less than one day away from the FO draft. Let's go to this the later part of this first round because this is the big debate now obviously here locally with the saints peaking at 27. What is she the most value bear. Is it quarterback. I don't they give you the address is gonna make that that bar maybe it's offensive line where is the value going to be late in the first round. Nah it's not a good drive Fred Russians at all I think that may be a tough spot for any team commit to find them. That the players that we have gone through things and our latest mock I'm Kia offenses. Lleyton under linebacker Boise State actually think that the fantastic fit. For the defense which got so much better a year ago with the lead to mutations that may. There's still weak in the middle linebacker between me the front four and that the that the secondary. Linebackers that would need they need the most help on the front directions just got this incredible. Physical gifts. Fit physical tools he's a big guy six foot five to fifty plus he's got size he has. Lou keep the ability to float the football play the run in particular. I think when he played really once he's Boise State as much as people are losing mines entry to made Edmonds being nineteen years old. Rowe wants me if I'm leaving twenty years old. Lit by directions older but he actually less playing time and either of those two guys so from an experience point of view he's still extremely young could potentially get a lot better. Is it a situation where everybody let's say between like. Number 245 on your board and number nine you there's not a lot of separation they're pretty much the first two and a half rounds or so. Yeah I think there's a little you know others is all the guys over the top I think those sort and so that pretty quickly and then there's. And not a great place to be in the middle the first round once you start getting toward the end of the first trend in the second. I think a lot of those guys are very interchangeable has a lot of debts from that point on. Four rounder cute so if you're in the bottom of the first round election the second row on the top of the third I think you're getting get a lot of valley. So a lot of people here I think rightfully so think the states need to find that next tie it and you're not gonna live with a 37 year old Benjamin Watson for very lie and it will be sufficient. This year but tight end in this strapped. There really any like lock him down first round guys or this is a position that supposed to mean more second third round were seats to find some body right. Yeah I think the one guy that really would be worth its first round pick is the small school guys except Dakota State talent god I think he could be special the next level. He numbers of the college level or mine that's an awful lot of traffic Kelsey in the Kansas City Chiefs. And the average eight point one yards per K per catch last season after the the catch point broke twelve tackles. Was huge mismatch weapon bolted down the field. I'm just run after the catch guilt so. I think he's a legitimate first round pick we went back incorporated is an entire season you know he's an as yet guy and we. We typically do the FBS guys the top division. But his season was by far the best receiver and tight end. And you lose none of these guys are particularly good blockers split by college standard views and okay blockers well. Sam Lawson for PS pro football focus joining us here on double covers a Trace and presently work or any analysis of previous. Draft day trades especially in the first round whether that's usually beneficial for somebody trading down a training up anything like that are made any personal views. Oh you think that's a another hot topic Greg because there's not a lot of late first round. True talent their slots talk maybe this is near the saints finally trade back. You know and too much work on that these that we have doesn't surface level stuff on. Really the bottom line with the draft is that more more shots that are better than that if you are so anytime you can. Stockpile picks and just take more shots that they. Lottery which is you know effectively what is still such a big gamble. And the strike rate on trial stakes. Anytime you can increase your chances of getting by is getting more. More roll of the dice is a good thing. Sam monsoon hey you know they sleep man. And I did. It's okay so far the police used it. Really it's really appreciate it again tonight on the eve of the draft saw a Sam enjoy it and we'll talk to get. Aaron I promise you've got to follow Sam Maas and if you're not on Twitter one of the best. Follows. In the NFL around the NFL people cover at key FF underscore Sam. And if you aren't a daily visitor of pro football focus you should be if you wanna be an informed NFL and informs saints fan do you just got to do the best site. I think out there were ten aggregates and ranks and then it's does the analytics nationally for every team in the NFL. NBA in action right now let's give you a quick update there in the timberwolves. Trying to stave off elimination against the rockets. And have a ten point lead in the second quarter 47. 237. What I say. Any in Houston yes in Houston to be. Competitive it's got his op Ed do his as it is said you didn't expect this. Well. With all what the Aaliyah with the way Houston looked on the road in Minnesota in the second that would put a 54 in the third quarter. In game number four of the series but 4737. Now Minnesota with a lead and yet as expected Utah could be. Putting to bed the Oklahoma City Thunder season 52 to 39. Russell a spur Kate manly can't escape it and I must say and I'm the biggest fan of his I think is off the court personalities. Definitely is abrasive but I. I can't remember a star at true starlets hall of fame guy note a first ballot hall of fame guy period he has. Can you remember a star like that that's received as much fate as him. It. A lot of people who have this song playing in their heads tomorrow. The saints' draft saints all the way is next year is certainly one of the favorites. Welcome back itself Dunlap double coverage rolls on Doug boots on just a couple of minutes here on answer text on the pelicans at 8787 ER text line. From an ID five Seth kitchen honestly admit they did not think the pelicans would go as far as they did Bobby Hebert had them. Looking game three and four can you agree with Rondo running the point the way he moved offensively and especially. In defensive plays must be keeping the warriors up to each try to figure him out while I'm not going to honestly admit that I didn't have the when he met series because that would be a liar. Affect I 95 I had the morning that series in six games out pelicans I was brilliant marriage of form. Related. Now I have this pelicans losing in six against the Golden State Warriors. Are really quickly WW well we're proud sponsor of the rubber duck derby to benefit second harvest. If you wanna adopt a rubber duck for the race you can come out to the freedom you all's draft coverage tomorrow 6 to midnight at central city barbecue that's at 1201 south rampart street. First couple blocks from downtown. On Friday and come out six to midnight at scooters on the North Shore on Gause boulevard in Slidell second harvest is going to be there to take your donation. And can support the rubber duck period. And make a difference in the lives of local children and families with second harvest. And WWL and if you want more information on that duck race moves to. Duck race dot com back slash nor really good cause again you can give starting tomorrow I disinterested barbecue. For our draft coverage pilots freon in his promise Doug moves on WW LTV channel four sports director. Doug is like Christmas replicates on everybody uses this one of those they. Oh yeah no question about it an amazing we didn't so many ways then. Wanted to stretch it out logically yes. All I gotta talk about the pelicans first is say you've been on fire on Twitter on your show with this coverage did you. Expect the help kids who look as good as they did in round one and got new thoughts on the Sears going up against the warriors. Yet know how everybody expected suite where I. Thought back now. We did that we debate in this sport of it like ball and brutal that. I'll probably written Everett today air bigoted. Brutal honesty about what got an hour. Was Ricardo account who continually. Dead heat but the delicate but it was sure out of it. Not a surprise that elegant one I think most of us thought we don't you know it was the one guy that was positive the ballot in between outlook. Holiday in these play the best basketball he's played it is light at its current and heat stroke. All worried at. Lleyton. You know which it bought at a ball on the. Yeah physical. Comedy and he took me. Willard and colony basically being. It would be technically stronger. And better then. Play it on the Pope was right in game four and the budget impossible shot. It would. Close in real. Sickly. Obviously it's what I think things LeBron James of great. Is that a prodigy he's definitely. Better than every other player on the court and I never heard and I'm not like that his height. That's doable Bryant's game. Now look let's talk about true for a second here is I I agree it's incredible dug like I've been trying to come up with a analogy like somebody he reminds me of and I think got to go back leg vintage Chauncey Billups who was so good on both sides of the quarter something I mean. That's a great analogy is talking about what they've got. Call it was a little bit. It would push people around physically that you actually. Holliday hit more than anything else what he wants. You close it will. All it. I mean it is playing great basketball. It's what you want it incredible. Epic data display like that player in the world. And it rocked Rondo and ate all of them to that and especially. Via in what situation in the last I'd bet it. Yet but called it seen it Derrek hitting on all cylinders they're light and ray it was a great match up. It was right we now obviously. Golden State for dead sitting at a different. Challenged the guard. Kevin Durant it becomes dumb luck or get a hole. Different possible then. No it really does stand for as high as I am on the pelicans right now and everybody you just listed I did tell a clap back at some of the stuff I heard in the city over the weekend sand all look the pelicans are the better team right now they're gonna go ahead and roll over the warriors alike slow down everybody this is the dynasty that's the world jazz are talking about here. They should be favored and talking about the wars in the series and they are nude BA. A starter at the pelicans wanna be fantastic if they did that there's no doubt it will state the favorite in this series. Yet know what I had absolutely no question about it I immediately. Doug Perry doesn't play at they're a much better matchup of the allegations. Tonight Holliday didn't physically but. Body out on quite confident and hopefully you thought it was dirty that stopping Kevin Durant matchup nightmare anybody and Betty Davis really and light yeah. Quick enough politics you know he was not at risk that meet meet with you bet object to get it. Well the delegate Norton Kevin Durant isn't. You know but it and a victory won and he don't watch I wait that. And it's going to be our dessert after the NFL draft on Saturday game one at 930 talking to Doug Mottaki here on double coverage he's the W to real TV channel four sports director. Annual back to those hot debates in the meeting earlier sports room Doug I'm sure you've had one on what the saints should do. With that number 27 in the NFL draft do you have any idea. Of a player physicians that they love to have their living think's gonna be available and maybe you think maybe they trade back. I'd like everything optimal. Sort it did not traded back much. Now you know. Is our friend they rated back and Ron Harbour that was one of the best rate today but yes it up many. And it didn't work. You'd get more accurate they went out and but he Brady got people that love with one guy and once we don't get it though. Out. On the golf and they will. Let us know. What. Andy did you mention and you know what would surprise me. Was fighting cult and lesser player meeting at its roster and that got a house at Boston College in light. A program. It. Sort of watching and what he would not be surprised to take pride movement out. More binders that spot yet you know or and if it. Russia and again. I mention it up at the certainty. That Hitler given it credit or is it. You're you're probably but it not to draw the line last year that they play it off and the linesman. What we year right now they can't say that they can comment on but you might push rod V in numbers there. They definitely. That number that it and it's you remember the numbers picked up at the start last year was right brands Jack who played I think that this frequent. And the number that it would be you know development. A lot of play 60% of the back. And they mention that number that. He's actually been ill with anyone and it. Is that. I thought it picnic kind of bringing it up and alignment. I would be surprised that they like the guy David. They eating meat but the moment they diaper he. At the guard that has appeared at a much in my wrap that thing I would be surprised that they like all right now meet personally. But and it's just why am. I would love to see him get one that night and I love the you know not I'll offensive weapons and might seeking it. You've already upgraded. To pat thinking he's got to get better on third down and right now L we you've got a wide receivers on the third day. Those guys. Or might comet hit it on the outside can't better on the inside. Alvin and marriage in the backfield giving add one more now that bought into that. But if you can get paper you'd think it would that this day. Alan Goddard you can get out uttered or even might get back and date or any person that Carolina and one guy. Could be a vital. You know upgrading that at the game in a major way you might be able to get one of those guys like freaking pack. And with that deck and I certainly they. Brady back in the possibility. The one thing I don't want it be that they do stuff like that and giving. Don't know please know this is great you didn't think it took up at. So what I don't wanna debate did and it began to me I don't think that it's done. I had been read original season ticket home right in 1967. But and it paid big ticket. On the person wrote the upper deck and ceiling debate. I started going to games and it being nine. Now I was a little bit I didn't start definitely remembering being in 1971. I was argued hurts again. She's seventy. We've got forty that the C. This thing that made what I can bitter. Soon legitimate run into trouble and that was owed. In Latin. They wanted to know and actually let you might have been but what did they com. The Beatles legitimate Super Bowl team other than those you but I didn't think it quite as good. It doesn't mean oh god don't let it I'm going at this point. Object. I pay big scene heading into eighteen. That they change. The biggest Super Bowl scene I think you're really believed that bought. They feel at all. They could use them. I again they got up at the line he needed and it rust or at least board dab on the line. But one thing I don't wanna. Then do is take the attack or water that may and the Lee did it. And not conducting a debt or jacket maybe he's going to be good for them I think Super Bowl and horses go right. In my idol like never had beaten him and it could be number three I don't wanna say anybody. I hope we the first round pick and it'll play that I'll work on a guy who he would help. Make that run right bank debit should get them make a run right now and I'd go what are those high. I used to hurt him that would be an upgrade. And one other guy would get a little bit. And don't I I hate riot police Cody repeat here. I don't wanna wait the first round pick on somebody who's gonna watch. But the next year I get the that you patent you're gonna need it I don't care about long error. I care about right now because I think. Could be one of those reindeer ears that Kabul long birdie. Twice satellite I loved seeing third Super Bowl right that that. No that's that is beautifully put and I agree with almost everything you're saying it's actually haven't talking about my show will Hernandez is the guard you're talking about and by the way. You and I do agree because you look at Max under aged a knocks under age Doug they're gonna to find that next senator eventually. But you don't need it right now you going to be there's going to be multiple games and shots even it. Played. Baby broccoli 10% of the date that he was number eight op at the line right now you got it that you can truck. So right on the line have. We need. To ram it did. I'm curious. Is another underrated need to hear maybe needs two strong abort a baby to wants to use some Sean Payton terminology. A cornerback is I just get worried about the health of some of those guys we've seen in the past and you can never have enough corners. Something maybe like object Josh Jackson from Iowa is still there. I'd be hard for me to pass him off of by moments of great. And again that's that guy but he amnesia what's that quarter but that guy who would be a little bit of an upgrade I'd be all it on the and and win it but if they went out there or I'd be surprised if it was the first plant it unless there's a guy Elan and let's use that that you. Literally kidnapped or had too many wanna act right now. Getting gravity is blocked god and then. Don't play. Raleigh Atlanta morning outside but it got williams' suit at that number or is that ballot number eight but yet. You can never had too many quarters and it is it a little. Bit of an upgrade I'd be all. Yes and I would just love insurance you know if Marchand Lattimore somebody misses some times already and then tell you know there's a position of strength becomes oh boy. Now we're starting Crowley and Patrick Robinson not in the slot this could get ugly can some in the. Get that I'd get that ultimately I get that elderly aunt and widget. Table one thing I would really rather than they didn't break even though long term it may be the right I would really rather they didn't make a quarterback. Doug you're the best this is fantastic enjoy the draft we'll talk to you I'm sure a few times in the next month or so. Are there goes finds in every single night WW old channel four TV he's the sports director there. And give a follow on Twitter at deep roots on WW well we'll take a break. Will back grab an update on our ready Mazda in simple what do you want to see some new pick number 27. Log onto WW dot com right now. Tell us a rundown our draft coverage the next three days pay attention because if you're not just. Planning on coming out and hang out with. Me Bobby gave very Deuce McAllister Christian our entire sports staff during. One of the draft Asia miss and got to do some plan Ambien at least one of these days starting tomorrow sixty midnight we're going to be a central city barbecue. Where they all overnight smoke barbecue forty dollars you you all you can knee injury. There are none of gold beverages I believe all you can drink but still it's going to be great let's block from downtown at 1201 south rampart street Cleo central city barbecue. On Friday putters on the horse shorn Slidell four till midnight deuce and I'll have the first show. 46 and embodied might the Tilley a Christian Derek Deuce McAllister swing on in six to midnight so that's Friday hooters on the North Shore. Boarded midnight 1776. Gause boulevard east Saturday were on the horseshoe orbit over in Covington. At a walk ons beast drawn bar are going to be outside your refund nine to eleven. W Steve court. Recapping everything that's ever in the draft and previewing the final day and an eleven to six it's the big crew. In there Zach Strief will also join a sack deuce. The cajun cannon might retaliate a Christian that they'll be with Steve Geller Ed saints' headquarters. Bring us the latest from the coaches so that is our draft coverage the next three days. And also. Make sure you tune in here to WW all radio. 4 o'clock tomorrow night Fortis six it's one of the best two hour segments of radio anywhere the entire year for saints fans. It is our huge saints' draft preview show Zach Strief is gonna hosts this illustrates. Zach Strief and Deuce McAllister who gonna talk to all the top saints' brass at a saints camp shot they make you it was Pete Carmichael. DA Dennis Allen Jeff Ireland the drafts whisperer himself. Dan Campbell. Terry Glenn might even be out there. Aaron Glenn rather cuts tomorrow 46 started denim come out one of those three locations and hang out for the NFL draft here's an update on our pretty Mazda opinion poll what do you think the same should do with pick number 27 that's what we're asking at WW dot com. 44%. Like pretty much every year I think this is gonna win this vote think they should draft they pass rusher at 27. 24 percents. Think you should trade she agree with me like that depends on the draft board works out right but. If it works I think it's gonna work out I'd say traded 20% say drafted tight end at just 8% what the saints' draft quarterback just 4%. One to draft a cornerback. We're taking a break back and are going to be our next on double coverage.