Who will be incriminated as the investigation into Trump's alleged Russian connections?

"Who will be incriminated as the investigation into Trump's alleged Russian connections, collusion and possible obstruction of justice unfolds and what will the implications for each of them be? Comey, Pence, Flynn, Kushner, Priebus?  The independent investigation into President Trump's collusion with Russia involves several issues.
Did he leak classified information to the Russians?  Did he interfere with Comey's FBI investigation of Michael Flynn and if he did why did Comey break the law by not reporting it immediately?  And exactly how did Russia illegally impact the election results?

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Chick Foret - Trial Attorney, specializing in personal injury.


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And good afternoon welcome back into the Friday think tank closing out a pretty opinion poll question from last hour missile Andrew how old you remember him as they dictate you know or as an honorable mayor. 93%. Say dictator 9% say honorable and that adds up to 102% I don't know how that works bust nets the numbers on it. Thank you for casting your vote thanks for all you'd taxable value listeners in the house or we couldn't get well phone calls and I'm sure that discussion. Is not over yet. I at this hour we ought to take a look at a war. That is a national issue the monument removal it is now for sure it's on all the national news and newspapers but. More national. Known. Issue that's going on is the Donald Trump the whole thing. Is he going to be charged with possible obstruction of justice did the did he meet with the Russians did he sell us out is he now going to be known as Benedict Arnold from. In one of the implications in he'd be impeached is is some criminal action there what are they looking for what did he do in return for the Russians if in fact. They did something for him. A lot of questions and is now an official investigation by an independent. Investigators gonna go into effect in this is probably gonna take on Lincoln at least a year these things do not rule quickly. And while we're all trying to get around in and I heads right now what this is all about what it's gonna mean chick foray joins us a trial attorney specializing in many different forms of laws tick up to hear from you my friend are you doing. I. I didn't catch any fish. Not an efficient and you know our. Fisherman selling yourself short now costing you an action not only do you catch feature well you look the point managed as Clancy you've. Yeah that's a good you could do that. That sick. First of all I'm here in words being thrown out about impeach are now is an impeachable. Offense vs a criminal events of they both won in the same as my understanding you could be impeachment on actually committing a crime tomorrow. Crimes and misdemeanors what the statute says that I think. But you know we're a long wait for impeachment. Let's just take that back and seeing where we are being. That addiction that started which really has the Russians and the election presidential election. The whole investigation has been elevated. While the appointment of Robert Ball on the special counsel so. What happened is. The FBI is on from investigating the Russians and counterterrorism investigation. And Elvis special counsel. It is investigating Americans and investigating. One present a lot of fire as it relates to criminal activity. And it's different ballgame out you know it just. You know it is his worst is all worst enemy he just continues to blow himself well at some of that thing but he says. He obviously is not represented or is represented in the string of the advice that being given to him. Yesterday's press conference where at the now with the president Turkey where whoever it. Was a disaster. He needs to make one final statement that it. Mr. Mueller is conducting the investigation special counsel. Attorney questions making comments. And we'll see where the investigation. And that he needs to be you know that it and what you were years. Eight whoever's advising him advice. Any continues to make the situation where you know where are represented politicians and and I've asked them this question question to them as you're trying to re elected. Aren't you try and stay in jail or what we're trying to do it because you make your cage worse. The more comment that you make and you lose credibility and you're gonna credibility when it comes time for the investigation. Chick you and I in complete agreement this I think he has any minefield right now and does the possibility exists that even if he was. Found out to do something that was maybe not an impeachable offense but maybe something that's a gray area questionable now that he's Indian Macon all these comments he could end up with obstruction of justice that's normally what they'll get. If they catch you saying something in conflicting comments and then they come back on that and you may have not even come to Khamese impeachable offense or criminal act. But still be guilty of some other. You know. I guess what they would consider a crime on action because they kind of caught June. And you know him issues of words you you follow what I'm saying. Yet and that's why. Thought oh good lawyers. Advised declined whenever they're under investigation. Or potentially under investigation. Not to make any commitment we want you lose credibility. Number Shuster. Will come out that may not come out. What is it that you wait no actually been advised not make any statements. Structure adjustment on the outs and a potential structure and just. And and I were a long way from finding out whether they're crime been committed and potential structure and adjust there's. It's not made any public comments that you may may. But any actions that may take and ops patients from all or in this case it. Think he made was firing him well he sure has left at manager let him do. There are many pundits who and well. Stating that they think that there is a potential destruction adjust as the firing of Jim column called. He's got a different story being drop that he's given has the motivations. Are mystical meat and what about. We're we are now in the investigation would be special counsel. Who had any knowledge of how the system works. Agrees that Robert Mueller is in the hall say he's good in that horrible AD. I'll hook you would want channeling its investigation. He's competent he's. He will put in Yemen office he will happen that's terror re sources. Robert Mueller well on cover the facts and the facts will determine. Commitment that it is committed a crime whether B land or als. Robert all find out the back. With the American people. Sort out here it will mind. But. Will now and it will take appropriate action based upon that he'd determined to. That's reassuring while before we move off of obstruction of justice on this. Another angle of that would be this assertion that he tried to. Talk FBI director at the time Komi out of continuing investigation on Michael Flynn. Now I heard actual recording of Colby's voice when they asked in the question about have you seen any attempt. Although destruction of justice and he says no I have not seen that that was on tape now he's probably mentioned it in other things but. Is my understand and it if in fact he became aware. I'm an attempted obstruction of justice he is bylaw in under criminal penalty required and obligated to report that. So would he fall on the sword and now give testimony that yes he did kind of want try to sway me. But then the next question will be why the new basket and you may in an attorney would know it's kind of a question of William Lyon Lille Lyon man what would he do. Perry has been my number pundits will say I have a report that. Talked about that there may be gay let that there are extra hope that they Arctic. Because. Of what that scene in your action as. You're. And mocked. I would say. You know props he's. You can shut the couple. A suggestion or soul Irma structure and it just. Structure let justice take place when he buyers hold that much closer situation. Opinion or actual commission. As well. And handle this will be as attorney general and secretaries state. Two. And structure just in the conversation. And I think. Which is sick couple that he didn't think that was an instruction and just received. A truck and on to your question at this prison. And president felony many people think that means that sure about crime he had a beauty report. The law. And all of the circuit and it sure under the jury instruction. In the instructions that a judge. Q streak with. A federal jury is deciding what other criminal defendant. Committed ms. into the well. And the last paragraph stage. Trio to tell you. That the commit or. Conchita. Melanie has been commit to the bridge you know call me you'll miss prism Melanie that feel. Not applicable they haven't done research they haven't looked at the law and people need. Went to Scotland neck and that happened Jim Colby did not commit this current prison a felony and mine legal. Very good take stay where they were gonna take a break we come back have got a text that once you describe the difference between a special counsel. In a special prosecutor and also want to talk about collusion is this such a thing. Is a crime called collusion will be right back chick foray is I guess you wanna talk to us it's Bible for 2601878. Text board open for you 8787. In as always next responsibly. We're talking about the whole trump Russia issue. Komi pans Flynn cushion of Revis independent investigation being conducted by. Robert Mueller in of the FBI. Chick forays that all of us talking about this ticket and an interesting a question which. And electricity institute difference between a special counsel and a special prosecutor they appointed for different reasons and do they have different authorities. There are no longer outlawed capital out of the appointment of special prosecutors. That law expire in 1990 up and special well actually a week or burn out there. All less independent. These special. Council which is what we're dealing in here now remember. There are no longer spot special prosecutors on the law antics aren't 1999. Now we have special counsel which is almost locked in. An employee of the Department of Justice you. He is not totally independent Easter report. To the department job as a in his case to report to the deputy attorney Jim rose Wednesday. Remember the session up are attorney general's sections that she used to sell on the Russia and a so now they. The deputy attorney general. Staying is in is the acting attorney you know purposes. And tomorrow will report due out he has a right to an immigrant jury investigated work. He can subpoena documents he can present witnesses. He actually works for four and justice are. Deputy attorney Joseph run the state well actually works well apparently united. What we were really sketchy. Is that double trouble. Reservations. And fires more fired Rosenstiel you are has broad range speed mile acute believe that he did. Didn't think that you were part Jim Colby eager Childress special counsel at the very. Old school hostage or someone who can. Gather evidence and portray his together and that's what most of the day you're not sure about that on and we talked about on the legal analyst Ottawa. But think about this is that my own limited trip to rusher collusion and talk about shortly rusher. And. He he if you scenes of crime and Bill Clinton. And swap the appointment of the special counsel so important for a number of reasons politically. Republicans copper. Q are there politicians cover a lot to do is due diligence should be used to do mr. and come out with whatever. And on fortunately anybody. Well has committed a crime or someone has something law. Is a lot of our I used the analogy recent recent Abacha medical tests done. And it came out the only thing that our outlook Michael. Powell and it was great city as I was go through all. And we're aren't as great. Because it's going to be. Application. But in the legal and mr. Mueller and do our nation to tell our. Alleged activity that the rush. Took took part and and any activity despite a long. Yeah all the more reason for mr. trump to keep his Marcia. But when when the investigation is completed and it's probably gonna take a long time. The findings of that investigation cool that the fortitude to make a ruling. Nobody can understand that actually being public and and I think that you know. Assuming aren't we which we can mention that but. The general public or all of us will ever find out. What happened. But one way should enter any indictments or any charges brought it on Kevin Dunne spoke forty years. When you get forestry and more importantly what you get under a microscope. It's improbable that somebody like. It's like I am a bachelor. Are well well whoever. Which somebody at some point yeah. Any fish is fair game any species when you throw to hook up there right. Still the ability to collect. We got to get to the CBS news update will be back with mullah tick for me and after it is.