Who to watch at the NFL Scouting Combine

Deuce & Deke break down the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine with Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports.

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This guy doesn't like jealousy you wouldn't it. Today gonna sabotage and I guess away and exile to the other shoe sports network but the wheels Wayne's show college basketball tonight here on WW yeah. 2601870. You can text us at 87 the 870 coming up this now on the program continuing about the NFL scouting combine gets underway tomorrow through much feared. Francs while who covers the NFL for Yahoo!. And has a blog called shut down corner will be his take at the time band against tomorrow. Preview some of the top needs at the time back and also previewed the top quarterbacks. Who will be on display is projected as many as I could be first round caliber. In 2018. Does that number always seems to come this whale. Because you know it did just to be fact did a predicted the first round and five goal is probably closer to six go on the coast. So I'm going to look and see and they gonna be scared did it dead guy dale had a first pick in round two. There's like holes where you know. No mistakes that whoever is day you know is they don't Kamal it all depends 2000 how quickly they come off the board but it doesn't run on it could go much more more than five. Yeah I definitely agree but you also have to look at what happens in free agency and and you know the thing that bit that the eight market will change. Because tell me. There was rumors of Alex Smith. Being available Nash right my when he was basically able to agree would Washington. Then now on Alex Smith is. Off to board. And Kirk cousins his price goes a little bit more. Kirk cousins his price goes up blue room war. Also. Sam Bradford is not going to be I mean I'm sorry case scheme and is not going to be. France asked tank by the Minnesota Vikings and so he will be available. As far as for starting quarterbacks so there's some teams are right now. That may be needy quarterback last night but may they may feel that void. Via free agency and you will only see the structure of that deal how's that deal structure Blake Blake boards prime example. Break mortal Blake portals got three years 57 new. Well they want to look at that deal bill. He only got a million more than what his last year would have Meehan McCain was going to make on his fifth year option. Nineteen million who Blake is going to making his first year a little bit north of 20000020 point five and some somewhere in that neighborhood so he only got a million and a half more. A bomb man he would go on his fifth year option. For the team yeses at three year deal. But technically I could probably cut a net one. Your. Arm are also talking about we have some hot ticket some talk about super hot to give away now that through Friday. We gonna give way to get to the Debbie Debbie hall of fame induction ceremony it's coming up. You can see that done limbo. Goal Byrd who goes into the hall of fame Nubian trying this year. I mean it's Jeff Jarrett now oh take their rightful place in sports entertainment history Friday April 6 at smoothie king senator. Be sure and this amount through Friday you'll wait to see militants at the hall of fame induction ceremony. Listen now between now and 7 PM tonight for the goal burping song when you had to go burn things on a I'll give you the number to call in and we view the eight cola one lucky one will be Kinsley of grated. And one and one of who wins of this contest will be upgraded and also did wrestle mania 34 tickets. So free tickets to the hall of fame induction ceremony I'll give away a pair each day. And then the winners of those also good to be in it into an opportunity. To possibly get upgraded to wrestle mania 34 tickets free tickets all the acts in my dear. From WW. And he just to follow Baltimore players released. Yeah. Carolina released Charles Johnson who's a decent to me and it got suspended he was hurt I don't think he's a saint Charles Johnson of last year was earlier form but let's just go back years ago that immediately EE was nearly defeated Pete says is that there is an outstanding heat seal burst on him and then they let Coleman donor safety. Also they want to give younger deposition in both those guys. Hamas deuce he was with Seattle for the playoff game with for the sake of meeting one of the meetings this year Hugh Johnson looks he would doesn't jump Dudley are in close and employees spend. Yet he suspended and so. They they they're there they live both of those guys go and in pro nail McAfee Mac Mac feet. At Chicago Bears is an outside linebacker. Amateur and now. Is a little older but he would be a pretty good situation a guy. If he's healthy as well because that was his big payday user data was over at Baltimore. Got paid by the bears and he really would help to form. But a military he's a guy that can. 34 gap so he's a heavier outside linebacker he's really a standout defense of Meehan. But you know he plays at outside linebacker position and and they lit he's gonna get some interest on the market he's got to so he's helping and then they lit dipped skill. Who was due signing bonus both of those Gaza or do roster assigning bonuses common up and so. The bears let him go they want to get a little younger in early they've got some capital cap space so when like they were but were hurt in that manner and in. Leo I think it was Ryan cool deal. Will hear a lot of yells at July men they converted one of his bonuses juices say that he is going to be there this upcoming year. We it would it would Carolina sold. I don't think they're gonna sign there all pro guard they they're gonna let him walk. But they are going to bring back. Com. Who wanted to clear bros. That's just Macau's Sunday Bellamy in New Orleans spelling cans tonight's game against the Phoenix Suns they've lost nine straight that is tie with Memphis says the worst losing streak in the league. Already the rockets have a bed a wintry currently then the pelicans the rockets are one tea twelve straight day on the best reckoning MBA at 46 and thirteen. The pelicans have one factor in the gonna make it six straight tonight it's an became senator Symbian tip against the Phoenix Suns we'll preview that when next hour. And what's over the NFL scouting come back and and the saints can they add some more impact starters. To this year just seemed they hit home runs last year. Rookies of the year and also other primetime rookies that came out and played extremely well. Can the saints repeat that its operating miles an opinion poll at WWL. Dot com. And welcome back I'm always deuce McCallister I am a Deke Bellavia. Lot happening college basketball over the weekend LA issue following up big and Georgia College Baseball that tiger is taking two out of three. Over Texas tonight there will wage showed talk about that coming up. And the tigers are coming down the homestretch it's the game win tonight idea on the WWL. Radio and on the colossus ADE of the start of the NFL scouting that come band of course a lot of people preview of the combined due to talk about. Who beat these years kind of what got warriors and one guy do who is el Amin is in a negative way a work out warrior. Did a phenomenal Scranton one under strong as they said backs are d.'s strongest I think owner Rick and broke all kind of personal goals and team goals and pistol records that can stay university. Many feel will be you know as high as a selection has been a phone that was the sake on Barkley. Yahoo! adds a punch on special teams too as well funnel to be uses that had at DO pro level but. What do seek he was a a throwback back so to speak the one that was just a physical brute pick could really one of those banks sit in a day in time where you kind of don't give it all a one man. He would have big good beckoned to the seven days in the eighties because he's one of those Mexican compared to load in a day and time webex are kind of like. You know not asked to care about Biden just two point one without third it's on the game. So you call him just work a lawyer or use in McGee the gate and no I'm saying hey he can play but he's also worked out Voyager and he's. Kamal and accounts the you know I myself and I'll work how much he works in the weight room and soulful but he he's got a body work of the plane into that leak. He will be top three. And every bit. So best forty as the vertical a broad. And Rico. He should be top three based off his previous numbers Europeans and now Massa and he's a win every one of them run but he should be top three. When you look at him as a bag induced and break him then take place in a play maker and he he conduct I. So he can run on a fullback. So we can dot he can run behind fullback so. You feel good given him the ball twenty to 25 times and him being able Kyrie and geared at low. And not have any Wear and tear I mean obviously he's all have Wear and tear because. That's just in a fail yet which you feel comfortable giving him that football 25 times you feel comfortable. Giving him home into space. Now he he he's not the satellite data now and come arias and I. But you feel comfortable given him some option routes give him messed up in the slot and it's allowed backer and nor safety. If you go in. North of different things like that because he has shown on tape that he can we you and so now the biggest thing for it from meat to see for him. Is. How's he adjusts. You know when defense is. Have that overhang GAAP. That that that's preventing the cut back is he selling it hard enough frets. To make him respect steam at home. Or is he just trying to cut a bat right now because this alone and out. So I wanna see how he's processing. On not only office that that will pick him but you know how is he processing was defense try to Sloan now. Deuce he's also in and not big gains that he didn't mean ever in every game he had. Significant numbers but even in games in which you may have looked Zell it's not a a say Kwan barker who won 753. Scores per game. You know to earn all provisional as. You're returning kicks and he was just they want to. Always make may impact they want to get the playmate yeah all I auto game against Ohio State missed on guide you on it giggled yeah yeah alliance will now now now team slogan now. And I think it was now. Out of getting it didn't illegals out a game fits but they want to get playmaker ball and so for him to be returner. That's just something else that hey look get a motel it's given more touches and we get to more touches we engage in space. Do you just go be a player and he's got pretty good pretty good topping SP two as well and ease of ease and every gap and he plays it. 2.5 to thirty at that's really its ask. Or running back deuce when when you look at it in a day and panel would swear the running back position. Not not bad. And not about her biz but made it designed the beginning and we know went on about the position has been. Devalued psalm one would think he he was going to be his trip to this has as a bank would be drifted. I I mean some some guys like him as a number one peaks on some teams deftly top four yeah I look at in the top four. I mean because it's obviously it'll come down a neat but I mean for me he's the top four gas some people don't like taking a running back there hot ride but. If you've got. A young quarterback. Indoor and it's me it's off it's alive. What what what what the Dallas and blame it exactly what did Dallas do you you know I was not a fan of Ezekiel rarely going that high. But I mean. He returned to a fault yeah. And you really found out more about his again that this year when he wasn't imminent you're exactly right when he wasn't in there. And how much you know he and that means together no doubt about it all the big names to when you think about it a deuce and make a Fitzpatrick. Defense of back. And Alabama is one Clinton Nelson. There are a lot of big time players but it's those ones deduced that I think that. May not been. Privy to you know debate how slapped conferences that might come up then. You turn some heads and then they'll look they'll build off of some of the things they've done like they'll be summed it may be in inclined to take a step forward in the right direction. At the Senior Bowl practices in a take another step forward now. And then you did that the notion going in the right direction two way is okay now you you've done the come by then next thing is out of the Yo-Yo pro. Yeah that the come bout will be nice of him because GE you have to remember. Everybody didn't get two play in the Senior Bowl you know yet some Gaza war hurt you had some guys that. We're juniors and so they they didn't get to participate in that game. The two to have the interaction with two GMs have interaction. With a lot of the other guys it's competing. With the war against that's always good to have and so that's why it's all important. To do really well even if you in that testing had to come by those interviews will what will gold very very long way. Did dumb what's odd about some of those high profile quarterbacks and other prime players that are expected to load me showcase. At the scouting combine he's Deuce McAllister and Deke Bellavia the first appears AC BS of that. And it just scanning come by zoning tomorrow. Some of the top quarterback prospects. Mean these do so considered. First round talent. They'll be available. Sam Donald USC and heavily influenced by the impact will. Obviously Josh frozen for UCLA have heard some people say that he's probably want to ESP ND in the most ready. Coming into the pros. Didn't April and then make a mayfield was a guy we're tremendous amount of talent can move around and lived so to speak. And while people think dues one this stands to gain a lot they can really skyrocket. Over the course of the next few weeks leading up to draft is fluid as the Maude Jackson the body of work is god. And also they feel summer workouts and just to see more fear on both for discounts to see him in person do reduce the people Phoebe he could really skyrocket. Because. I saw something that was inched in to me and it was. Perplexing and an end in a little way and wanna write your opinion I wanna get the fans' opinion and will you perplexed. This young man. Has a tremendous tremendous opportunity and for a new. We know that there have been questions really for the last two years. Whether he is a quarterback. And or receive. Right. Bill Polian. Hall of fame GM. Season as the receivers. So mother. College NFL pundits. Season as receive. My self esteem as a quarterback. But he is made the decision. To allow his mother. To represented him. Right now. So what is needed. A bit. Ms. jacks the she sorry news exit the scene is the Rio de no don't go about that this is this good but this is this is this is. It bothers me. And it's not about these old novelty gnome is normally Jackson don't take no mean isn't it is it is not about black 3% now I didn't I didn't I didn't. Out of nothing and he did say that hadn't even realized it's not about 3% agent fee right you can give a law firm. To be involved in which your contract understand that I get there yeah but. If there is some question. I want it at least Hal. Eighteen it has been through. Running guide me through what I'm about to go through. It's like anything you've you've prepared to do you do wanna be it whatever you do it is that you know going to school you wanted to know booked the number two pencil you know did tell the kids bring. If you cook and you gotta have this you won't have the right tools and in a situation like dad. It's best serve to have somebody gets the bid and an arena before. It's different when a guy has been in in that in a field. You know a lot of people talk about Russell Okung he offered to lie meant Brian that didn't have an agent you know yes you save 3%. 1% amoeba that's on the ghost if I don't wanna pay much agent 3% act and say look we go 1% bank will gore one and a half percent. You don't have to agree to the 3%. That's the Max anyway. But if you've never been through that process. Give me somebody that has been through that process. No because yes does the contracts a slot. But there's language in there that she can win is way mothers laying new signals and those contracts was if you're option. Whether it's four injury. You eat you look at some of the guys in a La bolsa bailed out you know look at some of the other quarterbacks that have held out. There's slotted yes I understand it they go up a percentage each year 7% 10% whatever it may be. We get there but it's quarterback and it's different fourth quarter you know so give me someone that has been through it. Let me negotiate down my feet if that's what I'm afraid Joan but. I won't some of that representation they can at least I think that can help me and I'm just not sure knowing that he is going about it went right to me. Aaron and I I I could be Rome would but to me from a standpoint. Off of the mall in Jackson. For him to not be drafted as a quarterback can be a travesty now what happens after that we saw Terrelle Pryor we saw Braxton Miller. We seem to be seen people develop in a little bit on oil and water editorial on Randall AO. Colonials are recorded always seen a lot of that but but for this young men and everybody don't work that he has shown. Look I wanna see someone and it it it may be a situation where I say look we gave up dish out. But you don't put somebody. With these young man. That knows his DO sit and knows what he's done at the college level. And you don't do a debt alone and yeah you gonna have good days gonna have bad days if formal good days and bad days and I know it's easy to point out some of the gains it. All the look at what they did to on this with a gun do mourn NFL OK yeah. But let's put him in a setting where it is a coach Dick and also show him in coaching into whereas. Yes this it would be good do you view but this is what you need to do when they come at you this way. In minutes in Denmark got it done without deuce but I would like to see a coach in the post on about a quarterback. Get a hold to the Mark Jackson and I do feel out of 32 teams is going to be one coach out there that wants to take a shot at these young man. And it at a quarterback in the end if it doesn't he can always use is use it as a receipt. We'll be result we've we've we've we've already use Indians did not to see when we always prevail in the you have fail I still AC in the air dues as a new young and expanded the best quarterback in New York for five dollars was John a walkman. Thanks in never did does that don't do that I would agree 100 to certain never to the snare beat Russell Shepard number one no Corvette in in the nation at a Houston. Militant does that damage you've got to this one seconds. I wanna see. Omit injured while tiger. Breaks mapped it when they have the quarterback and not letting don't pay X event at an event that those different that's embarrassing beat. All it takes is one. As it I don't need third two love all 3031 of them to like lose our heroic and it is not. Did to take at least once snap as quote magnet of the Bali. He has earned that right there's no doubt about adapting viewed UB in the house of the boulder news. A mania in a it didn't lobby didn't pan out but big daddy used to be renewing and it was coach in the Broncos. He soon though with Tim Tebow. He had and they eat in volume there. Some play some college may have fallen over quarterback sometimes it works in time that John Elway for some reason they fell in love would. The young man from NASA's it in hand to hand out and do sieges and panned out over there at the quarterback Damon who just did a mood of the game. Just done leg it's gonna work out there so hey you committed to has boomed so be it. But think him not to be dead doesn't quorum Baghdad be ashamed. They abuse and I think at thirty do doing some Muslim draft him in in give him a shot you've got two of all the projects we seen before. In a National Football League and no I've I would think you know in the late in your own backyard some I like Sean Payton. Welcome a coach like that somebody like Mike McCarthy. You know somebody like Andy reap those guy as an unknown foot for being with quarterbacks. I just got to believe it is one out dead it wants to say you know what we're now working with him and I think Ramones exited debt but as far as the deal will mama Jackson though deuce. Did best. Which does not sound advice that it here's one. 3666. Goodness become battle as almost course and though we're not. There's not one pass roads there is no one. Defense is secondary simulated and yet they ought to come by I'm a man of miscue meet my lady whoever that person is Texan that. Nothing can simulate real in FAO nothing pounding that simulated is innocent and then there are two basics and one objects to the things could play receiver now learn on the breeze. The play quarterback. If not you have Larson. So I don't need to be fluent nobody at receiver fifteen offer shall receive with the number one. I'd come amended to Mike and they're rested callers plus we'll talk about the time banging the top tier of quarterbacks available this year's draft a mix here on WW. Frank Schwab joins us now comes the NFL for Yahoo!'s in the blog shut down comment at Yahoo! Schwab. On to go to frank thank you so much for all the time discounting come by getting set to stock does tomorrow through mullets did. Some interesting things Francona and did you or possibly point toward dust and dissident is saying well what about disposition. There's digital full maybe it does take a few moments and talk about some of the things you would point out to some of the view listened to even at a B file on the come on the pay attention to. And a year it's. That's quarterback central weakness as we're gonna talk about the top four guys outside. That are actually does the extra two. These guys who work out of right now anyway the top for a drought. Arnold grosans. May feel that Alan I mean it did happen separate themselves somehow I don't know how these guys are separated by I can make caged bird. Anyone for the end that the first guy out the board to make is currently one of those four people died for a aboard. And what they do that conflict we really. Important. The way they throw at work out and especially for the world animation interview. And that there are different altogether where you know he he can chat style so well it. Do you really moved and so I think between now and the crap. Larger action going to be one of those guys who who search or opera or early start perception that it yards per hour or so. Think I hear what a great running there including. You know it's like there aren't I extra ballots you're mayor. They're interesting in a receiver could only go number one and there. Should pitcher quarterbacks manners. It is going to be really fascinating interview or can become number one pick this week. Frank when you look at those quarterbacks. Is it anybody that just jumps off the board for you or do you really just have them bunched up and basing an awful potential. Just because they fit the prototypical size and or have homes the arms are it. Deals where I personally I think you're probably like baker page you'll most minorities. He's not the size unit that shall. That 61 big downer got sick one day. So. It's early on. Fatal flaw that you can't overcome. I think you know what would freeze throughout the world that we're seeing. You know you are saying. Our quarterback can do it. And records as can play well you can go out there and I may be some maturity issues. To believe he's not the best quarterback in the draft. Legal structure island in no that day he's got you army can he can move around good athlete but. Your first or second team all my last. Right on believing should do in the commune in India. Ole Ole or we can't deal for Turkey mama etched in the example for me. One guy and it will clear. Light of any. Got a good attitude that app it. Go to a new extreme Serbia that I figure what I like the most. Wrote the tour alum won like the struggle for our country all over Iraq under his arm out yeah pretty kind of a guy who. You know just you know Michael critics say he's the emergency action in Korea does kind of an Michael Vick and. Opel chief Eric your career so I am really interest. Regular surprised that some people. Talking image and they are all already he's a wide receiver. Very surprised. You thought that Bill Polian Merkel GM who's been out a package. I would really truly don't think an Okie state that way I think that that. It is just you know they quarterback report whatever. Cheerful looking at him I say well you know. Can we developed and can we were on the kinda kind of system you gonna need it on board shall. Jets era. But the more we can get creative team that are really the way to Iran Air France you know I mean with sports and even after grants. You know incorporate all black college stopped or very creative. The actor who had an opening in a neat. Would expect good creator coaching staff gets larger acts are really be successful orbital quarterback match I know he's polished he's developing they'll starter but. But just boy. Came to permit boo say it can play quarterback you know way to good. At that level of belief that he should go why are you. It. Frankie spoke a little bit about the running backs Barkley and and dice. What are us a mother a song in Michelle you know I think is the top when nick Cho has some injury history that he's got. He's got to be able to answer Furl. You media tour you top running backs and in two year defense of the attentive audience. Other cheek you you're looking forward to seeing it. Yeah it thinking that the right back partner interest rate on number. Let me just. What the town they'll collapse somewhere peak at thirty be run about one. Meter. Just aren't nimble and quick I mean it's. It's amazing when you watch rotted and life as to how when he. You really really good count that although Matt pitched. Shell is the guy who really sticks out to me he I mean upper ilk are compare certain and I mean you know. It's tough to look to go quick market lecture agency I can't stop that's viral like chip I think he's going to be. A real nice charge for somebody in the strike around whoever goes. Couture and put him into a position to succeed. Like mark that they you know weren't using and certainly any gonna it is racked up touched on staff at the same bank should be that the I think the key approach you're down there is really good player I think each hit speaker really stand out I think Brett each guy had to get your. Click on the ground I think you know who at first acts. I think you have to think mainly shall the first peck pair him miles Garrett. It may be free agency political quarterback or future saying. Are going to be there worked there for quarterbacks that portrait picture number number one. We're amateurs and two of those four guys. Choppered back through that if you compare were gear you're in that final sudden looks really really. There's sort of a quarterback or at tactic that you know tropical guys just stance at all locker. Great stuff taken mountain covers the NFL for Yahoo! in a blog is shut down Connick at Yahoo! Schwab francs while frank thank you so much and time into on the tomba. I frontal assault continues until 7 o'clock the night it's LSU basketball we'll wait soon here on WW.