Who should the Saints target in free agency?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, February 21st

Bobby, Deuce & Deke discuss who the Saints should take a long, hard look at when free agency starts in March.


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Power is Osama bin LSU baseball the tigers taking on you know with a great wonders who Gaza and the Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bear and he gonna talk about the scouting Tom nine induces take. Thawing his days at the time man and he was the date it is on the top current Macs in the NFL draft at the top ten pick and then have became. He came a New Orleans saint annual in saint and previously the saints seemingly had gotten a guy. About we have a new stance. And title. Pretty much a new organization at that time from when deuce came into town they were different people that way and so it's. And then Deuce McAllister had his name. Heard a loud people tennis commissioning it will always admit now were they gonna do with both of those guys make their. Deuce what to the point now where you've done to become nine and you talked about some of the teams that you're told to. Some of the ones you this let's get to his talk what are some of the teams Newsday flew you in that warn you work out in did you do that. Why didn't work out for any team as far as when I went in to visit with the Filipino most of its what you do is you got to get on the white board with communal spent some time. I mean if you office guy who's just as I always say when you say why board dues explain it to the white a white board basically you know the tall and so it's going to be able to go to the ball or. They're gonna call out a formation they wanna see how you live up to it. They rule that a call out certain place that I actually what are you reading. No I detest the jitters and I got pretty much like protest against had to pay dues all they wanna see all of a sudden if you all around back. That you know anything about pass protection. Well I mean but you may talk about it but then I gotta put you on this very very very rarely. Are they don't put you through that type work now. Now it's different if you if you're working powerful right. Now you're working out form continue to go and do all those murders I think they're Dahlia meet you gonna go into all those stains but I mean. Teams flap players in. I think it's up to forty gas I think it's up to forty gas now where they can fly out to forty players in and visit with them and so just depending on how will. They like a guy or how much you know they are investing in a guy. They'll take him out to dinner. You know you'll you'll go to dinner it may be an overnight trip or it may just be you visit with them for a few thousand in May your your back off to the airport on your next trip. And you know do is to me that from day one why I've always been impressed that Mark Ingram. Is that I think and well he's in every down back. And as a quarterback dilemma for good reason you know you'll get you can't you cancer event will mark. When he first came to know Bubba via the you can see that verses Cairo Robinson our Chris Ivory via well they're you know originality area. Because Carly Roberts today Chris Ivory. It was like at times they were clueless. What we protection well are you could see who's head of the curve you good morning in my head and Chris Ivory Kyra Robinson considering. Can you beat every comeback. Error on the list I don't I don't consider it and I don't consider that a neighbor down back and every down back for me. That's got to compete Gupta protects that right right right up a blitz and every down back for me which Moore became. Is his ability to be a pass catcher. We're here I guarantee his ability to be able kits passes outside of just a swing and a five yard out route you know it. Any bad should be able to run an option route you know and that's an option of him being able. Go out five BR does it leverage current UEU gonna sit down. In his own or you going to be break him out or are usually in normally not even though breaking analysts an enemy and measure like Gary is probably to marry you set a look at what now that's a different type of bag yet and so because that guy McEnroe. And the route tree let's just say you know normal route tree for. Are running back is not all mound Rouse for running backs it's probably like five place. Can this guy run the slant. Kenny run option route. Can you run in and out can you run it takes is announcing candy run a swing that's what you wanna be able to see Kenny do. Kenny Renny did those plays from the slot in if he's not in a slap Kenny lineup out loud and run those routes when he can do all those things. The end he can also be a first or second down around her but you can put him in a bad film third down he can pick a brisk at the all round match. That's got that's a got to complain all three downs for you and defense is have to declare him differently then you gonna be just the first and second down running back. You know does this where they I notice through the years compared to Mark Ingram and then Nolan Ryan Iran harder than Tyre Robertson our Chris Ivory. I mean at the big they would flat out try and run you over a deal once even anything. But I would notice at times when they had protection responsibilities. That hasn't had to deal was guessed it gay hesitated. There hasn't gitmo where I think Mark Ingram. To me overall not seems perfect. But he Indus. We're going to have a question yeah yeah exactly we had to go and grow even if even if you're not the best blocker if you can get here. Indeed even as Daniel away if even if it's just sometimes get in the way that's good enough. Particularly when you know that you quarterback. Knows that I look I gotta get rid of all got to come out the ball has to come out I'm feeling pressure. Where my blow to football and so. When you can do those things that it changes what you can do from a offensive standpoint. But I mean just going back to that come by and and how you look at players. And I think we all know the story of how we got Alan Camara. The saints were well there to work out just stops. It was not work out Allen Kumar. You know they had just quarterback yet just out quarterback yet they had interest in Alec tomorrow. But it wasn't like hey look we need his gaffe because we think he can be a special player force you know they probably hadn't grated. Probably about 77 out of TNT which is you know a pretty good grade for red bat but it wasn't a team in. They're individuals who do they would grant Graham and a first round. And do so along those lines. And then now I remembered doing that drag shows the saint to interest and in the grouping Kareem home. I'm from Toledo who went to Kansas City yeah. Yeah I mean look what they wish him because what he could do right but they wish him and how he could affect your offense. They he could've came in and he could've been a productive player besides mark. You don't lending you know but when you talk about Al Camara. When he was able to Iran most banks can run five place. Of that man. Now on route tree. He can run on mammoth and and so now he become not only a run of bad for you it becomes a receiver for. What about to meet went how would Tamara. Became special on the national scene and I'm an ominously it is because that exposure. He'll begin doing yard. Chicago or Los Angeles. Three even though the saints lost. They gain. That alma Cabrera had against the rams only guy comes I had grandstands. And Louisiana who dat nation bands. Same deal was so proud of Camaro. And just just people who don't even know where I would Tamara is a guy who the hell's that. As you know woody did and that brands game even though we lost it was like almost legged like the matrix and if you feel like a different level. Is like ball because we know the Ramsey was had to stop the in the two of them and we got a style be it an eagle and out of Comerica on embarrass them. Yeah I think I mean I think it was a combination of the two. Low a bomb offered to rookie of the week I mean what is he don't do this week you know how I don't know I effective Amin what what what type of plays he gonna make. This weekend so. Now what he's going to see is how teams play in different. I mean because now teams have done their radar showed a year of film on him audio chip in every time he's in the back field. Audio try to get a hand dollar and as far as when he usually releases loud backers are they gonna try to clamp down and come up on a you know will they play safeties or nickel guys on him now he's gonna see different looks to any scene this past year some issue deceit that growth from him. This is in the Gaza nobody gave bear about forty minutes woods on the it was used was there weren't really sure you know tonight's College Baseball idea on WWL. Where they Olympics continue to roll out. On and today it was a big day. Particularly for a skiing mom and are each and every day gives us the medal count in the middle of dates as sun no way ads today count two as well continues to do well among an hour as. The medal count looking like. Today at the winner on the. Well Norway is still. Out in front and far out front they continue to kind of build their lead. They are now at a total of 33 metals India and the Yung Chang Olympics at nine better than the team in second place and would be Germany with 24. Canada comes in it when he won there in third place. The US has moved into a tie for fourth place. They were in sixth place yesterday and other tie with the Netherlands for fourth sixteen medals overall six golds for the US for silver six bronze. Imam would. What is coming up now 'cause that's later tonight at the ankle people all right once in TV tonight they'll be able to check out some tomorrow's action. That's right of Libya LB Thursday action when we're watching them that'll be Wednesday night here in America but. Of course the big marquee matchup tonight is the gold medal game of the women's hockey night with the US taking on Canada it's the same. Gold medal final we've seen the past two Olympics is to be a third time in a row that they play each other for the final Canada won both the previous two in the one. Four years ago the heartbreaker the US had a lead. Late in the game but Canada scored two late goals to send the game overtime and then won the game and over. All right mark Manolo what the medal count the pelicans they announce its team is centuries ago Walton image junior to a ten day contracts. He's dated 36 gains the full Wayne Nicki male dance in the G league posting 22 point seven points a game meant. Four and a half percent from the field four point six rebounds and five point nine assistant to Paul once DOC was that a Bradley University 2014. Also played overseas in Hungary Germany Turkey and Greece you Wear number 25 poll the top. And I. I don't know if they can do is I would get a break is that an innocent office and a second you but but but okay. I want to go this trial. AT and Betty Davis this that. You get in annuity Caspian. And a bogey cousins and stays healthy we all know the duel with place sort of best basketball. Since joining what last February. And it's really got hurt ya Bowen at any Davis. Makes this statement. That. Could reach the finals. Who. I mean is that like pie in the sky I don't buy a dish you but I think of the no immunity he said did you hear mr. before bode got hurt before bush got hurt they will overtake the rockets in a seven game series are to war is I mean c'mon I stick as best that I don't ask Dan about it is you do you don't go from not making the playoffs do you own conference finals most of the finals. But I do think the way you will play in winning in the first round could be allowed in and take in in the second round evolves to a Golden State and I I take plenty of scoring game Ford's fifth for six and Ali Ali Ali thank him they would be for the fifth sixteen bit is opening that. You know nobody's ever done that before yeah I mean I that he gave his kids saying. Because he knows the response to what you want and mr. Obama not that he could say no I wanna be a playoff team album we're going to be a playoff team really compete. That this eager represented the west in the finals. That'd that that's because the fans are that naive. Yemen is his confidence that's what he had to believe as far as the talent how women who plan. Yeah yeah and I are now that want to get in the playoffs we know anything can happen because this because he did you injure your ways somebody you know get to technical. He's not available for game two. The only reason why I said that was for Fitch because it's not one game you look at the NFL history echoing the equivalent as series you could have unbelievable two K you win for mine that's hard to do it gets a team like the rockets. Are being the warriors did you read was inning of the west in the finals well when drill that's great drug got suspended for a game how to entertain a series yeah yeah I'm an annulment on the ground in the clear loser on the went out and now would you do is we have all sixteen teams that it would have been the play elves. Meeting and cleaning Golden State Boston there's no question about it New Orleans was the most intriguing ones in there outside the dome well Ariel Sharon and Gary got hurt. Went live the first match of when he got knocked out. That's when Golden State went on around me you know you know what's crazy when you look ADE's average in 31 and a half points a game twelve point two rebounds his cousins injury. Now I sit but it but if you go percentages 49 point eight after the percent. Going from 55 and a half percent I'm against that it did to me that that still unbelievable we got your CDS a day come. And that deuces and house so this to Israel LSU baseball coming up tonight as the tigers taking knowing you know will join the network here. And less and then a thirty minutes NBA gaining a little more rest in the tomorrow night to give back in the action. The pelicans give back into the finalist it's the games. Agassi it's little ahead of deceit in the and so big getting sent in their opener and against Miami Friday night at some of the kings and a 7 PM tip. Against the Miami Heat of the pills give back in action on Friday so all the time all dues to get demonstrated the season interesting because so. Pelicans are gonna make a push toward their play off since can be tied down mistress deuce. And that these there's about thirty games and so is is going to be able you know when it's all send Don between probably. Six and man into and it's only made maybe a game with two separate those positions. Yeah I mean right now are you talking about. Between I think his five in TN news. You know it's listen through yankees right and so you talking about from being in a game out of Holstein. Tonight even making it. And you remember how hot you call was right there before restrict cell life you're looking at a thirty games then when you start to look at it. Man I mean news there're there are probably two road trip lone road trips in there today. I don't know if you go 500 about it I mean you gonna. You don't have to get lucky. Will love the thing is. I think to approach and I give analogy Treo or your arm general manager Demps and pass. And it's. They categorically. You know OK so begin the playoffs and NN and the first round. They win one game would you do during. Probably make changes. I would say make changes because. One of the Chinese team may miss I mean because it big in the playoffs what was your expectation. While they think days at least win a playoff series and and you go beyond that I'm not talking about what the economists would CP 3 PM but I mean you know. There's never been eight to be 21 so EE that's would you expect them. Well look I understand you and you got there the cardinal. That you know pros think got to be like a sick system. That'd be they had to be united seven or eight. And claw I don't like there's chance against the rockets are the warriors. Can use some obvious aches and having a bogey cousins they could've been that on above but. You know what are you truly winning but you give your fans hope. I here you are you more opened in. And I threw at us. Article and I just. Send it out. Popovich San Antonio they're not expecting coop limited to return this year and so that's the case even though right now. They're number three that's a big loss medical's. I mean that's a big loss on me but he ended at the end played really at all this year by and they're still in that third slot. Vetoing just they give you know luckily he's just think of the spurs had require Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge. You know he's been up and downs as she left Portland he's finally playing like he should play. You know he's gonna get Al all star level. I mean that's what senate Tony was expecting when all the Sunday came back home with University of Texas. To play the spurs and and it's not been the case that I don't know part of it chewed him out with. Allowing those resisting handicap me you know when he first got there he was Catalina moma coop. And that was his squad but now this year he knows his team. Yeah so so the bottom line is like. For some reason candidate pelicans cornered a playoffs in just witness sees. That I think. Because when eyewitness. The last some allies to palaces in a cloud to play Golden State. They lost that long game and always will hunt how we losses. Three and wanna. Yeah I put tackles to have covered with a three and a quarter that broke the man was that Terry Kath and somehow Odyssey should attack Guatemala whatever. But I'm like like I talked to shore. You know at least we're thinking but I think right now because both support a winner you know I think there is support a winner deuce. Because all of us under. The women's gymnastics you have 111000 plus. So if you have a winner out there and they will come this move became thinner so you got to give them hole. So eight because most about that a challenge. Somehow be getting maybe didn't succeed and now. You above 500 now after an all star break he can you keep it rolling called Rondo. How they are all hands on day. Kamal can you get more united may be playing in their first round. Against the warriors and rockets and win a series. Because the BB. To me when you're trying to get better and money Williams. And would occur when you fired money Williams. That don't we don't do beyond that. Then you gotta start from scratch well I mean by these GM. Hey coach Chris at that that's true wearable wanted to get rid in my anyway. Because you're trying to get to that next level. Name none of this smartest. But. Chris Weinke was a quarterback for Florida State they wanna has been trophy. And Jamie Pruitt has had in the meter running backs coach at the University of Tennessee Taylor Robert go live gless BO yeah. But I don't know why so late citadel is that that that was his Scott yea big coast together and Alabama grind I got to hear it again Chris Weinke is the Colombian around men's coach at Tennessee. Well vehemently remain in the quote yeah he was just throws things at quarterback Blaine do sitting Italy should they both coach at Alabama. Mean it was LA issue while you can coach different positions he's got to know would you running when he did and the ball alternate banks. The enemy I don't know what you're doing I would think so too much abilities dot the I's cross the t.s who speaks and I just thought that was interesting we're probably out it would be go figure deuce opinions. Because you know we live in a fantasy world. And I'll handle it won't anyway and we weren't really kind of vision that I don't know or does not on the talked about as useful and I don't always go and there government affairs you don't know them don't fantasies for -- justice and and and I just look at receiver like a Jarvis Landry you right here in our back yard river Paris goes to LSU and and what he accomplished little adults c'mon. Where Jarvis Atlanta Michael Thomas first to see you look at receptions. On though is they answered a bell game inning game out. So. I did deuce side I talked about this would be this probably two days it made me yeah I meant to me you can not tell me. Now this before you they've got a franchise tag here we found is that it is Canadian mall if I am going all day forty franchise tag Jarvis Landry. You cannot tell me. That would Drew Brees a quarterback Jim Michael Thomas and you had Jarvis Landry. That then they would not have success and go back to maybe being the first. Team third down offense. Now. Props go out to Jarvis Landry. And judges social market look at branding coach to the papers Woody's gonna get paid in a Michael Thomas. The dolphins I used a franchise tag Jarvis Landry. Now he's expected with a franchise tag now he's only 25 years of age. Sixteen point two million dollars. Had a 112 receptions. Last season that led the league. You talk about okay. Who could transferred their skills that from college to pro football. How in the hell you could say that Jarvis Landry has not done that you cannot say that Jews who are considering the quarterbacks. I just look at what are short Beno fits in Drew Brees. I think Jarvis claimed to would be even better and adding to Dulles was scared to college I had the franchise tag about a mile issues. What routes. Ari were easy run. Well what we'll do is the route he's running is likely complements to part the past learning routes. He's zero and put it in can you move the chains this that we have here is sixteen million worth the route. Don't know I'm not saying you pay him sixteen million worth I didn't know what the market was but I know the doll Missoula to lose another wanna lose and but I mean. What routes. Are. Is is this slot guy running okay. To meet Jarvis Landry. Is a great release the when I mean that I Jarvis Landry is on the level that Willie's the but I hope in his pro football life that he could become. And all I was saying Jarvis Landry. We Drew Brees and Sean Payton. He would excel. And deep phases it would be like how in the hell are we gonna stop the saints from an approach you got Alec Tamara. You got Michael Thomas Jarvis Angie UK double team everyone's a minute plus two anime plus twenty routes he's run. Not run active kit he averaged route is only average I think I wanna say eleven have yards a catch I look at my idol final yards after the kids won't routes. Really I'm doing is I'm I'm saying is sound like fourteen and have a site lever and a half. But the bottom line don't exactly what I'm talking about it and I know he gets that thing is he sees no hope again he's an open. I did a Little Lulu who always put it where it ended dolphin dead and you can't freeze in any a lot of Batman you can agree that you didn't tell me Drew Brees domain Jarvis flags of data will will will agree yeah I mean minimum like okay we'll put him Michael Thomas is playing with the dolphins quarterback. I mean I think he'd be good would be good president we did the first year I don't think so. All right we'll come back into two sets LSU based bombers you know tonight right here on WW. And welcome back to sports talk via phone at WWL. Our parity. My as a poll fully online at WWL dot com also the latest. You can never take our news weather and sports remember if you want any of those items to come directed to your phone you can takes the wars boy it's 878 sending you'll get instant alert same thing with whether same they would new statistics that word to 87870. And you'll be in the know get breaking news alerts as they haven't directly to your cellphone and. And yes did you get bigger battery did is because this guy I think he tries to get to since sometimes he does sometimes he doesn't. It is in the idiotic statement. This is that maybe he's trolling is that and you turn troll and dice is the main it's it's a term associated with social mandate tonight is not new here 2996. If he had Jarvis Landry. Michael Thomas Danny Amendola and Jimmy Graham you'll Matalin 33 because true. Brees would throw to come Aaron behind the line of scrimmage. And Tamara will get blown up a one yard gain and then we'll put an African media. Well that's your dog don't know how to judge see you're so you can do is added so Dag Dag dad did he just did what he wanted to do. He gets you stood up what does he have a life. I don't know what he's got to have a lot let me call you must cause my column and you know that I know is that guy 2996. To call I'll have a conversation I'll have a beer and I'll do whatever. To see how into his life he has. Via email fulfilled by mentally no no no no I gotta go for still alive on France's he got notebook they know they got no fan as you don't have enough. That's been the bad guys are flat out loser. I mean that they hit that make that statement we Drew Brees a quarterback. And that all of us and what exactly absolutely check it down Jesus saves hater and all that. Well and you look over long haul c'mon that's I mean. Who is day cash. I don't know like sandwiched between now and then music player because as it it's a local number I'm on Hannity and mouth. I think and see if we hit the scene and I think that guy he Drew Brees not that you just don't see used to be far. There's things I'm I'm not fired up he got to have common sense. EM I must have come amiga a couple of good that I think those weapons the Jarvis Landrieu Michael Thomas Danny Amendola Jimmy Graham. Got a Alec America how can the defense to win. I mean is that to be 100%. But I'm banking did Sevilla shooting up next on WW. I'm right up next it is LSU signed tiger baseball that I just taking on the UNO privateers be shoes are custom off from 48 PM minute Friday. Deuce and I will be in the house thinks the most a moment on and on to our news department and everyone else. And course for the latest news tokens bullets go to WWL. Dot com. Ball to Graham on deuce McCallister I'm Deke Bellavia is always done by the cage can embody a ban. On the way you lay stall and good eye view. At.