Who should pay for paid family leave?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, July 16th
Tommy talks to US Senator Bill Cassidy about paid family leave and about the summit with Russia.

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I about the indictments he came down on Friday from the Muller investigation about those twelve. Soviet foreign agents. Intelligence agents. Then. Hacked in. Website it's that are released the emails so forth bill Cassidy US senator joins is right now we'll ask him about that as well as a family leave. Consideration he's working on and I believe the key to that's going to be bipartisan support at least according dives on could trump good morning senator. I'm well you. I. Could tell me about before we get started your reaction to. The Moeller indictments. President's meeting with Putin etc. Well let's work backwards. People don't want the president talked a prudent. The fact is that they've got a lot of nuclear weapons that between into it's we destroy the world many times over. There are several points in which we attention between our two countries in someplace Gloria cooperation. All that means we should be talking. Now clearly Putin's. He got many in these terrible person he's ruled Iran Russia into the ground opera's own agenda. But still when you talk about everything I just slip that they're people with whom we should be. Haven't dolls. Well and certainly not like a Libya or Iran greedy culinary deposing. No not at all and and they can make is that they can either make things a lot better in Syria or they can make things a lot worse. They don't like Iran historically but they've been cooperating with Iran and Syria. We can help change that the Israelis and actually work for Russia to push back Iran a little bit. So we have to recognize that you all always pictured can't guard but it can't lose there. You know America get to dancer than anybody put on soon so it. Telling amount paid family leave. Bucket trop. Very concerned about working families. And if you look. Folks who make about 30000 dollars and Boe per year ship quickly get paid maternal leave. Through their workplace. So immersed in a hospital. If she gets pregnant typically she gets paid maternal lead that's good for her. She didn't take time off rays or Trout in that attachment but income back and not to start over when it comes to minority it get started out Lambeau. To get to show that you typically don't get that date maternal lead the folks who can least deported. But you want them climb and economic latter as well so you don't want it restarted Earl now bonding with their trial. The question is can you create doubt that provides folks who wrote you know more working family income. They've maternal leave and he can't already do. We need this would apply to fathers is well just mothers either both. So participate maternal. And and partly it's price tag. The left want to get paid and ultimately which people can take. No matter what your income your making a million dollars a year federal government would support your paid. Can't believe. And I would call about a hundred billion dollars if you do pay militarily it cost about five billion. Now I obviously wanted to ball a lot more affordable and the other. In that picture before above a certain income level business typically provide paid. Family not just maternal but amply and so we're trying to get dumped in which bill which federal government. That not to taken over the responsibility that business that already taken on. But also used got to pay ports so Barca understand that. We can't do anything paid for and so therefore be focused and have to be where it's needed not just words take the place of business do what Torre doing. Any time buddy weeks twelve weeks. Well that would pin. Folks talk about twelve I gather that data is apparently ideal for a mother child bond and put the mother Il. I mean think about it or we get these actions need to look at a time off they get over the trees actually as well delivered. A special yet considering Ilic San hospital for about three hours now I think it is up. One in terms so. Yeah it's true it's terrible so in terms of we have to talk to the Russians. Republicans got to talk to the Democrats is far as this goes and is there much of a chance. Of a compromise I've bunker cells citizen as via bipartisan effort. It would be and part of it is at UK port. Now I think we got to bring it into a bigger discussion of how to week cheeks so security you'll. Right now can debate a dal debate boomers a day become eligible so security. And the trust on legal bankrupt in my lifetime elect which means that we got out of the way to preserve benefits for those or. And to strengthen its that it benefits for those who will be. Now now we're going to reduce public paid family. Are prematurely then then I'll have that bigger discussion. Probably take care of all these issues so that those folks who paid in the social get their benefits they've been promised. And and so we do that part of a bigger discussion and frankly one more thing. The problem that affects the week in a coal wept. Europe federal or state worker you understand exactly what I'm talking about which markedly decrease the benefits of somebody who has worked the state of Louisiana. Terms of security. And so may we can correct that Jerusalem trying to think big so that we saw the smaller problem that maybe the bigger problems to next step. Next step is to build consensus. To speak to folks on both sides of the aisle how can only on the common ground between votes to 100 billion dollar program. And those who wanna buy it. If we can build a consensus. And we can move falls. Thank you sir appreciate your time. No good day senator bill Cassie will Tug of family leave as well.