Who goes in the "what is wrong with people?!?!" file? Police are topping traffic for snake

A pair of police officers are getting praise and criticism for their snake saving efforts.

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Now what wrong. It's people all yes I we're gonna play the game who belongs in the files okay one of those all right and it may be everybody maybe nobody I don't know. But his story starts with with soundly the beating a veto why did the snake cross the road. I hop well we don't know why but we do know that two police officers and Roanoke Virginia spotted. A snake crossing the street. I'll carry video shot by a local resident shows the cops stopping traffic. So this low moving snake could slew of others safely across the busy street. All they had no intention of us stomping on them is no just safety apparently the top spot of the snake in the intersection. And in the video you concede they've parked their car. At the intersection between the oncoming traffic in the snake they get out of their car and they keep everyone from crossing this makes it Ari. That is discount note Mo is seeing a long Randy Leftwich who took the video Tuesday morning. Was dropping off dry cleaning when he noticed the pair of Roanoke police officers stopping traffic on Franklin road in Virginia. I thought it was a turtle at first he told CBS news. When I saw other snake that's odd jobs and get such a bad rap these days but here are two officers helping out an animal ya. There was an eternal I want people would have felt differently yeah I don't I think it turtle gets a better break than the snake the footage of the caps diverting several cars. To get the snake out of harm's way it took a few minutes until the reptiles mated to the other side tactic according to this report from CBS. Awesome to see these guys helping out that Leftwich is videos and hooked on spiral audio so let me ask you this when you first hear this it's taken. No cops thanks for protecting this snake and keeping the snake safe. And allowing it to cross there. I'm now or. Put yourself in the president's nominee sitting there waiting and waiting and what it needs to get where a year ago weigh in finding out the reason the cops have delayed view is because. A snake is a mystery. That's and it wasn't big enough now to be a speed but it wasn't big enough that now if someone did run it over it would've. Damage their vehicle caused the crash but someone had taken a video of them going up and it's smashing this night that the data would have been an evil cops are my god this snake lovers of America was at the sneak. Up I have a feeling there are more syndicators and steak lovers with and I have a feeling if I was stuck in this traffic out of again pretty frustrated. Paint Braylon you're stopping us the lettuce and across the street and there are really and I like animals out at a pet owner and but. I don't know we'll let our listeners to decide this is a tough yet tax rebates 787. Or goes it should bullies stop traffic. Where a snake crossing the road so that it can safely get to the other side. How would you feel if you were caught in that traffic having to hate for this and technique and all right did the cops get an at a boy a pat on the back. And order they get thrown in the when you out with people file now are we're gonna let you weigh in on these cops in Virginia who stopped traffic for several minutes. To allow a snaked across the street. If a noon people attacks assassinate 7870 one's as a way to go out. And as is the only good snake is a run over snake vision of what traffic go and let nature take its course. Announces stopping traffic for a snake wow what next stopping planes horrible huge hit it at a I believe in respecting anything that is living kudos to the caps so as you can see about 5050 here people who think the caps to the right thing vs the wrong thing. Do you think they go in the what is wrong people file for delaying drivers to bloody slow moving snakes weather across the street and. It's kind of crazy I know some places I don't know of that area can is one of these but there's certain snakes are an endangered. Imus asserted that they were kind of snake it. Thomas. Thought our night I mean there's more forests and let the traffic go and nature take its course says Dave knows Bob our rights on everybody's accounts of the fire. Did the reaction of text message and hit 7870 is overwhelming. Stopping traffic for a snake he says one person what's next stopping traffic to do an autopsy on Iraq they opened it by a car. While another says dang yankees that snake what a minute cast iron skillet with some rice on this double may ask. Aaron. Other text messages a day seven Vietnamese is no one belongs in the what is wrong with VO do the wrong with people file for what the cops did. They are supposed to he would protect people and people swerve to avoid hitting any animal no matter what. So they were performing their public safety duty. By keeping people from proceeding across the roadway is the snake was less during the past. All right that is this text message today it's 7870 dude snake lives matter. Thank you for all the Texas kids have these gates hasn't it come up with his video up on our website at WWL dot com so you can make the call for yourself of the cops to the right thing have a great start eve.