Who gets to use the N-word, and when?

Tuesday, August 14th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the appropriate use, if there ever is one, of racial epithets.

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It is another very hot August afternoon now but two we expect that in this part of the country this time of year. I'm scared to ever glacier where it is I it's Tuesday so we've got the Tuesday song text off coming out there at about 250. And what I did Tuesday afternoon at 250 is I play an original. That is song day and I play cover. Of the original that song piece. And you text A or. 7870. Peso which when you liked the best. And we tabulate that turned during the news and we have the results after the after the news at 3 o'clock. What's interesting about DR Davis song text off today is that the original. Is relatively new. But the cover. Is even New York but the copper is by a band from. The eighties the early eighties. So a banned from the past is doing a cover of a relatively new song and that's going to be aired Tuesday takes office today coming up. Later this hour we're talking about a crime down in New Orleans had a great conversation with NO PD chief of Michael Harrison. And Ito when he was with the land administration and now with DR Cottrell administration. I think the guys shoot a good job. I I he's doing the best he can't and and many of the problems that we have or not. The full to the police. It's the fault of society. We also talked last hour about a white man who shot an unarmed black man who pushed into the ground. And the white guy is now facing manslaughter charges we've got the story our FaceBook page right now at WWL radio if you haven't seen this story recently. Michael on Drake it's a 47 years so I tricked up 47 years old was arguing with mark keys my Glock to. Arguments girlfriend or this was over handicap parking space I'm sure you remember the story. When blocked and walked out of the convenience store and saw this guy arguing with his girlfriend he pushed Drake it to the ground. While sitting on the ground Draco pulled out a gun and shot and killed by Glock to. This happened in Florida. Which has a very strong stand your ground law. And there was outrage because police did not bring charges immediately against the shooter. And I simplest just wait to see what happens I'll be surprised if charges are not filed. Because from what I saw in the video this was not a case of stand your ground. The guy pushed him down that was wrong. And you can say it was a violent porch. But the guy just stood there and didn't continue to attack. But this guy pulled out a gun and shot him and Celtic. And this is why this whole thing we've talked about this. Which are too much yesterday we talked about this disorder and off it's it's it's not such a cut and dry thing. When you shoot to kill somebody at AE you can think you're you're you're claiming stand your ground you can think you're defending yourself. But if you're not really defending yourself. You gonna go to jail. Now you can get mad at me but I don't make up the laws I don't interpret the laws on not the judge or or the jury I'm simply stating a fact. Yesterday prosecutors are Clearwater Florida charged Michael Draco with manslaughter. Do you agree with the charge or do you believe from what you've seen that drinkers should not be charged because he was aggressively pushed to the ground. If you would like to join us on numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260187. In our tax. Is 87870. Before you might advice for president trump and the owner of pop charts. You've heard in our news that mcdonalds in over Siena is going to spend money. To him to update their their stores the restaurants. And so high tech. Fast food kiosks. Or caregiver be replacing Louisiana workers. This is another one of these examples of where. Where technology. Innovation advancement. Replaces jobs. This is not the fault of the government sometimes jobs are eliminated. Jobs are are shifting around. Nobody should have ever been satisfied with just being. An order taker at McDonald's. This is why we shouldn't encourage people to be a minimum wage jobs some people have to date I I get that. But some people. It's like they they want. They wanna be taken care of in a minimum wage job and you can't do that look one of the reasons that copy came elected. Wanted to talk got elected was because middle class white America. Was frustrated. Because they have lost jobs. And manufacturing jobs were disappearing. And that is part of this global economy there or in. President trump claims he's gonna bring back all these manufacturing jobs I don't know that that's gonna happen. And they may come back here and there but we're not gonna become a manufacturing nation again so get over it. And so what happened was this affected everybody but. For the most part a big swath of white class of white middle class America. Was affected by this because they had high paying union manufacturing jobs. What happened just disappear. They can no longer afford to pay for the big houses and their big cars they had a really nice life. By. They didn't foresee the future that at some point things are gonna change. And so how do you stop technology. Howdy stuff convenience. Here we all look for convenience in in life. And that's ordering things online. Even if it means people losing their jobs and retail outlets we order on line. People are now ordering from the even upscale restaurants. Instead of going to the restaurants. So some jobs will be eliminated some jobs will be created because of changing industry and then people who are now. Either driving over or lift the people who are doing things like that it or delivering the food world that's a new industry for them. So you know if you just if you just sit there and do nothing and don't apply yourself. Then the economy's gonna passion bar. And you really can't blame anybody but yourself an especially if you're more winning or even younger. Always pay attention to this sitting in your life it seem it's important for you to just always be looking at what's what's next. I mean you can't you can't stand still can't get there if I was still sitting around doing you know music radio. And that that part of my career would have been passed. In my giving myself credit for changing but. You gotta change it you gotta try to look toward the future and the the convenience of V the high tech kiosks. For ordering a McDonald's. You know. This may eliminate some jobs but again how do you stop that. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. In a text is 87 DH seven. A for Pensacola John here on WWL. They go out there and young. Yet. I got attic or try about a month prepare like a year trying to. And I'm fascinated what I saw while living there and a in our visit a couple of McDonald's there sure all the right now there and they equator is one person in the entire war. Let everything go on the automation. It's coming. You know John who tell me what stands out in your mind about living in China for years. Good you know I hit welcome back to bear. Via the and under that Brad I would open account column. And I would travel on count that typically take our drive into a light going if they're boarding their monthly and America. And got one like that truly that upper upper. These cities. Are both very very prepared on trigger. It. You know China has been really Smart you know the old Soviet Union they tried to maintain a Communist form of a government. But that was denying the free market spirit in Indian people in China's been Smart because they've been able to maintain their Communist form of government where all the others failed. Because they have a lot of free enterprise system out of tough free market society. It is available by but until you back within it to see what's going well you're in out there. Either you won't be able to put copper and or how bad it right past. John I appreciate the color you know when I was sub I guess Hillary's. 1617 years old and worked to summer. At the convenience store right there where you get across abrasion Santa Rosa island there can be historic during the last there it's like so I worked in that store for a summer and just. Had a blast. John appreciate the call have a great day if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. And our text is a 7870. When we come back some advice for president trump and the owner of Papa John's pizza. And the advice is good advice no matter who you are. That's coming out whatever derail. You think trump sings this song sometimes. I so. The name calling continues tonight I just I think it's just so juvenile but I mean yeah I guess a lot of people are celebrating that we finally have a president it's tough enough to to get down to name calling. The president it's not afraid to just call people names. Nen inning and then. He calls on. Amorous have been dog. A low life. He gets through it creates a. I'm. Yeah he hired her. They heard her on the apprentice fired her I didn't really ever watch the apprentice so I don't know how that works by partnerships are a few times. And she's written a book unhinged. Jeff finally you know maybe maybe she's got a grudge against the president she may very well. But you know at at some point. Is the name calling just juvenile. All of this is centering around now this idea that our president trump. Used the N word. And there's there's a recording of White House staffers. I'm talking about how they're going to. Spin the story if the story of truck using the N word in the conversation gets out. Also following a story. About the owner Papa John's pizza using the N word. He stepped down as chairman. And now Papa John's stock. Has fallen ten point 5%. In July. And is down six point 1% in the most recent quarter. Here's my advice. Don't use the N word. Don't. It's not necessary. And particularly if you wore a white man any powerful position. Whether this is fair or not. My advice is don't use the end or I don't make up the rules. But it's not wise to use the N word. But here's the real real touchy question in this is our blue runner for his opinion poll. Is there a difference. Between white men in powerful positions using the N word. And blacks using it as a casual term for each other and dampen include using it in music. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 260187. ER text. He is 87. In a white men in powerful positions. Using the N word and like choosing as a casual term. To. Prefer to each other. For a New Orleans lord welcome to the show. Yeah I wanted to call. The big man shot and it. And the church. Yeah. Oprah booked closure I am well. And not call on oval shows regarding her gardener or Michael brown and she and don't chase. Much. On the side of the victim. Should that meant to. You you would have. What. Would actually analyze it it would. Take away much to say. March 2 at the marquis groups the port there. And then then. It wasn't until he. Until the demand on the pole the god that back. I didn't see that I saw I saw the same very very I didn't see them. Cable and didn't see how. Marquis. Kind of stuck to him kind of walk around our China via my kick them well that's what I. And then and then pulled out detect it would have an optical optical that the damage and won't. Well you know I want to have to say that you are able it and you know. I would imagine somebody that should you side. Blind sided view and pushed into the ground my better you not get that statistic like if something else. Well that's the that's the problem Lloyd you can't think that they're gonna do something else I mean you have to if you shoot them and and killed them it's going to be a jury of your peers determining whether or not. You did the right thing and in shooting him. So it's it's it's odd for united to cite here we're just talking about it but it sure it will ultimately decide. And it's not so cut and dry when you shoot to kill somebody I'm claiming your your self defense is important. Well it's standard ground that I'm in reasonable fear. I'll. I think the. Right where you and I saw something different in the video because I saw the man just standing there I saw mark he's just just standing there and not advancing in the got pulled octagon and and shot him and so. Who Syrian allies the moment of judgment. Well I mentioned that on the people go back and watch that and and and we could take the emotion out of it and take our sides and all the or whatever it racial issue out of bitch. I really think that as I have in the men on the ground idle chatter that you. And voila that's what we do lawyer we've we've put ourselves in the position if people can't do we see in the news and we determine how we would react and looked and there may be people who agree I mean there are people who react the way you do end. And there are going to be people on the jury who may react the same way so. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out in court because they will see they will see that video Floyd this issue was to ensure African American. Is there a difference between a white men in powerful positions using the N word and blacks using the N word to refer to each other. I have to I have to leave it there to gardeners coming out put on by Abu continue this conversation went a budget called. I think there's a big difference. And it's it it's not fair. But it is different. And it it deals with how we react to different comedians out I'll explain that when we come back but I think there is a difference. In the use of the N word whether that's fair or not. You know sometimes as messages shut out. Do not use the N word. Period. You know. Especially if you're. A celebrity and especially if you're a politician. To not use the N word particularly if you Lori white. Politician do not use the apartment they look nobody should use the N word. No. But there's a difference. In the white men in positions of power. Using the N word. And blacks using it as a word to. Refer to themselves. Preferred each other. Brent I hear a lot of that downtown I hear people walkabout among comfortable hearing it. I'm uncomfortable flight. I think it's different. In the same way that you know I'm not a big person can look believe in my body is far from perfect but I'm not a big person. So if I got on stage it in our our study stand up over the years is where Allan and you know years ago I I I did some stand up and even did the improper and LA wants. Which is kind of got a funny kind of scary. If if I can on stage. As a as a a slight person. And made fun of fat people. That's that's not funny. But it's like a fat guy or fed girls on stage making fun of then sells it and that's that's different. And so while this is not fair this is the reality of just how humans react to things. And so some people can get away with saying a joke. And others can't cannot get away with saying the same joke and end there should just be enough. Enough. Enough awareness of that. For everybody to understand and and again and accusing the inward it's not it is not a joke out but I am using this is an analogy. I talk about Terry jokes. Jokes coming from one person or different from jokes coming from another person the N word in there. In a rap song to me it it's still inappropriate. But it's different than a guy. Who is in a position of power. Potentially a white guy in a position of power using the N word is so the advice is don't use it. And and if you if you if you wanna be able to use it. Then by all means do not run for office. You know you don't have to be a politician. You don't have to be. A high profile. Business owner like up Papa John's owner John Schneider. You don't have to be that person that's a choice. And so we knew or that person there are things that you can't get away with the question is would you give up your celebrity status and your money. For being able to. Get away with saying things like the end where when when nobody would notice. And chances are the answers now. So when you choose to become a celebrity or hype for a high profile person. EE EUR. You are actually stepping into an area where some of the rules are gonna be different. Whether that's fair or not that's reality and I I just heard an R&R news about Sarah Huckabee Sanders wine espresso briefing room. Saying that a president trump. Calling up Amoroso a dog has nothing to do with race. I agree. It has nothing to do with race and it this is just a reminder that everything. Is not always about race. From chip and Wayne welcome to WWL. I'm gonna. You. Although. Like most of that. Group that was Q what about these I don't know. Client might be different. Were. There might be different. And oh the court. But it was. Lucent it's okay for who considers okay for cops to kill people. That's not true. That. Assertion. Okay. Good sure but sometimes it's in you subjective salt. So. Certainly you don't get real. Now piling up. I agree I just think there's a difference in on some music and her Brothers and I don't know anybody I want to go to Russia just you know. There are some other words about the life out graphical. He's gonna go through the area. I wouldn't we're gonna just start to do that person's gonna ignorance so we're gonna bottom. Old law that that has just been. Yeah. Tommy is somebody told me white trailer trash. You know I I know it's not true so long in order care. What we're just apartment here but pretty appropriate will be without so. Yeah well no I haven't. Our I've I appreciate your pick your way and now we just I was just sharing with you we know what we're defending in what would not necessarily offend me. Is there a difference between white men in powerful positions using the N word blacks using it as a casual terms for each other that's our glue of our first goal. 58% say yes there is a difference. 42% say there's no difference. Give us your opinion are going to our website WW real dot com. Here's a Texas is about the year at McDonald's in Louisiana are using high tech kiosks in the future that we eliminate some jobs in Louisiana. Texas scoot I was in Salt Lake City, Utah last week McDonald's was next door to our hotel. And they had kiosks only. Louisiana. Needs to get checks Saturday. You know I don't go to McDonald's and any city that me and this is not of a slam of McDonald's but I tend to ninety tons of fast food like that I'm not. I eat my share of chunks stuff okay. But I don't eat that kind of fast food so you know I'm not going into McDonald's and in different cities that I ran insult. I have to. I have to artistic during the word of what I hear in the news or or or your word. And apparently Louisiana is far far behind when it comes to automated kiosks at McDonald's and you know we shouldn't really be surprised. Because in too many ways we are far behind. I'm scrutiny will be back on debit of Euro. As sometimes it's just best not to say airs and I'm telling him my advice to everybody is. It's 2018. Stopped using the N word if you've been warned there if you use it you use it your own risk. Hey John you're on WWL. Yes good. Question before although not quite OK all giggle at guest Felicia oh yeah dumb. In cracker on the yup yup I'll use imports and Arctic it would never beat egg yes and I apologize and I don't. And may not just because what you show you there's only one race has out of a word that you can't do. But it's you or against other races and. Not pay any job since that's the way you wanna see you can feel that way but there's a difference in the impact on Crocker in the N word and and if you don't see a well done none that you don't sing it but I see the difference. Well John John I can say hey John I'm gonna say one more time. There's a difference in the impact of the N word vs cracker. Now you know what why are impact on what I see why it is because. People get it too much credence it's pretty new media and people stopped it it worked pretty well. John you can have that you have an opinion but on this is my show and I'm not gonna allow the N word on the show and it's certainly do think that it's. Well OK if you think it's unfair that's unfair but stopped keeping score stop keeping score like why can they say this that I can't say this now and it is still it. Ditch or give you are keeping score. No not not your your you know it. Our problem we need college to name what I agree we need to stop it checked what was somewhat of a blur. Strictly. Kobe the national and it was just trot may actually at any sort of work so well. Oh at the court should if you tell what you never used them or are caught a lot it will pass but if not why do you get you. Sure I'm sure he'd get on an album which life you know why me. Did you have in the point. Was it your point young. We hung up I mean I thought he said he had two points. You know when you when you look at things. And I don't mean this literally but figuratively. In black and white terms. Things don't always makes cents. And that's okay. But this business about the N word is the same as cracker. It's not. Now in your opinion it might be the same. But there are far too many people were keeping score. And it really comes down to what they can say this what can I say this if they can do that what can I do this. We you know both spicy to start keeping score I've gotten a couple of text book a caller name lauded a few minutes ago. Said he was black. I'm getting taxed at say there's no way that guy's black. Here's a Texas says Lloyd is a white man sounds a bit DA. So. You can tell somebody's race. By the way they sound. You know who made that mistake. David freaking duke. Go see the movie black Klansman. David duke we started to a black guy the whole time he would he was started a black at the whole time he thought he was talking to a white guy. Because of the way to guy spoke. You can't be guaranteed. Who is who based on the way they talk. And if a guy calls the show and then he calls a show. And other shows on a regular basis why am I not to believe him. But see there are people who don't want that guy. They know what a guy who sounds like death to be black. Did you see how sensitive some people are I its. It's absolutely. Maddening. And and just for the record you know the inward. Was a tool of white supremacy. Cracker just describe some you know. I just see that it's like some dumb and ignorant person that's just my view. We've got it Tuesday saw text off coming up here and just diplomats also still to come this hour another code word. And look all you have to do is text the code word that I give out. 272881. That ought to make automatically make you eligible to win a thousand dollars in our national Entercom cash contest I'm scoot. And we'll be right back on WL. While suddenly a lot of divorced but there's a all right look if you're on hold on get to you under yesterday after the years so it's time for the Tuesday song text off producer for your every Tuesday this time. I'm gonna play in a ritual. I'm not gonna tell you who does he racial and I'm not gonna tell you just cover until after the news. But what's interesting is. The original is relatively new. And a banned from the past has covered the relatively new original OK so here is. The original this is song hey okay vet is the original that is song a you're gonna hear song be right now and you text me eight or be too late 7870 here is the cover song they. All right they're kind of similar which you like better. Hey the original or indeed recover. Give us some give us your your vote yea or be just text ARB to seven to 88 point. No I'm sorry that's a Covert just. And I know we're getting close to the co Murdoch a Tex ARB. To 870. 870 and we'll tally it up here will have the results and I'll tell you the effort to be you may recognize him and I'll tell you to people it's kind of he's got an interesting twist on the suntech soft this week we'll have the results right after the news editor at 3 o'clock. And is there a difference between white men in powerful positions using the N word and blacks using it is a casual terms for each other. That's our blue runners were told it was your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is attacks that says so on all blank state to go back to Africa. She would that include album Camaro and I'm Mark Ingram and you can make of a few others I mean I think it's so amazing to me to some people make such. Stupid it. Ignorant statements. Into us in ninety Stanley. It really does reflect who they really are. It's time for the 1000 dollar and a con national cash contest the code word this hour is idea. Text RI AD. EA. 27288 point. I DGA idea to 72881. Nextel were coming up right before the top of the hour news at 4 o'clock we never charge for text an individual plan text and data race may apply. And aptly so Texan drive and remember attacks either eight or bees soreness called hash pipes he threw eight or be the original with a cover. 287870. And we'll have the results are coming up right after the top of the I'm scoots. We're coming back.