Who fights the alt-right?

Monday, August 21st

The anti-white supremacy march and rally in the French Quarter was mostly white and young and peaceful.  Why do you think this march and rally was mostly white and young?  Were you there?  What did you experience?  Or, did you do your best to avoid the areas of protest this weekend?  Why or why not?


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What we sorted out they're talking about the eclipse which John hit the maximum. Amount of eclipse in this area at 129 this afternoon. And I looked out of the studio window at that time and leading up to that time and then at that time and then shortly after. It was as if we were starting to reach twilight. But if you haven't seen again on the news you'll see parts of the country they went totally. Dark as if it was total nighttime. It was fascinating to see that and people gathered in people cheered when the sun went away and a couple of minutes later they cheered when the sun came back. And this was a unifying event may be just because. We are on this planet and this was just such a Celeste real. Event. That it kind of put things in perspective you know this was much bigger than any of us tonight I thought it was just it for staying. How people reacted to that we've got a lot going on this afternoon if you just tuned in we've talked about. The NAACP in Georgia saying that if Colin Capra nick does not sign with an NFL team. Even a practice squad. There will be no football in Georgia this year. I don't know how they're gonna go about stopping for Paul and Deke Abdullah via called us and said that. He can't be our practice squad because he's been in the NFL for too long. To this'll this'll industry he could not be signed a practice squad. So I guess they're gonna now say if he's not signed to a team there's going to be no football in in Georgia how they gonna do that I don't know. And here's a Texas says scoot Catholic voting has nothing to do with it. We do not voting in cops that shoot unarmed black man. He was bringing awareness to that. In not being registered to vote is a side note that has nothing to do with it direct issue was trying to protest. Against. That if police shootings and and unfairness to two African Americans. I understand that issue but he is not voting does have something to do with. Because the voting involves local elections. Where judges. Are voted in where. City officials have impacts especially mayors have an impact on who becomes the share who becomes the police chief. So. By not voting by not even being registered to vote it seems to me that it was kind of shallow protest that's my opinion and eat you may disagree with that. But it's important for us to Tutu voted in college Kemper and make if you look at the NFL. Colin captain nick is in hunt being boycotted because he's. I mean that that that defy statistics in the NFL. He's not in the NFL right now because of his actions because of controversy and how. It's not what he protest it it's how he decided to protestor we talked about that at the time and I think that is still the issue. A joint president trump is going to address the nation 8 o'clock our time you'll hear it entirely right here on a 1053. Tentative you'll offend 870 AM. And Demi give you go dot com we'll be talking about and after and we'll be talking about it tomorrow afternoon on the show. Hi Jim Mattis Defense Secretary had this to say about the neutral strategy or. On a mole at the strategic process. It's. Sufficiently rigorous. And did not go win without preset. This shouldn't include that look pleasant could be out who looked at student would be better. And and what's gonna come up tonight is that Petro talked about Powell. We should not be your fault divorce or we should get out. But I would like to think that if he has new information on what needs to be done from the qualified military people around him he will act on that. And not a campaign promise. Joshua green is the author of a devil's bargain which is a book on vanity was the first interview tendency Bennett when he lost the White House. Steve Bennett says he's got the weapon of bright Bard back in his hands here's part of where Joshua green had to say. The big question about Shannon's exit was would he turn on president trump can go after him a lot of conservatives including some in the White House were worried about that. Cannon told me he's going to war for trump not against Tom Ford trump against his enemies on Capitol Hill in the mainstream media. And in the business world. What's gonna be actually to see what happens here. There are those who say the media the liberal media should not be an attack dog. Yet there are those who would support bright Bard being an attack dog. Go figure. Before about your calls and comments at the anti white supremacist march from Congo square to Jackson square on on Saturday where it was extremely hot Saturday afternoon. I was there. It was peaceful. But from the speeches to the complexion of the crowd. They came to denounce white supremacists. The march and rally were flashback to the 1960s. So why would the contents and the people mirror image of the sixties. Bob before getting into that. This was this is an important thing to note. The rally was peaceful it was a peaceful protest. The crowd was large. Hundreds of people. Maybe 700 just under a thousand I don't know but a lot of people where they're. Just feet from where I was standing in doing a life FaceBook feed on WL radio's FaceBook page and my personal FaceBook page scoot on year. Tension built up when the white about white ice about eight white supremacists and militia members. Worked their way into the crowd. They were wearing flak jackets had knives mace and the taunts tang for their belts. And they were carrying American flags. Most of the group of white supremacist stood stoically in the crowd. While one shouted mostly inaudible grants of this bullhorn. And he's holding up signs announcing the rally calling people racist. There were there there were some people who were taunting tips of toning going on between the crowd and the white supremacist. But it remained relatively calm until one rally Goer came up and began. Shouting profanity laced comments at the white supremacist. That led to the white supremacist returning hateful comments. And it's attention grew and looks like on FaceBook when this is happening. As the tension grew I watch the media swarmed the area where detention was killed. And this was a classic example of how the media reacts. Small. Verbal conflict it might become more than that was the focal point of many in the media that we they're. After rally anymore just this one small tiny little area. Of tension. Several times when one white supremacist. Kept touching. The American flag to. The black protesters had. It was as if he was trying to incite to physical altercation. At one point two black protestor wipe the sweat off his head. With the American flag. The moment that I thought they heated verbal exchanges would explode. Into fiscal violence that moment that I thought was gonna happen NO PD opened up the barricades and grits confident precision. Moved into separate to challenging factions. For much criticism as NO PD receives eyewitness firsthand decisive action. By NO PD. In defusing what seemed destined. To become a violent situation. And all that was captured live on and on FaceBook. In addition to this being a peaceful march and rally. The make up of the anti white supremacist crowd was overwhelmingly white and younger. This is not a statement about anybody other than. A reminder of what it was like in the sixties. The mood of the speeches at the rally preceding the march. And the fact that so many of the people there were white was this direct flashback to the 1960s and in the crusade in the sixties for equality. What I find most interesting about this is bad generation from the sixties that protest of all of this pact meant. That's the establishment today. An establishment that. In many cases is fueling resistance to equality. That was the generation that hit the streets back in the sixties. So what happened. Did today's establishment gain wisdom over the years. Or did that generation age and fall prey to a type of paranoia. That accompanies. The fear of losing status. I don't think their generation can twist. Having many of today's establishment. Feel like they have become the victims. And that is in something that has been instilled in them if you're if you're white particularly male here victim. And the fear of being a victim Issa is a strong motivating factor to to survive. As a baby boomer I find myself Roy eighty much more to teach young people who were denouncing the white supremacy in America. And relating less to the white supremacist closer to my age. Now everybody who's a baby boomers not a white supremacist. But the white supremacists were. Baby boomers and may be slightly younger. There was also on our rather peaceful march in Boston over the weekend which was good. It was peaceful. There was calls on a free free speech rally. And there were only a handful of people that showed up for the free speech rally which really was a collection of people who war. At least tacitly supporting white supremacy. Many of a more it was beyond just freedom of speech it was the past three on a particular kind of speech. By two. Up to 40000 may have showed up to count that protest. And they were just a handful of arrests which were just basically. People who were just. Just not acting right. I mean that can happen any any big crowd but the fact that the protest here New Orleans and in Boston and elsewhere the fact that they were peaceful. That was a good thing but let's remember it doesn't draw the same amount of media attention. It doesn't get the same amount of attention. So again. We should be reminded there are more of us. And the roar of them. I scoot. Libby deck and every if you don't. The war in Afghanistan has been going on for sixteen years now handed and there was one train of thought to that we suggesting get out to the president when addressed the nation tonight 8 o'clock our time you'll hear right here. And every every Rel MS NN dot com. And it appears now that the impressions coming out it appears now that it's the president is going to order more troops sent into Afghanistan. With the goal on. Figuring out a way to wrap that up. So we can ultimately. Get out of there. Will listen to resign his speech tonight I'm sure there will be reaction right after here on WWL and then we'll talk about it also tomorrow afternoon. Here's a pretty general opinion poll right now. Should hate speech be protected by the First Amendment. 100%. Say yes. 0% down. And I agree with that hate speech. In and of itself. Should be protected by the First Amendment. What is not protected by the First Amendment is that moment. That hate speech becomes. Insightful. When he becomes insightful. To the point of of causing. Violence. That's when you go report and an and that that's a fine line it's not so easy to determine that. Because you could say some really really hateful things. That could lead people to go. Commit acts of violence. But did you really insight that. A lot of the decision to connect commit acts of violence. This is the result of this is the result of a people's decisions. About personal responsibility. If somebody insights you and you go out and commit an act of violence. That's your fault. And I don't think it's fair to to blame. Someone else. Not that the person should be inciting violence at all because. Nobody should. But when somebody says hateful stuff if you go out and act on that. That's a responsibility of of the individual. I guess you heard this and in the news and I'm just I'm I'm stunned. As to why another one of our military ships are navy ships. Has hit another vessel. In the the area of Asia. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis confirms. That the navy is gonna conduct a broader investigation into the coalition in southeast Asia between. The USS John S McCain and Arnold tanker. And this is not the first incident that happened recently. And the last I heard maybe there's an update on this but the last I heard. There were a ten soldiers ten it's ten sailors in sailors missing. And a search was underway. It's just it's so hard to believe it I've really sit in this particular area. Of southeast Asia there's a lot of on vessel traffic. But wouldn't you think that these ships would have. GPS is and radar so the point where it would be almost impossible to collide with another ship. And two things have happened very recently I mean you know I I don't know whose fault it is we don't know that yet. But it just seems inconceivable that this is this is happening. Here's a Texas says a person must make a conscious decision to become violent. And at that point the purses Troy yeah I mean that's it. Now inciting violence is wrong. But is. Saying something. That some people consider hateful. Is that inciting. Violence. That's a question so should hate speech be protected. By the First Amendment gives shipping in my going to our web site. Having a real dot com here is a text if can't captain nick had the arm of Brady or Brees. There would be no controversy. He would be in the NFL today the ugly truth is that he's just not. That good to be worth. They hits back from the fest that's actually it. And that's what I've I meant when I was talking about his value. Is worth. And Bobby Hebert earlier told us that. He's just thought that decked talent contradict kept telling governor and his is H&R asking for. A too much money. And that may be if he would agree to go in for say a minimum salary for a quarterback in the NFL which might feed a million bucks. They keep going and entered an end and and prove that he is the person that he is and it it would change. I don't I don't I don't know. But I thought that was an interesting observation. We we have the right to freedom of speech but there are consequences for. The freedom to speak. You can say what you want but that's assuming that there won't be consequences. It's not what Colin capped an accent is what he did it. It was the choice of sitting down for the National Anthem which for a lot of people in America is so controversy. Is controversial to the point. Where right now he is more of a liability. Than an asset to NFL teams. And we started talking about this because it Georgia NAACP. Has announced that if Colin Capra nick is not with an NFL team they will stop football in the state of Georgia. Count I don't know I'm scoot angrily back. Yeah I don't like car I don't like politicians to bring campaign promises but if they make a promise on the campaign trail and then become enlightened with new information I don't want him to stick to the campaign promise if the moment they have to make a decision it's better to make a different decision. I had a chance to go to rest of the oaks plantation on Saturday night's twenty of the Angel ranch house fund raiser this is just a great great group of people like. They match courses where Serbs consider. On the troubles and and having problems and issues. And the success stories of the bonding that an animal assistant is so wonderful and and I was happy to be a part of that marceca Bobby Cyril. And Sammy for inviting me to that there was a test of the expectation and and for those of you who listens or showing a regular basis and enjoyed the conversations for all of you great to see. On Mike you're on WWL good afternoon. Such as there gob. A question about them a question comment on. Question Colin. Captain nick and Charleston. Possible. There are a lot of picking up conscious memory is sort don't think it's about. Nothing at all or wrong about. Coca mixed race or what happened shall I hear a lot of in the conversation here on its own and for example the bolt that brought up the black lies of movement on the Michael Brown situation now police officer were found them guilty and somehow that. A reason why black white matter doesn't matter where it be to completely forget about the DOJ investigation. Into the police department or. Black what matters say hey we being unjustly. Treated. By age is still and that sort fighting against Indian ideology goes into Ferguson and wrapped it. Rampant racism including racist emails to officials in the target so appointed. They can bring up one incident. And skip over other things to justify their. I had this conversation about Charleston bill and other stuff and I bring it up this scenario shall be able to see if your reaction to be the same. If it was. Let's say American crisis sympathizers. Marching on 9/11. Lack row this flag and a group of NRA members shall ought to count to protest. And some violence and news. What president and so. On boats. Would these same people. Give and give the same. And that things scenario if it was president and white football player that. Saying well we elected as well she should be and can understand now how America could collect better. I am that internationally because we will long electing this crook. And probable with the same the same response to. And bella I job immediate it's the world is not fair. Well actually not but it's. Onsite and our. Way up and be able. I agree but it's the putt. It's what tends to drive me crazy these conversations when they're trying to understand well it's either a matter free speech are a matter of violence against Ireland. And we always taught in these bullets in it were two were first the scenario. To include. Your specific political point of view those bullets and legal way. And that's the point I think we weekly we speak of sporting event when it comes the politics we put on our uniforms. And regardless. If you're saying guys you're going to be different you know it's an on and on line and we tend to overlook. All of the things that actually point to what the real or decent work which. Were going on that's such situation. Quit using hubble's life and focus on what was going on that specifics. That you don't think that they chizik that if Colin cabernet can chosen another. Odd venue for. On this protest which is a worthy protesters are worthy thing to call attention to a few chosen another venue other then. I'm not standing for the National Anthem. During an NFL game which is kind of on slice of Americana. Do you think that the treatment would be different. But a little bit but I agree it is not standing for the National Anthem doesn't just for me and they are arm in arm with. When it comes to what he was trying to say. But to net international equity also consider the people that you were sending when you're doing action in the message sometimes get lost. I agree with you I mean he can warping and there's being ticketed him with a gain he spoke out social. I agree with you on but my point is if you were first aid into a political terms that that match your political views. On that specific topics. I do think the reaction would've been differently from people like its last two callers if it was reversed and it was a white guy protests in Hillary. I don't think their reaction would use. Well and you know Mike we need to do a better job ourselves have a try not to be hypocritical because yeah I mean you know I deal with hypocrisy every day on the show and it's it's it's disgusting it's discouraging I hate to deal with it but it's. I mean as part of the world we live in and getting text and people civil college cap for nick is worth more than Jay Cutler. Part of your words. Is also the controversy that follows you into an NFL organization into an NFL stadiums. That controversy is part of that. And Colin cabernet whether it's fair or not. To valued his words. Because of the controversy that ensued following not standing for the National Anthem. I'm scoot we'll be back and every if you don't. Try New Orleans Rick Hendrick time for a quick comment. I. And Ahmad on them about the practice on Saturday. There you are on your line video that you're talking about the way to its just they had some white supremacist. There. But may be up to ten in my immediate area there were there were eight but I looked around there might have been might have been ten. So so how do you know for a fact that the white supremacists because I saw the name in the hole and are you able to identify them and label him as white supremacists just from looking and he does speak and Leo. Kind of conversation recoup. And a conversation and a lot of DS on my FaceBook page. How did I know there are white supremacist because of what they were shouting. Because they were malicious people. They had giro on it said militia. I didn't identify them by looking at and I identified them by what they projected to the I did not identify them because they were waiting an American flag. As some suggest it on my FaceBook page no I identified them. Because of what they said and how they acted and they chose to fly the American flag which I found very very offensive. I'm scoot. Coming back. All right so whatever the president says tonight we'll talk about it till tomorrow afternoon and let me just take on moment. To tell those of you who are texting in it. Ignorant stupidity. Wits with tacit and even overt. Support of white supremacists. You exposure so for exactly what you'll. I was at pep rally is from wronged you prove me wrong. I'm innocent until proven guilty those were white supremacist at that rally. And there was a black protestor who was trying to start violence. There with a white I've white supremacist who were getting close distorting it and thank god NO PD stepped in at the precise time. And and broken up. I'm not stupid I know what white supremacist Sar. And when I see a white supremacist when I see a neo Nazi flying an American flag. I get offended because to me that is not America. They're entitled to do it. I guess cinema center. And that's ever gonna change for icy deck kind of hate. Gathering under the American flag I'm offended. And you should be too. The amount of support that some people give to white supremacist is. Absolutely. Appalling. What is the problem why are you so damped threatened what are you so scared out. You'll look tough you'll look real to the act tough. We'll continue to conversation tomorrow afternoon. Wanted to die Newman our program director. Joseph producer amber O'Leary and our city of research on work. Have a great afternoon. I'm gonna get out here and relax. Bloody New Orleans.