Who do you think is the fore runner in the mayoral race?

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Do televised debates or 3rd party PACS influence your opinion about the candidates…and your VOTE?

This segments guest:
Clancy Dubos - WWL-TV’s political analyst and co-owner & political editor of Gambit


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We're back with Clancy do most W derailed TV's political analyst and co owner political editor of gambit. Clancy I think we're talking about City Council district. Jewell Jackson and Jarrett seems to be the front runner in. Yeah he's easing incumbent. You know I haven't heard or seen any thing that would suggest that he wouldn't be solid favorite you know what. Scale an actual. GE does well a cult member and that they shall. Straight. Or. Not so much to most of just short term rental for the war it was most. Actually limiting. Sore about that didn't destroy our children and shortly. As critics are well. We're up for the sure required. And short term Robbie to all potential it's I don't order pre vote which sure which. They indicate that there could come back and get out. And that was an important and it. And council district council district he out in the east. The incumbent. James Bragg. A breakthrough that the other districts will exceed that. Restrict corporate and you've got below or eastern you'll and all of these. And archer. You know in some way struggle. With post-Katrina issues. Active and so they become always. Reelection. An open seat the order you want boarding. What has been in the last group for election. As well people who are able association circus so it should. Orders. Particular issue for apple house. Portable and an issue not an. A lot of people eat you know that it got too much portable. Every district in. Preach election. Well what distinction that. At large district one Linda Moreno I think has been the only person I've seen on TV as well and erase. Yeah actually got our pensioner opened doors and much emotion and she packs about she very high profile and but the main competitor. Errors. Collie Apollo outnumbered the jubilee. A vote of going in the right Joba. Sticker. Well I'll. You know. At first. Only. Well on our door. Open grass grew campaigner in law so. Yeah I've heard that there is not the so be it. In the division to a large Jason Williams obviously is. The that the front runner in races are. There as well also. Marks as a council members. Of the as a good steady. The sides of the big. Double triple double. Voice queries. Are as well as shall I say this about upper circle and that also has so much column again that this week. Because people are not excited about that you are Errol and quite distinct what you else. Dole asks. It's really going to be important and counsel. Yep well if they're truly be an independent branch of government question. Initiative and proposal partner examiner rack political support for public there it delete should be. Equal partner in government it will be sure we're in both. Notion that aren't there. I wanted talker who briefly and I asked Ron tocchet about this the other day. This Carner shrinks. If it's a race of a non race I guess in in some respect but it it has it does have some downstream implications for folks that feel like. There they've been cheated of a vote. Yeah you know like Syria Iraq. Or rates where you could vote I'm going to be. But close is she gonna get. Candidate in comfort or. Order it. The after all. Week in order actual campaign. Narrative or do you know it was all out. But he and after that there are taking it off the ballot. And as a college or state law that you are right after that well. On the ballot which what happened book for now approach that you actually out. Oh. Well it's true after the his or her name was still on the quote it at that one of our. Ought. Or at least another bout told going to be challenged. It's for our. Shelves. So a lot of that. A lot of the text. A lot of the tax common men are ask and if I want there to be a full slate of candidates. Re qualifying and all of that. How should I vote. Ordered water. Duo nuke well you both around. If you comfortable look like Jana what about some other people are both from the general. That's what it's also a lot of the book that was. The only one. And that there's one candidate and there's. Like bottle as opposed to elected somebody out there check opposite. Out of all of probably the election would be held march. Optical conducted regularly scheduled. Election that. Who Clancy thanks so much for joining us and I you have another point you gotta get to really appreciate your time in your insight on these issues and roads you know it's just. A day a day away in and really a day and a half away from the election and we hope the people to start taking this seriously. Well and get out. Well no factor are. Cheryl. Thank you so much. We wanna hear for a new 260187. If you got something to say we'll be right back after the break this is you'll Norman under Dario.