Who do you blame more for immigration problem?

Monday, June 18th
Who do you blame more for the immigration problem? Republicans or Democrates. Let's talk about the latest policy to seperate kids from parents at the southern border is it the law or is it just being politically driven? Full 1 pm hour.

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It is a manic Monday and we've got some rain in the area we have a whole lot to talk about this afternoon we're gonna continue the conversation did know Norman was having on her show just a few minutes ago. Except we'll have some different angles to that. I child those only their parents as a sole source of security right I mean we've remember this when we advocates. We all felt even closer to our parents. When we were history surrounding. At times literally clinging to our parents. Video of young children crying as her physically removed from their parents side is hard Ritchie for most of us but not for everybody. For many. Trumping the site of the children being separated from their parents is the idea that parents entered America illegally. And therefore the action is justified. And it's a deterrent to people crossing the border illegally. President trucker said that he does not want parents separated from children. Jeff Sessions says that as well. Yet the president is ordering and attorney general Jeff Sessions is supporting the separation of thought parish children at the border. And blaming it on the Democrats. Called this is all very very political. Byrd both sides are to blame. America is actually split. I'm neutral demonstrations process of pulling children from their parents at the border. And so was the administration. Because Department of Homeland Security secretary cures to Nielsen. Tweet it out yesterday. That there's no policy. Two separate families at the border. In one tweets. She said we do not have a policy. Of separating families at the border. Period. Attorney general Jeff Sessions has said there is a new zero tolerance policy at the border. Two prosecutors many people as possible for illegally entering the United States. Generally is America divided over this issue. It appears there's divide within the company's fresh as well. Over recent six week period nearly 2000 kids have been separated from their parents. I understand the argument. That the parents of these children chose to illegally crossed the border into the US I get it I support that argument. But many argue that because of that. Their children must be taken away. And separated us are parents are arrested in America. Since. Detention centers. Not jail. The common immediate destination for those who cross the border illegally. The comparison between crossing the border illegally and being arrested for drugs or murder in the United States is flawed. And what exposes a flaw. Is the comparison. To crossing the border. Is something that you need to be rushed to book I get passed. But correct me if I'm wrong. If you're crossing the border. A misdemeanor. So I understand if somebody is arrested on a felony charge. Perceive murder or drugs. Or breaking into a business. To me. That's different from a misdemeanor. I didn't make crossing the border a misdemeanor and maybe that should change. But right now that's what are its. Talking to reporters on the white house on Friday president trump played the political card. When he blamed Democrats for his policy of separating kids and parents and yes this is a political game. And the Democrats are taking advantage of it appears that president truck dish using the new it is no. Zero tolerance policy. As a political weapon to force Democrats to go along with Republicans and their immigration plan. That that sounds okay on paper. But in reality this is president trump playing politics. With children. By ordering children physically removed. From their parents and look all of these kids are not being ripped out of the arms of their parents. All of these kids are not being. Abused. A lot of these kids are you let's remember that the media will always focus on the extremes. We see the extreme examples. And we think that's everything no it's not. So all of these kids are not being treated the way you see some that's the function of the media. It's not right but it's a reality and we talk about that quite often. But using children to force a political move. Is not something that reflects the spirit of America. There will be the truck loyalists federal stand by the president and looked the other way. From the reality of what is happening and sadly many Republicans seem to be afraid to voice their conscience. Out of fear president corporal will retaliate against them in their reelection bid. Many patriotic Americans understand. That there are consequences for crossing the border illegally. But do not supports. Removing children from their parents. Those are the Americans those who understand it's illegal to cross the border push across the border hey look. Do we really have to separate two kids. In this arrest for misdemeanor. This is just blowing politically. Out of proportion. But these are the Americans. Like me in many view. They need to stand up and countered those who fail to see this new policy and it is a new policy as proclaimed Friday by attorney general Jeff Sessions. We need to stand up against a decision by the trough administration rather then accepted as a legal mandate. Because this does not appear to be a legal mandate. So. Let's talk about the truth. We can differ. On whether or not. Children should be taken away from parents. OK we can differ on that there can be two sides they can both be very passionate sides. What we should not disagree with the it's a fact that this is a political game. And really you complained both parties for playing politics. With children. If you rejoice with the comet this afternoon numbers 260. When it's seventy. Perry could final four to 60 when he Stephanie. Our text is a 77. Here's a text ask you what is this. Trumpet. Outrageous experiment going to stop. I would not call a trough administration. On outrageous experiment and against you wanna join us for your comments for our conversation on numbers 26 so when a sanity. Text Amber's age 78 Saturday c'mon man let's unite like standup we've got two clear sides here that's okay. But what we should recognize is that truth. The truth that children are being used as a political pawn in a big state game off politics backed. Is the truth. I'm scoot. And we'll be back under very well. Nobody should come to this country. And enter America illegally. Terry. But when humans do that. Are we doing the right thing by separating parents and children. I've got to Texas says that when somebody when I was a kid. I was with my dad when he got arrested and I were separated from him they don't put kids can share with their parents. I understand that but these parents are not going to jail I think. They're going so they're going to so the parents were arrested at the border we're going directly to jail. OK. Then. You know making more needs to be done to make sure. That there's a better understanding that. My main point this afternoon is that this is a political game. And they both parties are using politics. To play this game. Before I get your calls attorney general Jeff Sessions who was on was no Norman earlier today. He spoke to the national sheriffs association conference are meeting here in New Orleans and Jeff Sessions says they don't want to do this. President truck has said this lawlessness cannot continue. We do not want to separate parents from their children you can be sure of that. Well here's a question if if this is not. Some kind of punishment. They've ordered attorney general Jeff Sessions say that. We have to do this to send a message. It it it wasn't done. Under previous administrations. And a session so I talked about how the children are not putting jail. The children and turn known within hours did it on Department of Health and Human Services. And putting jail of course they're taking care rock. Are so on this is a big controversy. America's divided the trust administration is divided I posted a video the daily video post on our FaceBook page WWL radio. I conversations going on right now you can be part of it is going on while our shows going on and it's about. This topic. And I focus on the truth and the truth is that the president is playing politics. And Democrats are playing politics to. And the media really is overall feeding. See the Democrats. Or feeding feeding the Democrats because the media is showing more of the kids is that our. In the extreme examples. Because again that's the nature of news and used the new show us and focus on court things. On thinks it worked out right but we have to be Smart enough to realize that every child is not treated the way some of the children are treated. So we Jeff Sessions were so talking to the national sheriffs association conference reading here in your world is in other words there are a lot of police officers here in New Orleans this weekend. And he was talking about this loophole that we set out and has been allowed to go for years. Some years ago you were decided to rest some people who have crossed the border illegally. But anyone their products around a child with him would be given effective community. From prosecution. It would not be prosecuted. Word got out about this loophole. And the results were predictable. The number aliens illegally crossing with children went from 141000. To 75000. In just four years. I agree. That that is a problem. And that is the wrong message it's kind of like the and the gutter punks in the quarter. They wanna have a dog wouldn't because it's harder to arrest them if they have a dog. And of course are not comparing. The children of people are crossing the border illegally with dogs are talking about this. Phenomenon are getting protection because you have someone or a dog with you. And the truth is that this is a political card that has been played. From homered to white yearned to be WL. Yes sir I dark time dude. Our. Just wonder. Why we are out while we're not and a mom is not at all. Because we don't have the same problem with Canada that we have with Mexico. And and Central America. We're now we're probably in the old either leave or there used properly reporting on an onboard. Well there might be some but it's not the same problems. It. You can't say none in any situation the wall he's not going to stop everybody from coming over there will still be people who probably get into this country you illegally. The problem is where's where's the problem. 800 well there. Always enough. But Dwight. Deep debt problems with the southern border is not the same as the northern border I mean that's a statistical fact. 00. Is. It he feared that. Property. Is illegal. Illegal crossing is illegal you just said it was illegal. It. OK so what. He just hung up. And with the tortoise. Patrick here on Debbie WL. Should pick. Topic on it actually. Speak about. He most. Of it. So I agree. Now. The president tried. It because we try to drew. Three previous administration. The people coming. You agree that they're. Not at all. Don't do. It. The that the baker and guitar school the people correct call one. I don't know what. Mutton no there it should be Corey. Coming. Up on security. Old. People. Patrick you doesn't it doesn't take long to get a message to those people that might have not not made might not have a media access to to the media. And if the word got out that hey if you have a child with you when you go to America you won't be prosecuted if that message got out then this message will get out as well. Bit of debt. The issue. Well lit. And nick. About the preparation. Just. Read. An on call. Well he no wait a minute he has to do that because this is about politics and that is that that's the bottom line truth of all this this is about politics it's. It is not just about separating parents from Kansas about politics is about the president feeding is based. And and in trying to force the Democrats to the table threw his calm appealed to his base. You. Do it by. Our. Absolutely I agree. Okay yeah I agree that now the history. It is that it took him to act now first thing that looked up. Wait a people are outlook gold. But I. Can't call. It. I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't know which is cheaper I really don't I don't know if somebody's done a study on the finances as logistics of that. It would get him at the duke but I played well. I'm trying to put. Below. Deck it out. Political. Figure in. Odom and it's not respected political. It. All political I'm sure they issue. But it. Could. Be culpable because we. There. One. Poll. They'd be a problem. When it. Well on track. That we know. It. Generally agree that it will. Our pentagon gonna have to get to Newsweek let me ask you exist. Why after all this time did this new policy go into effect right before the Democrats are gonna vote on an immigration bill. I don't think it. I. Don't eat it. Because I need you can't do. And I. I I I I agree Patrick I'm I'm gonna have to move on demand I appreciate the call. If you're on polls say would you say you wanna get to involved in our conversation our numbers 2601870. Texas a 7870 I'm scoot and we will be back. Good afternoon I'm scooters Monday we've got a very passionate conversation going on this afternoon you'll Norman knows had a conversation with. Attorney Jim what Jeff Sessions earlier in the in the noon hour to show. There's a big guy is sheriff's convention in town any and number share songs are really interesting show. And you can catch the podcast of that on demand Adobe if you don't dot com so we're gonna continue the conversation about the topic that really has captured America. It was all over the news over the weekend he dominated the the cable news channels this morning and it dominates our conversation this afternoon. The question is should children be removed from their parents. It's across the border illegally. And many if you believe yes they should be because they crossed illegally and we need to do something like Jeff Sessions says. To deter those from coming here with their kids thinking they're not gonna be prosecuted. I agree the message needs to change. But I also think that as Americans. It is human beings. This is gonna sound so liberal. And I'm not comfortable saying something so liberal because you don't and I'm stuck in the middle. Their should be the ability to apply the human equation. To the situation and find a better solution. The fact that president trump brought this up. And started this new policy. Just before the Democrats are gonna vote as a way to pressure the Democrats. Sends a message to me that president truck is using the children as a political pot. The Democrats. Are going to visit detention centers. And they're trying to find the worst situations to expose because they also. Are using this as a political tool. Who do you blame more. For the current immigration problems. Republicans. Where Democrats. That's our opinion poll gives your team by going to W if you don't dot com for New Orleans only welcome to our show. Hello wouldn't commitment to you an argument. Oh. So. We'll go ahead you all you will say it differently so say it all in your words. Well I'm a lot of people would call there are all from Russia and I'd eat better and few years been legal. And oh we don't then be injured in that you'll racial. Most people don't they don't on them. That merited broke. Day and what I know what shall we certainty about what he walked in America you couldn't come here just wait or will change I'm change. They will change and eventually stick around. Okay that's that's a reality. In immigration law be if you might be able to stop the war people will forward they've. That would establish life. Bill more treatment at work order that all the article they'll always waited for a war when our legal like by. And you know. But we're also here in in our news today we're hearing that the restaurant industry in New Orleans is having a hard time on being fully staffed and there are. There are there are Americans that don't wanna do some some Johnson and also not. We don't wanna do they won't. Want to and are you locate though it hypothetically say that. American will start work do you think that'll accept that they've which. So is happen than not equate to being. Common in war and urged them okay well that happened. And I'm all. You know it or the things that people. We have to be immigration be the not just the border people who call people will. It will be one of them out and our point. Bit of that thing about that for children one object. Jet people these charade like is these political the year it's old. Because I don't believe. That he should walk or COLT here illegally come out and you know I'm a point yet the legal. Yeah yeah dot com the for the eventually will be. Then why did that you have the support shall earn own. And. All the guys I'm I'm I'm honored time but calling it DB from Russia. Year Tony are you a US citizen or you're here legally and audio. And what. So well with the whole deal about Russia trying to indeed in his suite are election which your thoughts on that coming from Russia. My all my thought is that there are 08. So. It is if you China Russia ebitda Rashid the legal aliens it's about illegal aliens to. Problem Al. And America refused to take the deal that it has to do it got there. Although we know we do know that the Russians did on it did plant state news in America be they they they try I don't I don't think the Russians had an impact on the L com. Know about but you know what America. Opened it still popular in Russia Russia is dead lyrical approach. Well you know you don't Ann and Andy yeah we have we have throughout history tried to impact elections in other countries as well. Only I'm not I'm proud to have you is so one of our afternoon listeners thanks for calling. If you're on whole stay when this do you have a comment on numbers 260187. In our text. As recently as Saturday OK so maybe we disagree on this issue but isn't this like one of the great things about America. I can have my opinion in my position and you can have years and we can get on the year and verbally battle it out. So. It's it's all about not breaking the law. I'm gonna scenario they'll set a four year after this break. I'm scoots for coming back on every if you'll. All right so people come to the border and the cross illegally and okay that's a no no you know he eat he shouldn't do that and and nobody's nobody should its support that although we look extreme liberals are you out of date they do support that. Here's an update on our opinion poll who do you blame more. For this immigration problem. 60% say Republicans. 40%. Say Democrats give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And Department of Homeland Security secretary cures to Nielsen tweet it out yesterday. If there is no policy. To separate cameras at the border. And when tweet she said if we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. So why are we doing it now we're doing it now because. The president is using the kids. To play politics. Made it. We can disagree on whether or not children should be removed from their parents can disagree on that we can passionately disagree. But we should agree that the truth is. This a political game. From Baton Rouge John welcome to the show. Good afternoon now. Yeah which you just. Mentioned as important they're not being. Honest about there's no reason to separate the kids because the only reason you discuss choosing. Prosecute these people that's criminals. Actually misdemeanor across the border illegally want to reconcile that the come tell me. And so the president ying and the Democrats control congress and you know they'll come the Republicans now dean on party line vote the Democrats though are. And putting it together so. Really unfortunate. That the policy actual action and it is to try to deter people from coming here. And then that line and notes just it's a real local country. John. I agree and and and that's the truth that is a patriotic American I feel like I need to address. I feel it's important to address the truth of the matter. And the truth is this is a game of politics it is suddenly happening now not by coincidence. Their vote is coming up on immigration bill. It's also a great distraction from other things that the White House considers to be very very negative. Are here's a scenario. There is a body of water. Anderson no swimming sign. No swimming. Violators will be prosecuted. Apparent. Brought the child to their body of war. The kid gets in the water they can just drown. The parent can't swim. You're standing there. Do you fight late. To sign. And going toward the syndicate. And I and I know for those of you find that a little uncomfortable because on you might have disabled knowing that case it's okay. You know don't tell me this totally different because in theory it seems like it's very close to the same thing. Would you go in their to save. The kit so there is this human decision that we make it certain points. And the human decision is like right now right here with this situation regardless of what he's done everywhere else it's just doesn't seem to be right. To be separating parents anxious. Again you and I may disagree on if you've got a comment our numbers 2601870. Text Amber's age 7870. Here's a Texas says at least be honest with your listeners. I yell no this is about president trump are holding up his promises as he continues to do a great great things to. Con. Make America better and so that did the jumped around the that was the essential. Necessary. Okay may be so. I mean this is definitely dip dip dudes the kinds of things that deter Donald Trump campaigned on. But sometimes you know you get an officer and you realize they're fulfilling a campaign promise may not be the right thing. I'm scoops from ever coming back on to give you well. There are a lot of us. It feels stuck in the middle and it really is our job to to stand up and to drown out some of the noise from the right and the left. Who do you blame more for the immigration problem that's our poll. 68% say Democrats. 32% say Republicans big shift their give us your opinion at WWL. Dot com Nancy welcome to our show. Hey I don't. I'm now. I agree there at eight and having the arts to children. And they take it all from the mayor. The odd appearance and JB. It will give you mean why it happened at them. While there's still a lot to turn their debt I don't know if it's a jail it's it's a jail like facility and it didn't they're not putting like Abe I jailed I don't think they're put in jail cell for saying but it's a jail like facilities. And Dee did the kids are in. I'm large share of warehouse dormitory parent kinds of settings and and and truthfully all of the kids are not treated to waste some on the news or. I've seen being treated because again the news will focus on the extremes. And not just summit there and commerce things that are that are happening. But from a human standpoint I I disagree with suddenly developing this policy because it seems obviously just for political purposes. I think Sanjay and deep that my parents are right how it would make it across the border okay cable acted in Beijing. Thank god our children are maybe they need to take them and they'll become. Nancy that's the way I would feel you know I always feel that Graham I'm gonna get your news break your Brit you know if if I was living a horrible horrible place and I got arrested and reporter he would be tough. But it at least I know that my son would have a chance in a free country. It's hard if you're on hold stay with issued a comment 260187. ETech State's 7070. She were Kathy Griffin said oh yeah we'll talk about that and more when we come back on WWL.