Who Dats are looking for a win this week by their Saints.

In the Early Edition of WWL First News, Dave Cohen, talks Saints vs Browns, LSU vs Auburn, and who takes lunch time breaks. 

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We continue to watch. Hurricane Florence just kind of sit in there house like Carolina terrorists and not go to dumping rain and a headlines already come and out about communities waiting for rescue. The up. After. Sheriff's deputies local police state police came on told them. Get out. Or don't get rescued till after the storm has passed in the storm's gonna sit there for a couple of days that's the worst part and more rain and rain and then never ending overflows. Welbourn hundreds of thousands without electricity trees down power lines down seeing ruse blown off the things. Tumbled pieces of gas stations and other things. And the storm still Africa now. And a category one it is coming on they warned images gonna sit there. And the longer it's is that the more damage it does and and now people wanna be rescued but they're being told sorry. And I have to wait we can't send out rescue partners in this weather and maybe a couple of days driving in this morning and thinking about the plight of those people. In the wake of Florence. Made me feel very thankful very fortunate enough torture. Barak who now we will continue to track Florence and keep you posted on that. Throughout the day and over the next several days here on WWL I am FM and dive town speaking of the next several days we got some LSU football don't we ever. I'm the planes Tuesday head to our burn. As an underdog. Are you feeling about this. Not too good railway Dan I'm not sure how to feel because LSU came out with that. Surprisingly. Positive performance. In winning the opening game against the top ten team in Miami and that's hard to do on your opener I. Hey it in Dallas at its Amazon grabbing the team. The top ten team bouncing in Miami that then it in mind but anyway. Yes they do that then so many people. Being so negative about the shut out win over their second up. Because they're saying while they should have blown them away they're not even me and did then there's step downing classes it is doesn't make sense thirty did not sing and not happy I'm happy at all and a lackluster performance and cried. And I again and I watched the game to that their quarters especially as soon I know wide people were. Negative about it and now unsure about how just how good this team is an. They're they're reliever or two ago would do well and there are strong yen is it's and you're on the run its dangers. LSU opened as a nine and a half point underdog is now up to ten and a half point. Underdog at some of the casinos. So not a whole lot of high expectations. For the LSU fighting tigers against the Auburn Tigers. Your prediction on for LSU and Auburn. Flew to. I'm sure once the tigers to have ups that but I I've gone gone down markedly different interest it. Yet you were yelled let's write those position column tiger bowl whatever. I'm I've got to relish you probably Googlers about him OK so you think the line is about right. RA will find out what you think about the saints and the brown that's interesting that disappointing loss will check the line on that engage your prediction on coming up. In about 25 minutes here on WWL. IA MFM and Jack com lunch time. Not far away for her. The mid day today but. Means less and less apparently to many office workers. And other people are taking fewer and fewer lunch breaks. Some people eating lunch at their desk. Others just skipping it altogether. There isn't time for punching grabbing a snack from the vending machine maybe Dave brown bags did and that disconnect. You know eat when they get time we're lucky to get a snack crackers some houses that you got to work. More and more people choosing. To not take their lunch break saying they'd rather come in a little later or leave a little earlier rather than take that time off in the middle of the day. And some Babel the demands are too high they feel like the ball shall see them as lazier out productive or no benefit they leave the office to go eat lunch. So I'm curious from our listeners Texas today at 7870. Do you take a lunch break. Is that some and it's still happens in your world. I don't. It's been decades since that taken office yet I'm I'm not a not number and now our hours a little weird our lunch actually falls around 8 o'clock in the morning. So. Cropped up. And that's where were really pomp and bad yes Dresser be abraxis break. That then that's not in the cards in users. Tags made it 787 edu until lunch break to the people in your office take a lunch break. Do some people do it and other people not. To the people who take a lunch for a get look down upon is it a full hour or is it like fifteen knots as it at the desk is it in the break or Marty actually go out. What is your lunch. Plans. Wow at war. I am looking very forward gears and prediction. It's very interesting. They had it ready if there's a part of Maine bubble talk about the box are you can hear the uneasiness in the folks that demands there was talk into and downtown new finally and it seems it's one lost over in the season has chest put people on it very uncomfortable position. And left a lot of uncertainty about the saints to no doubt. I'm losing it just one loss all right they stub their toe they'll be fine. Christ say to play in the browns. With a that ball historically this and haven't had success against them. My launch time is automatically taken out of my paychecks as one text message today at 7870. But sometimes I still do not take a launch of its really busy at work. Does has most of the time I take a lunch nap hides and you're using your brain just not the no lunch breaks as another tax you bring what you eat with you and you eat when you ten. As a bosses and other text message states 7870 I encouraged my workers to take a lunch and breaks. I drive trucks some days I stop for launch on my rap someday is I'll eat. While driving between stops some days I'll go without energy drinks powered the days without appliances and other attacks. And it is this text message today 7870. Kelly yeah I take a lunch and somebody else's if I headed spec and it's. Your forecast. We'll see if you evening shower or afternoon and evening showers here but only ran a 30% chance piper on 92 degrees by later in the day. Florence making landfall in North Carolina it's gonna bring some very torrential rainfall to folks along the East Coast. Frost though. Fairly quiet today and through the night overnight lows in the seventies under mostly clear skies. Much of the same for this weekend 30% chance for showers thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday. With highs in the low nineties we'll continue that dry warm trend through most of next week. From the pinpoint forecast senator bond evidently LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin. I'm wins mostly clear skies at the airport in Canada 96% humidity at 77 degrees on the our show are in Slidell 73 degrees with com wins I'm Dave Conte and it's the early edition of WWL first news Tex coming mandates 7870 with critics' columns. For the LSU and saints games this weekend on prisons as LSU by one's given over lie attack mode and on the Mississippi. Does as Auburn's thirty LSU. Seventeen. An and the saints predictions come NN saints' 35 rounds ten says one tax does as Tony for a fourteen New Orleans Saints. And then there's this text message today 77. Saints and LSU fans think they should win every game by fifty points and so quick to jump off the bandwagon after one laws. I think it's gonna be the saints winning 38 to fourteen and allies do. Seventeen to fourteen. Most fans think it's going to be close for the tigers. The LSU tigers and they're gonna win and thanks to saints down blow amount text messages coming and it's 7870 about how about half the people no longer take a lunch break. On person Texas says working as a nurse I'm so thankful for my thirty minute lunch break we're encouraged to take our break. And those are lower for a major distribution company. I don't take a lunch break and normally grab something new go like a protein bar because I can't go home until my rowdy is finished so was time wasted. The quicker time ago. Hall there's a big part of me that feels not only are we going to beat the browns were going to be some real hour ride yeah. At some on the plate cents up. He is predicting a big saints win at. The rookies they also citizens and 99 and a half point favorites. With so many in Minnesota nation villain so uneasy what makes you feel so good about this yet. Two good questions. I I. I got thing but that we that we all saw that the offenses hasn't missed a beat in fact it may be even dialed up a little higher. And that to me it means good things. And then we just got to believe his defense gonna pull Waltz onto my goodness they do get one turnover and make all the difference in the world. David Boyd feels good about the saints game new year text messages come and an 870 David are all over the place. And how people feel above the saints and Ellis you're gonna do you predicting an LSU loss. And a saints win you out now aren't we shall see if you are correct one person Texas today it's 7870 says say don't give a good show but. Fall short does as I predicted before the season the saints what's go ten and six with a couple stinker is along the way they've already had one. They'll be the rounds though 3517. Says Mary. And we appreciate the tax that's score sounds about right do. You know whenever in the news and about half of people don't take into lunch break and it sounds right pentagon went by eighteen you know I don't belong not Iraq. In the news report was only about half of people anymore take a lunch break and has about what the tax issue on yesterday's 7870. Another person Texas as I drive trucks for a living I bring my lunch with me every day and about 90% of the time I don't even eat my lunch because of how busy. We'd get you out you know and you receive not all over some enemies truckers are just trying to another present also take a nap for launch an all eat basically a never gets old as he gets a lunch break as part of it is built into his pace checked into the did nine hour day there's an hour built in their for lunch but sometimes it is works third anyway is got so much work to do it you know. So it's all over the place and if people anymore take lunch break I haven't gotten any text joke candidates 7870 from anyone who says that every day they go ID launched. Now I remember when that was a thing for most people that they would leave the office go to a restaurant sit down any launch every day out and was co workers often yeah sitting around and a enjoying a nice luncheon. Boy I'd you know he's just still sees sometimes there was the three martini. Much which I never understood. How people are at all Heidi it go and drink. During launch and go back to work and be worth a de ya never understood all. And the never would've worked for me our right we got your sense prediction reactor or else you prediction we need your box office prediction on the current top five at the movies the non. Peppermint crazy rich Asian is the mag and searching. Yet some new movies this weekend but it's expected to be close. The credits are open ends there's been some controversy surrounding this movie some not so good reviews but it's backed. When a young boy accidentally triggers the universe is most lethal hunters. They returned to earth. Only a rag tag crew of ex soldiers though and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race and go right cents a tennis same home plot for the predators but these are bigger and batter a pan. A simple favor opens Anna Kendrick and Blake lively in this one a couple of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. In a he asked this centers around Stephanie. Played by Anna Kendrick came mommy blogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friends. Blake lively is sudden disappearance from their small time. White boy Rick opens based on the true story of a teenager who worked for the Fed's going undercover. Where is the drug. Culture. And unbroken pastor redemption. Is a biography drama. With heavy religious tensions that also opens did invite little. Be number 1 and I am not feeling too good about that lineup but I'm gonna just put predator in the air and put things on him on top predator will nudged out nine. Even though we're getting a last July Halloween decoration actually out. Halloween stuff out of all the stories. People really get in the Halloween earlier and earlier I think that's why the non anticipate opening last weekend you don't think it's got two weeks and and I may be and it could be close voted to let let's go with a brother. What is more people aren't the story comes to us from Wilmington, North Carolina where the IA half. And of hurricane Florence is currently sitting right overwhelming to. Well just a few minutes ago I saw a story pop up on the Associated Press wire. It says as hurricane Florence blows into Wilmington about two dozen locals have gathered behind the boarded up windows of a bar. That survived its share of squalls. And centrists. There they've raised their glasses in a toast. The dark very coast which owner Eli Ellsworth calls the oldest bar in North Carolina. Has a tradition of staying open during tropical storms and hurricanes. Seated at the well worn bar Rick Bonnie sipped on an AL. He and his wife figured it was their last chance to get out before hunkering down for days. The senator of Florence is now barreling through. Wilmington, North Carolina man. So these cable and evacuated out there there they didn't even leave the bar apparently they were planned hunger and down at home. After raising a drank it doesn't say what time they did this the owners seven be the owner of the 77 year old bar. Says he's weathered every storm and he has no doubt. This one will be the same but the eyes coming ashore right now in Wilmington. And I hope those people are really do seems like they're taken more than necessary risk and it seems like to me they belong in the what is wrong with people thought. Yes today here weather is fantastic match so my child to our east. We're gonna have sunshine most of the weekend let's go live and direct to the pinpoint forecast center and they get morning to mr. meteorologist Chris Franklin and what's going on Hawaii and a this quiet weather here you have. Not the same for areas west and east of us got a heavy rain moving in at Texas from invest 95. And then of course victorious Florence moving inland over Wilmington, North Carolina and. I was just watching you on TV with your pinpoint doppler radar showing the idea of Florence sitting right over Wellington right now. And is now moving much is it. Know very very slow moving motion toward the west about six miles an hour so this is just crawling. Inland. And that's going to be a big problem because it looks like it's gonna stay moving fairly slow for at least the next when he forty even 48 hours. And this is going to be a big rainmaker so we've been as. Conditions coastal conditions were were talking about the highway fights the storm surge even as that starts to settle down. The rain is going to be an issue through the weekend even going early next week. Yeah I know a lot of people decided that we're gonna ride this one out after hearing it wasn't going to be cat for hack it one im gonna be a category three coming ashore. And now we're already seeing that hundreds and hundreds of people are awaiting rescue already. And we don't even have a full landfall yet and it's very difficult in these conditions for crews to get out there and rescue anyway. They really can't that you you know a lot of times it's it's kind of stay where you war will give to you win weekend but a lot of these crews can't go out and sustained winds of ninety miles an hour the eye wall. Is moving over Wilmington and that's where the strong sustained winds are and we did have a report of a win reported at ninety miles an hour so this isn't just that. A satellite estimate there are reports on the ground over winds now sustained these aren't just gusts. But sustained of 98 actually one of our observing stations in Wilmington around Cape Fear any wind gust of 100 miles an hour. I guess that's silly I guess that's why we're racing hundreds of thousands of power outages we're already seeing trees are down power lines power poles grooves are blown off. And now we're certain to see some of that flooding. Start to develop and I think a lot of people who thought solved will be fine now they're sitting in the dark with no electricity. The roof is probably rattling really good event that Marty started to come off and now the water's rising and I wonder if their second guessing this decision. And I'm sure a lot of them are again. You can't compare any storm it's they all we've dealt with a category one could remember this was at one time a category four and those type the conditions coastal. Winds they take some time to settle down so the coastal impacts are more along the lines of a major hurricane even though this is now just eight. I hate to say just but now that it is a category one storm it is still packing a lot of influences as were more a major hurricane. United just sit in there now that's the real from a slowly it's moving very very slow also moving ashore will be invest 95 this thing never could get that together and now yeah I'm good water and time. It really has run out of time what's interesting is that one time the hurricanes that it was looking at maybe potential development giving at least 70% chance of formation. Well on the other chances thirty so basically what they're saying it yet this is gonna do anything as it continues moving in Texas. Always looked as though it's going to be a rainmaker and always look like it was going to be staying down to our south and west so. Never threatened to us that threatened us and looks like it's not going to as it starts moving inland during the course of the day here we sit him between the tropical systems with beautiful weekend whether you're really not that area of the within the heat temperatures will be below nineties but you know what I'd rather do without like the hot. At all I'd rather cold. But I'd rather deal with the heat humidity than have to deal with the tropics have looked at bats into the case through the next seven days were gonna they mostly dry with highs in the low nineties rats Eisen on ninety's. Twenty to 30% chance the rain yet but I notice for says that and we de jazz and then down to 20% for most of next week does that look like organs much of anything. Anytime soon which. I am all for absolutely mr. meteorologist Chris Franklin with a fantastic forecast for southeast Louisiana what wrong with people. A lawmaker from Arizona. Said he had legislative immunity. And that's why he regularly drives a 120 miles an hour. How. May get pulled over though in lake have a Sioux City Arizona. Where he was issued a ticket and bragged to the deputy about driving on and one miles an hour yet even bother to show up in court for the ticket. They should award for his arrest. That's finally yet. Diplomatic immunity and then finally got his attention so we did go to court yesterday. He entered a not guilty plea. This meetings cars for this reason of insanity what was out of gas utility didn't explain that's now he will go to trial but at. On his claim and see if his legislative immunity actually holds. Or 920 miles an hour that's fast even in our desert an overdose flat tire what what what. How fast the rover went. With them as the priority. Thank speaker as an actress Franklin live under for the pinpoint forecast center. 146. Miles an hour one person texts me that's how fast they drove once add to know motor importers motorsports park that makes sense to among the lawmaker and Arizona got busted for gone 1218 as as I was doing 105 the other day on I 55 and got past. Doesn't want a 140 between the twin span initiated. And at some attacks mandates 7870 claim they went 180 and the I 310. Must run a crotch rocket.